What it's like being engaged at 19
Haley Pham
welcome to what my life has been like since getting engaged!!!
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  • Mariella Grispino
    Mariella Grispino

    pandora is my favorite for rings

  • hola heyo
    hola heyo

    this is going to be like the liza and david thing it’s just a youtube relationship

  • J

    Haley, you are so brave. You post your life on the internet for everyone to judge and criticize. You live your life how you want, learn as you go. Don’t look back, when you read your comments ignore the negative ones. Live your life. Be happy. I can not stand the criticism. You do you!!!!!!!!

  • Morgan M
    Morgan M

    I'm engaged at 21

  • Stephanie

    You’re too young don’t do it

  • lilly

    i’m going to look back at these videos one day in the future, when they’ve already been married for a while, with kids😭..


    Normies lol

  • Cma B
    Cma B

    hi Haley!!!! I'm trying to find the vlog that you guys show the christian premarital counseling book ur going through. I just got ENGAGED TOO

  • Carolyn Avery
    Carolyn Avery

    ugh mom n dad!!

  • grape god
    grape god

    bro what the fuck

  • Yilin Zh
    Yilin Zh

    Haley’s 19: engaged & happy, Mine 19: don’t even have a boyfriend & depressed

  • ChamoiPlayz

    4 months

  • Joyce Anne Francisco
    Joyce Anne Francisco

    The older generation didn't have much problem about getting married in an earlier age because at that time there's no internet where EVERYBODY thinks their opinion is needed. It is not ODD to be married at a young age or any age. As long as two people truly love each other and will work hard to have a stable life then they are thriving. I guess, people have a lot of negative things to say because they don't have their life together and really jealous how at a young age you have a house, a car and a house for your mother. You have worked hard for everything and you deserve more. Congratsssss!!!!

    • hola heyo
      hola heyo

      i don’t think anyone’s jealous it’s just they’re doing it for no reason and maybe it’s her loyal fan base that are questioning what she’s doing sooooo maybe not assume next time k?

  • Kierstyn duhh
    Kierstyn duhh


  • Mystic Clover
    Mystic Clover

    This is too fast.

  • Jasmine Hassell
    Jasmine Hassell

    Haley..... next time you go to Starbucks you should try the double chocolate chip Frappuccino blended with white mocha sauce instead of regular. It’s so gooooood

  • Chezloverlady Uwu
    Chezloverlady Uwu

    I love you and Ryan as a couple :)

  • Alicia Salas
    Alicia Salas

    Hey Haley you should either get a Tesla Model 3 or a really nice sports edition Audi

  • C.p.2.0

    As someone who's worked in jewelry it's so nice to see someone taking care of their rings etc by taking them off at night !! Yes !! Jewelry is meant to be treated like silk, first thing off at night and last thing on in the morning !

  • peberi yanti sirait
    peberi yanti sirait

    your hair brush is just NO,, clean it up girl,,

  • Maria Castilla
    Maria Castilla

    Wow doesn’t know how to take her car for service, yet she’s getting married? 🙄

  • Hannah Johnson
    Hannah Johnson

    Me: Wait, what were all those costumes f- Haley: **already onto the next thing** Lol, love you Haley.

  • Reyn Montgomery
    Reyn Montgomery

    i love y’all so much!!!

  • Indigo Detry
    Indigo Detry

    why do people save themselves for marriage

    • Laura Menning
      Laura Menning

      Christians believe sex and marriage are sacred things. It's not solely because "I'm a Christian and that's what we do." It's a promise we made to God and ourselves. It's saying that I belong to God until another man comes and gets to share my body with me.

    • blackSwan

      Religion reasons. They wanna share that moment with each other. The concept would be beautifully if it wasn’t solely based off of religion and they’re on concept on it

  • disappearintothesea

    Is this what kids are doing now? Wow 😳 she’s annoying haha and what’s up with the edit? 😆

  • Thrift or die
    Thrift or die

    Literally got proposed to a week after watching you and Ryan’s proposal (: I’m 19 as well and he’s 20 so this is awesome watching your journey with all this as I’m starting mine. I can relate to what you’re going through

  • Faith Esther
    Faith Esther

    😍Change your hair color

  • Johnna M
    Johnna M

    I'm basic and am a fan of the pandora ring

  • U look cute
    U look cute

    0:33 broom broom

  • Analitza Ramirez
    Analitza Ramirez

    I think they may haved drugged your coffe bc after she took one sip she went crazy 😭😭😂😍

  • purplefanomg

    What does she use for her lashes?

