Which Minecraft Mobs Can You Genocide?

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  • Dolphin 002
    Dolphin 002

    Technically, you can genocide everything by removing every single block in the overworld (except unbreakable blocks if you're doing it glitchless). No solid blocks means no mobs can spawn which means nothing can be obtained.

    • caleb f
      caleb f

      How to genocide the entire game of minecraft

    • Adel and JJ #1
      Adel and JJ #1

      I was just gonna say this

    • Duckie

      @Pasha Gaming YT no no no , check out protosky, completely vanilla one block skyblock, no datapacks, no mods, no plugins, no nothing, and they start in the nether

    • Dolphin 002
      Dolphin 002

      @Galaxy Channel cz Just launch tnt :) And if you're doing it on bedrock then there is no world border, just a point where the game crashes

    • Galaxy Channel cz
      Galaxy Channel cz

      How do you remove blocks behind the world border?

  • TDFresh

    At least with all these sponsors, you don’t have to worry about the demonetization!

    • Bingles Praise
      Bingles Praise

      You still get blacklisted though

    • jacobik the channel
      jacobik the channel

      @Chrispy yes but there is a type of demonetization where you still get ads you don't get money tho

    • camwyn256

      20:25 Raid Shadow Legends *probably not an actual sponsor

    • camwyn256

      @Projit what content? Mr. 0 videos and 0 subscribers. Thanks for helping boost ibx's vodeos

    • Chrispy

      @Projit this ratio is way better!!

  • Mentleif

    Wait, you can get cocoa beans by fishing in the jungle? That definitely feels like something that can and maybe should be expanded on in both versions. Having some Biome-specific fishing drops sounds like another motivation to travel around

    • GarryLarry890

      @LuuNguyenPhong618 oooh I like the idea

    • LuuNguyenPhong618

      @GarryLarry890 lava fishing, but a normal fishing rod won't work, so you'll have to craft a "nether fishing rod" or smth and there's a 2.3% chance you'll get netherite from that

    • tas bot
      tas bot

      you can get bamboo only in jungle fishing in java

    • eliks

      one word: terraria

    • polytank San
      polytank San

      @Pocket Marcy terraria moment

  • Jeroen J
    Jeroen J

    Looking forward to "Future genocides you don't want to miss" on the second channel!

    • Patrick Shell
      Patrick Shell

      @Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt someone just told me what he said

    • Austin

      @Patrick Shell something about their content being better than ibxtoycat's content. (it was all just hate towards many creators including ibxtoycat) im assuming their account was terminated for hate speech

    • Patrick Shell
      Patrick Shell

      @Austin what did he say?

    • Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
      Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt

      @James Polk What did he say

    • Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
      Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt

      What did the dude say

  • Tucker Gregory
    Tucker Gregory

    Genocide, the most fun, family friendly topic to go along with Minecraft

    • Commander of the BSF
      Commander of the BSF

      Well i expect my future childrens teacher's to talk about the holocaust so it's kinda family friendly

    • Tartag boi
      Tartag boi

      It's all fun and games until all skeletons have a glowing eye

    • DT

      Me searching for this video: Committing genocide… Minecraft: not yet, fbi

    • Tasos_greek


    • John Schmitt
      John Schmitt


  • SmartassX1

    You know, technically... with enough persistence, you could mine every block in every dimension and only leave a layer of upside down slabs above bedrock.

    • Blobs2

      @Smarf They don't spawn right on top of blocks; they spawn high above blocks. At least in Bedrock, not sure about Java.

    • Smarf

      @Blobs2 Oh? I know they don’t spawn when you’re underground, but they definitely don’t need blocks to spawn I don’t think. I’ve had them spawn above me on top of an afk platform.

    • Blobs2

      @Smarf Phantoms actually spawn above blocks, and you need to be within a certain range of Y-values.

    • Nightdemon 9157
      Nightdemon 9157

      nothing can spawn on bedrock tho why do you think the nether roof is always empty?

  • AyaanThe0ne

    Toycat is really pushing the limits of what counts as a mob lmao

  • FroggiesCanFly

    This was a great video idea. It’s just so far out there and feels original, ESPECIALLY with the “sponsors”. 5 out of 5, would watch again…. And probably will in a few months (as I do with many of your unique videos).

