Wilt Chamberlain's INSANE Athleticism Caught on Film!
#WiltChamberlain #NBA #GOAT
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  • Austin Kearney
    Austin Kearney

    "Probably the greatest athletic construction ever formed of flesh and blood.” -Sports Illustrated, 1959.

    • Kaleb Kendall
      Kaleb Kendall

      @Brysen Junior Yea, I have been using Flixzone for since november myself =)

    • Brysen Junior
      Brysen Junior

      A trick: watch movies on flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.

    • The Ice Machine
      The Ice Machine

      @Edward P lbj dont compare to wilt at all.. wilt faster stronger n jump higher

    • Edward P
      Edward P

      Bo Jackson. Or lbj. By far

    • The Ice Machine
      The Ice Machine

      @I. B. Peeing wilt never exhibited PED use an abuse traits. He was strong but he did not have the enormous shoulders you get from PED use. He didnt lose his hair. AndPED changes your face structure. Even as an old man wilt looked the same as a teenager just older. While lebron on the othrr hand face is vastly different

  • Tim A.
    Tim A.

    If, "they don't make 'em like this any more and never will," was a person!!!!!

  • Abdiwahab Badal
    Abdiwahab Badal

    Almost took Shaqs arm off with the handshake


    But the most impressive stat: 10,000 BITCHES!! Lol

  • Ken Marko
    Ken Marko

    And kids these days said Wilt will not score in this NBA soft era. Wilt will destroy every center and scores 50pts or more. lol

  • 3Fouls1stQtr BallisFreedom
    3Fouls1stQtr BallisFreedom

    What the what? I don't understand why they down play him

  • jimmy hendrix
    jimmy hendrix

    I hate hearing athletes called freak of nature, particularly blacks. I recalled Mohammed Ali first, some fan of boxing referred to him. It's demeaning, and dehumanizin not to take responsible that these people earned where they are and not some beast on two legs so that your conscience can sleep at night.

  • Ghost Samaritan
    Ghost Samaritan

    Please nerf this guy, he's too OP!

  • yuyuzfool yuyuzfool
    yuyuzfool yuyuzfool

    Wilt's Skills used so much LifeForce that his LifeSpan got shortened by Half He was so powerful that only himself could kill himself #rip

  • O

    When u make arnold look like a midget

  • J Red
    J Red

    Joe budden neeed to see that !

  • Chief Rocka
    Chief Rocka

    He use to come to high school track meets at Cerritos college couldn’t miss him walking in

  • Chris Kriskovic
    Chris Kriskovic

    Crash pad technology has really advanced

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    Looking at this kind of shit makes me laugh at people that say wilt wouldn’t have dominated in the modern game. He’s not a generational athlete. He’s a physical freak once in 10 generations and regardless of how evolution and medical and health and conditioning sciences have advanced you can’t replace god tier genetics way above someone like Giannis. If he grew up in the modern era he’d fuck the league sideways and probably fuck 50,000 women easily with Instagram being a thing now

  • Music enlightened
    Music enlightened

    Wilt was the first of first. Imagine if he could of based his game off how player play now. Like giannis and Kd a point gods, your talking about scary time. Rings on rings etc

  • PMC05

    Who’d win arm wrestling contest Wilt vs Trae Young?

  • O'Koye Robinson
    O'Koye Robinson

    Damn I thought Lebron was a freak of nature

  • Timmy's POV
    Timmy's POV

    This man legit hits a second gear when running!!

  • Ton Bong
    Ton Bong

    And then came Luka Doncic.

  • HeavenFoundWithin

    He almost dislocated Shaq's LIFE on that shake

  • Pythgorean's Assistant
    Pythgorean's Assistant

    A 4.4 40 yard dash? C'mon now.. biologically impossible

  • Daniel Purcell
    Daniel Purcell

    He kind of manhandled Shaq there with the Wilt-sized handshake.