  • Salma


  • Dance Girl
    Dance Girl

    Cake tasting, wedding makeup and hair testing like what you are going to do, GRWM for photoshoot

  • toyapryce

    6:03 he noticed the little things first this is adorable 🥺

  • Katie Lerner
    Katie Lerner

    yeah... Cartier

  • Megan Noble
    Megan Noble

    Can anybody tell me what brand that sweater is/where she got it (the blue one)

  • Mckenna Schenck
    Mckenna Schenck

    the website I like to buy rings from is elevatedfaith.com/ they have really super cute faith-based rings! I love them they also have really cute clothes and stickers 💕

  • icecold


  • Casandra Moiseanu
    Casandra Moiseanu

    make sure the honeymoon is in santorini

  • Woofie Woof Beats
    Woofie Woof Beats

    It's not new to me almost everyone in my family got married at 18

    • Amy B
      Amy B

      The same in my family 🙌🏽

  • Ellie K
    Ellie K


  • Sandiswa Ndaba
    Sandiswa Ndaba

    When I watch these vlogs all I can this is , this is the life I can’t wait to have when I grow up 🥺 hopefully 🥰

  • Emily C
    Emily C

    When ya'll are trying to have sex, but not go against God LMAO.

  • Nettie Alexander
    Nettie Alexander

    I thought your ring was to big lol

  • Olivia Rauch
    Olivia Rauch

    Also getting engaged at 19 and I love that I can follow along with this series

  • Divya B
    Divya B

    I literally just came from the what to do at a sleepover video you made from like 5 whole years ago! Omg!

  • James Cerza
    James Cerza

    Haley: I drove forty-five minutes to get Dunkin donuts Holds up a Baskin robins cup 😂

  • Cailin McGuire
    Cailin McGuire

    Hey, Haley. I know you probably won't see this, but you really need to stop supporting Rachel Hollis. Please go watch munecats new video on Rachel Hollis. She is very problematic, she plagiarizes, and she preys on young women in MLMs. Please watch it

  • Bryson Kettler
    Bryson Kettler

    Hi. I know you probably won't respond or reply, but can you please a answer this one question? I am a teenage boy, and I make crochet blankets and beanies. I really like this girl, and I want to ask her out, but I think she won't like me for my hobby. You being a girl, do you think girls might find a guy attractive, even though his hobby might not be very masculine?

    • Narnia

      I'm not Haley but I am a girl and have friends who are girls and I think that's a rad hobby. I think a lot of girls think it's great when guys aren't afraid of doing traditionally feminine things


    Marriage counseling? At 19? Is that even possible?

  • EmmaleighJoy :)
    EmmaleighJoy :)

    For future engagement videos, I would love to hear more about premarital counseling, how you’re picking bridesmaids dresses, GRWM for photos, all the things!!! I’m obsessed with wedding/engagement videos 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Kalyn De Boer
    Kalyn De Boer

    Yes! I’m so happy for you both! Got married at 21 and loved every minute of dress shopping and planning :) a HUGE yes to pre-marital counseling. For us, it helped us bring up topics that we normally wouldn’t have thought to talk about.

  • N K
    N K

    ryan is hella cute. lucky girl

  • Amber Spade
    Amber Spade

    i loved this!💗

  • Idc idc
    Idc idc

    can’t wait for the divorce lmfao

    • laney

      why would you say that? they're dealing with enough stress already and don't need your negativity. they're a great couple who are committed, planned things out, and are ready for marriage. if you don't like their great relationship then you can just stop hating and watching. thank you :)

  • RIP Vine
    RIP Vine

    When it’s illegal to drink at your own wedding lol Not hating don’t come after me

    • Anastasia Bm
      Anastasia Bm

      @RIP Vine yeah France too😁 idk about all of the eu countries but I know that Spain the drinking age is 18.. In some countries beer and wine is allowed for 16 and 17 year Olds when an adult or parent is present.

    • RIP Vine
      RIP Vine

      Ellouise Badger haha I’ll be the same when I’m older 😂

    • RIP Vine
      RIP Vine

      Anastasia Bm I’m not sure but I think it’s like that in France too maybe the rest of Europe 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Anastasia Bm
      Anastasia Bm

      @RIP Vine in Germany we can drink at 16 hahahah

    • Ellouise Badger
      Ellouise Badger

      I'm in the UK too but I'm 24 and still single so I'd not have that problem anyway 😂😅

  • Chloe Julianna
    Chloe Julianna

    You shouldn’t be getting married at 19 if you don’t even know what a groom is or how to get your car serviced.

  • Jannah Awad
    Jannah Awad

    Did Anybody Notice That She Kept Saying “Brain” instead of “Ryan” 😂

  • S

    Wait, how long have her and Ryan been dating? 2 years?

  • gracie !
    gracie !

