Mark R. LePage on Business of architecture, resources and management systems and more. | #Nottoscale

In this episode of the “Not to Scale” interview series, Arcohes brings to you an inspirational conversation around the “Business of Architecture” with Ar. Mark R LePage, Founder of EntreArchitect and CEO, Gābl Technologies, and Gābl Media.

EntreArchitect; an online platform dedicated to helping architects build better businesses. It has grown to include the weekly EntreArchitect Podcast, The EntreArchitect™ Report (our free weekly newsletter), products, services and the private online membership group with over 6,000 members, EntreArchitect™ Academy.

Gābl Media is a multimedia network that empowers global leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. We create and distribute audio and video content that informs and entertains a vibrant community dedicated to building a better world.

On a mission to teach architects and students the importance of business in architecture and help them build better businesses, Mark develops business education resources including finance, marketing, planning, and management. Through Gābl Media, he creates and distributes many industry-leading podcasts such as Archispeak Podcast, SPACES Podcast, Practice Disrupted, Build your brand, and more.

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00:00 Intro
01:25 How did you set up all these businesses and what were the biggest roadblocks you came across?
08:35 How did you establish financial, legal, hiring, and training systems for your businesses and how can more people do that?
11:55 How did you learn the fundamentals of business? Did you have any mentors?
16:10 Uplifting the architecture community with financial success
18:05 Have you ever raised any funding for either EntreArchitect or any of your businesses?
19:10 The future of design and business education curriculum in architecture schools?
24:05 Larger vision for the future of EntreArchitect™ Academy.
26:55 Recommendations of resources for estimating expenses, for financial management, project management, and marketing for architects and architecture firms.

31:30 Favorite success story of a small architecture firm.
32:00 Favorite Episode of EntreArchitect
33:00 most favorite and least favorite part of businesses?
33:55 What are your other areas of interest and how do you pursue them?
34:45 Should architecture firms aspire to be specialists or generalists?
37:20 What is your idea of work-life balance?
39:20 Your favorite productivity tools and apps that help you unify and streamline your diverse workflow?

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