What conclusion did you make? #shorts Tiktok video with meaning by Tiktoriki
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  • Denom Gamerz
    Denom Gamerz

    But why he goes in that hole 😂😂😂

  • Charli_ChxcolateMilk

    Don’t be greedy, It can end up killing You in the End

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Moral of the story: don't eat too much so you will not be drowned when the storm commes. Yeah, that makes sense.

  • (STUDENT)Alyssa Roberts
    (STUDENT)Alyssa Roberts

    Don’t be to greedy or bad thing might just happen to you

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    How they both are getting to know that she is giving something to eat😂😂😂😂🤣

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    why are there humans in holes underground... and the girl CLEARLY knows cuz she's feeding them-

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      اني ما احبكم اذا نزلتو فيديو ابلغ والله

  • family_vlogs_ 1325
    family_vlogs_ 1325

    Don't be too much greedy

  • Md. Ehsan Karim
    Md. Ehsan Karim

    এই ভিডিওটা আমাদের শিক্ষা দিল। 😁

  • Derman Alan
    Derman Alan


    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      How to make this video 🤔

  • Derman Alan
    Derman Alan


    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Skinny boi is better

  • Aayam Parajuli
    Aayam Parajuli

    Sabhai revision hunchha don't worry

  • Apurva Williams
    Apurva Williams

    Conclusion is greedyness leads to a big loss.

  • Надежда Звягинцйева
    Надежда Звягинцйева


  • This is Atul
    This is Atul


  • This is Atul
    This is Atul

    Super video

  • Dinesh Semwal
    Dinesh Semwal


  • นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์
    นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์


    • นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์
      นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์


  • Nazim Ali
    Nazim Ali

    Goverment se aata hai kisaanonko wahi hissa bhosdik politician waale kha jaate haibdalle aise

  • Smart BG
    Smart BG

    Bruh dont copy that animation from another channel

  • one more
    one more

    Why would the girl trap them

  • حاكم هادي
    حاكم هادي

    اني ما احبكم اذا نزلتو فيديو ابلغ والله

  • Davinna Ramadhani
    Davinna Ramadhani

    1 dad feke 2 dad 3mom

  • Harbans Singh
    Harbans Singh

    How to make this video 🤔

  • Ngo Van Lueang
    Ngo Van Lueang

    Skinny boi is better

  • Malak Raad
    Malak Raad


  • Malak Raad
    Malak Raad


  • Hiba Siddiqui
    Hiba Siddiqui

    First of all WHY THEY WERE SITTING IN THE HOLE .....i mean are they homeless 😑😑

  • KylerZeke Viray
    KylerZeke Viray

    Lesson learned:being selfish won't give you anything

  • Mukesh Patel
    Mukesh Patel


  • Christopher Eusebio
    Christopher Eusebio

    Moral of the story: dont eat too much food because your fat body wont fit through a tunnel with holes you somehow got in

  • carmen hernandez
    carmen hernandez

    Jajajaja cada mamada que sacan

  • sWoOpY

    ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ

  • Superior customer 2.0
    Superior customer 2.0

    This is a true story

  • Aleida Giraldo
    Aleida Giraldo

    Never ve greedy

  • onofre artifice
    onofre artifice


  • B Thomas
    B Thomas

    Nerver eat to much or you will be fat.

  • Audricc

    moral of the story: dont eat or you will stuck in there forever

  • Heather Gunderson
    Heather Gunderson

    This is what moble adds are like

  • nargs aqyl
    nargs aqyl

    شنو اسم العبه

  • Muho_54

    Please just stop posting videos

  • Vanderlei Alves
    Vanderlei Alves

    Amei que legal

  • NaZiK Nebeschanskiy
    NaZiK Nebeschanskiy

    Mum: why you don't want to record in videos with your friends? Content of friends:

  • Red Puffle
    Red Puffle

    If you are chonke , you can die easily

  • Banananananan

    starvation is epic

  • Camila Mallco
    Camila Mallco


  • FRZJoebine

    The conclusion is why the heck they are under ground 😭😂

  • nora casafuti
    nora casafuti

    Pero que c0jones

  • sħɇsħ

    This is nxt level shitty graphics


    What is this 😰😰🤢🤢💩

  • Milutek Btw
    Milutek Btw


  • danxiaoguikexin

    Me seeing the actually real one: bro yo you just stole some shit or what The original one is different and that it says Mobile ads be like

  • Armağan Ateş
    Armağan Ateş

    Tiktokers: CTRL-C + CTRL-V

  • Fiorentina1926

    Medievil sound

  • Rudra


  • IzzyPancakes

    Don't eat?