    • Zachary Chandra
      Zachary Chandra

      No joke, I've always wanted a video with joke sponsors. I made one myself before I realized that 10-year-old me was an idiot.

    • BruhMaster

      @Projit you have like 1 video

    • RiggsM420

      @Projit ratio

  • Kaiser Wilhelm
    Kaiser Wilhelm

    Just mentioning a few yet unmentioned genocidable objects: 1. Grass Block: If you mine the entire top layer of the overworld + some which generated or spread underground, you can no longer get grass although dirt is renewable. 2. Diamonds/Diamond Blocks: In opposite to all other items which are inside ores, diamonds can't be gained in any other way besides the genocidable diamond ores and some generated loot, which you can also pick up entirely 3. Passive Overworld Mobs: Since most Passive overworld mobs can only spawn on grass blocks or mycelium, you can commit genocide on these mobs once you removed all the grass and mycelium 4. Bedrock Blocks (Java Edition only): On Java you can use piston glitches to remove bedrock, so if you removed all the bedrock in all 3 dimensions through such methods in your JE world, bedrock would be genocided as you can't bring it back in the current version 5. PLAYERS: If you follow what I mentioned combined with all genocides from the video, there will be only some dirt left in the overworld, some basalt/blackstone/soul sand in the nether and only obsidian pillars in the end apart from generated structures and player placed blocks . If you remove all those, then you will fall into the void and die with the last block mined, after that there will be no solid block for any player, no matter where they previously set there spawn point, to respawn in and so they will be stuck in an infinite deathloop upon joining, which would make them eventually exstinct as no player would bear an inevadable death loop permanently and just leave after a few minutes. 6. everything: In case you do number 5 then there will soon be no more players, no more mobs and no more blocks thus everything will be permanently exstinct I admit that the last ones were a bit of a stretch, but I really like the video and the idea behind it since renewability is an interesting topic even if all my genocides here are practically impossible. But it teaches the nice and sad lesson, that like in real life there is almost nothing that can't be genocided if you try hard enough. Edit: Yes tuff is totally genocidable too just like basalt and smooth basalt since basalt can't be generated after the lava genocide.

    • Bingles Praise
      Bingles Praise

      You can’t remove bedrock on Bedrock but can on Java? How ironic

    • elephantcubed

      With the 1.18 update, I believe it is now possible to remove bedrock (the block) on bedrock (the version)

    • Josh Wilhelm
      Josh Wilhelm

      All of these were a stretch. Don’t forget your typical minecraft world expands 30 MILLION blocks in all directions besides elevation

    • Kaiser Wilhelm
      Kaiser Wilhelm

      @arkanon when all blocks in the nether within the world borders are removed and all players are stuck in a void death loop, they can't place new blocks in the nether for ghasts to spawn on and ghasts will be gone

    • Bri McD
      Bri McD

      @Kaiser Wilhelm Yeah I'm not even sure why I said that, most of the time when I place dirt it's next to grass... so maybe I have some internal bias there.

  • Theo Souris
    Theo Souris

    Clay and Terracotta are renewable on Java. Stone Masons will throw it at you if you have Hero of the Village equipped. Also, Netherrack is renewable if you generate a Nether Portal with no solid ground around it.

    • aussie dude
      aussie dude

      Destroy all the end portals bam you can’t generate obsidian of there’s no end

    • Theo Souris
      Theo Souris

      @cole Obsidian regenerates is you respawn the dragon

    • ThatApollo777

      @cole respawning the ender dragon respawbs the obsidian pillars

    • cole

      Get rid of all the lava then all obsidian then bam, no more netherrack and as an extension, no nether access

    • ThatApollo777

      Beat me to it Literally made a comment about clay and netherrack and then saw yours

  • SignUp-Man #42
    SignUp-Man #42

    I cant believe Toycat got sponsored by the environment itself, he is really moving up in the world, in fact pretty sure MrBeast is the only other person to get sponsored by it, a distinction indeed!

