When you accidently road rage on Cowboy Cerrone
#CowboyCerrone #DonaldCerrone #MMA

  • XcellentMMA

    Dustin Poirier apologizes to Conor McGregor: rsloft.info/loft/video/p7iWsKner6CVnIo

    • Tom Brown
      Tom Brown

      @viljamtheninja perfectly said!

    • Kylie Ohler
      Kylie Ohler

      gay and fake

    • nawls one
      nawls one

      @jessy Ember can't say it was a troll everytime you get called out for being an idiot.

    • TheFReeFRiesss

      Conor McGregor would like to take this time to apologize... to absolutely fookin nobody 😂

    • all4one together4all
      all4one together4all

      What a tit

  • Hello im MR Johnny Cash
    Hello im MR Johnny Cash

    what a bitch.

  • SupraJZA80

    Win or lose , cowboy is the people’s champ!

  • Jutt Rockjaw
    Jutt Rockjaw


  • RichM

    That was funny

  • Blaze Hall
    Blaze Hall

    Cowboy is so chill you can’t help bust his balls a bit lol

  • jamod 0310
    jamod 0310


  • Ramon Peña
    Ramon Peña

    Oh shit I was scared for your life

  • Caesar


  • T McGe
    T McGe

    Chuck Norris moment!

  • T McGe
    T McGe


  • Brandon Macon
    Brandon Macon

    He'd finish pumpin his gas. No ref to stop a beating after his chin gets touched. Lost almost all respect for this guy after that showing with mctapper

  • IG-adamlaheycustomleather

    I’ve met him at several truck stops rodeoing in New Mexico! He’s a genuine super awesome dude.

  • Rudy Swartz
    Rudy Swartz

    Fake but funny

  • melapelas

    Bang bang lol

  • uzef73

    If he got a fucked up nose or ear, just stfu and drive.

  • Terrell 86
    Terrell 86

    This is hilarious

  • B C
    B C

    He cut you off in mid sentence, you should check his oil now too.

  • Scam Assassin
    Scam Assassin

    😂😂😂 Cowboy like “Gonna do what?!” Smile 😂😂

  • thebetaguy

    jokes on you he wouldnt risk his assets(hands), but he might have peeps handle it... lol =) Love people with a great sense of humor tho. I gotta carry a camera to catch peoples reactions to my own comments like this to peeps.

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez

    Imma be honest I still would have kept talking shit ufc or not he ain’t gonna stop a truck

  • 700 CLUB
    700 CLUB

    Do y’all all miss the taste in personal vehicles. I choose a F450 in my arsenal of toys I just added. That looks like a Tx overpass.

  • Aaron Gatti
    Aaron Gatti

    Pump you gas for ya haha

  • Scott Crabtree
    Scott Crabtree


  • Dana groves
    Dana groves

    We built different in Texas

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    And pump your gas for you 😂

  • Crusieth Maximuss
    Crusieth Maximuss


  • 1994 Toyota Supra
    1994 Toyota Supra

    Is this not the guy who got his ass kicked by Connor mcgregor in what was it 40 secs lmao

  • Renegade Beef
    Renegade Beef

    Nice set up...

  • ian B
    ian B

    That’s all chuck norris would have to do….

  • Randall Campbell
    Randall Campbell


  • venom shotZz
    venom shotZz

    I would have reacted the same way

  • Shadowgozi


  • Abiogenesis Zero Proof
    Abiogenesis Zero Proof

    My fav one is when dude blocks the car, gets out and slaps the hood of a Mercedes truck telling the driver to get out and it is Real Deal Hollyfield 🤣🤣🤣

  • mikie214now

    O, shit... It's ok mate... 😂

  • Pyed Piper
    Pyed Piper


  • Lowbvll


  • LRD Taygo
    LRD Taygo

    Kinda crazy because cowboy actually looks like a “regular guy” but he’d beat majority of peoples ass

  • Lalox.

    He’s a pretty nice guy likes to joke around with fans

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    At least it was a fighter who tends to be a gentleman, that could have gone another way if it was say, a Nate Diaz lol. Actually I don't know how Nate would handle it, his on stage personae versus his private life may be quite different, can't say I know the guy in all fairness.

  • Rodrigo Yanez
    Rodrigo Yanez

    He just cut him off and already pumping gas . Fast

  • Gabe Helms
    Gabe Helms

    LOL This is good !

  • Bill W
    Bill W

    Too funny

  • Jake Lockett
    Jake Lockett


  • Douglas Dailey
    Douglas Dailey

    If someone cuts you off who gives a shit as long as you didn't get in wreck.

  • Naru 'Sanav
    Naru 'Sanav

    "A-a-and pump your gas for you. That'll teach you, um, some manners! Yeah!"

  • Jon Redlick
    Jon Redlick

    Regardless of who you are and what you do , people still need to be told off whilst acting like idiots

  • xxGOKUxx

    Staged,but still good though.

  • Chauncey Caines
    Chauncey Caines

    Gotta love cowboy, awesome guy!

  • Zachary Heath
    Zachary Heath

    Shit, if he cut you off then beat his ass. Don’t be a )(

  • Kepler 442b
    Kepler 442b

    This is contrived but very entertaining

  • J G
    J G


  • JR M
    JR M

    Watched it 3 times and lol’d everytime

  • Robert Stroud
    Robert Stroud

    The guy who's talking in this video sounds like a TOTAL Bottom Sub

  • Kloc

    its his buddy or neighbor lol. nobody rolls up with the cell phone running while they are talking shit. especially if you roll up ready to jump out.

