Winter Anime 2021 in a Nutshell
Wow I'm actually watching Anime again.
Edited by: Bakashift
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  • Chowder Sauce
    Chowder Sauce

    Love your quality content Gigguk, keep it up :D If anyone has some time and wants see some lower quality content on the other hand, check out my new AoT parody vid! Any support on my channel would really help, thanks

  • necromancer andre
    necromancer andre

    i read both jobless reincarnation and beginning after the end .. i think jobless kina boring after the explosion .may be i skipped quiet alot after finding boring . but i was not same with beginning after the end .till now its get interesting at chapter 270 of beginning .

  • Pranit Deshpande
    Pranit Deshpande

    Did anyone notice the start background music is from Minato Aqua vtuber?

  • TheLonelyMoon

    i'm really pretty really sure ive seen redo of healers on h4n1m3

  • Papa Foundry
    Papa Foundry

    Ever since a certain vtuber debuted Gigguk having a love of vtubers makes so much sense now.

  • Sound Drill
    Sound Drill

    the real reason i love watching gigguk is how he hypes shit up, bu then ruins it for laughs

  • Mathew Omay
    Mathew Omay

    My boi gigguk have done mushoku tensei right

  • Catb00i

    Wow he did not even mention Jujutsu Kaisen

  • Straphos

    If only 'No Game No Life' also got a sequel this season, heheheh *WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME ON A CLIFFHANGER!!!*

  • Meybi

    I hope the next thing to blow up after Isekai is Time Travel.


    Where's kimono jihen!?

  • Dranch


  • Cool Spaghetti
    Cool Spaghetti


  • InsomniacPostman

    Oh god. I've been avoiding watching Jobless Reincarnation because, due to a confusing thread on /r/anime, I thought it was Redo of Healer.

  • Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace
    Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace

    WEP is one of my top 10 animes for sure. But I am seasonal garbage so my opinion in biased

  • Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace
    Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace

    Y'all sleeping on kuma kuma bear

  • Jamie

    what is the music before the xbox talk show thing I want to know?thx the dun dun dun dun dun

  • TheMartinalfa

    My votes are for mushoku tensei and redo of healer. MT you saw few episodes mby some manga but maaan i just hope they will animate whole novels. Most people dont get why you were so right about how great is MT. About ROH its it controversion and originality and not just ecchi scene. Whole concept is amazing. Story, plot, mc character. In present is hard to find anything controversional like movies, meme, videos and ROH doesnt give a shit about that. Both these are showing freedom of animes and using full potentional. And i give negative vote for aot because its actualy boring when you realise last season doesnt offer anything new compated even to first season expect eren got abs.

  • Sam Blankenburg
    Sam Blankenburg

    Jobless reincarnation sorta seems like The Beginning After The End with less twists.

  • PogGamerKing

    this is facts

  • ClubAceofSpades

    I just wanna repost my request from a couple weeks ago in the Trash Taste highlights Comment section about talking on the racism against poc cosplayers within the community. (I'm commenting on everyone's most recent vids on your personal channels too so hopefully everyone sees this in the hopes it won't get buried under the thousand other comments, plz forgive the spam Gigguk, I just feel really strongly about what's happening 🥺) It's Still a big issue & I'm continuing to watch poc cosplayers be attacked, discouraged. I'm not exaggerating when I say in the comment section of on of these vids they are now trying to claim Asian people are White. In complete seriousness, some a**hole has a instagram acct that say Aryan and Asian races🧐 dude decided to herass a black cosplayer on her instagram. (I don't have twitter, these are the tiktok links because that's the platform this is happening on rn) I went to the instagram page and screen recorded it before the person privated their acct. Can you guys discuss the racism towards POC cosplayers in the anime community 🥺 I just watch a beautiful black cosplayer deactivate her account on tiktok because of the Waves of hate telling her Hinata's not a monkey, she isn't black she's white(she's japanese 😒 not white) She was threatend with s*xual assault. She left to protect her mental health. (Update: she took her mental health break and came back to cosplaying due to encouraging positive support) I as a black girl have never felt comfortable in the "weeb" community because I have been watching this happen to poc cosplayers since high school. I just want a safe space to feel inspired and connect, but I've never had the courage or thought I could mentally handle the same backlash that other POC cosplayers do playing characters that aren't poc(in the sense that they have dark skin, because without a darker complexion they are perceived Defaultly as white🤨😒) I could almost think it's an american mindset... however the cosplayer I mentioned earlier was getting International hate, she had to translate blatantly racist comments in foreign languages from non-americans. It's So hard not to internalize this shit. I've always struggled enough hating my skin tone. To have this negatively Reinforced over & over within the anime community for the last 16yrs of my life 😔 I just feel so discouraged, heartbroken like why can't there be a creative safe space? I've been crying all day. I know you guys have covered the toxicity (on trash taste) when It comes to voice actors being attacked, fans who don't respect boundaries, and gatekeeping, but unless I missed it I don't think racism within the community has been covered. Anyways I know you guys mostly use twitter I don't have twitter. I tagged Connor's account in a couple videos about that cosplayer and other incidents that are happening. Anyways I hope everyone stays safe, in good spirits, & the universe gifts you good things. I'm gonna go watch Clannad so I can at least Pretend I'm crying about something else. Seriously tho can you PLZ cover this on your platform, the black cosplayers in the community are just So tired. It's exhausting, we'd really appreciate some support. As I've said I been baring witness to black cosplayers Constantly be attacked for the last 16yrs and non-poc allies only Now seem to be grasping the scope of how much black cosplayers have to endure.

