Should you buy a real estate franchise or join eXp Realty?

Former Remax Franchise owner, Delisa Rose, cuts ties to join eXp Realty

Should you buy a real estate franchise or join eXp Realty?

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One of the best interviews about why agents, brokers, and even franchise owners are leaving their companies to join eXp Realty.

DeLisa has one of the most accomplished real estate agent stories you will ever encounter. From rookie of the year to Hall of Fame to franchise owner. What did she learn along the way that will help you make the best decision?

Are you working to live or living to work?

Are you looking to be more than just a realtor?

Is there a bigger vision for your life than just selling houses?

Is your current brokerage making promises that aren’t being lived up too?

Should you purchase a real estate franchise once you are successful?

Should you start an independent real estate brokerage?

What is the truth about running a real estate brokerage?

What’s the best real estate franchise to own?

How do you handle recruiting to your brokerage?

What have you learned by owning a real estate brokerage?

Is eXp Realty a better business model than owning a franchise?

What is the best exit strategy for real estate agents?

Will you be able to sell your real estate brokerage?

What is eXp Realty and how does it work?

What is eXp revenue share and how does it work?

How does eXp stock awards work?

The eXp Realty Business Model is disrupting the real estate brokerage model. There are many opportunities for you in the real estate industry to build a successful business. What are ALL the ways? If you haven’t looked at eXp Realty and done the math you are not being financially responsible. If you haven’t had a conversation with me or DeLisa Rose about joining eXp Realty you should reach out today to have a conversation.