  • Kaiser Wilhelm
    Kaiser Wilhelm

    16:30 you'd actually have to drive the nylium to genocide first before you can extinct the warped wood, vines, sprouts and fungi because all those can be gained by bonemealing either type of nylium. So those genocides are even harder than the nylium one. Also, today's sponsors are great including the nice comment

  • Ryan Piotr
    Ryan Piotr

    If lava is genocidable, basalt is genocidable, too. That includes polished and smooth basalt. A big one you missed is the grass block. But thank you for this great and unique video!

  • Russell Flowers
    Russell Flowers

    ibxtoycat is speedrunning demonetization again, I see.

  • Officieel Kai
    Officieel Kai

    Or you set your difficulty to peacefull, youll have every hostile mob extinct

    • Thong Bong
      Thong Bong

      @V I ender dragon?

    • V I
      V I

      @Thong Bong evokers

    • Thong Bong
      Thong Bong

      @GamingLot piglins?

    • GamingLot

      @Thong Bong vidicators?

    • Thong Bong
      Thong Bong


  • Thete

    Can't you permanently prevent any mob from spawning by razing the entire world down to bedrock? (except phantoms ig). But yeah this is a cool concept that I've thought about a lot.

    • ThatApollo777

      @Thete bedrock superflats are terrible.. no customization no structures.. part of the reason i even tried this challenge

    • Thete

      @ThatApollo777 Villages still generate in superflat I'm pretty sure. Unless you turn off structure generation

    • ThatApollo777

      @Thete I play Bedrock and the only reason I knew was because I wondered I it would be possible to thrive in superflat and this was the only way I could find to obtain emeralds Never did the challenge tho.... pillager scouts never spawed for some reason

    • Thete

      @ThatApollo777 Yeah I'm a Java player so I wasn't really thinking about Bedrock...guess you'd have to destroy every block in Bedrock.

    • ThatApollo777

      @Hacker 1oo1 mobs can't spawn on them, and phantoms don't spawn when you are at low y level to prevent them from filling up your world while you are in a cave

  • Nota

    One of my fav vids you’ve made, love how the list just got more and more hard and unreasonable along with all the fun sponsors

  • Door Cow
    Door Cow

    Another easy mob to remove is Cave Spiders. Get rid of all the spawners and no more cave spiders will spawn in your world

  • Spencer MacDougall
    Spencer MacDougall

    "You can't have a zombie genocide" Laughs in mob switch. (Get enough named mobs in the spawn chunks, and no more mobs will spawn. Just make those zombie villagers, and you won't have to deal with any zombie ever again, outside of zombie spawners)

    • Noori

      You need not to name tag them. If you name tag them they won't count towards the mob cap

    • Bucky the Otaku
      Bucky the Otaku

      if the nametagged mobs die the zombies will come back, it's more of a species pause than a genocide

  • IceFireXD

    The best way to know if you can 'genocide' a given block or item is to look at it from the other end. Start with a superflat world with just a single layer of bedrock and no structure generation. From this point, what can you make? If you start from here, I believe the only solid blocks that you cannot genocide are wool, bone blocks, iron blocks, gold blocks, redstone blocks, and glowstone, courtesy of spiders, skeletons, zombies (providing gold via armor), and witches respectively. Assuming that villagers do not spawn without the villages spawning, then you're pretty much at a dead end. An interesting concept for a survival world would be starting a world with normal biome generation, but everything is replaced with air, except bedrock at y-64, and no structure generation, with the following items in your inventory; (* = items marked with an asterisk indicate items that are not necessary as they can be created otherwise, but are provided at the start to make the game more humane) A single block of grass. A single lava source. (not in a bucket, but just a place-able source) A single crafting table. A single apple. *A single bed. (mainly to stave off phantoms) *A single iron sword. (because having to kill hundreds of zombies and skeletons with your fist isn't fun for anyone) From the 4 necessary items, you can regenerate nearly every single item in the game, primarily via trading. Water is not a necessary starting item because you can get 5 iron from zombies to make a cauldron, as well as 3 more to make a bucket. Provided weather is enabled, the cauldron can collect rain water to generate the 2 source blocks needed to make an infinite source. Villagers can be obtained by capturing a zombie villager that spawns naturally at night, then inflicting the weakness effect with a witch. Saplings can be obtained via the wandering trader, through two potential trades per wandering trader. You can either trade for saplings directly, or for a moss block, with the moss block being the better option by far. Moss blocks can turn cobblestone into more moss blocks, as well as being able to generate Azalea which can be grown to create logs. As a bonus, growing a sapling into a tree will generate a dirt block under the tree. With structures not being generated, an empty end portal should be placed manually, but this should be the only thing that would need to be added via creative or commands. I know this sounds similar to skyblock, except that it would be slightly different in that you can wander around to the various biomes for things you might need, such as a jungle biome to get bamboo from fishing, and it would be considerably more dangerous as hostile mobs can spawn everywhere.

