White Boys Try Learning Hip Hop Dance Routine in 15 Minutes
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  • Some One
    Some One

    That was epiccccc

  • Sushmita Senapati
    Sushmita Senapati

    haley ACED it , yes caps

  • Yousif Playz
    Yousif Playz

    When haley sais she has a little bit of experience in dancing then everybody goes to the second video of her channel

  • Dayton_ Price
    Dayton_ Price

    Hayle was doing the best

  • Squince YT
    Squince YT

    “great power comes great...” exactly

  • Swirl

    What is the music?

  • Big Sis Little Bro
    Big Sis Little Bro

    Honestly this was really good you guys killed it

  • Hardik Bindra
    Hardik Bindra

    I wish I could dance like that

  • Hardik Bindra
    Hardik Bindra


  • CDisc

    I’m just watching Haley the whole time

  • Hardik Bindra
    Hardik Bindra

    Damn I was watching Haley the whole time

  • CDisc

    Y Haley kinda good

  • krish sindhi
    krish sindhi

    Oh my god haley was dancing perfectly dude!!!

  • Jude _Smith
    Jude _Smith

    His dancing reminds me so much of michael scott

  • taylor kate
    taylor kate

    i was watching haley in awh.

  • Beau Bennion
    Beau Bennion

    Oh dear

  • Omar Al-Qaisi
    Omar Al-Qaisi

    wait what song did he use

  • Noah hallam
    Noah hallam

    can i have the song name

  • XxSadVibesxX 0912
    XxSadVibesxX 0912

    Isnt that joehes intro sound lol

  • Arlenee Gonzalez
    Arlenee Gonzalez

    12:49 Haley and Erick do the routine by themselves

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes

    fire bruh

  • Deni C
    Deni C

    That was perfect ♥️😂

  • Karma Elshafei
    Karma Elshafei

    This is my favorite video on RSloft to this day 😂

  • Dog Lovers
    Dog Lovers

    That was perfect

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    You are a champion You are coordinated You are.....guilty of cultural appropriation. Keep your ass on the farm and shuck some corn. Take those other clowns with you. while you're at it.

  • Natalie Robinson
    Natalie Robinson

    " That was perfect"

  • Dr. M0rph
    Dr. M0rph

    Why is Halyley the better female alternative of Thr Ryans?

  • Chase Dodson
    Chase Dodson

    That was so perfect

  • Rebekah Zielinski
    Rebekah Zielinski

    why is he just irish free styling

  • Eth6n Flores
    Eth6n Flores

    i watch this every month

  • Le Sharky
    Le Sharky

    They looked like they had so much fun :) It was so wholesome, I really enjoyed watching it :3

  • Vivek Mahadeo
    Vivek Mahadeo

    Song name plz

  • Artistically

    Real props to the camera guy for making Ryan² look like they could dance at the end.

  • Mila L.
    Mila L.

    Everyone needs to watch this video! Trust me it will make your day better! 😂 I’m dying of laughter!

  • Yt swetz
    Yt swetz

    That was trash Jk love you

  • Spartacus Deniz
    Spartacus Deniz

    i rewatched this because the first time i was just watching the ryans struggle

  • Spartacus Deniz
    Spartacus Deniz

    Ryan: They even have features like guided breathing Jojo fans: ill take your whole stock

  • Mondey Avery
    Mondey Avery

    the shoes sweaking: my middle school ptsd kick in

  • lilyauna mae
    lilyauna mae

    Why is Ryan's freestyle "hip hop" dancing irish dancing

  • lilyauna mae
    lilyauna mae

    Haley KILLED this!! You go gurl!

  • raintop

    oh dear.

  • Honey Nandal
    Honey Nandal


  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger

    that was legitness

  • DarkSwordzz

    That was so close too perfect

  • Grant Donahue
    Grant Donahue

    It’s pretty close between Haley and ryan

  • Grant Donahue
    Grant Donahue

    Ryan won

  • Nathan Derbyshire
    Nathan Derbyshire

    4:15 Ryan is the most talented one there, no doubt 😂😂😂

  • Skatex Plays
    Skatex Plays

    Everyone: so into watching them dance. Me: tries to figure out what kind of Cadillac is in the back

  • Roro C
    Roro C

    But Haley you killed it though

  • hi

    14:24-15:02 look at yerrow its so funny man i cant even

  • hi

    14:59 man yerrow really be looking awkward tho, mans cant even cross his arms properly