  • Daniel Minta
    Daniel Minta


  • Георги Карапеев
    Георги Карапеев

    Transcript please!

  • Stephane Blais
    Stephane Blais

    That’s funny....but did he cut him off?

  • Bruza16

    I just wanted to say thanks for the way you chopped me up at the lights. Good driving. Can i pay for your gas? "Sheesh, just noticed his ears, lets get the fuck out of here"🦵🥊.

  • George Reginald
    George Reginald

    He was ready for the heat

  • Orange Archipelago
    Orange Archipelago

    It was a joke you dumb asses

  • joel trammell
    joel trammell

    Staged but still wholesome

  • life sentence sux so does playz
    life sentence sux so does playz


  • Yeet Daddy
    Yeet Daddy

    I hope this is real

  • Drew Berry
    Drew Berry

    Going out on a limb, seems like they know each other.

  • Sean Tanner
    Sean Tanner

    you just have to threatin him in an irish accent. he will have instant flashbacks and go down.

  • Werks Tnemhsilbatse
    Werks Tnemhsilbatse

    Lmao 💤 🤣 Nice save, won't be takin a quick nap

  • Brian Prichard
    Brian Prichard

    Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • Giuso001

    good humor for this times . God bless

  • lilac moo
    lilac moo

    Rumour has it his wife left him shortly after this for being a coward

  • Fr1endlyf1re

    The thing about Cerrone is, regardless if you did think you could beat him up, you wouldn't want to. You know he's a genuine nice guy, and would rather buy him a beer and hang out.

    • Mike G
      Mike G

      Yeah I can't even get to a place where I imagine being able to beat up Cowboy Cerrone lol. But I hear ya, I agree with the sentiment.

    • Hubster


  • Oonada

    Honestly, idc if you're a pro fighter I'm going to tell you off for driving like a POS because you aren't just messing with your life, you're risking everyone else's too. I still would have drilled into him if he really was driving like a POS and if he wanted to go crazy Connor amt attack me like he has a tendency to do when he is called out, my .357 doesn't care how bad you think you are. Don't drive like a POS, that irks me so badly because o have lost dear friends 5o ass clowns driving like they are in fast or furious, got people killed and kept driving like nothing happened. It isn't a joke, don't drive like a POS even if you can beat up most people who will call you out for it. Thats pure bitch status.

  • Chad Page
    Chad Page

    Naw..cant do dat



  • Shawn Pauley
    Shawn Pauley

    That's funny.

  • Rudy Padilla
    Rudy Padilla

    Met Don C took photo with him. Great down to earth guy . Simple polite glad I met him

  • Matthew Giles
    Matthew Giles

    Hey you mother... loving Jesus worshipping godly man... when you pulled out in front of me... well 3 feet is ample room... have a blessed day...

  • dusty gee
    dusty gee


  • Alexander Hall
    Alexander Hall

    All these retards asking if the guy’s “bulletproof.”

  • RSKR zz
    RSKR zz


  • Mykel Freeman
    Mykel Freeman

    Fuck that if a p.o.s cut me off as well we throwin hands if i get my ass whooped ohh well my father taught me to never back down and if you win help the man back up but if you lose get yourself back up because atleast you stood your ground dont let em get away with it

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli

    John 3:16-21!!!

  • Lakers


  • Ricardo Vergas
    Ricardo Vergas

    Fighters ain't shit with bullets exploding their brains remember there's millions with guns with mentality damaged minds

  • Sam H.
    Sam H.

    Pretty funny reaction🤣😂

  • Big Papi
    Big Papi

    I woulda said , "Lucky I don't Beat your ass like McGregor!!"

  • Kevin Henson
    Kevin Henson

    He totally knew him you can tell by the way cerrone is laughing

    • Saul Perez
      Saul Perez

      @Kevin Henson indeed I am, I contain a higher level of brain cells than you, Mr extra chromosome

    • The Knight Of The East
      The Knight Of The East

      @Kevin Henson Kevin

    • Kevin Henson
      Kevin Henson

      Lol somebody is a smart ass huh?

    • Saul Perez
      Saul Perez

      No shit Kevin

  • Aubrey Roche
    Aubrey Roche

    HA !

  • Redknucklez

    should of washed his truck too....

  • Sean Bailey
    Sean Bailey

    Damn LOL

  • Darrin Nunyah
    Darrin Nunyah

    To make it fair, you need a concealed carry, a bat, 100 yards distance, and a pair of cheetas on leashes.

  • John Sousa
    John Sousa

    He’s a punk

  • curmac29


  • Billy Gildark
    Billy Gildark

    Putting gas in that truck would easily be a $10000 mistake... it’s a diesel

  • Fire Back UNLIMITED
    Fire Back UNLIMITED

    No fear.... because I fire back

  • Eddie J.
    Eddie J.

    "pump your gas for you" Wrong choice of words

  • Freight Train
    Freight Train

    Please don't Hump His Gas For Him.

  • Ben Renner
    Ben Renner

    I had a friend who tied to start shit with a dude in a Honda fit.. dude got out of the Honda and was at least 6'6 300lb all muscle. friend said to him I just wanted to ask how you got this big.. dude laughed and told friend to scram

  • ken

    LMAO thanks for the laugh.

  • badmoon310

    That’s funny...

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