xQc experiences League Client
xQc speaking facts about our beloved League Client.
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  • Jóhann

    "The updated client is built from the ground up, which lets us more effectively develop, ship, and support new features."

    • Mathew Durrett
      Mathew Durrett

      Can you just make it fuckin work though?

    • twentyonebaggage FRANKLIN
      twentyonebaggage FRANKLIN

      Riot is literally the laziest development studio I’ve ever had the enjoyment of playing, how can blizzards abandon moba has 80x the client as this game

    • Da'Nell Griffin
      Da'Nell Griffin

      @Ethan Ghost ?????? THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO LOL

    • Ethan Ghost
      Ethan Ghost

      @Da'Nell Griffin I'm going to leave it at that. I can only pray you just drop the idea that you can't be wrong on the internet.

    • Ethan Ghost
      Ethan Ghost

      ​@Da'Nell Griffin What an utter failure of a point. Firstly, it is not the same thing if I went after those people, like at all. Go read right now, the first reply of this comment. Now tell me what did the guy do besides say a single sentence to be shit on for something completely irrelevant. Now ofc I'm not going to say its not allowed or anything. But I'm going to point out the obvious hypocrisy of the guy for shitting on something he similarly enjoys, BECAUSE he was being a negative a-hole. Why would I possibly bother to correct those people who are reading his name wrong, its not as if they are randomly shitting on him. I don't know if you can read social cues even if this is text come on, obviously doing what he does isn't well liked in most situations. Also "People with anime profiles have a bad rep on the internet cause most of the time they are fools" See, now you are changing your views to try to win this argument. You obviously were not basing your judgement off actions but rather the fact that they had anime pfps, please stop with the bullshit lmao. Besides that fact, surely you don't think that most people with an anime pfp are fools because they have an anime pfp? Like what?? You sure this isn't just your opinion made from availability heuristics, in other terms, its easier to recall when anime pfps are being fools than when they are behaving perfectly normal? You wouldn't happen to believe all Americans are obese, All Mexicans are lazy, all Asians are good at math etc? So once again, stop with the bs. You are obviously judging them based off their profile picture, not that they have done "Foolish" things. Its even more painfully obvious you changed your wording to suit your argument to make it seem like you aren't judging them solely off their pfp but their actions as I've never heard of the rep that anime pfps are usually fools. No one says that. They say they are cringe perhaps, but never heard of them questioning intelligence.

  • Fableyzz

    I had the reconnection bug 3 games in a row and guess who got an 14 day ban :)

  • Dr. Tomo
    Dr. Tomo

    Therapist: Massive Reconnect button doesn't exists, it can't hurt you **Massive Reconnect Button:** 1:45

  • Skystrike70

    Same damn thing keeps happening to me

  • MaskMajor_

    Wdym? I see nothing wrong with it

  • Dark Fox
    Dark Fox

    The same happened to my Friend yesterday, he lost his Promo because of this. (The first one)

  • shinHis

    Fun fact: Beethoven made this song just for league.

  • Laci Varga
    Laci Varga

    It's buggy, ugly, laggy, but at least it's way more dumber than the legacy client.

  • elis hoffmann
    elis hoffmann

    can't wait to play some of the gamemode ASA

  • manu Man
    manu Man

    1:41 the fact that someone in that friend list is named "fuk this client" :')

  • Mathew Durrett
    Mathew Durrett

    I mean it coulda been better though.

  • Enzo Matamoros
    Enzo Matamoros

    Client will never be fixed. When I saw that video in which rioters admitted the client should (key word there) be fixed, but in the meantime we would have one for all back to compensate. They're acknowledging the fact they cannot repair it

  • FLC art
    FLC art

    I almost got banned bc of the client 🙃

  • Queen Q
    Queen Q

    Lmao the amount of times i got stucked inside the game when the game ends. Like right after i use pings and the “victory/defeat” pop up, shows up, it makes my cursor vanishes, then right after, if i try to alt tab, my cursor gets stuck on top left corner of the screen and it just glitches there like it’s trap in a time loop box. But they kinda fixed it now i guess? Cuz we can’t stay inside the game after the game ends even if we wanted to like the game just forces itself to close and force us to go to stats lobby. Ig that’s aight, but it stills makes my cursor go invisible from time to time. Lol anyways

  • That wig you lost at the Friday's afterparty
    That wig you lost at the Friday's afterparty

    And I thought paladins was buggy.

  • Foxtron 813
    Foxtron 813

    Ladies and gentlemen, multi-dollar company!

