What if Villagers could do Redstone?
Mumbo Jumbo
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  • Peter Schalke
    Peter Schalke

    Mumbo: "What if villagers could do redstone" Villagers: Let's create a flying village

    • Frits Ove Åteigen-Solvang
      Frits Ove Åteigen-Solvang

      End Bruh ya

    • Frits Ove Åteigen-Solvang
      Frits Ove Åteigen-Solvang


    • ElentoPlayz


    • GUN MAN
      GUN MAN

      “Let’s just a make an underground village with an obsidian barrier and nether-rail access to travel to every other village.

    • Your weekly word of things
      Your weekly word of things

      Well there at least is a walking village

  • Hecatium

    Villagers’ currency: emeralds Mumbo’s shop thing: takes diamonds

    • Meplus455

      daz exactly what i was thinking lol

    • LolKnight

      I want world download

    • GMLegende

      @Hashim Alkooheji yea he could have used Nether star ! you put one nether star you get one potato

    • Your weekly word of things
      Your weekly word of things

      For god sake mumbo

    • Kaydence Clark
      Kaydence Clark

      Yeah, why did he use diamonds?

  • John the herbalist G
    John the herbalist G

    If villagers could do redstone, they would invent some kind of hyperefficient villager killing device. We all know they're really good at finding the most efficient way to off themselves en masse. It wouldn't be too long until they industrialized the practice

    • pokemon pokemon
      pokemon pokemon


    • Purple

      Just as we humans do


      @Cheezly no he don't.

    • Scratch and More
      Scratch and More

      No, kill the pillagers.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname

    If villagers could do red stone, they’d just make more advanced ways to scam people

    • TeenTraveler 17
      TeenTraveler 17

      Hehe, true.

    • GMLegende

      and that's how internet was created

    • KraukenGames

      online scamming

    • ChickenWithAGlock

      this has 69 likes

    • Scary man
      Scary man

      @käffi ahh

  • Amos Rand
    Amos Rand

    "Obviously we can't use villagers inside the farms" Yes, imagine if villagers locked up and enslaved their own kind to farm crops, with no food, and took away any crops that they harvest...

    • DryRuins

      Sounds like a weekend build for wheat farming

    • Casey Riley
      Casey Riley

      It'd be really nice, save me the trouble😂

    • TeenTraveler 17
      TeenTraveler 17

      @Amos Rand Congrats.

    • Amos Rand
      Amos Rand

      Wow this has quite a few likes!

    • TeenTraveler 17
      TeenTraveler 17


  • Joey

    "Keep it in spirit with Vanilla Minecraft" 2 Minutes Later "So this is Bob, he's the security guard who likes baked potatoes"

    • D1gital Bandit
      D1gital Bandit

      You do know that Mojang loves inside jokes like how if you name something Dinnerbone they become upside down

    • just something
      just something


    • Your weekly word of things
      Your weekly word of things


    • Toad

      @Joey maybe they would like vanilla

    • Cat UwU
      Cat UwU

      That was gonna be my comment

  • Confused Slav
    Confused Slav

    "what if villagers could do redstone?" me: *then they would be smarter than me.*

    • L1ri0 4zu1
      L1ri0 4zu1

      Aren't we all?

    • ChickenWithAGlock

      then they wont be me slave and wont have breed with each other to make baby slaves and we wouldnt be able to capture them and then some random end game dude will make a inf tnt missile launcher and end all of reality

    • an human
      an human

      And we will have to respect them

  • Daniel'N'Friends Couch
    Daniel'N'Friends Couch

    Mumbo: Uses diamonds as the shop's currency. Emeralds: Am I a joke to you?

  • Canopy

    I imagine they’d have iron golem-creating machines at each wall in case of a raid, and maybe along with that have a “safe house” with an iron door among other things to defend against those door destroyers and beasts from the raid.

  • ahasif

    mumbo"i always love the look of exposed redstone" grian:"he didnt even bother covering them up!!!!"