    • Kazookie

      I think your example is the right way to look at it. Actually, you can't even get any blocks through mob drops though, because mobs don't spawn on bedrock. With this literally every block can be completely removed from the game. Also for an even more extreme skyblock, consider watching the ProtoSky series. There they start in the nether with a single block of nylium and a fungus, and when they get to the overworld, there just is a single block of grass and one lava source. This way they got basically anything in the game.

  • Electric Ninja
    Electric Ninja

    Ah yes, Toycat is asking the right questions

  • DT

    The way I’ve prevented my dragon egg from going extinct is by duping it… up to the point where I have a double chest of shulkers full of dragon eggs. Yeah, I have an obsession lol. I’ve also preserved (to a good extent) Pigstep by pirating it several times and keeping my first copy in my ender chest. Yes I plan to do the same for Otherside once I find it. Side note, diamonds, netherite, and the other previously “valuable” or nonrenewable items in minecraft are now worth like a dirt block. So I’ve crashed the economy of my world and all I need to do is intentionally grief an area for a small version of 2b2t

    • Mobamba

      So you ruined the point of survival.

    • DT

      @The Pro Noob Maybe. Main issue with that is villagers dont trade dragon eggs. That’s why they should make it so dragon eggs can be turned into black dye. Would simplify squid grinders

    • The Pro Noob
      The Pro Noob

      lol u could use the eggs as currency now

    • Darkithna mgedrf
      Darkithna mgedrf

      @DT oh I thought you meant it was already fixed. Dang I can’t believe they are getting rid of that one. I wish enchantments had a different system than just the grindy xp

    • DT

      @Darkithna mgedrf The cheaty furnace one - from the patch notes they said they’re fixing it in 1.18.3, if not a later release or 1.19

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C

    Basically, everything you cannot access from a world with nothing is genocidable.

    • Khiêm Nguyễn
      Khiêm Nguyễn

      Thats not genocide (or more accurately extinct)

  • Comrade Clyde
    Comrade Clyde

    I'm glad Toycat is bringing back sponsored content. This is the deeply meaningful insight I was needing in life

  • Christian

    I always make sure to save at least one elder guardian. I usually put it in a fish tank in my aquarium.

    • Egon 370
      Egon 370

      trap it in a cage for how did we get here

    • R - G - C
      R - G - C

      And for good measure sake leave a cow with a bucket near your aquarium.

    • CraftersAnimations

      Ah, yes, mining fatigue every second in your house.

  • Grim Termite
    Grim Termite

    Clay actually can’t be genocided because villagers give it as gifts when you have the hero of the village affect. Netherrack can’t be genocided because if a floating nether portal is created it will have a few netherrack blocks generate around it End stone also can’t be genocided because if you remove all end exit portal blocks the portal will regenerate and a few endstone blocks generated as part of it

    • Razzle Mcfly
      Razzle Mcfly

      @penguin remove all gold, lava, and obsidian and then you can't get gapples to cure them.

    • penguin

      @Razzle Mcfly witches can throw weakness potions for curing

    • ThatApollo777

      @Joshua Hudson I have an advanced technique called creative mode

    • Joshua Hudson
      Joshua Hudson

      Reduce the overworld to bedrock and dump all items. Now what's your game plan?

