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Right to repair is a frequently misunderstood issue, and we’re here to set the record straight.
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  • -Andrea- Jaylσкε
    -Andrea- Jaylσкε

    Someone here has watched a bit of Veritasium recently.

  • Paul

    Best way forward is to boycott Apple completely - they are utter assholes. Personally I would never have an Apple product in my home. Other companies do this, but Apple is by far and away the worst.

  • Connor Davis
    Connor Davis

    The auto industry should be an example for right to repair. In the case you can't get parts that are discontinued companies can hack the cars without any recourse. If the tech industry won't help us fix our shit they can at least not try to sue us when we hack their shit to fix it.

  • Skyler Azzuolo
    Skyler Azzuolo

    Why should buying Second hand harm the manufacture? I mean if it's good enough to buy second hand has to be pretty good. Also if I'm buying refurbished then the refurbisher is the one that should gain or lose reputation.

  • 1978garfield

    It sounds nice but I don't see how you force companies to supply parts.

  • 50 Shades Of Hand Grenades
    50 Shades Of Hand Grenades

    Those who don't support right to repair, while also believing in climate change make no sense. Either that, or they're grifting.

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin

    They are trying to turn your PC into a content consumption device to IV drip media and ads to you. Look at WIndows UWP apps, have fun trying to modify a game whose files you can't see or access. This is what will finally push Linux.

  • Wapamup

    Thank you Linus and LTT! But sad that I can`t donate. My only option would be paying with paypal, but thats not an option on gofundme ... :/

  • GiPSy FiSH
    GiPSy FiSH

    Thank you.

  • Achiles Redemptia
    Achiles Redemptia

    the number one problem for right to repair is you ask the manufacturer at gun point, yes, at gun point, to develop more security and modularity to the devices they sold. the reason Apple charge high on the repair because you not just paid for repair but also your data insurance which third party repair you just did simply based on trust, not that I defence their repair cost though 🙄

  • Vic Morgan
    Vic Morgan

    Sweeet I actually live in MA which is just crazy because I'll reap the benefits from this bill passing

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez

    And this is why Tesla’s aren’t repairable because it’s cheaper to buy a new one than fix it.

  • Lawrence Robi
    Lawrence Robi

    I'm kind of in the same boat with MSI. I bought an msi mag274qrf-qd from newegg at 370$, had it for a few days and broke the panel. Reached out to msi and they said they would charge me 390$ and I had to pay shipping both ways and this was after 2 weeks of radio silence from them and having to get newegg to contact them just for a reply. Seams like a way of saying we wount fix it just buy a other one

  • Scott Alder
    Scott Alder

    Nigga what!? Massa what!? The fuck did you just say....Mass a two sis?!😂😂😂😂😂 See a lot of people didn't make it that far in the video. As far as everything else. Yeah...you are indeed right. ... Me finishing the rest of the video after talking shit and then realizing there was an only fans of LTT 😒🤡

  • Eric Gerwatowski
    Eric Gerwatowski

    it's nice to see LTT take this stand. thank you.

  • 808rjsv

    Its all about greed

  • S Gill
    S Gill

    The worst culprit is Apple. Which is why I swore never to buy another apple again.

  • a2cryss

    He forgot to mention Tesla who make cars but are trying to be like Apple and not let you get parts or disable functionality after the fact (supercharging and even 240v fast charging)

  • boastyy

    Its not just the electronic repair , a whole bunch of car manufacturers got together and tried to quietly pass a bill to make it illegal for us to repair our cars and to only be able to take them to the dealers. What is the world coming to , just pure greed.

  • 6447686C49474E686132556761584D675953427361575575

    Imagine a world where the woke twitter mob actually used their power for something good.

  • skrounst

    Are there seriously people that don't want to repair their broken electronics? Like, those people actually exist? In real life? I can't even fathom something of mine breaking, and not doing everything I can to try and fix it...

  • 4akat

    wait until he finds out about open source

  • Mirko Tomovic
    Mirko Tomovic

    I am getting 20 gigs for 20$ man us is expensive if 5 for 20 is a deal.