  • Deniz Bey
    Deniz Bey

    Normal day in rift

  • Rajmond Qehaja
    Rajmond Qehaja

    Ive never had such problems idk

  • [deleted]

    Was the client made from scratch or with scratch?

  • Cel3stial Dre4ms
    Cel3stial Dre4ms

    The first clip has a name very similiar to mine although it is not my clip that is hella weird

  • Nick Schaus
    Nick Schaus

    Too bad, I have had a special green dot one show up before and make the champ select screen so ugly.

  • commander bullet
    commander bullet

    small indie company


    james charles palette be like: 0:03

  • Memzmaster666

    I have minimap scale set to 150, it is going out of the border and can't change it even after reinstalling

  • Caporai

    When i think of patches that goes spaghetti, I usually think of where a team is responsible fixing a code together, Usually each member picks a puzzle piece from the source code (the code which is well done), adjusting the piece for the update, and put the puzzle piece back to its place.) However there will be some douche on your team that decides to pick the source code itself, adjusting it to his liking and update it with no recovery from the previous patch, making the pieces you have been working on (as well as your team who picked a puzzle piece from that code aswell) unable to fit back to its place.

  • argumentum ad hominem
    argumentum ad hominem

    And now riot will increase the dodge penalty.

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    1:07 I like how the number is turning in circles

  • James Roland
    James Roland

    Hit that dislike button because xqc is a trash person with a trash personality.

  • MT Martian
    MT Martian

    Nah come on the client isn't as bad as like smash bros or something let's be real here.

  • Duck Butt
    Duck Butt

    Lmao its sooo bad but they dont give a shiit

  • WNC Yuba2
    WNC Yuba2

    Dont worry guys , i sent a feedback to riot they will fix it

  • WNC Yuba2
    WNC Yuba2

    league client is like drugs, u start it , u cant quit

  • bruh

    My pc cannot handle the godlike client so whenever the game ends the client stops working for like 3 times before i can actually use it. *10/10 2 0 0 Y E A R S*

  • Jackson D
    Jackson D

    Idk but this has literally never happened to me before

  • wizards578

    Oh I see it's a face reveal video

  • PandaBeatBox

    "spaghetti code bitcoin miner"

  • Dan Can
    Dan Can

    Xqc is a nice addition to the league community. Exactly the type of energy needed to express our discontent with Rito.

  • STI_Clone


  • Cattts

    Ngl I’m league players but I think dota 2 clients is totally better

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    i miss old client. an di can't believe im saying this

  • Vincent Wen
    Vincent Wen

    I'm getting angry before even watch this vedio. So relate

  • Enrick Jules Federico
    Enrick Jules Federico

    League client at its finest

  • LunarSkyWolf7

    1:21 The fools are blind. This is the true power of the buggy client.

  • John lee
    John lee

    Me: can't choose target on creep and turret: aigh i'mma headout

  • Andre

    1st April joke went a little longer

  • sensation

    I always thought that my pc is the problem but i guess not...

  • Sal J.
    Sal J.

    Was the League client changed? I haven't been playing recently

  • Brenden

    Reconnect Quit S U F F E R

  • Arclight

    Remember when it was so much worse? Lol, good times

  • ِsbe22 ِ
    ِsbe22 ِ

    He got the juicer client

  • Eduard

    I managed to get 293828 seconds in the selection champ page but it still loaded normally. Seems legit rito

  • AzumaRikimaru

    this same thing happened to me and I got reported by my team and now im suspended. GG RITO


    I swear xQc looks like Reiner Braun from AOT

  • Kecske Gazsi™ツ
    Kecske Gazsi™ツ


  • Cahns

    never happenmed tome

  • kmore

    League players: First time?

  • SSD

    is he na?

  • Erick Brandon Hernández Gómez
    Erick Brandon Hernández Gómez

    Algo de todos los días en LATAM

  • 1ProAssassin

    That bug is still in there? Thought they'd hav fixed it by now.

  • Zakoxd

    Wild rift's client is way bettee than this

  • Sxyain

    Am i the only one who plays league since 2013 and i never had an problem with the client? XD

  • Sundown

    I have never had a single problem with the client... i feel so out of the loop with this

  • Й Е M O J A
    Й Е M O J A

    r e c o n n e c t

  • unbelievably successful businesswoman
    unbelievably successful businesswoman


  • Aldurion

    Billion company btw

  • AethersHill

    Riot is a small indie company. Give them a break. It’s not like they have 200 years of combined experienced or anyrhing

  • Titan's Guild Dre
    Titan's Guild Dre

    I have never had an issue with the riot client... It just bugs out if you play too long, it's a built in stop playing feature

  • Mark Emad
    Mark Emad

    At this point it will be kinda sad to see this "iconic" client go away

  • Yui Komory
    Yui Komory

    A normal day in league of legends

  • Gustavo Oki
    Gustavo Oki

    Riot: dont worry guys got aome lulu buffs incoming

  • Andrés Marcos
    Andrés Marcos

    That isnt anithing, the other day i was playing twich along side a lulu (and i was really feed) and trough a lag spike i reconected and the game wont let me attack any tower... This is what feels to play in Argentina (every day).

