Haley Pham

Haley Pham
Haley Pham

The typical Haley Pham video being car vlogs, fashion, challenges, baking, beauty guru videos, girls hacks, hauls, and other nonsense!

  • Malena

    I love watching lookbooks from people who aren‘t super tall because I can enjoy the outfits more and am more inclined to recreate them. This video was so amazing in editing and the styles were immaculate, full of details. Loved it.

  • Natalie


  • Hailie Ray
    Hailie Ray

    when are you getting married!!!!!

  • Emily MILDNER
    Emily MILDNER

    What’s the song at the end called?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    this channel is dying tbh... i give it a year or two

  • Ava Pernia
    Ava Pernia

    she got a tat! kewl.

  • Emily Collis
    Emily Collis

    Why are my notifications 3 days late 😩 I’m kinda mad not gonna lie 😑

  • Kaylee Bryzelak
    Kaylee Bryzelak

    Love the background and the new edits!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Marina Rosnau
    Marina Rosnau

    ahh haley you are so beautiful <3

  • gabriela

    Obsessed with outfit #3!! & #7

  • gabriela

    the quality is *chef’s kiss*💋

  • Sierra G
    Sierra G

    And outfit #6 amazing!!!!!!!

  • Sierra G
    Sierra G

    Outfit number 2. Love it!!!!!!

  • Sienna Mrachek
    Sienna Mrachek

    Haley just so you know they are called boot cut jeans 😂 love your new merch btw

  • Pame Durán
    Pame Durán

    Amazing video Haley! Loved all the looks ✨✨

  • Sofia Thorpe
    Sofia Thorpe

    With the girly pops hoodie what size are you wearing? Like wanna know how oversized they are

  • Carrie Owens
    Carrie Owens

    the piercings are cute but for the love of god please go to a tattoo shop and get them done with needles and not piercing guns

  • Sarah Ramos
    Sarah Ramos

    Haley I've been watching you for so long and I love how much you've grown! your confidence is truly showing and you are glowing!

  • Juliana Cin
    Juliana Cin


  • Zainab Isa
    Zainab Isa

    This is funny because i think a lot of schools are will be like this ( online)

  • anna claire
    anna claire

    wow i really love all these fits


    "so00 much effort such little return"

  • Sophia Hanks
    Sophia Hanks

    I am obsessed your hair looks so good

  • neena

    *i’m sorry but what happened to your grandmother was unfair. she didn’t deserve stomach cancer. i hate when bad things happen to good people.*

  • grace baker
    grace baker

    You’re literally glowing !!

  • Petra Bish
    Petra Bish

    HALLLLEEEYYY WHY ARE YOU SO FRICKIN CUTE. i absolutely looovve the new style!!!😍😍

  • Emma S
    Emma S

    I can't believe how good u look blonde omggggg

  • Jaedyn Mansur
    Jaedyn Mansur

    I think her dog peed on her fire place

  • Sarah Turner
    Sarah Turner

    do a jewelry collection plsss :)

  • Tiffany Elizabeth
    Tiffany Elizabeth

    your style is amazing and the editing in this video is so good!!

  • Lilly Hahn
    Lilly Hahn

    ur editing>>>>>>

  • Rachel Gutierrez
    Rachel Gutierrez


  • Hannah Elizabeth Weaver
    Hannah Elizabeth Weaver

    wow you seriously popped off with these outfits! the brown Urban Outfitters sweater is everything 😍

  • Brooke Sarah
    Brooke Sarah

    Who else thinks Haley is absolutely stunnninggg!!

  • • Just Peachy Gacha •
    • Just Peachy Gacha •

    When your mom gets you cool school supplies for YOURSELF then teacher takes away from you saying its a distraction or "class school supplies" Yes I've had that happened. In Kindergarten my teacher took my My Little Pony notepad, pencil and pencil case. I don't believe I got it back.

  • krokki mokki
    krokki mokki

    where are the balck and white pants from? the ones in the outfit with the white turtlenck and jean jacket

  • Juliana Cin
    Juliana Cin

    *"IM GONNA PICK UP MY DATE!!!"* MAMMA Pham is a whloe intire *MOOD*

  • Abeera Awan
    Abeera Awan

    You look so good!!

  • Abeera Awan
    Abeera Awan

    You look so good!!

  • Lisa Zhong
    Lisa Zhong

    im in love with your hair, it looks so good

  • David C
    David C

    why is this in my suggestions after 2 years 👀

  • Sophia Caldwell
    Sophia Caldwell

    I just don’t understand why I haven’t seen anybody talking abt what happened with the podcast

    • k m
      k m

      what happen?

    • Lilly j
      Lilly j

      I think Lilly said they are both just really busy right now

  • Nina

    *bootcut pants/jeans, but bootleg works lolz

  • Mandyy B
    Mandyy B

    I'm Brazilian and I've doing that since I was 13 lol- it's not that expansive here and it takes- at most- 30mins to do it. I've doing with the same woman- that I trust a lot- and it feels great actually- u get used to it!

  • Ashley

    It looks super cute

  • Rebecca Mullins
    Rebecca Mullins

    who else loved outfit number 6!?!

  • Kayla Marie
    Kayla Marie

    i’m so here for this editing 🥰

  • Paige Richards
    Paige Richards

    I love you but it isn’t blonde

  • Ur mom Karen
    Ur mom Karen

    I love ur mom so much I can’t even

  • Elizabeth Burns
    Elizabeth Burns


  • Cailee Ingram
    Cailee Ingram

    i feel like she’s doubting herself when it comes to fashion sense but miss girl!!! you got it i promise

  • Anita

    if you never actually recreate outfits from outfit videos and admit that you dont expect this video to be helpful for your fans either then what was the point of this video? to show off some outfits you came up with and cash a cheque?

  • seema zakkar
    seema zakkar

    the new edits omgg so fire

  • Laura Liu
    Laura Liu

    It looks sooo good! I want to do the same to my hair now!!! 🤩🤩

  • sophz k
    sophz k

    haley has honestly grown so much as a person its amazing

  • Grace Cockrell
    Grace Cockrell

    okay yes this direction is exactly how i envisioned for u

  • PNW Lex
    PNW Lex

    Its been 3 weeks since they have gotten married, and they still haven’t shared it with us

    • Victoria Newton
      Victoria Newton

      THANK GOD SOMEONE SAID IT like bro they went into hiding w the wedding info.

    • PNW Lex
      PNW Lex

      Ik its a more person intimate day for them. But they shared the whole wedding planning process on traphamily so its weird that they havent said anything about that wedding

  • Autumn Alyxanndra Lucas
    Autumn Alyxanndra Lucas

    I have outfit videos that I love to come back to, and use for inspo

  • Ava Zamani
    Ava Zamani


  • marra531

    i remeber in middle school the word poser was a big thing lol 😂 you’re a poser

  • Danica Hailey
    Danica Hailey

    who could've guessed this girl would be getting married in 2 years...

  • Mischa Nel
    Mischa Nel

    God bless you so much gorgeous

  • Dina

    Love the outfits, love the editing, love the background,.... you can see how much effort you put in that video! It turned out amazing 😍😍

  • Dina

    I’m obsessed with your new merch😍😍

  • Dina

    Your hair looks amazing 😍 I love it❤️

  • Dina

    „..and I think you just need to like push over kids..“ haha what😂😂