  • David Carryer
    David Carryer

    Keep up the good work....the world is starting to see www.bbc.com/news/business-56799069

  • Derek2k

    All I heard here was points being made that have to do with business opportunities Linus intends to do soon. Aka nice timing on this though it’s been years they have been fighting for this.

  • Duane Locsin
    Duane Locsin

    The 'Right to replace $$bought$$ off politicians' would also be a great idea. It targets the very heart of many matters.

  • Bullzeyez

    I have a solution, I don't buy Apple.

  • George

    Heh, good luck - first you need to reclaim your representative government.

  • James Poulson
    James Poulson

    When you buy stuff but it's not yours because some company is so scared of its competition that it is making life difficult for its customers.

  • Mr Butcher
    Mr Butcher

    The good old times. I got a Siemens server psu which is over 30 years old. It is up and running today. And my 18 years old powerdrill is working flawless even though it costed less than 30$.

  • Szafa

    Right to Repair

  • Robert G.
    Robert G.

    Linus if you ever see this comment please consider changing the title of this video to "What is right to repair" so I can show my friends this video without them saying "oh this is just some dumb opinion take video."

  • Dexter

    What's even more annoying about Apple, is that once you've bought a movie from them, they reserve the right to remove it from iTunes, only for it to re-appear again

  • Lucas lacasse
    Lucas lacasse

    Linus now that the first day views are gone you can change it to right to repair to get more views when people search for the topic because you're subscribers and average viewers are no longer looking for this video

  • Dexter

    I'm shocked that my iphone 6s plus won't last a life time

  • Sean T
    Sean T

    Hell yeah man have to keep talking about this.

  • Peanut - INTP
    Peanut - INTP

    These kinds of anti "anti consumer" videos are great, but really not frequent enough and/or overshadowed by the silence in sooo many puff pieces. It's frustrating knowing that you guys know this stuff, care about this stuff but spend 95% (made up number) of the time kissing the ass of those companies. AAAhhhhhh :"|

  • Troll Lolol
    Troll Lolol

    I posted this on my Facebook, and not ONE PERSON liked, commented, or otherwise said anything. I'm pretty sure Facebook is shadow banning this video FYI.

  • blueberries

    it would be nice if the video title wasnt vague and mentioned the importance of right to repair

  • alex2frbnks

    "Anyone opposing 'right to repair' opposes individual freedom." LOOKING AT YOU JOHN DEER! >:(

    • YamiAlex224

      Looking at apple

  • Gandalf22476

    Right to Repair for the win! Service manuals, schematics, and parts aplenty! Tools are one of my favorite investments, they fix my other investments.

  • Donn Jeferson Atienza
    Donn Jeferson Atienza

    Make linus's dryer RGB

  • Eddie Evangelista
    Eddie Evangelista

    I support right to repair

  • Eleanor Maya
    Eleanor Maya

    Imagine if the human body doesn't have _right to heal_ . 😐

  • Tab

    Why pay for it once when you can pay for it every month?

  • Danial Hassani
    Danial Hassani

    Thanks, guys! This was something we really needed to hear! :)

  • Jannie Schlüter
    Jannie Schlüter

    You don't have to buy Apple products.


    lol, the amount of children that have no clue what is going on and being said in this video is so sad.


    The greatest trick the authoritarians ever pulled was convincing the world they don't live in a dystopia.

  • leohobb leohobb
    leohobb leohobb

    Have watched The repair problem trend is a greed problem 2 decades since i started to see a real problem.I am i repair guy.To many people of today and for years seems to now nothing about waranty rigths they have when a almost new or 1-2 years product.Here the waranty law is if a produtc expected life time should last at least 5 years or more Like a phone or tv then the waranty if 5 years no matter what the tv or phone brand offer in waranty.I bought a HTC desire Z way back and connected it to my pc to get wifi(old workstation pc,no wifi card)This phone never used other then sitting there like a wifi dongle.After 2.5 years it went down.I took it back to the shop and got them to get it fixed.They got it fixed and i still have it in working order.I almost never used it since but it work and look like new still.

  • Theirslater

    Imagine if everything was open source

  • Brandon Hoffman
    Brandon Hoffman

    Still rocking my samsung s8+, Ima rock this till the wheels fall off! Unless the tracking craps out or the 4g drags me down.