    • ThatApollo777

      @Kazookie true, you can genocide everything by just destroying all breakable blocks

  • [GD] Odditu
    [GD] Odditu

    if anyone wants to destroy all endstone realistically (I won’t blame you, it looks horrid), you could visit all the end portals and remove the frame using glitches before opening one gateway. Even if it’s still almost impossible, it’s slightly more realistic!

  • Josh Wilhelm
    Josh Wilhelm

    When the 1.9 update came to bedrock my world got a “mistake” or a “gift”… I entered the end to get the elytra when the update released and was greeted by a new dragon. After learning my original portal was in tact I left to properly gear for the fight. I returned and slayed the dragon, and after the boss was defeated I was greeted by a brand new portal, directly on top of my existing one, with a new dragon egg. I like to think of it as destiny. I have left that second egg on top of that second portal as a memoir to the second dragon

    • the real cotylin
      the real cotylin

      eric cartman

  • Another JT
    Another JT

    If you're getting rid of all the silverfish, also remember to go find all the igloos. Infested Blocks also generate in the igloo basements.

  • stella hyper
    stella hyper

    Another idea: make the air block extinct (by filling the world with blocks, from bedrock to build limit)

    • stella hyper
      stella hyper

      @GamingLot From what I know, there IS air above and under the world, however, it's called 'void air'. I'd say 'void air' doesn't count because nothing can be built there anyways. And sorry if my comment was confusing - I meant filling the world *from* bedrock to build limit, not *with* bedrock:)

    • Superslim Anoniem
      Superslim Anoniem

      @GamingLot if you're gonna use glitches, might as well dupe it.

    • GamingLot

      And it requires creative, since you can only obtain a very limited amount of bedrock through a alredy patched glitch on java

    • GamingLot

      Don't air blocks exist past the build limit?

  • Za Red (Mr. E. Gamer)
    Za Red (Mr. E. Gamer)

    Hey ibxtoycat + chat. Sorry I've been away for so long. I just wanted to say kudos and thanks to ibxtoycat for being a great source of unbiased information and also for beating the game in his own 'hardcore' way. Thanks to you I've finally beaten Minecraft hardcore and feel that a lot of my confidence to do it was inspired by toycat's let's play. Thanks again and here's my sub.

  • Max Scofield
    Max Scofield

    I’m irrationally terrified of entropy and it’s irreversibility, so this video is basically a nightmare

  • MajaMystic256

    the problem trying to genocide everything in your minecraft is you'll end up filling up your hard drive because of the size of the world before you can even get that far

  • Maxxerz 89
    Maxxerz 89

    Toycat out here doing the real work - alerting the community about the consequences of our largely careless actions. I, for one, will start hoarding my stone and cobblestone to protect my world from the atrocities described in this video!

  • KRO 222
    KRO 222

    For stone/cobblestone you’d have to remove all the lava first to prevent generators - wonder how many lifetimes that would take lol.

    • Glow Pon3
      Glow Pon3

      Lava-genrators: Am I a joke to you?

  • gothen mosph
    gothen mosph

    For some animals and types of forests, fires are actually beneficial. I really appreciate your enthusasm for genocide

  • dusty elise
    dusty elise

    the only thing i've learned from this video is that toycat has some really good sponsors

    • Jerome Jomon
      Jerome Jomon

      Must be that voice, sounds like a happy man being forced to say he ain't be tortured in a certain place, perfect for sponsorships!

  • DropkicktheDecepticon

    Because of the way passive mob spawning works, it's *technically* possible to genocide them, but that requires you rapidly destroy as many as you can in the largest areas as you can.

  • CKing

    I actually prefer the ender egg being functionally useless, honestly. It's a good representation of the game as a whole, that the ultimate prize for beating the final boss is a vanity item. It has as much potential as the very first wood block you punch. You decide what it is, how it's displays, or how it is treated. Don't get me wrong, it would also be nice if it had a purpose, but I think it plays well into the nature of Minecraft the way it is. Although, it would also be nice if there was another more functional reward for more progress- oriented players, but I guess that's what the xp and end cities are for

  • Keylime python
    Keylime python

    Oddly enough, Peaceful Difficulty is the easiest way to commit genocide on limited spawn mobs.

