This Franchise Founder Shares How To Open A Successful Company!

In this interview, we sat down with Alex Smereczniak, the founder of LaundroLab. Alex has a fascinating story of how he got started in the laundry industry and has some great insights into what it takes to be successful as a franchisee. We talked about everything from his parents’ reaction to his decision to start his own business to how the business model works and what numbers are important for franchisees’ success.

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 About Alex Smereczniak’s Background
02:08 Q&A – What did your parents think about you going into entrepreneurship?
03:36 Q&A – How did you decide to pursue raising capital instead of just bootstrapping the operations?
06:29 Q&A – How is a typical location set up?
08:43 About the B2B Side of The Business
10:09 Q&A – What is the revenue split?
11:30 Q&A – What do you charge for the royalty?
15:34 About the Equipment Cost
17:22 Q&A – Is there another industry that you have looked at, revolutionized by technology, that has strongly inspired you?
19:22 Q&A – What is the ideal square footage for a LaundroLab?
22:05 Q&A – What is the process in terms of getting started?
23:36 Q&A – Are there a couple of numbers that are important to the success of the franchisees’ business?
25:06 Concluding Thoughts

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