    • Grace Elizebeth
      Grace Elizebeth

      @Noney The DogYT What

    • Brenden Smith
      Brenden Smith

      Never heard words so true you are so very right about that

    • Noney The DogYT
      Noney The DogYT


    • Diya


    • Superray_playz


  • TeenTraveler 17
    TeenTraveler 17

    9:26 That's a very great idea. Sort of like having a convenient hospital for the danger proned villagers.

  • Ruinous Hunter
    Ruinous Hunter

    I feel like if villagers could use red stone, they would find a way to finally keep the player from selling them their own emeralds back.

  • Paramjit Sarkar
    Paramjit Sarkar

    It makes more sense as to why mumbo put potatos in the shop now. (For those who don't get it, watch hermitcraft's recent episodes)

  • mushy

    "i could just put potatoes in here" ah. so this is where it starts.

  • Eunbi Enubi
    Eunbi Enubi

    This is how the world changed when people discovered electricity

    • Al Capone 1999
      Al Capone 1999

      @Ender Dragon Get a life

    • Jonas

      @Ender Dragon Dude i wasnt trying to be grammatically corrrect this is just a youtube comment get a life

    • Ender Dragon
      Ender Dragon

      @うんちUnchi ?

    • Ender Dragon
      Ender Dragon

      @Jonas There’s**

  • kerrie second
    kerrie second

    Mumbo jumbo: *destroys stalls to make mall* Me: ah yes a big business taking over the small businesses

  • Guze Cefai
    Guze Cefai

    Love how you did this. If Mojang is ever going to add cities to Minecraft this is how they should be done. I am also not capable of doing redstone .I can only make a redstone lamp turn on.

  • Levi Schildy 4*Town Fan
    Levi Schildy 4*Town Fan

    I really like your new village and I think that a dining hall for all of the villagers would be a cool thing to add to the village :)

  • Davidstilcrazy

    The iron golem was sitting on the roof the entire time

    • Chad Broski
      Chad Broski


  • Sko

    Imagine if Pillager Raids started with TNT launchers and Flaming Arrow Machine Guns.

    • Andrew

      I imagine after walls being broken some pillagers on pigs run in yelling "HOG RIDDEEEEER" murdering villagers

    • Ruchi Singh
      Ruchi Singh


    • Ibegyounottoask

      Mr. B why did I spend so much time on that? I have no idea.

    • Ibegyounottoask

      Mr. B they could also have the invisibility potions with them so all the illagers could see is the wings. And then the illagers would have lingering damage potions that they rain down on all the other villages while all the other villages do the same thing with the elytras and everything and then they would use the emergency command block to make a flying machine. And then they get out their bows and the illagers get out the crossbows and they fight as some villagers and illagers fall off and die. Eventually they use the last resort and summon the ender dragon and the illagers summon the wither and they fight while the illagers and villagers pull back their arrows and shoot their most powerful shots at the other team. Once both monstrosities die together it causes a horrible noise and all the illagers and villagers pass out and fall except for a couple that are still on the ground that assembled a nether portal. All the illagers and pillagers go into the nether and wake up..... to be continued

    • Ibegyounottoask

      Mr. B no actually this was my random thought process of like 10 seconds. Give me more time and there will be a lot more.

  • Charlie Jackson
    Charlie Jackson

    Mumbo Jumbo: "We've made a pretty substantial improvement" also Mumbo Jumbo: Destroys several houses to make trading posts that villagers can't use and farms that they don't need

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson

    It would be cool if villages were upgraded (get more modern) as you expand from spawn. Like a village at x: 200 would be the same as x: -200 but village x: 1000 would be upgraded

  • taha Uthman
    taha Uthman

    I think the best improvement is to replace the houses with redstone houses But still the same size

  • Maxwell

    There should be a mod based on the ideas on Mumbo's ideas. It should be called 'Mumbo's Advanced Villages'

  • mimig298

    You have to remake the archery thing after 1.15 using target blocks.

  • Philip

    "the villagers need a quarantine area" yes, yes they do indeed. in fact this is probably the most important area in the entire village

  • Grooby Hui
    Grooby Hui

    I'd do recruit villager, you could give him a weapon and it defends itself and the mere villager could be recruit by comming next to manequin, that would also be added

  • Omogxwlt yosu olxsoan, Said omex-stilt
    Omogxwlt yosu olxsoan, Said omex-stilt

    I think an iron golem factory would be great. Mojang won’t add it because it is an iron farm, but I think the villagers would like it.

