Watch NASA land the Perseverance Rover on Mars!
NASA will be attempting to land the #Perseverance Mars Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter on the surface of Mars! This is the biggest and most sophisticated rover anyone has ever landed on the surface of Mars.
After a 7-month long journey spanning 497 million km, Perseverance will land at Jezero Crater. It's a sibling to Curiosity, featuring a large drill and a soil caching system, upgraded wheels and cameras, and even an experiment that will make oxygen on the surface of Mars!
Want to know more about this mission? Check out our article explaining everything you need to know about the #Mars2020 Mission [Perseverance and Ingenuity]!
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  • astrolover 95
    astrolover 95

    When discussing the potential for humans living on Mars anyone notice his slip when he said he thinks it could be a possibility in 20-30 minutes? At 15:34

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs

    I just don't see how man gets to Mars, this mission got a car size rover to the planet, how many flights will it take to build a habitat to support life. I want to see it but by 2030?

  • Mild Mannered
    Mild Mannered

    Please can you make a video about RTGs thru history of spaceflight? Perseverance has a fat RTG booty

  • James B. Wave Artist
    James B. Wave Artist

    Why don’t they release an array of small cameras / parachutes like the ones in hunger games from the main capsule as it descends. These smaller rigs / drones can then cover a larger surface area and set up a network of data collecting points , measuring simultaneously. Plus - there would be a greater chance for success if we spread the bets so to speak?...and surely landing smaller craft would be way easier / safer?

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    I keep clicking the like button again and again 😂😂

  • Mario C
    Mario C

    You require a child’s mind to beLIEve NASA.

  • Owen Salisbury
    Owen Salisbury

    Nasa always going have advantage off being allowed to use nuclear fuel and unlimited government funding.

  • Callum - カラム
    Callum - カラム

    Bunch of racists in the live chat against China..

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    And that my friends, is how it’s done. Landing on Mars is no simple thing. Absolutely fantastic job, perfect landing. Well done JPL!

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      would just chance to drop on top to the lander after being released way up in the atmosphere but it's still possible.

  • Aspen Bridge
    Aspen Bridge

    00:00 - 00:01 flashbacks to BF3 deploy in metro

  • Larry E. Goines Jr.
    Larry E. Goines Jr.

    Solid OXide Electrolyzer (SOXE) 2CO₂ + 4e⁻ → 2CO + 2O²⁻ 2O²⁻ → O₂ + 4e⁻

    • Larry E. Goines Jr.
      Larry E. Goines Jr.

      The Bible Says To Gouge Out Your Eye, So You Don't Have To Look At It??!?

    • Larry E. Goines Jr.
      Larry E. Goines Jr.

      Time Should Be 11-Year Cycles, Following Sunspots And La Nina?

    • Larry E. Goines Jr.
      Larry E. Goines Jr.

      Google Announces Its Lifetime Net Carbon Footprint Is Now Zero. Google’s Ceo Sundar Pichai Has Revealed That The Company Has Eliminated Its Entire Carbon Legacy.

    • Larry E. Goines Jr.
      Larry E. Goines Jr.

      Green Google Makes Google Green?!?

    • Larry E. Goines Jr.
      Larry E. Goines Jr.

      Pressurized Gas Has Been Around Since McDonalds Fountain Drinks?

  • harfaury

    Where did you get the spacex falcon models from? They’re brilliant and now I want them too 😂

    • harfaury

      @dolita windo ??

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Oxygen as 1st step terraforming the planet.

  • Fury

    what a time to be alive

  • Mce Ferrari
    Mce Ferrari


  • Tiago Santana
    Tiago Santana

    waiting for james webb

  • hanunija

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  • Johann Yang
    Johann Yang

    Pers better be nice to oppy!!

  • Bleacherz

    What would be the effect of the contaminated if rtg unit broke apart?

  • Humans R Ants
    Humans R Ants

    I miss the old control room desks.

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson

    I am dropping you. Not because of you, but because I will not support RSloft and its fascist policies. Thank you for your content I have enjoyed.....

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    i know you would like to be part of the nasa or spacex team but you have filled a void for me and people who care about the future of earth thankyou


    Show me live footage of this space craft landing, even if it is delayed transmission and ill take a look for you..Show me CGI of a non existent space craft landing and i will call you Gullible..

  • manw3bttcks

    Do they just trust on dumb luck that the top shell and parachute don't float down on top the lander and crash onto it? Sure it would be super unlikely that the parachute and shell would just chance to drop on top to the lander after being released way up in the atmosphere but it's still possible.