    • Brandon Hoffman
      Brandon Hoffman

      @EVOLICIOUS Ohh cool I'm golden! By then a used s12+ will be cheap! I cant see myself purchasing a brand new flagship device since they tipped over 1,000 bucks. And the android OS isn't anything to write home about. Unless your into mining people's data so you can sell it to china! Luck went out the door in 1984!


      S8 series has one more year of support and won't be getting the new OS, so good luck.

  • Sadoxell

    I can't believe this is real and legal


    Louis and Linus I wholeheartedly support the issue of right to repair I'm 44 years old and I remember the days when I was young there were still schematics on appliances and planned obsolescence is not a myth I've experienced it firsthand and I'm not saying that not because of belief because of cold hard facts and experiencing the first hand effects of buying brand new products through the decades and it's true what they say they just don't make it like they used to on a lot of things that used to be something that I heard old people say now I'm the older gentleman and now I'm saying it that in itself should speak volumes and one last thing this kind of speaks to me of something called zoning which I don't completely understand the issue but the section of it I'm referring to is your physical land property that you live on if you have a bunch of clutter or junk in your yard you can be fined by the city and you have to pay it we're not even talking about you renting it we're talking about when you already own the property no mortgage I mean the property is yours free and clear they can still fine you and you have to pay it so basically they can tell you what your allowed to have on your property sound familiar like apple familiar I hope we get this issue fixed my property is my property correct me if I'm wrong because I could be I do remember at one time I don't know if it's true anymore as an American you have the right to defend yourself your family and your property if they were threatened and you could lose your life or your property could be destroyed you had that right so how in the hell can anybody tell me where I can take my property to have it fixed that is messed up I hope we win guys


      Can you take a breath? lol, ffs, use punctuation.

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall

    I love the right to repair and since I'm in massachusets this helps me because apple qouted me $300 for an iPhone 4s battery replacment

  • john fite
    john fite

    Instead of infringing on Apple's freedom to run their business the way they want... Why not just stop buying their products? Consumers have the power to sway companies without legislation. I don't like the way Apple does business so I don't by their products. I really don't care much for Google either. I just want a Samsung phone running linux! Can you make that happen Linus?

    • john fite
      john fite

      @EVOLICIOUS So you are saying that you trust the Government to do the right thing? The people who legalized bribery... I mean lobbying. My point is you can let the companies know your position with your wallet. You can even start your own company that makes the product the way you want. I don't agree with most of what happens in the tech space these days. The software side of things is even worse. Government control is not the answer. In case you have missed it the government and tech companies are working together. At least they are here in the U.S.


      "infringing on Apple's freedom to run their business the way they want", you mean get to be a criminal that scams their customers at every turn? Or you mean so they can monopolize and takeover the market? Because the only reason these companies should have all rights as private businesses is to commit crimes. Large companies should be heavily regulated and separated from govt (no lobbying), full stop.

    • Aditya Bhattacharya
      Aditya Bhattacharya

      Samsung too has anti right to repair policies

  • Michael Jonathan
    Michael Jonathan

    Iphones without a freedom? Why i even not suprise about it

  • Silver Spoon
    Silver Spoon

    consoomers gona consoom. they are trisomics, that will never change. they will buy macs, iphones, surround them wiht iot and netflix, and order ubereats. let them in their shit.

  • Julien Taming
    Julien Taming

    100% agree, Apple is annoying with their environment blablabla, like they are amazing but behind doors, they are not that good.

  • edwin kania
    edwin kania

    tech companies are ECO friendly they support that platform to get all the ECOites to buy their junk. Everything IS controlled by DOLLARS period!!!!

  • Br0kk

    You can drive operate and screw arrpund in your 2 Ton deathmachine at 16 but your not allpwed to have displays for an iPhone or Tesla lugnut covers...

  • Logan Fong
    Logan Fong

    Somehow when I see Linus I think about Batman nowadays

  • Another Medved
    Another Medved

    Seems like a video that shouldn’t have a sponsor

  • I TA
    I TA

    I CALL B.S. Linus. You are following the footsteps of that other weirdo Luis whatever his name is. You are leaving out so much info.