  • Luke Detering
    Luke Detering

    Technically speaking you can also get rid of all the air blocks in your world. Depends on if you consider the area above building height to be air. Craft and place a bunch of new blocks all over the world to get rid of the air blocks.

  • Erin Slemko
    Erin Slemko

    This video is actually very helpful, because most of these mobs/blocks/items are unobtainable in traditional skyblock worlds

  • Korranyd Euskadir
    Korranyd Euskadir

    Is Toycat okay? I've seen a lot of weird stuff from him but this is on another level.

    • Derrick sommers
      Derrick sommers

      Always had weirdest of vids

    • DT

      he’s evolving

  • N Gabel
    N Gabel

    Every single feature exclusive to the nether or end, even renewable, can become inaccessible if you remove every source of lava and every block of obsidian from the overworld, thus making it impossible to build a nether portal or complete an end portal.

    • N Gabel
      N Gabel

      @Jayden Wilton No. Piglins do, but they're already in the nether.

    • Jayden Wilton
      Jayden Wilton

      don't villagers sell obsidian?

  • O Rei do Iêiêiê
    O Rei do Iêiêiê

    I also found a stronghold without the silverfish spawner recently! Very weird, maybe it's a new 1.18 feature?

  • The Windows Experience
    The Windows Experience

    We should get the entire 2B2T community together and tell them to do all of these genocides, and tell them to do it through any means possible. Those guys are so crazy I bet they could actually do it in 100 lifetimes.

  • Raidar The Gun Wizard
    Raidar The Gun Wizard

    Debunking the End Stone: They are completely renewable since what you need is to respawn the ender dragon and the End Stone will also respawn under the edge of the portal. End Crystal is also renewable since it's only need glass from librarian villagers which uses lectern which is made from renewable wood, ghast tear, and eye of ender

  • BlueTangs Rock
    BlueTangs Rock

    17:01 You can get more nether trees by using bonemeal on the nylium, then using bonemeal on the mushrooms that generate on it from the initial bonemeal.

  • Combrade-T

    21:43 Pretty sure you can buy terracotta from mason villagers, at least on Java edition. It might be just the base terracotta block since I think they only sell coloured or glazed terracotta and I don't think you can convert that back to non-coloured terracotta. In general though its an interesting thought experiment to try and remove all of one type of item in game - and a good amount of them would be made significantly easier through the use of TNT flying machines/quarries, with enough time you could use them to eat the entire world. They do call them worldeaters after all - you'd just need to run anti-fluid ones either behind the TNT ones or beforehand to remove the water and lava, after that I think you could extinct everything because stuff can't spawn on bedrock blocks. Then Of course you'd have to destroy the flying machines after - Though ig that does count as glitched because of TNT duping with flying machines, but if you were to take moveable tile entities and put a dispenser-based one you could still probably do it because the pure amount of sand you could get and infinite gunpowder would allow you do get enough tnt to at least give you a good head start on it.

  • joelhoon1707

    Almost all blocks, mobs and items are genocidable, except for mobs that spawn under very lenient conditions (like zombies), the items they drop, and the blocks you can make from what they drop.

  • Mint Fox
    Mint Fox

    you know, if you just remove every minable block in your world and cover the bedrock in a slate of lava (and don't activate any end portals), then empty your inventory, no mobs other than I think phantoms could even spawn, and even then, no player could live long enough to spawn one. lava can not be removed as there are no buckets, iron, or wood in the world. Lava is not removed by rain, snow, nor any other natural phenomenon. sure, now lava isn't genocided, but everything else sure is. and even the lava itself is uncollectable, which is pretty cool in itself.

  • Dani

    just to mention, an easy way to remove everything from the end is to remove end portal frames and end portals from the game

    • Living Murphy's Law
      Living Murphy's Law


  • Comrade Clyde
    Comrade Clyde

    Seems like a really complicated way to go about creating a superflat world... Probably a good opportunity to talk about how superflats need to be improved

    • Comrade Clyde
      Comrade Clyde

      @SniperOnSunday Practically everyone does. That's why it's so weird how Mojang hasn't done it yet, imo. It can't be that hard to do, I'm sure.