  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad

    1:44 POV: You're a pilot.

  • Paul Delaroche
    Paul Delaroche

    Dude i feel like they do it on purpose just to laugh at some of these compilations :D I can't even KEKW ISSOU

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique


  • Adrian Stachowski
    Adrian Stachowski

    11 years and still in alpha

  • Kharics

    the best thing in my opinion is the bug that you can even report yourself so well fitting in league nowadays that i think that should be a feature!

  • Ties

    First time?

  • dear fear
    dear fear

    what's wrong with your lol clients? I don't have any of those problems you facing all

  • Philip Chouliaras
    Philip Chouliaras

    worst thing that happened to me was in the first year of the client. Queued up and then me and my friends started watching youtube. We were laughing and stuff so everyone forgot about the queue. Someone looked a while later and we were waiting for 185 minutes. was fun

  • iMMortster

    11 years old game btw!! number 1 most played too!!!


    Btw, riot is trying to add a 3rd dodge penalty, means if u dodge a 3rd time within 24 hours u get a 12 hour ban and 30lp lose :))

  • Ilaysf

    I've been playing this game for 4 years and never seen this kind of stuff lol

  • Hastorz

    Client leauge having issue every players are complainning about it Riot Games : Oh you want more skin here we go your welcome

  • TechpriestsGaming

    I mean, he is right. I have few friends that did quit because of the client. As long as it works, and people play it, nothing will change.

  • Coldbreathful

    sure riot a good company for animations + music but not for gaming. They kinda drop support on the pc platform since wild rift will make more money to a point 1 year profit from wild rift could surpass the total amount that LOL has brought them. After all if you guys continue playing lol meaning supporting tencent which will make the gaming industry get worse year by year.

  • JungleINSECt Spikewall
    JungleINSECt Spikewall

    Am also still waiting for my confirmation email. Like it just wont send me one

  • lordofmidgets

    @1:41 the guy on his friends list knows whats up

  • SHU- WAP
    SHU- WAP

    My client doesn't start for a couples week now It happens when I was update the game when they bring up one for all game mode What's in the world did the game mode done to the client. I don't know but It make the client can't even launch Report doesn't help, I even uninstall the game and install it back but the client still not launch If anybody know what happened to the client please reply me the solution, this thing happened to every pc of mine

  • is blind legal?
    is blind legal?

    Haha garena server goes brr

  • wintercounter2

    I also did have strange experiences with the client in the past but not like these and never so severe. I really wonder what's the reason behind them, but for example the balckness I withnessed is more like a GPU or outdated driver issue which is out of Riot's control.

  • Fat Chungi
    Fat Chungi

    the only good thing about league is the fucking lore, client is goddamn garbage along with the dodge system, champ designs are getting more fucking repetitive and the balance is abyssmal holy shit, riot why tf is the lore team the only one pulling weight

    • Fat Chungi
      Fat Chungi

      @Jic7zVr07A actually tru

  • Kira Masaru
    Kira Masaru

    It's ok, they are punishing dodging guys :D

  • Okan Bakar
    Okan Bakar

    1:01 sus amogus

  • Kazsura

    Yesterday my client just opened the game on the bottom of my screen. So I only was only able to see like 10 percent of game. Fun.

  • Phayzerwing ppl
    Phayzerwing ppl

    1:02 League of Ledgends : Battle Royale

  • Shadow


  • Kouhai Subaru
    Kouhai Subaru

    The best league's client can do is banning people for "grief" or saying "inappropriate" words

  • Nathan Onsgard
    Nathan Onsgard

    ive seen so many complaints about the client but the only prob ive ever had was once with the friends list

  • Exiwus

    I didn't even looked comments yet and I already know there are gonna be a lot of memes but are all bugs in this video real? Like some of the bugs from this vid are just too retarded to be actualy real.. Like how does something like this happen? I really don't understand what causes the games client to do stupid shit like that, it's actualy fucking unbelivable...

  • Yvvael Nialbo
    Yvvael Nialbo

    biggest game in the world btw