  • Ranger Smith
    Ranger Smith

    Hey Apple, it's my phone--I paid for it. The idea that I might misuse the thing and thereby sully your reputation is similar to the firearm haters' argument that a gun maker should be held liable for how their product is used. Nonsense! Is Ford responsible if some nut case drives his F150 onto a crowded sidewalk? Of course not.

  • ArkaneScyhte

    WHAT, i was not expecting that F-bomb

  • Detonate Klubstompers
    Detonate Klubstompers

    Saab car company did this to it's customers, where is Saab now?

  • Detonate Klubstompers
    Detonate Klubstompers

    "If my business has an opportunity to make money,.. Im into in" Im really surprised you didn't then say, "so go buy my shirt"

  • Barrie Brown
    Barrie Brown

    Telus Mobile locked the included modem in my Samsung Galaxy so I couldn't use a radio app to tune into local radio stations, to try to force me to use more mobile data thus making more money from me. When I realized the unethical and sneaky behaviour I switched carriers and will never do business with them again and warn everyone I can to avoid Telus! This practice is like a car dealer modifying the cars they sell so you can only buy gas from them! IMAGINE!

  • c W
    c W

    I like the clean %10 like ratio

  • Rudraksha Dwivedi
    Rudraksha Dwivedi

    Really ? This is really a conspiracy *fuck you apple*

  • Frank Logen
    Frank Logen

    only Hipstars and Neanderthals Buy Apple Products.

    • Rudraksha Dwivedi
      Rudraksha Dwivedi

      True af

  • F Shah
    F Shah

    This is why I would never buy apple!! It also seems that Tesla is doing the same

    • Rudraksha Dwivedi
      Rudraksha Dwivedi

      True af

  • CptNogg

    this one shouldn't have had a random add at the end..was about to donate

  • opendrivers

    well spoken, thanx!

  • Sergio Vinces
    Sergio Vinces



    For some reason this reminded me that just like with the ps3, one day all ps4 servers will be shut off and lots of games on digital libraries will forever be out off reach from their owners. :,)

  • D Mor
    D Mor

    THis is why Apple is the biggest company in the world and by this i mean by fucking people up their arses while being paid for that i am glad that i never gave them one dolar

  • Gregory Montgomery
    Gregory Montgomery

    When a company prevents it's customers from being able to repair, modify/upgrade, install 3rd party software, or use there own tools to perform service on the product, it is a form of stealing. Your purchase is supposed to make you the owner meaning that you have the right to service, repair, modify, and upgrade your purchase. When you find that you don't have these rights then by definition you have an area where you don't actually own what you have purchased. Here is another example: rsloft.info/loft/video/hdV1qa25z6KremU

  • PiousMinion

    #12:17 Don't feel bad. I pronounce it "mass of two shits". *shrugs*

  • Fallen7Pie

    If only MKBHD and the other unboxing ilk had such journalistic integrity. On a related note, Apple, JohnDeer, Foxconn, Nissan; DIE

  • Dana Goyette
    Dana Goyette

    In my opinion, there should be some sort of mandate that bootloaders be unlockable once a device has reached end of support. If you aren't going to be supporting it anymore, then you should be required to allow OTHERS to do it for you! The last Samsung phone I owned was a Galaxy S5, where the last few updates for it were completely unusable -- something in the kernel was eating all the RAM, resulting in high swap usage, high kswapd0 CPU usage, and high temperatures, and a battery that drained in like 4 hours. I got some more life out of it by using Cyanogenmod, and it was a bit unstable, but I'd rather have that than have a phone that's guaranteed to run hot and drain early. With the Galaxy S5, I had switched to T-Mobile because they still had an unlocked bootloader, but then all following phones have been locked, so I swore them off for good. Nice hardware, but I refuse out of principle to buy a device that can't be unlocked. At the time, I read that Samsung and T-Mobile were blaming each other for deciding to lock it. Okay, then how about we conference call so I can get you to blame each other and argue directly?