    • SniperOnSunday

      @Comrade Clyde I 1000% agree

    • Comrade Clyde
      Comrade Clyde

      @SniperOnSunday we should be able to customize superflats on bedrock, like how we used to be able to do on console

    • SniperOnSunday

      Improved how?

  • nika andriadze
    nika andriadze

    If you had enough time, then technically everything is possible to be ''Genocided.''

  • Zenn

    Ah, yes, this is why i love ibxtoycat's channel

  • Emidemi

    22 minutes in. Really enjoying the video so far! Thanks Toycat!

  • AmitaSimp♪

    genociding sweet berry bushes sounds like a good one at first, cus it's one of the stupid ways to die in the game. But if you think of it more carefully, it also means another food source gone

  • RHVGamer

    technically you can genocide literally everything by breaking every block in existance so no more mobs or blocks can spawn

  • darknessblade

    Purpur is actually quite easy to genocide [if glitches count]. You just need to destroy every endportal. making it impossible to open one. This way you kill 1 the dragon 2 dragon eg 3 dragon head 4 elytra 5 Purpur 6 Endstone.

  • Just a random human lol
    Just a random human lol

    24:56 I have an online friend who has a flat creative world from 2011-ish that was imported from Xbox (I think they said that). It has more than 4 layers (even had a diamond block layer) a naturally spawned village, you can build under bedrock, and the entire nether (minus bedrock) was cleared (this was on bedrock edition) Idk how that happened lol. Coolest world I’ve seen.

  • Victorillo 377
    Victorillo 377

    It was actually easy to do in the OG legacy edition of Minecraft ( ps3 & Xbox 360 ) . Because the worlds had a limit to them, very small in comparison to regular Minecraft, you could, in a regular survival , literally extract every single resource out of your world. Now I know it might seem crazy, but on my own private survival world i literally had started making plans for what to do once all my coal in the entire world runs out. Every time I had to mine further and further, all the lava lakes and pools close to my home were dried empty by me, and tens if not hundreds of thousands of blocks of stone, looking for resources, were mined . I reached a point where finding a diamond was unfathomably rare and finding coal was rarer than diamonds on a regular worls. I almost brought OAK TREES to extinction by accident. Literally had to travel to the other side of the world, get saplings and then regrow an entire forest with hundreds and hundreds of trees. I'm not even kidding when I say that I chopped 1/9 of the size of the map worth of trees. I literally chopped 1/3 of ALL the trees . All of that, in singleplayer . When I joined a multiplayer server, and began playing with friends, after about 2-3 months diamonds and coal were a scarce resource. After 6 months trees were only found on the far side of the world even though we literally had laws and rules to replant all trees we mined . Hundreds of creeper holes even though we covered most of them every time. But that wasn't the worst problem in multiplayer. Just like in real life , an incredibly rare resource was.... Sand. We didn't have a desert, nor big beaches. All ponds were mined from sand, all underground blobs were mined and all sand under rivers was gone. Sand sold for 4 sand = 1 diamond. Hell, even iron in my personal survival world became so rare I had safety protocols and plans in the event of literally running out of iron in a world.

  • GoldenDungeons

    Did you know that deepslate coal is automatically driven to extinction in every world

  • hexateron

    I ask myself this question every day, glad to see there's a video on it now

  • Victorillo 377
    Victorillo 377

    I think this is peak ToyCat content. I think he officially reached the top, the peak, the limit. This is what ToyCat is. This is him. This video is the culmination of his entire being. This is a masterpiece on a scale never seen before. Not even the Mona Lisa comes close

  • RJ Pearson
    RJ Pearson

    Great video, but do want to point out that if you were insane enough to take on a big project, a wither mob switch in Java could remove all zombies. I haven't seen it built in bedrock, so bedrock may be the harder place to genocide a minecraft mob.

