When Jokic was created
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    I drank the Coke . Cap or No Cap ? . Shoutout to the Noti gang , clutch today🙏.

    • Milo

      NO CAP

    • Michael M
      Michael M

      Def capp

    • Cookiie

      Cap cuz not subbed :/

    • RougeTrollYT - Brawl Stars
      RougeTrollYT - Brawl Stars

      Cap cause no one drinks strawberry coke

    • Leo B
      Leo B

      @Kamron Davis soda has no nutritional value, it's junk that ruins the health

  • Bucky Nikolic
    Bucky Nikolic

    Some of you shouldn’t talk or make comments at all you damn well know how most of yaa even made cracked dope and food stamps

  • AzG_Vojin


  • Roger Aren
    Roger Aren


  • de Cugnot Detailing
    de Cugnot Detailing

    Where is " burek"?😂😂😂

  • afrox

    I tepsija bureka

  • Joem Geduspan
    Joem Geduspan

    Where's jokic's 3pt?

  • Ezana Gadson
    Ezana Gadson

    Ohhhhh he used coke cause when jokic was young he always drunk coke

  • Raul Laranga
    Raul Laranga

    U miss a key ingredient "Burek".

  • Mr Vision
    Mr Vision


  • Bozidar Lepsanovic
    Bozidar Lepsanovic

    Bravo crnjo brate nas ,sve si objasnio !

  • Surviving in Creative
    Surviving in Creative

    Nice but you forgot “flopping”

  • Dono James II
    Dono James II

    why you switch from water to coca cola?

  • Snoop Fam
    Snoop Fam


  • Sener S
    Sener S

    Jokic is overrated.

    • Milos Jovicevic
      Milos Jovicevic

      You must be Sixers fan😄

    • Golden splash frost
      Golden splash frost

      Only if you said he was god

    • Khore The Man
      Khore The Man


  • Vincent Louise Beltran
    Vincent Louise Beltran

    He's a better passer than Magic, Bird would be the better comparison

  • Underground Outsiders
    Underground Outsiders

    Where the fuck does everyone be getting these big ass wooden bowls from?

  • Mateja Janjic
    Mateja Janjic

    my man scored 50 vs kings ...best C in league🧐

  • C. A
    C. A

    whos gonna drink that coke??

  • 人の心を手に入れた吉良吉影

    I need one more cola for each. ………But he doesn't just need athleticism.

  • Matej

    When jokic was kid he drinks some coca cola

  • ori elya
    ori elya

    Only og's knows why its coke


    ОПАСНО !!!! СВА САВРЕМЕНА ВАКЦИНАЦИЈА ПРОТИВ КОВИДА И ОСТАЛИХ БОЛЕСТИ ОТРОВ НАНО ЧИПОВИМА ВИДИ ПАТЕНТ 060606. КАДА ДОБИЈЕМ ВАКЦИНАЦИЈУ ПОСТАЋЕ ЗВЕР РЕЧИ ПАУЗИЈА СВЕТИ КОЊ. БИОМЕТРИЈА. ЛАСЕР. БАРКОД 666 ПРЕДЊИ РАЧУНАР '' ЗВЕР '' У БРУЦЕЛЛИ. ПРОЧИТАЈТЕ БИБЛИЈУ АПОКАЛИПЕ. Приликом подношења биометријских података на БИО пасош, личну карту или возачку дозволу, особа може потајно изгорети ласер на челу са фотографијом лица са КР КОДОМ 666. то се ради тако да вас видео камере одмах идентификују као КР код на паметном телефону. после овога људи почињу да се физички разболевају и демонишу у цркви или трпе ПСИТЕРОР, односно да ослушкују гласове у глави, итд. чак и ако НИСТЕ ДАЛИ ОЗНАКУ, онда ваши биодани иду на рачунар под именом `БЕАСТ` у Бриселу, свако ко уђе у рачунар личи се ИМЕНА од БОГА и добије лични 18-цифрени број ИМЕ од САТАНЕ, односно улазак у рачунар звери коју сте уписали у књигу мртвих у ПАКЛУ !!!! АКО СТЕ ПРИХВАТИЛИ БИОМЕТРИЈУ И ЖЕЛИТЕ ДА ПРИЈАВИТЕ, ОНДА МОРАТЕ НАПИСАТИ ПРИЈАВУ ЗА ОДБИЈАЊЕ ИЗ БИО ПУТОВАЊА. (како писати погледајте овде хттп://вера77.цом/цатегори/артицлес/ответи-на-вопроси-раздел-21) ИДИТЕ ДО ИСУСА ПРАВОСЛАВНЕ ЦРКВЕ. СПАЛИТЕ ПАСПОРТУ И НИКАДА ЈЕ НЕ КОРИСТИТЕ. СВЕШТЕНИК КОЈИ ИМА БИОПАСПОРТ ИЛИ ПРИЗНАЊЕ - БЛАГОСЛОВНИ ПРИЈЕМ И ВОДИ ДО ПАКЛА !!!!! КАКО ПРЕЖИВЕТИ? ХРИШЋАНИ УБИЈУ ИЗ ГРАДОВА ОКО СВОЈЕ ЗЕМЉЕ. ПОГЛЕДАЈТЕ ЕГЗОРЦИСТА ВАСИЛИЈА НОВИКОВА. ВЕРА НОВОСТИ КАНАЛ 77. ФИЛМСКА СПРУТА ГАЛИНА ТСАРЕВА. Руски анђео МЛАДИ ВЈАЧЕСЛАВ.