  • The Sim Architect
    The Sim Architect

    You need new brands selling repair friendly items that are more modular and easy to repair or upgrade by switching components. I'd gladly have a thicker phone that I can format like a regular computer with the operating system of my choice and not have if slowed down because "the battery may explode" or something like that, plus being able to replace the battery or components like storage and internal memory would be very desirable. I already use a 10 inches tablet as my phone (it fits in my purse, I don't need to suffer typing on a tiny screen just to be able to carry it inside of a pocket) so I'd rather have more functionality and reliability available instead. I am quite happy it's lasted me 3+ years already and most of us don't need more than what we had years ago if we're just watching RSloft videos, taking non professional grade pictures/video and using apps to access internet banking or basic browsing anyway, on top of (video/audio) calls and messaging LOL. I can totally see myself using the same device for a few years ahead, if it doesn't break. Of course, that's what manufacturers do NOT want. They need us to keep buying those burnt light bulbs 😟 But there's something called free market and competition. If you can deliver what people want for an affordable price people will prefer to buy it from you instead. Maybe you guys could put together a new business to compete with them and sell phones and portable computers made with "off the shelf" parts, so we can have fun with them the same way we do with our desktop PCs.

  • Grimman

    "oh no wont somebody think of the megacorporations"

  • Brendon Bainbridge
    Brendon Bainbridge

    wouldn't this affect the tight ecosystem with Apple's hardware security-wise? looking forward to any insight

  • Chad Hart
    Chad Hart

    I can't believe no one has proposed making repairs tax deductible as a policy. "Reduce, reuse, recycle", right?

  • Amalgamous Proxy
    Amalgamous Proxy

    In older appliances you used to be able to find a diagram inside it. An actual wiring schematic was put in there to help the person who is repairing it. Not anymore. This is corporate minds doing what they can to undermine your or the repair person's ability to repair your product.

  • Charming Peasant
    Charming Peasant

    Apple claim they care about environment and climate, while they fight against their devices being refurbished and resold ? Gee, sounds kinda like Apple claiming about how they care about human rights in US, while lobbying against a bill that would ban companies from using slave labor in China.

  • Axel Rad
    Axel Rad

    This move of having no right to repair is a pure corporate move motivated by greed. It’s basically being normalized, just like unpaid internships and your boss having the right to call you anytime of the day, which are deeply unethical

  • Eli B
    Eli B

    This video is definitely shadow banned or people just don't care about their rights.

  • Asbestos Asbestos
    Asbestos Asbestos

    If the manufacturer purposely limits the lifespan of their devices by design, then the custumers aren't really BUYING but RENTING that device

  • gttrmgc

    It's not that serious

  • Robert Bettin
    Robert Bettin


  • the challenger
    the challenger

    even farm equipment cannot be repaired by the farmer who damn well knows what they are doing

  • bwicklander

    I'm in favor of onlyfans pages for you and LTT group, Linus. Oh Yea!

  • Humbly_Bumbly

    so its Americas fault for planned obsolescence good to know

  • Deexeh

    If they're worried about the damaged branding, maybe if there is a third party repair it's no longer apple's phone. Instead in the case of "GEEP" it's a "GEEP refurbished" iPhone.

  • K M
    K M

    I like the video and message. Are we remembering history in the conversation? Google and Apple worked together with “good intentions”. Apple later learned that Google gained enough knowledge to create their own device. Google sat at the table and stole behind their back. Sometimes people just don’t want their stuff stolen again. Assuming that it will not happen again is naive and opposite to history. It would be great to have choices. Does a company need to be concerned with a “repair group” stealing their knowledge and then creating their own? Yes! So please also take this history into account and remember the fine line that has been exploited between sharing and stealing. Why is Apple the only company most attacked? Google and Samsung and other companies have phones over $1,000 too. What about other phone tech companies’ practices? It comes across as if people want a piece of Apple’s pie without the time and effort they put in from the ground up - Apple is typically the only company attacked and they have the biggest bank account. I don’t believe Apple is perfect but also don’t believe the other companies’ hands are 100% clean. Yet, people seem to only or mostly attack Apple. I like your 1932 after the Depression research information. Knew it was true; awesome to see the documentation. We need to not allow ourselves to fall to marketing so quickly.

  • Earnest Gardners
    Earnest Gardners

    It coming from cars soon

  • Emin Ilker Cetinbas
    Emin Ilker Cetinbas

    Excellent explanation of the issue.