What is the Fastest Elevator in Minecraft?
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we ask the question, what is the fastest elevator in Minecraft? We have everything; from ladders to stairs, enderpearls to TNT. Let's get this over and done with!
Have I missed anything? Let me know down in the comments!
JL2579 Horse elevator: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x8_5...
JL2579 Ender Elevator: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z35e...
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  • ez4ence

    Mumbo : water elevator is the slowest elevator *1.13 soulsand and magma block update* Water elevator: hold my beer

    • Anthony DeLuca
      Anthony DeLuca

      @Vance Productions™ 2 dont drown while in bubbles

    • mlee6050

      I love old so use old water elevator and with the 1.16 blocks I yet to remember them so I just craft 1.14 and below, I refused to cheat by using the green book

    • mlee6050

      @Vance ProductionsTM 2 going down can use old method of water block at bottom

    • beepboopdai

      No it should be hold my water


    4 years ago but still recomended

    • Chris Phillips
      Chris Phillips

      6 years for me now

    • Kyblestone



      Been 6 years still recommended

    • Hazrazor

      6 now but still recommend

  • JustJum

    1:06 going up stairs can be around 50% faster if it's in a straight line, and you spam the space bar. (And it barely drains your hunger bar) Learnt this the first time I tried windows 10 edition, and didnt think it would be the same for java but apparently it is. All my friends wonder how on earth I always beat them walking up the stairs since pretty much nobody knows this trick lmao

    • mlee6050

      @doge okay, I do minimum for the two block height to travel in, also I use stairs as then can go off the side to any y level so easier than being limited like some elevators

    • derpyfaceddude

      mlee6050 it needs to be 5 blocks tall

    • derpyfaceddude

      JustJum Yeah I use that used to use that for my mines, I would have a staircase down to y 11 and going up I spammed the space and yeah. Now I use a soul sand elevator because it’s faster

    • mlee6050

      Not for me as if mining I keep hitting head but as not mine like 4 tall

  • Braylon T.
    Braylon T.

    Mumbo then: water elavators are slow Mumbo 1.13: im a changed man

  • Xrelent

    Finally, the fastest way is both one of the cheapest and most versatile.

  • LOLSflint

    ah, I really want Mumbo to look back on this and see how much he loves the thing he hated. water elevators.

    • Cherin

      @Gethin Evans ok

    • Gethin Evans
      Gethin Evans

      MrDamnee soul sand and magma

    • Cerberus

      Lol same

    • Cherin

      You mean like water sheep elevator?

  • Fomalhaut

    Ladders: 42.9 seconds Stairs: 35.9 seconds (has limitations) Water elevator: 50.2 seconds Minecart: 15.4 seconds Minecart (clicking) 3.3 seconds Nether *poral* (creative): 3.6 seconds. Horse elevator: 12.8 seconds Ender pearl: 5.1 seconds Melon redstone: 7.8 seconds Old school elevator: 11.1 seconds TNT: 4.5 seconds (creative)

  • Nagatsu

    Just in case anyone was wondering, putting on the diamond armour doesn’t take you to the top because the armour has knock back resistance, which is why he said you need more tnt

    • Nagatsu

      ALPHA Clan netherite just adds extra knock back resistance but diamond armour still has some knock back resistance

    • Marion013

      griangroon minecraft Ohmygodstopselfadvertingandpastingyourstupidvideolinktoeverycommentonvideosmadebythehermitspleaseibegyou

    • Nagatsu

      Harrison Chauhan well it seems like the video is still popular anyway lol. I didn’t realise it was made in 2015 tho lol

    • Harrison Chauhan
      Harrison Chauhan

      You know this was made is 2015 right?

  • a

    The question is, how long did it take to make the elevators?

  • Bean

    I made a hidden lever to get to my unfinished base with sticky pistons and was really proud of it, then I saw walking houses

  • MechMechanic

    it may be worth noting that gunpowder is really hard to get in survival peaceful mode.

    • Policat

      Really hard to get in peacufull bruh it dont spawn any mobs -.-

    • Chidamber Pujar
      Chidamber Pujar

      u can swap to normal then go back to peaceful

    • MYthic Gamer
      MYthic Gamer

      you can get it in desert temples or jungle temples

    • Ian Burgess
      Ian Burgess

      Lol I’ve never played peaceful

    • Random Tutorials
      Random Tutorials

      Creeper farm boi

  • Knight.

    “What is the fastest elevator in Minecraft?” Me: Simple. Command block.

