Screenmobile | Buying a Franchise vs. Starting from Scratch

There are always challenges to getting into the business world and entrepreneurs face a choice of starting from the ground up or buying a franchise, with pros and cons to each option. When buying a franchise, you get the infrastructure that’s already in place and a connection to the necessary supplies you’ll need to make your sales goals. You’re going to have questions and concerns when you buy a franchise or start a new business, but with buying a franchise comes a support system at your fingertips full of trustworthy professionals who have been there and done that. Screenmobile has 40+ years of experience to help guide you through some of the challenges that can come from buying a franchise. You may lose some of those freedoms you might get from starting a new business, but it’s going to be more expensive and time-consuming than you might think to get that new business off the ground as you figure out your branding, marketing and overall business development. Go to to learn more.

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