  • Adam Thinks About Apples
    Adam Thinks About Apples


  • Dave Lo
    Dave Lo

    Oh I see what you did there with the last part

  • MileHigh Den
    MileHigh Den

    How much soda did you just waste 😂💀

  • Calder Northrop
    Calder Northrop

    To always look high as hell all the time

  • Boris Zahorjanski
    Boris Zahorjanski

    When he arived in America they called him need cola jokic cause he drinked 1l of cola before traning

  • James Harden
    James Harden

    I got fouled

  • W412 FC03
    W412 FC03

    Coke 4 for 5$

  • Nemanja Vidanovic
    Nemanja Vidanovic


  • Chris Tucker
    Chris Tucker

    Iball right your loko

  • sredzumen

    he used the soda because nikola was fat at once and only drank soda and ate chips, chocolate etc. i love the fact that he looked forward to this, great job 👏👏

  • 54hman

    Why are we wasting coke?

  • ReMix l
    ReMix l

    A BUREK??



  • WindyClear

    the cap-ful of athleticism 😂😂

  • Piga

    Dont understand that same thing is over and over but its still fun AF

  • vio

    Is this sponsored 🤔???


      I wish

  • Yanis Agodor
    Yanis Agodor

    Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)`

  • Dario

    Chill tf out bruh not that insane

  • Joshua Lelis
    Joshua Lelis

    That was good but he's going athletic now

  • Slatternly Skaghalter
    Slatternly Skaghalter

    Who y’all think is better? Jokic Luka or Dirk?

  • 47 26
    47 26

    Where is burek, cvarci and rakija?

  • Hyetiosman22

    go back to water.

    • Hyetiosman22

      @IBALLRIGHT i admit it , i didn't get it


      You didn’t get it

  • I love God
    I love God

    Jesus loves everyone

  • Al-Ameen Glang
    Al-Ameen Glang

    Yo what are you going to do with that?

  • Andrija Grbušić
    Andrija Grbušić

    He spilled coke unlike the others, true respect 🙌

  • jeremy dennis
    jeremy dennis

    can you do allen iverson

  • A1 From The Range
    A1 From The Range

    It's a bottle of dr. Thunder about to be cracked open because of you

  • Ngurii Kavita
    Ngurii Kavita


  • Bza_yungdurt

    This jokich dude isn’t even good

    • Manuela Da Silva
      Manuela Da Silva

      Averaging triple double

  • The Dunkin gamer
    The Dunkin gamer

    The clippers was a good joke

  • NightShroud

    The thing with the coca cola was the most creative thing . U knew jokic drunk tons of it when he was young so u used it instead of water. Well done that got my subscribe definately.

  • Tyrone Savage
    Tyrone Savage

    This is an expensive one

  • Evelyn josie
    Evelyn josie

    Coke because Jokic is all about that fast food life.