  • dragonphoenixx_ x
    dragonphoenixx_ x

    ok so it just kinda catched my eye but jobless reincarnation the game the guy is playing is guilty gear which i find a little cool

  • Joperfect

    Can anyone tell me what song garnt used on his outro pls, it's beautiful...

  • juagsdr

    To know that nanatzo no taizai New season is good .

  • sean


  • sean

    redo healer is pretty good and its not that bad

  • Tim Sievers
    Tim Sievers

    Jobless reincarnation = what .hack was supposed to be?

  • viohh _
    viohh _

    Im begging you to make a list of best fantasy anime

  • Kuish KxM
    Kuish KxM

    Redo is best anime idk what chu talking bout🙄

  • DerpDoggo472

    EX-ARM is so bad and a better 3D anime is meta runner

  • DomSchra

    * Redo of healer mentions * * carefully leaves the room *

  • Ryan Y. Sawame
    Ryan Y. Sawame

    "N o n . n o n . b i y o r i . *t w o* "

  • Potion Trader
    Potion Trader

    Ex-arm just ruined how i look at food in anime

  • Bluely

    Quintessential quintuplets

  • Taki Nerd
    Taki Nerd

    wHy nOBody TaLKs aBOuT KEMONO JIHEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anime dumpster fire
    anime dumpster fire

    People who love Redo of Healer (and there are sooooooooooooooo many) need to have a knock on the door by the FBI and CPS. Disgusting, awful people which is why I STAY AWAY from anime fans and keep my love of anime a secret. Because the bulk of anime fans have convinced themselves that in some circumstances rape is okay... I hate Redo, I HATE its fans and authors and I wish I could have everyone connected with it locked up, because they (especially fans who love this show, especially) are not fit to be in society.

  • Yexin

    Lost it when you said it constituted a war crime

  • /Itz Bolt\
    /Itz Bolt\

    can i just say redo of healer is just 177013 but worst

  • francis gellica
    francis gellica

    Redo the healer is like the first anime that got to hanime

  • 0905p1

    Ex arm is ....... special ........ i... guess ?

  • Fedde Robbe
    Fedde Robbe

    The newer redo of healer episodes are still fucked up but a good hentai exchange

  • Travis Illerbrun
    Travis Illerbrun

    I’m still baffled that the studio that did So I’m a spider is the same people behind Berserk 2016...

  • ShufferInPocket

    a couple of years gone by, no fuckin studio picking up no game no life but decides to do redo of the healer. What is wrong with you?

  • LaggyPotatoes

    Redo of healer is in just sayin...

  • DevilD

    pleeeeaaase make another vid on wonder egg priority

  • abdallah hosny
    abdallah hosny

    what is the wonder agg soundtrack in this video

  • Omar Mohamad
    Omar Mohamad

    Does anybody know the song in the beginning after the ex arm op

  • Kenji Otake
    Kenji Otake

    I showed the manga of Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? to a friend two years ago and she just said it looked like a cross between a bunny and a spider while my gf just screamed.

  • Aliyah


  • Peakey The Bard
    Peakey The Bard

    Seeing The reaction for redo of a healer is like watching a thermonucluer bomb drop into a lake, but just making a plop sound and sinking into, oh yeah wtf...

  • Norobeki

    You should totally check out this new manga it has currently 43 chapters, the name is Boy's Abyss its really good. Its a romance, seinen manga. I dont wanna say anything about it but its pretty good, i think you would like it 😁😁😊

  • Ryo

    Im a manga reader and i do not like the animes XD

  • That guy Rishy
    That guy Rishy

    Should I watch redo of a healer?

  • God Usopp
    God Usopp

    Хмм, я - русский, ахахаха

  • kkplx

    I came here for redo of healer. SOMEHOW didn't see the transition with vegeta coming. Had me in stitches the entire segment through. Probably the first anime I'll buy on disk in more than a decade after the original kino no tabi. God I love me a good revenge story. And outrage. More please.

  • miami

    Redo of Healer is pretty good imo. I’m unironically enjoying it.