    • random man
      random man

      @Shan Ghim well that's worth it and you can do it in all game modes and you can use it as many times as you want without rebuilding it

    • Shan Ghim
      Shan Ghim

      @random man so acc to you building time also count huh

    • Robert Keller
      Robert Keller


    • Miniwarrior

      i agree

    • that

      In creative see, i managed to do it in 0 seconds. but on survivala dn on servers, its a bit laggy and takes 7.38 seconds to do the full hundred blocks, taking 2nd place.

  • lycanthrope71

    I'd love to see you make an updated version of this video, using bubble column elevators, and other modern game mechanics.

    • lycanthrope71

      @big chungus in my opinion is a very nice person. a Yeah, after I made this comment 🙂

    • big chungus in my opinion is a very nice person. a
      big chungus in my opinion is a very nice person. a

      He already did

  • PaperTonne

    Just using plain water while "sprinting" and pressing spacebar makes you move about 6.25 blocks per second. You can interrupt every 40 blocks or so to breathe. Cheap, quick, easy and slim.

  • Waldo

    Some days ago I saw someone making a water elevator with sould sand and magma blocks to go up faster and go down faster respectively. But I found that completely ridiculous since you can make one to go up faster just with minecarts, or even just boats. And the most absurd part is: you can make a much faster one to go down just placing water at the bottom and falling. XD

  • Cape10

    You know what you did. That horse had done nothing wrong.

    • Alexander Zou
      Alexander Zou


    • Sam Watters
      Sam Watters

      Gonna keep this at 666 likes

    • Artsy Andy
      Artsy Andy


    • //Shion

      *screams in yoshi*

  • Caleb Klingerman
    Caleb Klingerman

    This was made pre 1.13, now soul sand elevators are probably the most cost-effective elevator for survival. I have one that takes about 14 seconds to go from bedrock to around 120 blocks up. All you need is one soul sand block, one water bucket, and something to encase the waterfall. Without spending ghastly amounts of resources, probably the fastest way up

  • President Deadpool
    President Deadpool

    Thanks to the Aquatic update, water elevators are actually practical now!

  • Jacob

    I used to be obsessed with old school piston elevators. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I built them all the time. They were so much fun. I even build them on servers. MobbinMinecraft made this one that had a variable speed mechanism and it kinda sorta worked on servers but still not all that great

  • Yukihyo

    Ive been a way from minecraft since villagers were first released as basic passive mobs. Back then water elevators were the quickest and economical to build(because all you needed was a bucket of water). I noticed that your elevator is only one block wide which i rememer being slower than having at least 2-3 block wide colum of water. I used to make a plus pattern water colum elevator and that was my diamond mine access. Has that changed?

  • Troy’s_not__gamer

    If your in survival then I would recommend doing what he did with the Minecart but with boats instead cause they’re super cheap

    • Johan Titulaer
      Johan Titulaer

      @Weltsly Go out, brush one tree down and voila, infinite tree saplings meaning infinite wood!

    • Connor Thompson
      Connor Thompson

      1. *you're 2. Great idea!

    • DaanBlueDuofan

      Your profile picture 🤦

    • Ssakcaj the plasmanoid
      Ssakcaj the plasmanoid

      y u no say oh yeah yeah

    • brick by brick
      brick by brick

      Oh yeah yeah

  • John Frerichmann
    John Frerichmann

    I would love to see this in 1.16

  • Davenom_1

    Notch: **watches the minecart clicky elevator** Notch: *Is it possible to learn this power?*

  • Yellomelon

    Cant believe Dream already beat Mumbo in subs so quickly

  • Spaghetti Bird
    Spaghetti Bird

    Ah yes, the peaceful world where you can get TNT

  • Yugi Moto
    Yugi Moto

    If you place soulsand and build around it with glass(any block)then keep adding water to every place it is a fast elevator

  • Filippo Spaccamonti
    Filippo Spaccamonti

    You really should make a video like this but with all the new functions

  • Boy If
    Boy If

    The fastest way to travel up is using a ender crystal catapult cannon and also you can use a command: /effect @p levitation 2 255

  • Jacob Milburn
    Jacob Milburn

    Wonder how fast the soul speed water elevator is?

  • Personpacman

    1:08 Ah yes, my favorite elevator *stairs*

    • AmazingAmbro

      @morgan priest and thats why u say bad words like me.

    • Daffa Alzhafran
      Daffa Alzhafran

      my opponent

    • The Nutter Gang
      The Nutter Gang

      @iamseb what did it just get announced at end game or are you just throwing spoilers!