  • Mayor Hotdog
    Mayor Hotdog

    “Very subtle changes...” Creates a wall, farm, security gate, a shop, and a zombie villager conversion facility. Yes Mumbo, very subtle.

  • Thedogeking 459
    Thedogeking 459

    1:56 make it so that mobs either holding potatoes or mobs that drop potatoes will break the system and open the gate.

  • Havoc 13
    Havoc 13

    "Mojang probably doesn't want you to get hard to farm blocks like that easily" Also mumbo: *uses dispensers, comparators and sticky pistons*

  • Zach Ulatowski
    Zach Ulatowski

    good idea until they add this then the player that raids this gets a lot of redstone, pistons, iron and potions

  • Sven Borgenson
    Sven Borgenson

    I think you should build defenses against raids that are mob-activated. I think that would be good for village defenses and really cool!

  • VeryPeeved

    honestly, just the walls and lamps would be a great addition to vanilla village generation.

    • The Friend
      The Friend

      How would pillagers Get in though

    • Psychosomatic

      VeryPeeved 669 ;)

    • Mr Riddles
      Mr Riddles

      I feel like it should be later on in the game villagers begin redoing their villages once they’re rich enough

    • Level 999 Crook
      Level 999 Crook

      One day villagers will take their revenge by making automatic raid farms

  • Cyber

    I think the villagers could really benifit from having a world eater for their village

  • TeenTraveler 17
    TeenTraveler 17

    11:16 Aww, how sweet of you Mumbo. Taking Mojang into account for their work I mean.

  • MK_the_Maniac

    "Its not even beetroot its rhubarb" _Confused villager noises_

  • TeenTraveler 17
    TeenTraveler 17

    1:11 Yeah I fall into that problem frequently whenever I try to protect the villages.

  • Hero Destrin
    Hero Destrin

    Mumbo: "There's not really any groundbreaking redstone here." Also Mumbo: *breaks ground to make room for more redstone* EDIT: Thank you SO much for making this the MOST LIKED comment on the video! That's totally awesome :D one of my most liked comments for sure

    • Don't ask
      Don't ask


    • The_animal_ Ark
      The_animal_ Ark


    • Hero Destrin
      Hero Destrin

      @The Cloaker this was a year ago... To late >:3

    • The Cloaker
      The Cloaker

      Please stop. No more puns.

    • Hero Destrin
      Hero Destrin

      @Kirishima Ejiro Not a problem :D

  • BritAnimates

    That one Villager watching as everyone gets treated with tech whilst his house ain’t even inside the damn walls

    • Miraak

      Which house Edit nvm I saw it

  • Bean Burrito
    Bean Burrito

    Mumbo: Ok we won’t use quartz because that is too op. Also Mumbo: Automated potion brewer and curing facility

  • Kieron Wiltshire
    Kieron Wiltshire

    The real question is would they make an iron golem farm and protect themselves with iron armour instead?

  • LDragonGaming

    for the gate you could keep the first level fence but skip second level and add fences to all the levels after that. let only the first one move that way they won’t be able to jump over if the gate is up

  • 4oli

    He actually got a really good point with the fact that villagers should sell potions!

    • musa musa
      musa musa

      Well there should be a villager dedicated for potions and other stuff Probably name it the medic or something related to it

    • Saiko

      They should change cleric name to alchemist because you turn a jobless villager into a cleric by placing a brewing stand

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      I think it would be a good addition to the cleric's trades.

    • Grundierung Täglich
      Grundierung Täglich

      There is a mod called Extra Utilities 2 that has alchemist villagers. That would be good to have in vanilla minecraft.

