TY the Tasmanian Tiger Series Retrospective: Rise, Fall, & Resurgence

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A complete retrospective covering the history of Australia’s first AAA-level video game, and the story of the studio that brought TY to life, that died right alongside the tasmanian tiger, and that came back from extinction thanks to grassroots fan support. This is the Rise, Fall, & Resurgence of TY the Tasmanian Tiger.

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0:00 Intro
3:15 The History of Ty and Krome Studios
8:01 Rise: Ty 1
23:37 Plateau: Ty 2
38:48 Fall: Ty 3
57:03 Collapse: The Cancelled Ty 4 & Krome’s Closure
1:01:18 Revival: Ty 4, Remasters, & The Future

“The Golden Bolt Theme” composed by AllHailBuckets. Show him some love on Spotify or your music service of choice!

This video is not intended for viewers under 13 years of age, and may contain content inappropriate for such viewers. Parental guidance suggested.

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