News You Need to Know: Much of regular business, daily life is shutting down

Please read below before you watch the video-

Information from public health officials is being updated by the hour and restrictions on travel, gatherings, and movement in communities is becoming more strict. Beyond what Sabrina covers on-camera in this week’s News You Need to Know, please know that we have also just learned of orders to shelter in place in six Bay Area counties. We’re keeping our eye out for any formal, written guidelines from those counties, but for now, read the latest reporting here:

In the meantime, click to watch Sabrina explain some key points, provided by the National Restaurant Association, about Congress’ response to coronavirus. A bill passed by the House of Representatives and now being considered by the Senate would make more paid sick leave and paid family leave available to workers. Sabrina also gives us an update on guidance from Gov. Gavin Newsom to cut your usual restaurant capacity by half, as well as a new prohibition on all dine-in options in the City of Los Angeles. This directive will soon apply countywide in Los Angeles County.