  • Leo Adam
    Leo Adam

    This is so funny

  • Munganga Chanda
    Munganga Chanda

    Horomiya forblife

  • KanekoXLiamB

    As a Canadian I forgive you

  • Triobian

    The first few eps of jobless reincarnation absolutely hooked me. Immediately after watching them I bought the books and binges all of them that are out so far and my god they are great. The writing is phenomenal, the char development is there for all the characters and is actually profound in the mc, and the mentality of mc feels REAL. And then the tragedy of books 7-9 kinda derailed all of my interest in mc.. but story was still rock solid even if mc was intolerable. Also, Eris is best girl.

    • Triobian

      @Nix alot I feel like she's the one that will actually be the most equal to his own op-ness. Sera is nothing special, even using a inferior classed weapon comparatively to others. Roxy is skilled and talented, but her inability to have spell flexibility like rudeus and her chants make her vulnerable. Sylphy is honestly pretty good, but she's been shown to be far inferior to rudeus in terms of creativity and power. However, of any of the girls we've seen so far, only Eris has been recognized by Rudy as someone "stronger" than him. For the first several books he's always going on about her ever increasing skill with the sword and her strength. And considering the events at the end of ln 6, it's clear her intention is to be seen as someone just as capable as Rudy. And in book 9 there's an update on her progress, and for me its what absolutely cemented her as best girl for me. The sheer unadulterated anger and determination she shows is, frankly, hot lol. Add to that her complete dere switch when it comes to Rudy and we have a tsun(to anyone who's not rudy)dere who's actually interesting. On my list of best girls that spans any series I've read she ranks 2nd. Only beaten by miyuki from mahouka lol Edit: holy shit I wrote way more than I thought I did

    • Nix alot
      Nix alot

      Just as a heads up, technically the web novel, light novels, manga and anime aren't the same timelines... I realize its probably not much of a change and more of a cash grab on the author's part, but each one will vary slightly and hopefully substantially more. Based on how close the web novels and light novels are I don't know by how much, but maybe the story will change quite a bit for the manga and show. Also yes, Eris is best.

  • Sigmund Freud
    Sigmund Freud

    Neverland S2 turned out to be a flop

  • エレン

    Can someone please tell whats the song playing at 1:42 ?

    • エレン


    • Tiberiu Radu
      Tiberiu Radu

      ナニダト - SUPER RISER I think

  • Devil _Mon
    Devil _Mon


  • H Bruh
    H Bruh

    Okook so i watched jobless reincarnation and i liked it kinda but also the sexualization of minors and the jokes just weren't it for me- i really hate anime in that aspect. It's humour is mostly just consisting of "lol hot girl show panties so h0t!" The main thing i want to happen is some character development w the mc in which he starts uhh idk maybe respect women more? It makes sense for him to be a weirdo based on his previous lifestyle but the anime treats it like its some sort of ongoing gag thats not going to be fixed in any way. Still going to watch it but i hope some people in this community can agree with me, because i know a lot of people can be man children and i rlly dont wanna deal with them

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union

    Shield hero season 2 and 3 coming 2021 :)

  • syed saadqain zaidi
    syed saadqain zaidi

    Whens the next anime in minutes coming

  • CanYouMakeItClear

    Lol! How many times Gigguk roast Ex-Arm? Every single cut scene🤣🤣

  • Koray Öğreten
    Koray Öğreten

    Hey, I wasn't offended at Goblin Slayer. For me, it was actually a great show because the MC(Goblin Slayer) wasn't OP and overly confident, he always made strategies to defeat the goblins. He wasn't always victorious, so when he lost, he learnt to become stronger. In the other hand, I can't say i enjoyed Shield Hero. It was great in the start but when Marty and her dad were punished, the show ended for me. The was uninteresting, in my case. Now for Redo of Healer. Perfect. I mean the story and the girls. But lets not think about the second one. Kearu was bullied for YEARS after he was chosen as the Healer Hero. But he waited for the perfect time to strike. For me, unlike some of the trash isekai, the show is not the MC being OP and destroying everything because he can, but taking revenge every second and blessing us with ultimate pleasure. It is so similar to the Shield Hero to the point that both the MC's get a sick demi-human slave and teach her how to take revenge. But the problem i had with Shield Hero isn't existent in Redo of Healer. In the Redo of Healer World, the whole kingdom is rotten and every single one is waiting to be punished(and quite possibly raped as well) by Kearu. I guess me liking them doesn't show that these are great anime, but shows that i like these kinds of anime where the rotten people are punished. Its true that i have a taste in dark anime like these. But the reason i wrote this comment is because i wanted to say that i watch these shows because of their plots, and if i hadn't said the reason, it would be a stupid claim

  • Aporsyx

    I really hate the animation of Ex-arm. Never gonna give you up.