    • P4T0 98
      P4T0 98

      Hear me out: An alchemist profession

  • RípoffAccount

    They should add a rare village where villagers would actually use redstone, would be a cool story add on

    • Quinn Nulty
      Quinn Nulty

      Quality and the quality and value in 2nd and third party orders is

  • Doruk Ortakcı
    Doruk Ortakcı

    Imagine that you're just chilling in your house and one day a random guy comes there building walls around the whole place and build huge boxes everywhere and turning the place to a castle

  • Case PoPz
    Case PoPz

    The fact that he built a place to do target practice without making use of a target block is hilarious 😂

  • ordnasselA

    Actually, if you think about it, villagers have already build a "quarantine zone": the igloo

  • Blargh

    1.16 villagers now own spaceships and can teleport through space-time

    • HeavyWeaponsPigeon

      But they still can not fight, and rely now on their spaceships the aid of the newest golem only spawnable in space known as the Golden Golem. They deal high damage, but have low health. Therefore they are also normal player height and have 20 health. Most will naturally spawn with extra armor on them (no better than iron, usually chainmail) and an axe or their bare hands, which still deal 4.5 hearts each hit.

    • Blargh

      Kaiser Lee vertical slab won’t be introduced in vanilla because it would add the ability to over detail and things would start to get too close to round

    • Blargh

      MR MEOW THE CAT 4.35

    • Kaiser Lee
      Kaiser Lee

      And vertical slab is still not added

    • Troy Coats
      Troy Coats

      How do you now

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    This would be cool as a rare type of village with a unique villager with redstone trades

  • Tanner Morris
    Tanner Morris

    "I underestimated how long it would take me to build a wall around this village" bro I feel that...I built a wall an average of 20 blocks high, minimum of 6 blocks wide, all smooth stone, in a U-shape around a village with water forming the 4th side. I have an edge-to-edge moat on the top and every 2-3 dozen blocks is an iron golem "farm" such that the iron golems spawn outside to defend from mobs. it took me probably 3 straight 8-hour days of just slugging out blocks, and that's AFTER I got a super smelter going attached to a cobble farm.

  • Jonsan

    Well... Seems like I had something different in mind when reading about Villagers doing Redstone. :D

  • scottym50

    I love watching your videos and this one was awesome. Great video, thank you.

  • Tropical Tides 345
    Tropical Tides 345

    Mumbo: I can’t imagine villagers having weapons Also Mumbo: ARCHERY.

    • Team Cloud Developers
      Team Cloud Developers

      Tropical Tides 345 it’s for when the skeletons invade the village. Lol

    • Juan Gonzalez
      Juan Gonzalez


    • luke yun
      luke yun


  • Skyla Farrell
    Skyla Farrell

    Wish they could update the villagers and mobs to be a bit more challenging

  • reuniteireland

    I really wish that you could get potions from villagers. I play on peaceful and therefore cannot craft any potions, which is quite sad.

  • Hiba Najam
    Hiba Najam

    Mumbo: I'm not going to go crazy with the redstone Also Mumbo: **proceeds to recreate the german enigma**

  • ShelStevo

    3:37 you should’ve used wool so it matched with the village

  • vegan dog food
    vegan dog food

    Mumbo: “What do villagers even like?” **Proceeds to not put emeralds in his store**

    • tic

      @Aurescent gamez_ ask your subs for ideas and then do those btw y u reply to someone with this lol

    • tic

      he used diamonds instead and I got so confused

    • Ben Fletcher
      Ben Fletcher

      Jasper he is selling his diamonds.

    • Sam Guckian
      Sam Guckian

      Jasper Stuart yeah, but he used diamonds as the currency instead of emeralds.

  • CP Psychotic
    CP Psychotic

    The transition at 6:19 …. Gave us all the the info about what he did…

  • Superllama0903

    Alright hear me out. Redstone villager. It would have a redstone door for the enterance and would sell things like redstone (obviously) redstone blocks, comparators. Etc. any ideas of what it would have inside of its house?

  • Finley Akathiotis
    Finley Akathiotis

    Mumbo: Builds a quarantine area The government in 2021: Doesn’t build one Mumbo: Look what it takes to mimic a fraction of my power

  • Blake Morgan
    Blake Morgan

    You should add a security system at regular points around the wall where if a zombie or pillager triggers a pressure plate a turret rises out of the ground and burns them or shoots them

  • Sarah Putnam
    Sarah Putnam

    “Not to sound too much like a builder or anything”. This is a safe space Mumbo, you can say Grian.

