What's the Fastest way to Travel in Minecraft?
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we try and work out, what is the fastest way one can travel in Minecraft? It's a question we have all asked, hopefully I can provide you with some answers!
One transportation technique I did not showcase in the video is rapid boat clicking! That was fairly fast! ALSO, Ultimate Redstones piston road. 20 blocks per second.
As it happens, RonnyGoBoom did a video in which they showcase a new fast way to travel. Check it out here:
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  • One sub before 2021?
    One sub before 2021?

    Fastest way to travel in minecraft is by getting a creaper to chase you while having an inventory full of diamonds you will turn to the fastest man alive in seconds

    • qzvl

      b i g c h u n g u s, sorry i don’t speak noodles (no offense its a joke i saw on reddit)

    • Clickty

      thats true

    • Bananaman 9116
      Bananaman 9116

      U will die cause the creeper is always faster

    • The Red Alpha
      The Red Alpha


    • sean

      Creeper awww maannn

  • Bang

    *Elytras and fireworks have joined the chat*

    • Jamaal Satar
      Jamaal Satar

      /gamemode c has joined the chat

    • Grass

      Non-euclindian mod joined the game

    • Taran EU
      Taran EU

      Elytra and riptide 3 trident in rain killed everyone

    • Gato_loco

      @Steven Carbone R/wooooooooooooooooosh

    • Bang

      @Brainbox.cc "Slowest way to travel" video when?

  • spiraling spiral
    spiraling spiral

    Dude: Running or Sprinting is quite slow. Swiftness II potion: Hold my shoes.

    • Erica Loraine Gamboa
      Erica Loraine Gamboa

      Dude speed ll is SLOW /effect @a speed 99999 255 is much more FASTER i mean like sonic the hedgehog damn god why anyone doesn't know the fastest way to travel

    • Traxxas kid
      Traxxas kid

      @JPEG Avia: Puma: Adidas: Nike:

    • ady

      Riptide:Hold my handle

    • DuoVersal Games
      DuoVersal Games

      The LouvardiTestLab Productions Mumbo isn’t just some dude, HE’S A LEGEND

  • joycourier

    Mumbo messed up on the horses. The horses he summoned have speeds of 1.0 and 0.5, but horses have a MAXIMUM of 0.3375.

    • Minecrafter Creeper
      Minecrafter Creeper

      @DnDBasement I think,even that is still slightly slower

    • Top Top
      Top Top

      Wait, so the maximum speed of horses is less than 0.5?

    • Miyuki

      My perspective of view, my horse has the equivalent speed of the oldest turtle, and a combination of a snail

    • DnDBasement

      He also forgot that jumping makes you faster while you run. Thus you run faster then rails.

    • waterfall basin
      waterfall basin

      Unless they use a Splash potion of swiftness

  • les go
    les go

    So wait wait. If you use 1 mob collider in both side, can you play pinball with yourself?

    • stargalaxys09

      Reece Taylor k'

    • Tim White
      Tim White

      Hypothetically, yes, but your server would never be the same.

    • Ivan

      not with entity cramming

    • Hey it’s Me
      Hey it’s Me

      OMG yas gurl imma be doing did 24/7

    • Alex Meldrum
      Alex Meldrum

      I did this and it was SOOOOOOO FUN

  • NewEra

    **Combines nether portals and mob launcher** **Does 1000 blocks in about 15 seconds** *Deal with it*

    • Brice Fleckenstein
      Brice Fleckenstein

      @Cristian Ardon monge Blue Ice Boat - 70 blocks per second on a Java server when it's low block load lag MEASURED over about a 2.5 km stretch. Takes more to built it - but nothing is faster without command block involvement or using up LOTS of rockets. Even standard/packed/frosted ice manages 40/sec, or about 2400 blocks a minute.

    • Cristian Ardon monge
      Cristian Ardon monge

      a massive elythra friendly tunnel trought the nether 8000 blocks within minutes in survival baby! (definitly faster but i dont have a beefy pc so i always have some accidents in the way)

    • Ra Fi
      Ra Fi

      woah you can do like 800 blocks in 9.6 second

    • Zenaida Viodor
      Zenaida Viodor


  • Daniel Hebard
    Daniel Hebard

    The fastest way to travel bar none is the Elytra. The most reliable way to connect two points is a minecart system in the nether. In my world, my friends and I have connected bases thousands of blocks away from each other. And we set up a rail line for chest minecarts too with safeguards to prevent the minecarts from bouncing back.