  • Ava Dyer
    Ava Dyer

    I swear I look like Ryan when I try hip hop, and the issue is that I have a hop routine I have to nail in 4 days and I suck at it

  • OLivia Tharp
    OLivia Tharp

    she nailed it and I only watched her

  • Jasmine Rice
    Jasmine Rice

    The only channel I can watch when the wind is so strong that my window might cave in on itself and my trampoline might smash my window

  • Jayson Pham
    Jayson Pham

    Fossil sells watches

  • Kate Shanner
    Kate Shanner


  • Kate Shanner
    Kate Shanner

    oh dear

  • Weronika S
    Weronika S

    Whats the song ?!

  • Claire Porter
    Claire Porter


  • R L
    R L


  • Scarlet


  • Scarlet

    Haley is that girl in your class who says she hasnt studies anything for the test and then scores 98%

  • Scarlet

    Ryan: im popping it Yerrow: im not at all Me: yeah

  • Scarlet


  • Isaiah Doble
    Isaiah Doble

    Ryan: I know how to do Hip Hop *Proceeds to Irish step dance badly* Unrelated: I have the same shirt as Yerrow

  • Purple default
    Purple default

    On dear

  • Emily Yee yee
    Emily Yee yee

    Haley: *killing it* Ryan: *not really there* Yerrow: *just no* Hotel: *trivago*

  • Baghead :P
    Baghead :P

    Does anyone know where to find this song.....

  • Rhea Rajan
    Rhea Rajan

    When Ryan Yerrow said "I messed up, I messed up" I felt that


    Haley was popping off dang, I didn’t watch em all 100% but Haley was good at dancing

  • Blazing Unilama
    Blazing Unilama

    That was perfect

  • Brooke Berger
    Brooke Berger

    This is HILARIOUS

  • Kelby

    6:42 rev run

  • Olof Johansson
    Olof Johansson

    What song is it

  • karma nelly
    karma nelly

    The end was sick, also apparently I’m a trooper

  • Crusader

    If anyone is wondering what song they used it’s called Rev run 🤙

  • Malisita Fox
    Malisita Fox

    This team should try going to an Aliya Janell class or smth.

  • piper durham
    piper durham

    that was perfect

  • Marcella Maltese
    Marcella Maltese

    haley you are so good at dancing what?!?!

  • palesa chanel
    palesa chanel

    In a year, you guys are getting married🤩🤩

  • Chloe LaPage
    Chloe LaPage

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  • G a b b y
    G a b b y

    Why is haylee so good-

  • Laci Acker
    Laci Acker

    That was perfect

  • The life of payton
    The life of payton

    Any other dancers here relating to Haley. Hayley: “I don’t want to be here” (hitting every move without trying). Me: relatable

  • HeizAMV

    You are the awsome person in the world

  • Aysia H
    Aysia H

    Ryan when none of the 6.4k comments say that was perfect 👁💧👄💧👁

  • ava harris
    ava harris


    • Crusader

      hiii o Rev Run

  • Lyracat

    “Ryan squared” this needs to be a thing

  • Lyracat

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Lily Stylinson
    Lily Stylinson

    Ryan: "That wasn't bad!" Erick: "Mmhmm..."

  • Jax Chambers
    Jax Chambers

    That was perfect

  • jacob vizard
    jacob vizard

    Haley making money moves, while Ryan talks about his heart rate

  • Victoria Sergent
    Victoria Sergent

    Y’all haters this is really hard to do

  • TTV MrMcaaron
    TTV MrMcaaron

    you guys are great haley i am horribly at dancing after omg you are so good at hip hop haley it takes practice du

  • Noa Poole
    Noa Poole

    also, anyone know what song this is? My cousins were watching with me and know they want to learn it too........ :0 XD

    • Crusader

      Noa Poole Rev Run

  • Noa Poole
    Noa Poole

    that looked so cool! *clap clap clap*

  • Stacie Ybarra
    Stacie Ybarra

    erick is a legenddddddd

  • Kinsey Winters
    Kinsey Winters

    What’s the song called?

    • Crusader

      Kinsey Winters Rev run

  • Brooke Dawson
    Brooke Dawson

    Lol I can’t whenever I watch Trahan Dancing I can’t stop laughing

  • Virginia Akyol
    Virginia Akyol

    Tell me why it’s 2020 and I decided to learn this dance