    • KeilyDoesStuff


    • Baam Night
      Baam Night

      He doesnt wanna summon him when he incited his name

    • ✨Bird & Animal Løver QUITTED✨
      ✨Bird & Animal Løver QUITTED✨

      XD true this made my day better

    • giant orange
      giant orange

      @Dranox ppp

    • TheDragons Forever
      TheDragons Forever


  • Cube gaming playerz
    Cube gaming playerz

    just an iron golem on a villager house...keeping it in the spirit of vanilla Minecraft 2:40

  • Xero

    imagine having so many crops for so less villagers then also buying them for diamonds

  • GavHoff Drums
    GavHoff Drums

    Would be cool but also challenging with world generation, villages can spawn like anywhere, so what if there was a cave or ravine that messed up the Redstone

  • Yey

    That is such a pretty village my gosh, wish he left the seed

  • Flooded Mars
    Flooded Mars

    Mumbo: I can't see villagers using weapons. *builds a target for archery*

    • peppa pig uwuwuwuwu
      peppa pig uwuwuwuwu

      @Aurescent gamez_ please stop

    • Avaloa Airways
      Avaloa Airways

      @Noah R Honestly one of my favourite series. Been waiting for the 17th book for like 1 year

    • Noah R
      Noah R

      @Avaloa Airways YOU READ THAT?! I didn't think it was that popular lol.

    • Okami_6

      I don’t see the problem with cursing

    • a7md_004

      @Lisa Williams oH nOoOOo nOt cUrSiNg

  • DisguisedKoalas

    “Almost like a quarantine area” Well that aged well

  • Teaggs

    Now what if Villagers could do with Create mod, that would be interesting :D

  • Rocky

    Villagers are gonna love their lives if it was like this

  • Owen Dog ya bro
    Owen Dog ya bro

    They should add a mob grinder in villages so the villagers can kill mobs for loot

  • Wolf Meister
    Wolf Meister

    "If villagers had redstone their defense sytems would be off the charts" Iron Golem: Am I a joke to you?

    • Bubrocks11 The stryker
      Bubrocks11 The stryker

      Me: *YES*

    • Pat Callahan
      Pat Callahan

      @Optimus Lower left corner at 10:46

    • Optimus

      Pat Callahan where is it?

    • Pat Callahan
      Pat Callahan

      10:46 Considering the Iron Golem is on top of the roof where mobs can't spawn...

    • Hitblock

      Skeleton: Shoots Iron Golem Iron Golem: So you have chosen... Death.

  • Guythatlikesgames

    The villager’s face when his house is now potions would be crazy lol

  • JT Bassmat
    JT Bassmat

    The idea of Villagers and Redstone can either jeopardize or birth a plethora of possibilities. I would love to see a Village where if I somehow trigger a raid, it will open up a hatch for endless Iron Golems to spawn at an accelerated pace. A town built on a giant mechanical turtle would be really interesting to see. Or maybe a Steampunk air city where the Iron Golems swing from building to building within the city to get around would really cool. I know that the Overworld is supposed to be tied to real life, hence the frogs. But then again, I don't see Cyclops Puffer fish with laser vision in the ocean or a Blind Humanoid Brute with an impeccable sense of hearing and super strength when I go to a 7/11 or the Grocers.

  • Sk1pZ

    Are we going to talk about how Mumbo destroys multiple houses in this video making some of the villagers homeless?

  • John the herbalist G
    John the herbalist G

    I've never eaten the beetroot, but I grow it all the time for villager trading

  • Γιώργος Καλ
    Γιώργος Καλ

    Mumbo: Puts diamonds as the price in the shop. Villagers: **angry Hmm noises**

    • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
      Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

      @The Ghasts 109 we no understand you

    • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
      Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

      @ACLS123 thats rude.

    • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
      Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

      @The Glitch COMICS you have no idea how to make a joke/meme, do you?

    • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
      Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

      @The Ghasts 109 WTF are you talking about???

  • Andy Li
    Andy Li

    the quarantine area must have been filled with villagers these days........