  • Dustpan999

    Nether portals are irrelevant for all distances since ravagers, you can travel around 2500 blocks for every 3 blocks of height you add and it can be made within the first 10 minutes of the game

  • Chad Plays
    Chad Plays

    "Its hard to get this super horse in minecraft" No its impossible....holy shit guys...I never were *this* noticed before!

    • Shane Martin
      Shane Martin

      Mumbo allows swearing in the chat wow ps: I have noting agents swearing

    • Derp Toad Art
      Derp Toad Art

      Excuse me no swearing

    • Bricks Nix
      Bricks Nix

      Bruh dont be goin around cursing like that

    • F.A - Arts
      F.A - Arts


  • ker na
    ker na

    You can use packed ice and boats on it , it's really fast!

    • Iron R
      Iron R


    • Jakeke

      Jack Kyle nicholas johnson is correct with his way being better saying as you can launch yourself with the boat and find ice REALLY easily, without having to craft it.

    • Jakeke

      TheWatermelonFlavouredPotato nicholas johnson is correct young pupil. packed ice ypu can get from a glacier biome really easy, which doesnt melt.

    • Andaman Roche
      Andaman Roche

      You have a start up time, so that brings it down to like 4 seconds

    • Csaszarcsaba1

      Yeah on blue ice its even faster than on packed ice according to the wiki

  • DnDBasement

    Actually... Faster running would run and jump which is capable of going faster by just a little bit. Then the fastest rails you have. But it does ruin your hunger bar by a lot.

  • Daniel Stovey
    Daniel Stovey

    What I use to get around my house, since it covers a lot of area, is an ice road with a boat on it, since boats travel super fast on ice.

  • crunch evo
    crunch evo

    Ahh the days before all these were obsolete thanks to piston bolts, ice roads and elytras with rocket boosting technology

  • proud

    In 1.14 you can use commands to make no player limits so you can still do the collision collider.

  • quadrplax

    They really should put the increased minecart speed back. Why would anyone bother with rails when a random horse is faster?

    • Kshitij Kabeer
      Kshitij Kabeer

      quadrplax Well, for travelling upwards it is awesome.

    • BlueCassio

      quadrplax with a minecraft you can travel thousands of blocks without pressing a button.

    • seedthefall

      +quadrplax The 'random' horse was spawned an although he thought it was average that was a pretty fast horse.

    • Jonah Reed
      Jonah Reed

      +Felix Phoenix haha

    • Felix Phoenix
      Felix Phoenix

      +quadrplax Well in rails you dont have to do anything, get in, push a button and go take a leak. While at horses, you need to look at the screen for 30-60 seconds and still hold W and sometimes press SPACE. Pissing is better :P

  • Dominus Umbra
    Dominus Umbra

    Please remake an updated version of this with stuff like elytras, piston bolts, and boats on blue ice

    • Erica Loraine Gamboa
      Erica Loraine Gamboa

      and /Effect @p speed 99999 255

    • the lean ninja
      the lean ninja

      And riptide trident

  • Yeet Meister
    Yeet Meister

    the fastest way to travel currently if I'm correct is going to the nether and using elytra with fireworks down a 2×2 tube so u don't lose speed moving to the left or right that much.

  • Alvari Isbani
    Alvari Isbani

    The fastest way to travel in Minecraft is to ride *Joergen*

    • Another comrade
      Another comrade

      Run like a wind Jöergen

    • wesley's wereld1
      wesley's wereld1




    • Haikal Dzuhri
      Haikal Dzuhri

      Ooo kao disini ya cok

    • Tom Tof
      Tom Tof

      Now it’s to ride a skeleton

  • Михаил Агарков
    Михаил Агарков

    How about entering the nether, *go into a collision launcher in the nether to another portal.* You will be able to go VERY big distances

  • Vinidy Von'Leer
    Vinidy Von'Leer

    The fastest way is with soul sand & water vertical. I made it to a mob grinder, 128 blocks high. That's 2 stacks of 64 water buckets. I had to fill every single square from ground up. It was a long process... But well worth it.

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson

    I thought sprint jumping was faster than regular sprinting?

    • Peacefighter Pro
      Peacefighter Pro

      @k k and yes that kid didn’t respond so he isn’t as kiddish

    • ThatKidInTheCorner

      It is

    • G

      @Pirate Gamer woah geez

    • Pirate Gamer
      Pirate Gamer

      Damn, I was pissed.

