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My name is Oli, also known as Mumbo Jumbo and I make videos on the popular voxel based game 'Minecraft'. I focus mainly on the technical elements of the game, doing tutorials on various elements of redstone to try and make you better, and hopefully give you something you can show off to your friends. I also have a long running Vanilla Survival Let's Play series on the well known Hermitcraft server.

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  • Joe Enderman
    Joe Enderman

    I do agree that the allay is better than I originally thought. But copper still needs a use for players that aren't builders. Like coper wire for redstone players. It could be waterproof, and maybe go up walls. Or copper golems for another pet. Or copper tools for another early game tool given the new scarcity of iron in some places.

  • Tamish

    Instead of having a timed dispenser you could make the water loop around so it’ll keep going around the loop until all of them are picked up

  • Jena Oilar
    Jena Oilar


  • bloodmistcc

    Actually did not care for the allay to be honest, but mostly cause I didn’t think it would actually do this, and with the copper golem we had a new way to power button circuits, but will admit I was wrong, still wish I had my button mans though

  • Ben Cadorette
    Ben Cadorette

    Why not just have the overflow run up and back into the front of the system? Anything missed just goes around for next time.

  • Queen Goosie
    Queen Goosie

    Okay, you’ve explained how to create the system… but why does this work.. how does the allay work…. Can you make a video explaining the allay???

  • Poqqers

    the villagers wont restock because no beds

  • Xach Hill
    Xach Hill

    we want free flying allay sorting systems!!!

    • Xach Hill
      Xach Hill

      all im seeing is timeings and water item trainspotters… they ARE the transporting

  • Jeffrey Yuan
    Jeffrey Yuan

    set a bed and /kill

  • Elisha Jacobs
    Elisha Jacobs

    Part towards you blocked off

  • Elisha Jacobs
    Elisha Jacobs

    Station skeletons on the walls and have the part towards you so they only shoot out

  • Christian Smith 🅥
    Christian Smith 🅥

    Actually a year has 365 days everyone should know this smh


    Imagine mumbo telling his slaves *"You have done a wonderful job!"* , While still being trapped in a 1 block prison...


    Slaves to the mind

  • Luca N
    Luca N

    i got 18 whoo

  • Emelia Butt
    Emelia Butt

    that intro had me dying with that music

  • Grease Monke
    Grease Monke

    He's talking about SUS attribution

  • Elmidin Palwan Mahmud
    Elmidin Palwan Mahmud

    Do they also sort enchanted items

  • ginormoboi77

    This is 22 minutes and 40 seconds of mumbo patting himself on the back, I approve!👍

  • WaxOcelot

    Allay prison

  • The Fire Furred Gamer
    The Fire Furred Gamer

    Do colored sheep naturally spawn still???

  • Redstone Monster
    Redstone Monster

    12:21 looks like mumbo killed a cow

  • I SuperYolo2006 I
    I SuperYolo2006 I

    The mob we didnt know we needed, and we wanted a damn button presser?

  • Cosmus

    Hey mumbo. I think that system would be faster if you dont cap the item rate. Just let the items flow and if the item reaches the end i.e. it is not picked up, just flow it back to the start so it can try its luck again. This way you can potentially stor multiple items at the same time instead of only 1 per 5 seconds

  • Implodent

    damn that is noisy though

  • Navya Khanna
    Navya Khanna

    Which game are they playing ? it's not minecraft

  • Jaxisplayingtoday

    how do u shift with ur thumb?

  • Fayaz

    You could speed this up by rather than waiting 5 seconds between each item, looping the items that make it to the end, since it is a lower chance you'll have multiple of the same in a row but even if there are, it will loop around and get sorted eventually

  • Jaxisplayingtoday

    good thing to know mumbo likes quacksons