MSP Business School ep99 – Roundtable: Marketing Isn’t Sales

Sales and Marketing: two departments that are often disregarded by smaller MSPs but are crucial for growth… especially when you structure your company so that they work together.

In this episode of MSP Business School, hosts Brian, Tim, and Robb tackle how to integrate a marketing team into your sales efforts in order to create the greatest growth potential for your MSP.

1:37 – Brian starts us off by explaining the very first step to marketing: knowing your goal. He, Robb, and Tim discuss the concept of the ideal client persona and how to identify who your marketing should be directed to in order to drive the best results possible.

4:25 – Robb uses fishing as a metaphor for marketing, explaining what marketing does that sales can’t do and vice versa. Tim admits that he didn’t believe in marketing for a long time and shares why and how his mind has changed.

6:18 – Brian takes the fishing metaphor and uses it to talk about the type of content MSPs decide to make and where that content will be consumed. Tim and Robb share how marketing is essential for the success of sales teams, even in the MSP industry. They discuss how marketing can be a tool to create familiarity, including the biggest gift social media has given companies.

11:50 – Brian, Tim, and Robb move into the importance of connecting your sales and marketing teams and how you can do that effectively. They stress that there isn’t just one single tactic that will slay the dragon; it takes a multi-level approach from sales and marketing working together on a common goal and communicating on a regular basis.

16:42 – Brian pivots the conversation to the business owner who claims that marketing never worked for them. He explains why consistency over time is the only way to measure the effectiveness of marketing, especially in the MSP industry.

19:54 – Tim issues a caution to MSP owners about claims from marketing companies when it comes to the number of leads they guarantee. He, Brian, and Robb end the episode by sharing how to set realistic expectations from your MSP’s marketing efforts.

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