    Day one of asking for a world trigger video


    Here are some winter animes that wont disappoint you : 1.Mushoku Tensei 2.Jujutsu kaisen 3.Horimiya 4.Quintessential Quintuplets 5.Bottom tier character Tomozaki 6.Stone wars 7.Promised neverland

    • Noisy guest
      Noisy guest

      Hmmm I should try Mushoku Tensei

  • とry 五n cor 七es
    とry 五n cor 七es

    Gigguk how dare you insult the animators of Cyberpunk 2077 ok the glitches suck but NOOO DON'T YOU DARE SLANDER the hard work of the face animators. NO game comes close to the facial expressions that cyberpunk provides or those moments when the animation and movements of the char feel real. The NPC don't count.

  • AsianOfRome

    Bro what is that intro song. My favorite part is always the song that plays during the intro even the old one and it gets stuck in my head for days.

  • Kushkoma Dryftin
    Kushkoma Dryftin

    mushoku MADE the isekai genre

  • Colonel Rubix
    Colonel Rubix

    How the hell will I have time to watch all of this? Oh well... Shark-Chan go GWARarawWarau

  • Scewert

    But your analysis about horimiya is f*ckin accurate

  • Jessica bunbun
    Jessica bunbun


  • Ronald Raygun
    Ronald Raygun

    intro song?

  • Mr. Manny
    Mr. Manny

    I Like Redo the hero and not offended by it.

  • son

    he has redo of healer in his fucking thumbnail

  • Yoana Aleja
    Yoana Aleja

    Everyone: omg so many cool anime’s me: bruh can show the page plsss

    • Bluely

      Quintessential quintuplets

  • Party House
    Party House

    intro song?

  • CMDR Monumus
    CMDR Monumus

    Hey watch a video of code bullets video I sound like him which measanns omg cloning works


    The creators: Redo of healer isn't hentai The anime Community: Even Hentai isn't Redo of Healer

    • autistic pipe
      autistic pipe

      @Daniel Almeida American forever.

    • Thaddeus Gearhart
      Thaddeus Gearhart

      There are a lot of Hentai Anime that are worse then Redo Healer. The only difference is they usually have to tell the story in two episodes.

    • Daniel Almeida
      Daniel Almeida

      @autistic pipe imagine living in Nevada

    • autistic pipe
      autistic pipe

      Friend recommended it to me. Don’t snitch about any murders in Carson City.

    • Phúc Hoàng
      Phúc Hoàng

      Well at least hentai give us some pleasure, Redo Healer just give me whole combo of negative drama that I decided to throw it away for a better day . A bunch of loser that lost their humanity trying to show us disgusting they could be.

  • TheBombBeast

    7:50 why did I laugh at that exactly? 8:44 sorbebwiduebebehfhehdhfhe WELL FINALLY I have been waiting for my glorious motherland to get some attention 10:48 now all I have to do is figure out where I can watch Redo of Healer and I should be fine😀

  • Jordan Chappell
    Jordan Chappell

    What anime is that between Peter Grill and Domestic girlfriend?

  • Landon Kim
    Landon Kim

    Redo of healer got put on Hanime

  • VxdspawnVx

    the worst part about ex-arm is that the manga looks fucking great in comparison

  • Tykira

    10:24 Like if you're a redo of healer fan 👇

  • Master LP
    Master LP

    Seven Deadly Sins season 4 is AWESOME

  • Krysa

    The moment I saw redo of healer, I want to say, good luck soldier!.

  • Me You
    Me You

    White is best girl and if you say anything other than that... well sorry than you are stupid

  • Ryuzaki River
    Ryuzaki River

    You forgot Kemono Jihen and Dr. Ramune mysterious disease specialist.

  • Golen3740

    Dude the Smash bros player needing deodorant is so trueeee

  • Mördaμ Estallise
    Mördaμ Estallise

    Does anyone else remember Jobless Reincarnation called Mushoku Tensei - Quagmire of a Jobless Reincarnator?

  • yasin deveci
    yasin deveci

    literally got chill at the end

  • Scheimaa Zaky
    Scheimaa Zaky

    Horimiya isn't that good, I tried to read the manga but found it boring and now tried to watch the anime but still can't get into it.

  • Scheimaa Zaky
    Scheimaa Zaky

    If only I didn't have a big Physics oral test coming up, I would have watched anime all day this semester break, which I didn't feel like doing for a long time now. I am watching some anime though and feel like myself again. Can't watch the best ones however, I need to have no deadlines to enjoy them. Attack on Titan needs to be watched starting from season one again.

  • Фёдор Крымов
    Фёдор Крымов

    Does anybody know the name of genre hentai in which a guy is transferred to a girl's body?

  • Jenazad

    What are the chances that SK8 might go full "Air Gear" on us?

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