  • Muy Maglaya
    Muy Maglaya

    fr i thought he was gonna add some mentos at the end lol

  • Pincha Picodust
    Pincha Picodust

    This has no value

  • the one
    the one

    🤣🤣 this man just needed an excuse to dump that soda in that bowl

  • Protect Children At All Costs
    Protect Children At All Costs

    Pathetic video.

  • corbyn spry
    corbyn spry

    Did he really just waste coke

  • M. S.
    M. S.

    How about Marjanovic Boban and Luka Doncic?🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon Turner
    Jon Turner

    I swear it is impossible not to love jokic. He's a good guy with an incredible skill set

  • Benzabar Lakibul
    Benzabar Lakibul

    😂 lol

  • Erling Larsen
    Erling Larsen

    I told my nephew that kid Jokic would develop into a gun to if you know ball you could see it from the start .

  • Ruzmarin

    proud to be Serbian

  • New Normal World Order
    New Normal World Order

    This video DID have 666 comments on it......

  • Call Sins
    Call Sins

    Wow it is no longer free water. It is now coke.

  • Sean McGill
    Sean McGill

    Jokic = Frrrrranky

  • Yaboy YEET
    Yaboy YEET

    Who else wants coke after watching this?

  • Guy Fieri
    Guy Fieri

    Using Coke for a guy who plays in the Pepsi Center. Brutal

  • Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton


  • Kaan Yıldız
    Kaan Yıldız

    Fact tho

  • NotAcrack100%

    10k baby now the promise

  • PC Willis
    PC Willis

    Dirk's Unorthodox Craftiness 😭

  • SophiaGTV TM
    SophiaGTV TM

    Why does this dude low key look like dame at 0:00

  • Marko Grković
    Marko Grković

    I am from Sombor too,and Jokić drinks 10-12 jelen(deer) beer,Serbian beer btw per a weekend night

  • Rea-G Official
    Rea-G Official


  • Vuk Milosavljevic
    Vuk Milosavljevic

    NO HOMO: 10 liters of cola.

  • Mario Vasic
    Mario Vasic

    Love it hahaha ❤️

  • AJ DarKnight
    AJ DarKnight

    "No amount of cola was wasted during the making of this video"

  • sammy webb
    sammy webb

    jokic is a fantasy’s managers dream

  • 23JesúsBell77

    -Son, where is all the coke that I buy at Walmart? The son:

  • BmontyMk

    Nice video I think really think jokic passing is at the same level as magic thought.

  • BruhBoiJoe

    i love how he used coco cola haha

  • Mason and Holden
    Mason and Holden

    It hurts how much coke has gone away😞

  • Vixter Mono
    Vixter Mono

    Drink the coke

  • Blue Bacon
    Blue Bacon

    Speed: Dunks: 💧 Iq: ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️ PASSING: 💧☔️💧☔️☔️☔️💧🌧☔️🌧⛈💧🌧☔️⛈💧🌧☔️⛈ Joker: 🃏

  • Aaron Daneils
    Aaron Daneils

    You should’ve added a lil joke on his defense 😭😂

  • Andy Chen
    Andy Chen

    I kinda disagree. I think you should had put two 2L for IQ. He's like god damn genius

  • djekna

    Hahahaha. Love it!

  • Michael M
    Michael M

    Did you use coca cola because Jokic used to drink a lot before or is it just coincidence 🤔

  • J.B Playz Games
    J.B Playz Games

    So you just gone copy @Smooth AJ like that get your own video ideas

  • Hood Tendencies
    Hood Tendencies

    When Jimmy Butler was created



  • ibrahim mindl
    ibrahim mindl

    Oooo damn shoots at the end of the vid God damn

  • CallMeTate TV
    CallMeTate TV

    Clippers don't get the job done....🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fuck outta here.....🤣🤣🤣✌️

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Y’all don’t know why he used the soda?! SMH. HE USED TO DRINK 2 2 LITERS EVERY DAY WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER.

  • John Son
    John Son

    you wild fo this one

  • Zoran Lakic
    Zoran Lakic

    Joka Cola!

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