  • MangoX17

    Thanks for the 10% off water toycat! I feel so much more energized by just drinking water

  • Derian Vandalsen
    Derian Vandalsen

    I might have missed this, but cave spiders only spawn via spawners in mineshafts and can 'easily' be removed

  • Vytarien

    You forgot about a few blocks. I'll list them in order of difficulty. End Portal Frames are relatively easy to extinguish from your world. There are only 128 strongholds and each only has 1 portal room, thus meaning there is only 1,536 End Portal Frames in your world. Next, basalt is found only in basalt deltas and bastions. This is difficult to destroy, as the deltas spawn in random locations in the Nether. But if you're destroying all of the netherrack anyway, might as well do that to basalt, too! This also holds true for nether bricks. The reason this is harder than basalt is because of the fact that fortresses connect to lava. It would be slightly more difficult to get rid of the lower parts of the fortress. And lastly, obsidian is found by extinguishing lava source blocks with water, inside some locations of the nether, the main End room, as well as a multitude of chest locations. This would be nearly as hard to get rid of as Stone and Cobblestone. If you thought that was it, there IS one more block you can remove. This is only removeable with glitches, and that is BEDROCK. It is possible to remove all bedrock in the game, and that is harder than Stone and Cobblestone as you need to remove each one in all 3 dimensions. Although there is less bedrock than stone/cobblestone, it is more time consuming to do so.

    • tas bot
      tas bot

      @Vytarien oh yeah, i dont know how i forgot about that lol

    • Vytarien

      @tas bot if you break one of the blocks, then you have an air block again. It's not completely removed

    • Vytarien

      @tas bot 🤔

    • tas bot
      tas bot

      the true hardest, that even you missed, is air blocks, if you fill up your entire world, there will no longer be air blocks anywhere

  • Glitchtopia

    It’s theoretically possible to remove every block from the game and with the use of superflat worlds it’s insanely easy so there is a way to genocide… everything

  • chitus minecraft adventure $
    chitus minecraft adventure $

    Wait, you can get cocoa beans by fishing in the jungle? That definitely feels like something that can and maybe should be expanded on in both versions. Having some Biome-specific fishing drops sounds like another motivation to travel around

  • Gabriel Rocha da Silva
    Gabriel Rocha da Silva

    "That's right, jungles have specific fishing drops in Bedrock". Jungles have specific fishing drops in Java as well... But only for Bamboo.

  • Shadowjc32

    A lot of these are made significantly easier by using the Super TNT mods.

  • Lucas Zúñiga
    Lucas Zúñiga

    I'm surprised he didn't mention Villagers Villagers can be super driven into extinction if you go to every single village and kill them (or not necessarily, on Bedrock they just randomly despawn), or if the Raids on their villages manage to kill them all (I have like 3 extinguised villages due to this, and they can ONLY be populated again if I bring Villagers from other villages

  • Olimus

    10:12 you can also use cauldrons to collect rain water!

  • Gabriel Rocha da Silva
    Gabriel Rocha da Silva

    Petition to change "Non-renewable Resources" to "Genocidable Resources" in the Minecraft Wiki.

  • YawningYeti512

    I love these videos that are absolutely ridiculous to do, but is fun to talk about

  • Moosification

    Thanks, ToyCat. I've been meaning to get back to playing MC again, and watching MC vids usually helps me to wanna play MC again, so your vid helped.

  • Scepter01

    You can technically genocide everything in the world, including water by killing @e, breaking all blocks breakable in survival, and you're left with only bedrock, and since nothing can spawn on bedrock, you have effectively killed everything in your world. This also genocides you if you die, because there is no valid block for you to spawn on

  • Shi Musume
    Shi Musume

    Did you know Clay is actually renewable even without any block existing in the game? Through the hero of the village buff you can have clay thrown to you by villagers. You could kill every villager to prevent this, but zombie villager enable villagers in a world with nothing such as a skyblock start. As long as you do not genocide every oak/ dark oak/ apple/ golden apples from loot chests.

  • Jovan Kraljevski
    Jovan Kraljevski

    21:47 -Stone Masons can actually trade [glazed] terracota to you, that ' s how i put a glazed terracota floor in my base without travelling to a mesa or smelting clay.