The Simplest Way to Find the Best Franchise

You’re here because you’re thinking about or have thought about buying a franchise. Did you know there are over 4000 franchise concepts you can choose from?

How do you choose the one that’s a good fit for you?

We’re your franchise placement matchmakers here to help you get to your next level.

Most people we speak with are in a job or are in transition and they’re looking for their “next”. What are the different paths they can consider?

o Job
o Start a biz from scratch
o Buy an existing biz
o Invest in a franchise
o Pros/cons to each, won’t elaborate here, want to learn more watch Employee to Entrepreneur webinar (put link on screen and in show notes)

So those are the 4 paths someone could take. Why don’t you share what we know about each of these paths.

o We’re been on all of them, we know that option 4: invest in a franchise is the best – because it allowed us to achieve our “why”
o We’ve been doing it for 16 years

What made it work is being matched to a franchise that was a great fit for us. We NEVER would have known about this franchise without working with someone who 1) understood franchises and 2) took the time to really understand our strengths/weaknesses/financial ability.

Someone who is curious about franchising will likely just go online and search for franchises. What would you say to that person just searching the web? STOP. Don’t do it!

o Too many options
o You don’t know what you don’t know . . . you’ll only search for what you “think” you want, not what would be a great match
o You fill out forms, franchisors don’t want to talk with you … hey get too many
o They don’t know if you’re qualified

Why should someone curious about franchising work with someone like us? Many reasons!

o We “get” them . . . we’ve been down all 4 paths
o We’re transparent . . . we share the good, bad, ugly
o We take the time to understand their WHY
o We educate, coach, mentor . . . if it’s a good fit great, if not that’s ok too
We’re committed to helping ppl get to their next level
o We take the time to find the right match
Only introduce concepts that are a good fit
o We get a front of the line pass and make a personal introduction
o We know what questions to ask and when to ask them
o We help you along the process, as there will be times you may feel stuck, or unsure, or just have a lot of questions you don’t necessarily want to ask the franchise company
o It doesn’t cost you anything to work with us
Dave: Let’s address that. You may be wondering how we get paid
o We can’t sell you a franchise
o We’re like a realtor
o Ask questions, matchmake, only show what is a good fit, they get paid by seller when you buy a home
o When/if you decide to move forward and buy a franchise, we get paid by the franchise company
o We’re regulated by the FTC and follow a strict code of ethics. We are a member of the IFPG and stay current with everything franchising.

Let’s quickly talk about the journey of what it would look like for someone wanting to work with us to find a franchise that’s a great fit for them.

Our Roadmap: 9 stops along the way called the FRANCHISE SYSTEM

o Find out your skills, interests, resources, passion
o Review franchise options
o Aquaint yourself with franchisors
o Notes … take lots of Notes
o Compare options
o Hunker down and review the FDD
o Investment – get your funding in place
o Serious – you’ll be scared it’s normal
o Executive Interview – final step before signing agreement

If you’re curious about franchising and wondering if it can help you get to your next level, we’re here to help! We’ll post a link to our calendar and you can grab a 15 min virtual coffee with either of us.


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