What Happens If You Plug 100 Chargers in an iPhone? Instant Charge!?
I wanted to scale it up this time and try wiring 100 chargers together to see if it would be faster then a single charger! Both iPhone 6S's were on iOS 14.

  • khairil firzwan
    khairil firzwan

    ekceli its not about the wire..even though u put 1k wire charger...its still not worth it..its all about the plug..should make the plug support 100w fast charger...ull get it

  • Amaury Kings
    Amaury Kings


  • Not 4U
    Not 4U

    100 iphone charger still cant beat android fast chargers LOL

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    Risen Gaming

    see you guys in 5 years when this get recommended

  • Ash B
    Ash B

    Nobody finds it odd that iPhone's can't boot up right away after being plugged in 😂😂

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    Max Stille

    How much for that

  • DayFern

    Who's checking the comments too see if he exploded

  • Ram Muchhar
    Ram Muchhar

    Tap 👉 3:12 for action, thank me later.

  • Arjun Pundeer
    Arjun Pundeer

    1 charger = 7% 100 charger = 14% RIP Maths

  • Bryanjames Germones
    Bryanjames Germones

    Will you really waste 100 iphone charger just to get your phone to charge faster?🤣

  • Jérémy Rouvinez
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  • Rique Gamer 500
    Rique Gamer 500

    Ele tem uma proteção q faz com q ele só puxe até a potencia maxima duta pelo fabricante

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    it's DMG

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  • Kids Gilo Show
    Kids Gilo Show

    Me watching this video, wondering where to get 100 chargers

  • Yenni Irma
    Yenni Irma

    im wondering battery health condition of iphone after being charged by 100 chargers

  • M̶Ữ૨1ŁØ ツ
    M̶Ữ૨1ŁØ ツ

    Spoiler: 💣💣💥💥

  • Der0v Game
    Der0v Game

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  • Kiran Flora
    Kiran Flora

    RIP battery

  • jencen blanco
    jencen blanco

    Mandinggo vs some asian guy

  • Grace Her
    Grace Her

    Can u do 30 give away chargers because my family keeps on losing it

  • rene kuiter
    rene kuiter

    What song is at 5:00

  • Last For Ever Gaming channel
    Last For Ever Gaming channel

    Why is charges are not coming with Apple is because to prevent more wastes os we need to buy

  • Ron H.
    Ron H.

    I dont need 100 chargers, my phone just need 1 hour to be fully charged



  • Bruh4000

    You could buy a a gaming pc if you sold all these charges

  • MD ZulFarish
    MD ZulFarish

    The guy from physic in the electrical chapter problem

  • Maryka Labonne
    Maryka Labonne

    I wanted a fucking boom

  • Pankaj Kushwaha
    Pankaj Kushwaha

    Can we just appreciate this guy for staying up all night making this video

  • Iam Erick
    Iam Erick

    wow too many charger for iphone. my charger is broken and soo expensive to buy. can i have one . 🙏🙏😭😭

  • ERNEST Malach
    ERNEST Malach

    bullshit lmao

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    can you sell this i want it 🙏🙏

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    This will take time to get recommended again, see you guys when the new virus kicks in

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    Memphis Ecarma

    Girls: wonder why guys dies 1st? Him:

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  • caity b
    caity b

    “So how did your house burn down” “well I saw some dude make one charger out of 100 wires to charge his phone really quick so I thought it’d be fun to try”

  • NonstopNothing

    I think they optimize the amount of power the phone can receive. So even with a hundred chargers, the phone is made to only receive a certain amount of power at a time. If not, I believe the phone would have exploded

  • NonstopNothing

    I think they optimize the amount of power the phone can receive. So even with a hundred chargers, the phone is made to only receive a certain amount of power at a time. If not, I believe the phone would have exploded

  • Yinnn Jancuk
    Yinnn Jancuk

    Realme be like: i Don't need do like that😏

  • Lacey Riles
    Lacey Riles

    What was the battery health like after you used the 100 chargers on the battery??

  • rien sopany
    rien sopany

    The fact that he use 100 charger and connecting them together and used it and it's not exploding was gizzard

  • Alexis Gaming Entertainment
    Alexis Gaming Entertainment

    No Wonder Why Your Bill Was On Past Due

  • Said Galleze
    Said Galleze

    And what you gonna do now with all those head charges without cables 😅😆

  • Zidan j khan
    Zidan j khan

    😅 Damn where you get this all chargers

  • Bella Voce
    Bella Voce

    *Filmed by iphone plays*

  • pawan yadav
    pawan yadav

    Dislikes from apple worker.😂😂

  • Shazia Qadir
    Shazia Qadir

    Before he even plugged the chargers in I thought that the 100 charger phone will go to 100 instantly like in a fraction of a second

  • Jesse Cruz
    Jesse Cruz

    Me with a 25 watt charger. Why?