    • smurphas

      k k calm down

  • foreverkurome

    I think ice and trapdoor headhitter above it is really fast from what I remember, problem for me with most of these methods is they take a long time to implement in survival, most of them require a pretty advanced world, ice for one thing isn't the easiest thing to obtain + terrain is rugged so it would take considerable time to set up, an arguably fast way to travel is using the nether since you travel 8 blocks for every 1 block so travel 1000 blocks in the nether and you have covered 8000 blocks in the overworld, the issue is that traversing the nether is usually both difficult and dangerous Note: if you have played the aether mod then the quickest way to get around is using quicksoil. If you are looking to cover massive distances though (upwards of 100,000 blocks) , unfortunately none of these will be much good to you.

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox

    boats on packed ice is one of the fastest ways of travel i've found out its like a bullet train almost you could also use elytras and fireworks (preferably blank if your in survival)

  • Allubertti

    It is also pretty fast when you place ice on ground and slide on it with a boat

    • bryan brayn
      bryan brayn

      @⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ i thought there was a hair in my screen and wdym i did

    • M1A2 Abrams
      M1A2 Abrams

      I was gonna comment that

    • Gravity

      @Jomo667 why not

    • Ricardo BG
      Ricardo BG

      Troshock probably yea

    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      @Troshock I did lol lmfao get rekt kid

  • GreninjArtz -
    GreninjArtz -

    It’s either Riptide + Elytra combo or boat on Blue Ice

  • Ashway

    *A 500 blocks edition would be appreciated, I wonder how it changes*

  • NovaPariah

    Using nether sleds (tunnels built in the nether with a blue ice floor and travelled on using a boat) I managed to clear 100 blocks in .31 seconds, or 320 metres per second. Definitely the fastest way to travel in vanilla

  • Commissar Purity
    Commissar Purity

    Steve: literally has the physical strength to hold all of existence in his pocket (watch game theory's video on it) Also steve: runs slower than the average human

    • Tanner Wright
      Tanner Wright

      Xendurr just say he burns a lot of calories

    • JustJum

      @zp ...sure

    • JustJum

      @zp then add the "could", or it sounds like you think you can put shulkers in shulkers.

    • JustJum

      @zp you cant put shulker boxes in shulker boxes.

    • YellowKiwi

      holy wow

  • Nika-Nika

    Note that some of these methods are up to sqrt(2) = 1.41... times slower (like rails) when you have to travel 100 blocks diagonally (like from 0 0 to 71 71), and some are not (like horses).

  • Lord Lightning
    Lord Lightning

    There’s is a way to instantly travel an infinite number of blocks away. You have a thrown Ender Pearl bobbing up and down in water with soul sand under the water then at the other side you have a piston that pushes a block in, therefore acting like you just threw the ender pearl instantly teleporting you when activated, because the pearl lands on the block, it can teleport and infinite number of blocks but you will need a person at point B to activate the piston.

  • Angry CheeseCake
    Angry CheeseCake

    With one mod you could easily bring the nether portal time down to I would say 4 seconds at most

  • Rainy2

    Nether portal is the best to travel far distances, you can use horses in the nether to travel through portals faster or ice or any of the methods

  • Seth Rollins
    Seth Rollins

    The fastest way to travel is to be away from spawn and type /kill

    • Gost Congonongorong
      Gost Congonongorong

      Improvise, adapt, overcome

    • Benjamin

      RIP items

    • Phe ri Sea
      Phe ri Sea

      @Hadinos Sanosam type before and copy paste !?

    • Brandon Moore
      Brandon Moore

      well i mean hes not wrong

    • Anirudh Rengaraajan 9A 9104
      Anirudh Rengaraajan 9A 9104

      /tp @p ~x ~y ~z has left the chat

  • josh potts
    josh potts

    id like to see this done over a 1000 block distance to compare it to a more realistic use. (also chuck the elytra in there for something to compare them to)

  • Uni Shark
    Uni Shark

    Soul sand at the bottom to go up and magma on the bottom to go down. That’s just the way I go up and down. But you need to cover around the block with more block up and then place water at the top, and wait until the water hits the bottom block.

  • Vampiregaming

    How would you do the rails without reaching point B at first?

  • Dante - Eu Não Sou Nerd
    Dante - Eu Não Sou Nerd

    I have a bunch of command blocks across my world with tp enabled to other places. Yes, i'm lazy.