  • Maguette Gueye
    Maguette Gueye

    What montage please 😔😔😔

  • Mini Garg
    Mini Garg

    😭😭😭😭😭 gd 😭😭😭

  • Gabriella

    Vc viu aquela treta? Oq eu tô vendo:

  • ONUR

    FENERBAHÇE...Marcelo Bielsa yı getirin lütfen mükemmel oynatiyo leeds unitediYong boys un forveti nsameyi alin lütfen FENERBAHÇE...

  • Brijesh Ribadiya
    Brijesh Ribadiya

    Abe sale eating se itne mote thidi honge ki hole se bahar hi na aa paye matlab kuch bhi

  • death and promises
    death and promises

    Cringiest content in the history and all of the internet wtf is this bullshit

  • Maria carolina KaKa
    Maria carolina KaKa


  • Big Guy
    Big Guy


  • Maja Nieradka
    Maja Nieradka


  • Osana Adelson Adelson
    Osana Adelson Adelson


  • Asım Bölükbaşı
    Asım Bölükbaşı

    Not use brain

  • Dush

    I think this means, don't get to greedy or else u will get karma.... cringe😬

  • Marisol Godinez
    Marisol Godinez


  • Jethiya & Champakiya Vlogs
    Jethiya & Champakiya Vlogs

    The Conclusion is saying that " Don't be greedy in our life "🥰

  • AKM Skull gamer
    AKM Skull gamer

    How they both are getting to know that she is giving something to eat😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Anson Khoo
    Anson Khoo

    moral of the story, don't follow trends and don't be bad at editing

  • Sunita Adhav
    Sunita Adhav

    Oo yes 😊😊


    Hola no me han valorado ni

  • Death


  • Omeru Kamado
    Omeru Kamado

    What conclusion did I make? Well I could not do so as I lost my all my braincells watching this

  • Prakhar Kant Lal
    Prakhar Kant Lal

    Question:What conclusion did you make Ans:To report your channel with 2k fake accounts

  • LesusKD

    *He used Minecraft logic.*

  • Eli silva Nascimento
    Eli silva Nascimento

    Muito triste 😢😞😢😞😢

  • Tugut Ökkeş Coşkun
    Tugut Ökkeş Coşkun

    The Platform📽️

  • Ramesh Rajpurohit
    Ramesh Rajpurohit

    In in

  • Sebastian Krowicki
    Sebastian Krowicki


  • Gen. Douglas MacArthur
    Gen. Douglas MacArthur

    Moral: eating fast food could cause you to triple in size

  • SeanWaldo

    Hello I'm under the water. Please help me. Ohhohrororoo

  • lil chaonima
    lil chaonima

    Wtf is this

  • K Sridhar
    K Sridhar

    The actual meaning of cringe

  • i hate children
    i hate children

    Wtf Monke

  • Holley Direct
    Holley Direct

    I don’t like it

  • Sam Kun
    Sam Kun

    Moral of history: fat

  • Kashish Verma
    Kashish Verma


  • srividhya kannan
    srividhya kannan

    What can you learn in this video Me : nothing

  • Hüseyin Emre EKEN
    Hüseyin Emre EKEN

    Everyone:memes Me:why they don't die from electric?

  • Yashtika Kushwah
    Yashtika Kushwah

    moral: dont live underground

  • Ida Zahar
    Ida Zahar

    Poor big man

  • Harsh Ghuge
    Harsh Ghuge

    Do not eat too much or you will be drowned

  • Jack Nathen
    Jack Nathen

    Moral of the story:we need to die together

  • E.E.D 9002
    E.E.D 9002

    Drugs are better than this

  • Akash Kundu
    Akash Kundu

    Conclusion that the video ends

  • sanjesh silwal
    sanjesh silwal

    if you and your friend hide in a pot hole lady will give you food and then it rains badly, one of you will be drowned another one will survive. Guess who will survive? 🤣🤣. Moral is don't hide in a hole, hide somewhere else...

  • kuna sripadarao
    kuna sripadarao

    conclusion Dont eat junk foods

  • Dark soul
    Dark soul

    Lol vfx is so good