  • nelish gautam
    nelish gautam

    He is fast forwading because while charging the time was also running fast

  • Bio

    I would like to see you short this out

  • Balu Andhavarapu
    Balu Andhavarapu

    Just a lot of e-waste

  • drama cover
    drama cover

    I need this charger Cuz my phone take so long to charge 😭😭

  • Jenisha Lobo
    Jenisha Lobo

    What do you want Instant charging or Highest electrical bill you have ever gotten

  • Jos van Gilst
    Jos van Gilst

    Isn't there a limit in an iphone for the speed at which it can charge?

  • Rick Segall
    Rick Segall

    Anyone in 2027 ? I appreciate your scrolling down here to reach me. I hope you guys don't have back-dating on comments yet.

  • Nathen Mathews
    Nathen Mathews

    Not instant. False advertising. Lame click bait.

  • Ritesh Prathipati
    Ritesh Prathipati

    The reason there is a very little bit difference is because the phone 6s has a limit of 14 to 20 watt charging and hence it won't cross the limit But I expected the phone would overheat and blast.....There's something mystery in this video 🧐🧐

  • 拽西瓜


  • Ricky Lancer
    Ricky Lancer

    Iphone Users: wow so fast😮🤯 Android Users: 😴 so slow

  • Rama Dika
    Rama Dika

    is it real?

  • lumino

    I wanted to do this but then realized how much money I’d spend on just electricity + chargers.-

  • All About Gameplay !
    All About Gameplay !

    Where is my iphone charger ? Store didn’t give me one ? Lol

  • Prakash Kamate
    Prakash Kamate

    isme sirf ek charger calu he😂😂🤣

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    Honey Hive

    We did it boys We found the guy from our math textbooks

  • Gamers gaming BGS
    Gamers gaming BGS

    I dont need sleep i want answers

  • CJ

    If the phone has an external battery you can stock up multiple batteries like its a magazine. Another way of achieving instant charge?

  • Mr Grown
    Mr Grown

    Lets all be honest.. No one searched for this

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  • Omar25t

    Twice as fast with 1000% more chargers lol

  • Not-So-Simple Gamer
    Not-So-Simple Gamer

    Him:oh no my phone died Him:anyway.

  • Suemie

    I need thag charge

  • Omega Steve
    Omega Steve

    Its 1 percent every half a minut eor a minute

  • Affeewang

    Just give me an iphone lol

  • โดบิตะ เอฟเฟค
    โดบิตะ เอฟเฟค


    • โดบิตะ เอฟเฟค
      โดบิตะ เอฟเฟค


  • Cactus_ Mint
    Cactus_ Mint

    Not worth the difference tho

  • deEpANsHU sINgH
    deEpANsHU sINgH

    Why the fuck he added all wires in parallel ?


    I thought the outlet would explode

  • JeLviFy

    *itll go BRRRR*

  • Jedu Network
    Jedu Network

    Why did u undergo so much trouble..u could have hooked it up with a car battery

  • sai gaming
    sai gaming

    😱😱😱😱 yo I hope there a charge like that

  • sudesh luthra
    sudesh luthra

    Bijli ka bil tera baap bar ga

  • Ally Ash05
    Ally Ash05

    So does this mean I can charge my phone with 2 chargers at once and it’ll be safe?

  • Turtle Zilla
    Turtle Zilla

    The iPhone regulates the amount of current going in thats because of different countries with 210 volts can be regulated through the phone



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    fanboying every day

    recommended to Android users

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    Heheheh phone battery goes brrt

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    Daniele Torsello

    if you had taken the time to do this experiment studying, you would have saved some money😉😄

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    Kiel valenzuela

    How the hell

  • Pro Bantai
    Pro Bantai

    Lol my Flipkart Smart Buy Charger which costs 4$ is faster than 100 chargers😂.

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    Im gonna tell you...A big Big Boom

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    Jonna Gabinete

    I saw this just now (Every munites in Hundred charger cost 1%) am i right ?

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    What a hero 🙏

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    Gaming Nazib

    i have iphone 6s

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    In my mind: I think this gonna be burn all over the house But meanwhile 10% in just 5 seconds wow

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    That's a fire hazard

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    The battery of this phone:529% NASA:we need you

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