  • Akihito's Erection
    Akihito's Erection

    "But by the end of it, I could see my little meat thing going down" -Mumbo

    • No_Soap

      Your name perfectly fits this comment

    • spikerat


    • ThatOneCreature


    • KarateKitty 5000
      KarateKitty 5000

      Your name fits the bill too....

  • CreeperGames

    The fastest way to travel is riding a boat on blue ice. You can go 78 blocks a second.

  • Fae Alvs
    Fae Alvs

    What about boats on ice? It's kinda fast. But we should go straight.

  • Bince

    The thing where the Ender Pearl gets launched, reminded me of this time I was playing Hypixel Bedwars, and I was being rushed. They dropped tnt and I threw a fire ball at it and sent the tnt flying. It hit their bridge and cut off their escape route and they all jumped of when my whole team swarmed them XD

  • Landlighter Firestar
    Landlighter Firestar

    For those of you looking for the elevator one to watch right after this because they’re both great, here ya go m.rsloft.info/loft/video/d9Jy2orSrIrKf6Q

  • Crucible

    You should do an updated version of this for 1.14

  • Sipex6484

    What about falling? He never said it had to be horizontal travel.

  • DiscoverGuy1999

    When he did the 1.9 collision launcher, I felt that.

  • Azarilh

    I built a metro in the nether, 30 seconds (w/o the portals animation) to travel a kilometer in the overworld, worth it.

  • 30 Lê Khắc Minh Quân
    30 Lê Khắc Minh Quân

    Nether portal would be the best if the road was longer

  • Ryder Golde
    Ryder Golde

    a particularly quick way to buff your Ender Pearls is with SethBling's "Teleportation Spell" basically take a 3x3 + shape of TNT, and on the ground in the middle put a pressure plate, activate it, back up & count the TNT flashes, & with good timing it sends a good ol' *hail mary* source: rsloft.info/loft/video/f9Bq1oGdyZWxZ2E

  • Pumpkin Cemetery
    Pumpkin Cemetery

    The fastest way is a tnt cannon with loads of tnt minecarts, they're so powerful they can launch you to the player sky limit in less than a second

  • luc0725

    The minecart rails is shorter than the walking area

  • Sonar buge
    Sonar buge

    1:15 wait so you’re saying it’s possible to get that horse in survival?

    • Lowas77

      I actually managed to get that horse in my survival world and I rode in to a unloaded chunk... 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • sharoberry


    • SusBlasian 1
      SusBlasian 1

      In console horses dont go that fast (at least on ps4)


      It looks faster because they are all the same block

    • Onics

      Its not, you can see that he used the value 0.5 for movementSpeed. According to Minecraft Wiki the best horse that can potentially spawn is with a speed of 0.3375.

  • Readie

    I used the nether portal thing to travel from my base near spawn to an end portal that i found but it was extremely far away, I combined it with a semi powered minecart track, i only hand to travel about 50 block in the nether saving be about 400 blocks in the overworld, that is just off of my X axis, Z axis was about another 400, it saves so much time ;), and I can also use it to branch off to other places in the map if i fint a place i wanna save that is far

  • Yetney Star
    Yetney Star

    Teleport.. Using a command block, write /tp @s (coordinates Point A To B) and place a pressure plate. But I mean it doesn’t work in survival..

  • Keith Lamont
    Keith Lamont

    3:00 I love that Mumbo says “ender enders”

  • Silver

    the collision launcher mumbo: it is relatively fast *gets shot off 100 blocks in just over 1 second* yeah thats relatively fast

  • Sam Otten
    Sam Otten

    What about the thing that suspends an ender pearl in a water stream with a slime block and then you can go up to 256 blocks almost instantly, or at least at the speed of a redstone signal? Etho made some in his LP world, and unless they're broken in 1.9 they're the fastest.

    • k98killer

      +John Python time travel in Minecraft? :O

    • Eshteluvetuluet Pineapples
      Eshteluvetuluet Pineapples

      +John Python Who were you replying to? The jumperbloads the chunks on its own

    • John Macknight
      John Macknight

      This method was actually pretty reliable of you could keep the chunks loaded but it caused about as much lag as the 1.9 mob cannon with fastest time travel.