    My mom got married at 21 and she said it was the worst decision she ever made, and that just makes me so nervous about marriage, idk how you’re doing it tbh 😭

  • M Rose
    M Rose

    my fav couple 🥺 also love how Haley included lil goofy moments with her hehe 💕

  • kylie bieber
    kylie bieber

    time to have bebbies 😏😏 LOL jk 🤣

  • thatgirlaj

    This is kindaaa crazy! You are getting married which is so weird but it’s cool how you found the one already :D

  • kylie bieber
    kylie bieber

    Yay!!! I’m so excited for you guys 😍

  • Emma Owens
    Emma Owens

    can u PLEASE make an updated bible study routine tips and stuff 💕

  • James Bloom
    James Bloom

    I was 19 and my wife was 17 and it been 50 + years now

    • Sydney Reese
      Sydney Reese

      @Matilda Kennedy Why do u gotta be so rude? No reason for it???

    • Matilda Kennedy
      Matilda Kennedy

      Things change Mr Bloom

    • laney

      aww congrats!! hoping you and your wife are doing well :)

  • Kali Whittier
    Kali Whittier

    iluv your vids!

  • Kam Jones
    Kam Jones

    idk if anyone said this but I wear all pandora rings and they last years. Ive had the same ring for 5 years and no tarnish or breaking.

  • Jule Braunschweig
    Jule Braunschweig

    You’re the cuuutest wow!!! Such an amazing life! True love, nice house, good friends, loving family,.... wish you only the best and sending you all the blessings!🧡🌞

  • Ita Gallaher
    Ita Gallaher

    JUiCy GoSs AFtE WE GrAb A BitE

  • Gauravi Kalangutkar
    Gauravi Kalangutkar

    Haley said dunkin donuts and showed baskin Robin's drink 😂😂😂

  • Rook Underwood
    Rook Underwood

    Oh hey I’m still in Love with you

  • Angie Nguyen
    Angie Nguyen

    looking through the comments seeing if anyone commented about how much hair she has in her hairbrush but being jealous that she has that much hair to begin with

  • Jeyxx_Rose

    your relationship is ✨𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩✨

  • Angeline Ho
    Angeline Ho

    I'm literally turning 19 this year lmao and I just broke up with first bf

  • Emi_ Jade
    Emi_ Jade

    haley being like ifykyk about the honeymoon bod made me snort

  • Zoe Commissaris
    Zoe Commissaris

    i can't wait to see the bridesmaid dresses and the flowers you choose!!

  • Via Mendes
    Via Mendes

    Literally Me still thinking it’s March since I’ve been stuck at home since then .. even though It’s frickin June and what the heck

  • Via Mendes
    Via Mendes

    Plot twist: Ryan watched the traphamily dress video lol

  • Emma Shupe
    Emma Shupe

    engagement grwm pleaseeeee

  • user name
    user name

    It's a perfect time to get engaged in a pandamic 😂😂

  • Jillian Elise
    Jillian Elise


    • goodmorning 6
      goodmorning 6


  • Kimberly Schott
    Kimberly Schott

    Does getting married make us not girley pops anymore

  • Kjmck 0304
    Kjmck 0304

    How does Ryan not see ur dress if u posted a vid of it.

  • Chloe Lewis
    Chloe Lewis

    Me and my fiance got engaged when I was 19. We knew it was right for us and although I'm now nearing 22 with still months til our wedding I know we did the right thing for us moving at our own pace. Congrats and good luck to you 2 💖

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    im so excited for their wedding and their future 🥺

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    are we gonna have a quitting dunkins video next year

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    i thought it was just me seeing the simple easy spring lip video in my recommended 😌

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    very intrigued by ryans video ideas..

  • Ashley Uy
    Ashley Uy

    Gosh! You guys are such a cut couple

  • Leanna Danser
    Leanna Danser

    I dont know if it's the same video that was mentioned but I was recommended a video from you from 10 years ago 😌

  • L AF
    L AF

    “Honey moon bod and everyone knows why, but if you don’t you must be new. Hello, welcome.” Lmao 😂

  • Selena

    I bet all the dislikes are the Starbucks employees.

  • sreejita roy
    sreejita roy

    i am 22 still don’t know how to talk to a man 🥴xD

  • Maya Tuzzeo
    Maya Tuzzeo


  • Darian Shimizu
    Darian Shimizu

    when ryan said “your eyelashes look gorgeous baby”i literally - 🥺

  • Lillian Mc Dermott
    Lillian Mc Dermott

    I am new to this channel and at first I thought she was either married to Gordon Ramsey or he was marrying him for 24 hours.

  • Morgan MacQueen
    Morgan MacQueen

    why is the audio SO crispy

  • Martina Deosdad Chavarria
    Martina Deosdad Chavarria

    LMAO when she said at the beginning “I’m in my moms car” I thought of the “im in me mums car broom broom” vine

  • frederique bernatchez
    frederique bernatchez

    yessss hahaha the video from 8 years ago😂 Also I’m so happy for you and Ryan❤️

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256 хиљ.