    • sam wegener
      sam wegener


    • HUE_M1rr0r

      @Lenny the simplest way ist: look down build up 😂

  • Eny

    I hope he updates this because there are now so many more ways to travel Edit: i have seen the updated video. please stop telling me about it

    • Lejang

      He just did lol

    • Eny

      @When The ik

    • When The
      When The

      Just now lol

    • Eny

      @Adel Abdella really? send me the link

    • Adel Abdella
      Adel Abdella

      Here am i after 1month telling you that have been done😏

  • Tekoim Ming
    Tekoim Ming

    Don't know if somebody already said that, but it doesn't work with diamond armour cause of the knockback resistance. At least I'm pretty sure that's the case.

  • Qi Chenin
    Qi Chenin

    for the water elevator you can also use soul sand it makes it faster

    • Joshua Lewandowski
      Joshua Lewandowski

      Geez check the date bruh

  • Benucho

    6:08 diamond armor reduces knockback damage dealt to the wearer

  • Fnaffan1712 _
    Fnaffan1712 _

    I have something to say about the Last elevator, as you know for TNT you need Gunpowder wich gets dropped by Creppers(wich are Agressive Mobs btw) and won’t Spawn in PeacfulMode so the TNT launcher as well as almost any PistonElevator(wich exaption of an Paternoster, bcs of the Slimeballs you can only get from Slimes) aren’t possible to build in Survival with Peacful. This isn’t supposed to be an HateComment so pls don’t turn the Sektion into an Warzone where everyone is firing at me :-(

    • Alexander Zou
      Alexander Zou

      Pew pew

  • Samuel Shaaban
    Samuel Shaaban

    The new soulsand water elevators are about 13 seconds for the 100 blocks, 7.7 m/s

  • TNTree_

    "the horse elevator got nerfed though" *sad cake noises*

    • The Secret Gamer Plays
      The Secret Gamer Plays

      What have I done did I copy you

  • Brayden Carver
    Brayden Carver

    Your horse staircase one looked like it took a while to build. So me and my friend found a new way thats really fast use cakes. Put all the cakes eat one slice then 2 slice 3 slice and so on when u get to 1 cake peace place a block and redi the sequence Its really cool but as far as we are sure it only wirks on a horse.

  • efenty

    Water elevator is mostly useful for moving mobs.

  • Not Angel
    Not Angel

    For the tnt u not supposed to use the fence u just chill on the water while holdong the jump button and you wont take any damage

  • Deaconator22 Official
    Deaconator22 Official

    Mumbo: What is the fastest elevator? Pewdiepie: CAKE LADDER!!!

  • DrIdiotic

    Oh man, if only I had a 100 block house that I don’t necessarily need anything for

  • Jyrel

    The minecart rail elevator looked like a horizontal rollercoaster full of loops for a sec lmao

  • arPos Kraft
    arPos Kraft

    yeh as i said, horses are pretty darn good, they can swim decent and fly over jungles as well

  • Davis Hogge
    Davis Hogge

    “Never use a water elevator” little did he know

  • Stephen Green
    Stephen Green

    U need seaweed for the water elevator which creates bubbles and makes u go really fast

  • Neethsues Voldar
    Neethsues Voldar

    Sad to see that simple soul sand in water made all these obsolete

  • RainyBlueSkies

    Sadly, in 1.9, the ender pearl elevator would take longer because there's a cool down time.

    • O1

      Gi tirado hahahahaahahahhahahaqhahqhaaaahahahahahaahahahahahahaah@hhHAHB

    • O1

      Brodern lolol

    • Spammer Man
      Spammer Man

      Gi tirado it doesn't allow numbers that high

    • Jon Nuat
      Jon Nuat

      no the the ender pearl takes a sec to land and in that time the cooldowns over

    • Elspeth

      has it sth to do with mods?

  • Helixx

    TNT didn’t work in easy+ because if you get damaged you momentum depending on the current momentum is changed

  • ¡zqrx!

    Mumbo: *Water elavators are the slowest way to travel* 1.13 update: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  • UCG-gaming

    Now we’ve got magma and soul sand elevators.

  • GamingVerse

    The nether portal one is the fastest if you have that mod that makes you see through portals its even faster than Creative mod you wont get a loading screen and plus it depends what your pc specs are Mumbo

  • Tinfoil Chef
    Tinfoil Chef

    I remember the old water ladder design.. back in the day that was the fastest way to travel up

    • foodflare

      +Tinfoil Chef there's a water ladder design out that is still quite quick, it uses fence posts and signs and functions similarly to how a normal ladder does but faster.

  • SirDurtle

    It’s funny. The water elevator was the worst one, but in 1.14 now the water elevator is probably one of the best ones when you use soul sand.