  • Tontow Toronto
    Tontow Toronto


  • Insidious Vidz
    Insidious Vidz

    The greatest number for Wilt 20,000

  • Christopher Robert
    Christopher Robert

    When i was a kid i used to run into Wilt all the time in Overbrook. My grandma lived a few blocks from the high school. He was a freak of nature and a hell of a human.

  • Kong Batman
    Kong Batman

    When he entered the league and they saw how he dominated,they must have thought he was from another planet!!

  • kixbagsandblocks

    Ha, Shaq glanced at him like it was the first time he ever saw someone taller than him

  • Stephen Kinq
    Stephen Kinq

    Thats why I truly believe Wilt could dominate in any era or generation.

  • B Noble
    B Noble

    All that superhuman ability and the man only lived to 63.

  • XO XO
    XO XO

    I really like these guys. This was primetime of moviemaking

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Love the Eastern Roll in the high jump. He ran. 47 in the 440 in high school.

  • cattycats4

    He couldve ruined the decathlon world record for anyone else with those numbers! 10.2 100m!!! if that was on cinder track its equateable to a 9.8....!!! I never knew Wilt was more of a Bo Jackson than the man himself, and to think Muhammed Ali nearly fought Wilt in an exhibition boxing match, Wilt wouldve probably KO'd him!!

  • Rhen

    Goddamn thats an insane athleticism for a bigman

  • jay Aych are
    jay Aych are

    With every year the stories become greater. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

  • michael mendoza
    michael mendoza

    You had to be tough mentally and strong back when he was playing sports today's athletes had science medicine to become great

  • Memes and Bithjes
    Memes and Bithjes

    Wilt can catches the ball while in the air, one thing i learn is a lot of basketball player while block is they just slap the ball, but wilt can hold the ball because he can control his emotion, He's a legend

  • Round

    No other athlete or "goat" have pulled off the feats that this man has done.

  • DW Davis
    DW Davis

    Wilt was the original Giannis

  • StrokerAceHank19

    I seen him throw a football over them mountains

  • Fred Alexander
    Fred Alexander

    Wilt Chamberlain had Knees of Steel

  • Loser_Sheens

    And they say they don’t know if he scored 100 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 666animalmother

    3:10 that's a manly handshake against Shaq, Shaq's arm was shaken. Wilt gotta show who's still the man lol

  • Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s
    Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s

    That man is up there in my book as greatest goats of all time.. on top of him doing all this that dude smashed about 20k girls.. bro with 7’1 running a 4.4 50 inch vert.. and playing all the sports.. how did he have the Energy.. if that is ever made in some lab and put in a pill whoever makes that will be be richer than bazos.. id love to know the secret to to wilts stamina bro that’s insane to be that big and have all that energy..

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd

    Holy Shit he was a freak of nature wow he was really next level even at today's level

  • Kyle Callis
    Kyle Callis

    Lol gullible is strong in this comment section a better athlete than Bo Jackson eye test says different

  • Tomato Tomato
    Tomato Tomato

    made arnold look like a regular bodybuilder.

  • Cape King2233
    Cape King2233

    0:22 my mans just jumped it forward lol

  • Dirty Dirt McGogurt
    Dirty Dirt McGogurt

    Not the normal music you hear in the background of basketball clip videos, but I love it. Fits great!

  • Big Bad Bunny
    Big Bad Bunny

    Imagine this man chasing you.

  • Douglas Roseveare
    Douglas Roseveare

    Arnold ruined this video.

  • SOMA

    One the greatest athletes and basketball players of all time. He should be talked about more.

  • LuHhomieCam

    0:22 look at how effortlessly he did that shit, LOOK AT THAT, shit isn’t fair

  • MilesAllgood

    Damn he almost pulled Shaq's arm off with a handshake.

