Think like a Business Consultant | Evaluate a business like an Expert | Business Entry Decisions

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Starting your own business? We are here to help you understand how to evaluate a business. We will cover in this video, How a Business Consultant would study business prospects, and growth and make a decision to invest in the business. We begin by covering answers in the domain of market estimation, economic and financial viability, and operational feasibility.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – What Consultants Do?
1:32 – Market Size & Growth
1:51 – Market Size for Cigarettes in Mumbai
3:42 –Market Growth for Zomato
5:43 – Barriers to Entry
6:07 – Financial Viability
7:33 – Monopolistic Vs Competitive Market
8:49 – Operation Feasibility


A lot of students are now considering the business as a way to earn living than actually getting a corporate job. We have heard a lot of stories on Yourstory and even on Shark Tank India. Various businesses such as Chai Sutta Bar, and Suger have made it big from scratch. To understand a business do check out this video.

What kind of business should you start to get rich? Every person has different aspects that interest them. Some people enjoy physical work so they may enjoy a landscaping business. Other individuals may not have the abilities for physical labor but are good at things like socializing, this may make a party planning business a better fit for them. Whatever kind of person you are there is a business opportunity out there for you…something that’s just right for your skillset and interests. best business to start, a best business to start, best business to startup, best business to start in India, best business to start India, best business to start with little money, best business to start in 2021, best business to start in Bangalore, best business to start in 2022, the best business to start, best business to invest, best company to invest shares, best company to invest stocks,
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