    • Eshteluvetuluet Pineapples
      Eshteluvetuluet Pineapples

      Well there is a similar and reliable design made by cubfan called the jumper. look it up

    • Petter

      Except it never really worked reliably so I wouldn't really recommend anyone to do it

  • Flashter

    This is amazing. This video started playing from where it left off 2 and a half years ago, when I finally stopped playing Minecraft.

  • Batabii

    I honestly didn't expect the horses to go faster than mine carts.

  • restfully

    try this out: if you use a trident in the rain you can fling yourself forward at extreme speeds. pair that with elytra and it’s faster than everything in this video.

  • Vampiregaming

    How would you do the rails without reaching point B at first?

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    One transportation technique I did not showcase in the video is rapid boat clicking! That was fairly fast (slightly slower than the average horse), however it sadly cannot be used in the nether which makes it frustrating for really long distances!

    • Izak Cooper
      Izak Cooper

      Mumbo Jumbo what about speed potions????

    • PunchrT

      2000th like

    • Zarsco Animations
      Zarsco Animations


    • Burken Productions
      Burken Productions

      Fastest way is by issuing the command /speed 10 :D

    • The big game 1019
      The big game 1019

      Mumbo Jumbo l

  • Paddy Alexander
    Paddy Alexander

    A boat on top of a 2 wide strip of packed ice works well too

  • CosmosSolitarus

    Now we have ender pearl tnt launchers that allow you to effective travel thousands of blocks instantly

    • •kurimaw•

      *Scicraft joined the group*

  • Yea0ka

    You can also travel on ice with any kind of boat.

  • Saccern

    You can also build a bridge with command blocks one of the command blocks are commanded to teleport to the next one and that one will bring you to the next one. It gets really fast but it also takes alit of time to make

  • Pratyush Ghosh
    Pratyush Ghosh

    You forgot the very best redstone transportation mechanism: the piston bolt!

  • Macopa, Mark Ezra, B.
    Macopa, Mark Ezra, B.

    In my opinion in the latest update the elytra and trident with riptide III is the fastest way to travel but of course it only works in a thunderstorm weather

  • C

    no wonder minecarts feel so slow, I literally built a rail spanning thousands of blocks to make transport between my base and stronghold quicker but i really don't think it was worth it ;-;

  • Jacob Lloyd
    Jacob Lloyd

    Why use a McLaren horse instead of a boat by conventional means? Much more practical for those of us who are Survival mode players.

  • Thobiex

    I believe that minecarts have gotten quite a bit faster since this video was uploaded.

    • Nathan Fleming
      Nathan Fleming

      Daltira wait,really?

    • James King
      James King

      Daltira you the noob

    • Daltira

      No, this knob doesn’t even know your supposed to put normal rails in between the powered rails. Thats how you go the fastest.

  • Adam Doan
    Adam Doan

    You forgot a boat on ice! Have to say it might be faster then the flight capability in creative!

  • Jack

    Before in a Minecraft world I could travel really long distances with an underground boat on ice system

  • TheLostSoul

    Try a few end crystals, they are amazing

  • Dragasalt

    Actually, the running is the fastest. You can learn from my dad.

  • bg6b7bft

    what happens if you use a cow launcher into another cow launcher? Do you pinball back and forth?

    • Star Light
      Star Light

      bg6b7bft yes i tried

    • Dr. Shadox
      Dr. Shadox

      technicaly yes

    • LukesterGaming

      +bg6b7bft Oh sweet mother of god! D:

    • Volengr


  • Alan GuXi
    Alan GuXi

    Fly with the elytras, get a boost with fireworks and if it's raining, get that boost with an enchanted trident.

  • Greek Gamer
    Greek Gamer

    Fireworks and elyctras, boats (on ice or off), speed boost potions, launch with slime blocks, saddled pigs, there are a few you haven't tried here *edit was fixing typo*

  • StarvingForRock -
    StarvingForRock -

    We use a boat on ice through the nether, pretty nice

  • Logan Streetman
    Logan Streetman

    nether + packed ice + boat = god tier speed (for long distances)

  • Zuko

    Should've tested a horse with a Speed II potion

    • Twenty Twice
      Twenty Twice

      Zack Abrams See, that is to fast

    • Fikri

      i think there is limit speed in the coding

    • Jim_Kirk1

      Using ender pearls on horse and using the animal launcher at start, then TNT, then packed ice, with a horse with speed II.

    • Howard Stank
      Howard Stank

      +Alex Horvat we need survival friendly

    • Technomunk

      +HavoK -Zack- and diagonal movement, which is slightly faster