  • Austin

    Excellent video- music, editing , everything about this production is gold. Thank you

    • Foobas Sports
      Foobas Sports

      Thank you! 👍

  • GMOGSportsTV


  • Dylan Krehl
    Dylan Krehl

    All this, just for his heart to fail him before a fair age. Smh..being that tall must be so must work for your cardiovascular system to keep up with :(

  • Mikado The Moon God
    Mikado The Moon God

    Real GOAT idc what anyone says there's a conspiracy around his death, someone might have wanted to shut him up because of the things he said which were the truth. Had to protect legacies an Wilt destroyed legacies all but Bill Russell's lol but let's not kid ourselves those Celtics teams were SUPER TEAMS an the NBA made sure of it.

  • Thaddeus Smith III
    Thaddeus Smith III

    Ain’t no way he was running 10.2’s 😂😂😂😂 I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT that’s insane

  • Bryce Anderson
    Bryce Anderson

    Iove how huge Wilt's arms were in Conan. He made Arnold look less impressive in that movie

  • Marko Reaper
    Marko Reaper

    AND he slept with 20,000 beeatches.

  • John 14:6 John 14:6
    John 14:6 John 14:6

    Although most Basketball "experts" & fans believe that Michael Jordan is the goat, many of these fans have never seen Wilt play. I actually have. I will never argue about someone's opinion but it must be noted that MJ himself never claimed to be the goat. He said that he never had the opportunity to play against Bill Russell, Wilt, or any of the Celtic players who have 8, 9, or 10 Championships. Finally, here are a few facts as to why I believe Wilt to be the Best to ever play: Because of Wilt's dominance, rules that were changed included widening the lane, instituting offensive goaltending and revising rules governing inbounding the ball and shooting free throws (Chamberlain would leap with the ball from behind the foul line to deposit the ball in the basket). • Offensive Goaltending • Defensive Goaltending • Size of the lane/paint • Free throw shooting • Inbounding the Ball Like most fans, I absolutely love Michael Jordan. As Great as Jordan was, there were no rule changes because of his greatness.

  • Ethan Aday
    Ethan Aday

    There will NEVER be another Wilt Chamberlain. PERIOD!

  • Patrick Gonzalez
    Patrick Gonzalez

    There’s no way he ran 100m in 10 seconds lol but still an amazing athlete !!

  • Ja Meson
    Ja Meson

    03:09 tell me that shit is edited

  • Bryan Simpson
    Bryan Simpson

    My dude was long jumping with a hat on

  • Nyombi

    One stat 20 000.

  • C Christ4545
    C Christ4545

    Literally every single track and field stat about Wilt is wrong. None of them can be proven. He is only an elite basketball. He wasn't close to elite at any other sport.

    • C Christ4545
      C Christ4545

      @Bazooka Joe they weren’t. There is no record of him breaking any track and field records. He isn’t even ranked for his state, let alone nationally.

    • Bazooka Joe
      Bazooka Joe

      I just watched him do a quite impressive high jump for a man of his size. I think some of those track & field stats were actually recorded at the time.

  • Michael Angelos
    Michael Angelos

    It was a sad day when the world lost Wilt. The first basketball game I ever went to was Elgin Baylor's last home game as a Laker at the Fabulous Forum. The starting lineup was Elgin Baylor Wilt Chamberlain Jerry West get a Goodrich and Happy Hairston. Or maybe Jim McMillan.

  • Wisdom is Gangster
    Wisdom is Gangster

    MJ fans sayin Wilt not the goat should kill themselves

  • 1rralphh1

    Quite literally superhuman

  • Jeff Dunn
    Jeff Dunn

    Wilt's gotta be at least 7 foot four.

  • Steve Malek
    Steve Malek

    His greatest achievement was sleeping with 20000 women

  • Young T
    Young T

    He shook the shit out of Shaq’s hand. Lol!

  • Lucky Lascala
    Lucky Lascala

    He's The 🐐 With Out Having To Say It ..

  • Brad Steeples
    Brad Steeples

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Love me some Wilt. RIP. Absolutely crazy athleticism.

  • Irwin Vasquez
    Irwin Vasquez

    With today's advancements in sports medicine and tech. This guy would have been terrifying.

