We Griefed the Server.. | Last Life Ep.7
Today is a rollercoaster, so much stuff happens, it’s crazy.. Leave a like and comment and subscribe if you're new :D
In last life the aim is to be the last one standing, everyone is randomly assigned lives and then we have to form alliances and try and survive. There's also a few twists in this series making it even more exciting! Leave a like and comment if you're new :D
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  • emma louise
    emma louise

    Lizzie telling Joel “I love you” as they were running away from griefing Scott was both adorable and insanely dramatic

  • Brock Logic Gaming
    Brock Logic Gaming

    I feel like Joel has enjoyed being chaotic in this series and it's starting to translate over to empires

  • iGlowBerries

    If Joel and Lizzie were to get married in this series, it would be called “The Redding”

  • Lexi Broadbent
    Lexi Broadbent

    Lizzie and Joel running away after destroying Scott’s base is a power couple moment ✨

  • Quantinium_X

    Scar would be feeling like that one child who didn't come to school on a day and most chaos happened on that day only.

  • Milkshake Draws
    Milkshake Draws

    Scar’s coming back with half the server dead, and the other half unable to even kill him.

  • hailzmarie1

    I am 1000% rooting for Joel to win

  • Tea Cup
    Tea Cup

    Last episode

  • LoLickyPeePee23XDD


  • Mikey W
    Mikey W

    Well done for keeping up so many series at once Joel, remember to rest whenever you feel like you need it!

  • Bushy

    If I had a nickel for every time Jimmy died first in a 3rd life season, I would have 2 nickels which isn't much but its weird it happened twice

  • Tritoner

    the only episode scar couldn't play, half of all ppl perma died. scar really is a peace maker

  • Hattie McTeer
    Hattie McTeer

    I can’t wait for Scar to get back next session and see how much chaos has escalated in this episode 🤣

  • Lyrically

    I already saw Lizzie’s video, so this is gonna be an entertaining episode for sure

  • Yadi Lamphere
    Yadi Lamphere

    Joel: Tnt is for losers.

  • VivaKing

    Since they killed Lizzie, Joel is gonna unleash hell for killing her

  • AngelaRoseHeart

    I think Joel by far has the most kills in Last Life.

  • Evan

    I think Joel should get an award for being the best red name 😂

  • Shaafia Ali
    Shaafia Ali

    Both the times Grian goes red....is because of Joel. At this point it's just like Joel is targeting him and I'm loving it 😂

  • Jameson Thomas
    Jameson Thomas

    Despite being red for most of the series, Joel seems to be one of the last survivors once again. It'd be really funny if he was the last man standing after all