  • Rajeeb Banerjee
    Rajeeb Banerjee

    You could put pencil sand in there that would make a lot faster

  • TheMost Random
    TheMost Random

    90 percent of this comment section: 1.13 “hold my beer” references, referencing the new water elevator added to the game 10 percent: TYPO ON NETHER PORTAL REEEEEEEE

  • help me what name do i pick
    help me what name do i pick

    Use magma blocks or soulsand to make the water elevator faster. edit: This is for the latest version of making a water elevator, using magma blocks or soulsand now creates a water bubble elevator.

  • yor

    What about bubble eleva-- Video: *uploaded 4 years ago*

    • A G
      A G

      There is a newer version of this video

    • Rodrick Heffley ✓
      Rodrick Heffley ✓


    • ุ


    • [ Josh ]
      [ Josh ]

      I mean at least it's not the exact same 😂

    • Sleepy Parakeet
      Sleepy Parakeet

      Stolen from [ Josh ]

  • Caroline Oflaherty
    Caroline Oflaherty

    You should have used soul sand for the water elevator

  • Melonade

    Who is here after Mumbo uploaded the new version? Just me? Ok.

    • Hugo 2.0
      Hugo 2.0


    • Chaseump

      Me to

    • ILIA

      I'm here one month after you OK????

    • Hahah Hahaha
      Hahah Hahaha


    • AntiOof


  • Carter Stevenson
    Carter Stevenson

    I was blown away by the 3.3 seconds of the Minecraft clicker. I’ve only watched a few of your videos, and I already love them!

  • Kirby703

    More recently than this video, you can make bubble columns with soul sand at the bottom. They let you travel 104 blocks in about 6 seconds, so they're not the fastest, but I'd still recommend them because they cost a lot less iron than the minecart clicky elevator.

    • ZianTrex The last living dinosaur
      ZianTrex The last living dinosaur

      Kirby703 thanks for the limit so I can make a sky base now yay

  • Patty

    No matter have fast or slow the most important is how you design your server

  • JuicyRL

    You can place soul sand under water to make a bubble elevator

  • m3m3b0y

    Me: hey what’s your favorite way to travel? Friend: I like the minecart click elevator. Also friend: what’s your favorite? Me: nether *P O R A L S* . Friend: 😐

    • xXIts_TylerXx


    • PrimRose

      Never heard of a nether poral Sounds fun I don't want that to be rude pls

    • don't subscribe please
      don't subscribe please

      Remove the Me: and the Emoji and you have found your golden comment.

    • Youssif Mansour
      Youssif Mansour


    • Morné

      butteredtoast studios lol

  • GitGoodLol

    Does anyone know how the new water with soul sand method compares?

  • Approximately Balut
    Approximately Balut

    I prefer vines to ladders. Smoother, quieter, and just slightly faster (I guess).

  • Crystal Blum
    Crystal Blum

    mumbo: wearing diamond armor doesnt blast you to the top also mumbo: doesnt show us

  • B3njamin

    for those who didn't find the piston-minecart elevator in the description: rsloft.info/loft/video/gpeGw2uyxWKsm34

  • Seve Kiragu
    Seve Kiragu

    the fastest way is the water 1 if getting down when u go into swim mode in the newer versions

  • DragonCrafter04

    I found a faster way. Summon 100 end crystals on the same block frame, and stand on a post above them. 100 blocks in 0.002 seconds

    • mnajib09

      InshaAllah work, however make sure you disable the Tnt Explosion or the ender crystals will destroy surrounding blocks


    Mumbo you can travel up ladders fasters by holding down spacebar and forwards.

  • When The
    When The

    The fact that this was made 4 years ago and slime blocks existed makes me feel old

  • Tempest

    He should make this video again but with the more updated blocks

  • Hey Ho
    Hey Ho

    Minecart clicker is without a doubt the best one. Very cheap, not even remotely complicated to build and goes super fast. Honestly, everything else is just bad and way too expensive for a survival world.. there's no reason not to go for the minecart elevator out of the ones in this video.

  • ManedWolfMonarch

    What is the fastest elevator in Minecraft? Update 1.13: Hold my beer

    • liquidwaterr

      Sir ur mouse is gonna die

    • ZexeZ

      More like get my water

    • RazorScooterKid

      Rrek if u use riptide no

    • HolyFlare484

      Starlad The Hedgehog *Drowned noises*

    • ez4ence

      @Losing brain cells bust is cheap

  • seapoolx

    Use soul sand for the water elavater but put source blocks all the way in

  • CanISpeakToTheManager Please
    CanISpeakToTheManager Please

    Ah yes my favourite way to go up... A nether poral.

  • Frans

    You can make a water elevator by using soul sand

  • catleya jalbuena
    catleya jalbuena

    The first one was so complex and epic🤣