    • PM

      There are no advancements. Players are getting injured every season now whereas they could play 15 year careers before. They are pumped full of steroids now and left for dead. Wilt was natural and healthy, no drugs in his system.

    • Graham Strouse
      Graham Strouse

      @Foobas Sports You mean because of all the bloody gore & (metaphorical) sodomy? 😁

    • Foobas Sports
      Foobas Sports

      The NBA would be an R rated movie.

  • Bill Ma
    Bill Ma

    Good thing he blessed his genetics as much as he can

  • Choonguus

    I am now starting to believe that wilt chamberlain was an alien who escaped from area 51

  • Scoobdooittoo

    I am of the mindset that Wilt was one of the grestest athletes of all time....possibly first. However, Jim Thorpe was a close second.

  • kbkesq

    Best stat was 20,000 women.

  • Chessbox09

    I think the most impressive thing I've seen from Wilt is him blocking Kareems' skyhook straight up. Just swatted it right back where it came from like nothing.

    • Chessbox09

      @Graham Strouse I didn't know that. Yes, and he blocked it 2x in a row, phenomenal.

    • Graham Strouse
      Graham Strouse

      And that was a 35-year-old Wilt who was playing on a reconstructed knee...

  • jasonjon88

    Ok Wilt is a beast but there is absolutely no way in holy hell that dude ran a 10.2 in the 100 meter dash.

  • YoboiX W
    YoboiX W

    2k need to fix his rating

  • czrXX

    Do people actually believe all these bullshit numbers?

  • Marquito Banks
    Marquito Banks

    Listen i understand Shaq was dominant but let it be known Wilt is the most dominant of all time

  • Young Sibo
    Young Sibo

    So Giannis?

    • Wilt Chamberlain
      Wilt Chamberlain

      Wilt was MUCH stronger , faster , could leap higher , never got tired , was taller , bigger wingspan , much greater agility , coordination. So no he was not giannis

    • Foobas Sports
      Foobas Sports

      ... For 48 minutes.

  • RealAzTheyCome RealAzTheyCome
    RealAzTheyCome RealAzTheyCome

    He truly was an incredibly gifted human being. A phenomenon in every since of the word.


    4.4 in a 40 yard dash??

  • ChimChim NoodleHair
    ChimChim NoodleHair

    and he did this all in high top chuck taylors 😭😭😭😭😭

  • northsidedub1

    He nearly pulled shaqs arm off 🤣

  • Vakidis Vaselidis
    Vakidis Vaselidis

    One of the few superhuman where his body is sturdy enough not to be much affected by gravity.

  • daniel de lewis
    daniel de lewis

    Jordan was better though... But in all fairness Jordan was probably on steroids

  • daniel de lewis
    daniel de lewis

    3:15 Shaq didn't like that

  • kobe2curry4rose1

    Those clips of him running the floor are just scary..Rebound, pass to guard, and he is GONE.

  • slowryd3g

    This guy won high jump using the western roll. That alone is a damn feat.

    • Jeffrey Hurst
      Jeffrey Hurst

      Everyone else was doing the same thing back then.

  • vihockeyguy1

    Of course he looks huge next to regular people, but him standing next to Patrick Ewing and Shaq really drives it home how massive Wilt was

    • Olumide Bamgbose
      Olumide Bamgbose

      Honestly shocked he was clear of Ewing and shaq

    • Whitney MacDonald
      Whitney MacDonald

      Yes, and he was like 60 yo at the time.

  • C.S.R

    Dude crushed more tang then anyone in the history of tang crushing!

  • Vinnie Gigante
    Vinnie Gigante

    He was doing all this in converse all stars

  • innoc3ntbystndr


  • The Brandon Brown Collective TheBBC
    The Brandon Brown Collective TheBBC

    I didn’t know Wilt was bigger than Shaq and Patrick!! That’s amazing that he was that agile! I would have loved to watch him and The Dream 1on1!!!

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