  • Journey to Health and Wealth
    Journey to Health and Wealth

    AVAV Stock is about to 🚀🚀 they helped make the Ingenuity Drone!!

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      The guy who announced tango delta... nominal was probably wondering why people around him were so quiet... until he said touch down.

  • Said Mohammed
    Said Mohammed

    Enough destruction on Planet Earth!! Mars is next... Shame on Nasa! people with hardships and financial difficulties all over Planet but regardless of all they spend billions to fulfill their fantasy dreams.

  • Jas K
    Jas K

    Thanks for more details about all from-To. - we 're waiting the new images about Mars if there is a previous life or info. about putting a kind of some plants to start generating the Oxygen as 1st step terraforming the planet.

  • bonnpoland

    1:27:25 sums it all up nicely! Also, Tim's face! :-D

  • John Q Ivan Q
    John Q Ivan Q

    Not cgi

  • John Q Ivan Q
    John Q Ivan Q

    Where is real picture?

  • Liebe IST • Physische Unsterblichkeit
    Liebe IST • Physische Unsterblichkeit

    Kein Mensch, selbst "die da oben" haben nicht die Macht dazu, alles "in den Sand zu setzen" oder diese Welt zu retten. Was hier geschieht, ist seit "langem" geplant. Es geht darum, den wahren Plan zu erkennen, sonst wird es nichts. wir-kl-ich-keit de

  • Geoff Hilton
    Geoff Hilton

    You have a fabulous job, it shows that you are really excited about the proceedings, I'm so relieved that everything went OKay, the most stressful event in the future for me is the launch of the James Webb telescope, I'm worrying already.

  • Something Else
    Something Else

    Will this channel continue to simply post live streams of rocket launches or are their some new explainer videos coming?

  • AwesomeTwenty12

    Can I reach 100k subs in a day and get a world record? Subscribe to take part! And maybe get a shoutout when we get 100k!

  • Aubrey BlackFace Adidon
    Aubrey BlackFace Adidon

    Look how happy they are Do you really believe they landed on the moon? Nope! It was Stanley Kubrick.

  • life is beautiful darling I'm lovin it
    life is beautiful darling I'm lovin it

    I asked Jesus, "how much do you love me?" He replied, "this much" and spread his arms and died on the cross for my sins. Comment this on another video, you could change lives.

  • Michael

    I wanna see that helicoper at work ☺

  • Sergeant Shultz
    Sergeant Shultz

    The guy who announced tango delta... nominal was probably wondering why people around him were so quiet... until he said touch down.

  • Trevor Hunting
    Trevor Hunting


  • John Mothershead
    John Mothershead

    "Tango Delta." There's a tee shirt there.

  • PixelStacker

    Let's see what it discovers over the years! yes!

  • Dawson Rauch
    Dawson Rauch

    “#32 on trending for gaming”


    Thank you so much

  • Linked

    why have they not been back to the moon..

  • Alain Isabelle de Montréal
    Alain Isabelle de Montréal

    Have you notice that nasa is adopting spacex dress no more tie.

  • Nick Haze
    Nick Haze

    :D hahahahaha this CGI :D u cant see with telescope when its landing and capture it hahahahaha tooo sketchy all ur trash NASA !!!!

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe

    The 1% will eventually escape to Mars

  • Atete Tete
    Atete Tete

    Check who's Atete entertainment

  • Stuart Morrow
    Stuart Morrow

    I think the book Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson has a point near the end where 10g is a bit much for humans.

  • HTGG

    If ‘it’s time to colonise’ was a video

  • Stephen Kurlich
    Stephen Kurlich

    Dear Elon: Hold a contest and send a man to space and he will be happy for a day. Give a man a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator and he will have 150 Watts for 30 years.

  • Jason Rasmussen
    Jason Rasmussen

    1:25:27 Touchdown confirmed!, 1:27:16 'Ahh the touchdown', 1:27:27 (orgasm?)

  • Hey U
    Hey U

    Why it's this trending under 'Gaming'?

  • MG20 Playz
    MG20 Playz

    why is this trending on gaming

  • wir-kl-ich-keit de • Physische Unsterblichkeit
    wir-kl-ich-keit de • Physische Unsterblichkeit

    „Wer bin ich?, usw.“ sind die falschen Fragen. Die richtigen Fragen lauten: Was bin ich zurzeit und was kann ich noch* wirklich werden*? Was ist der Plan und was das wahre Ziel des Lebens? Verantwortung bedeutet: ich suche nach Antworten auf meine Fragen, veranlasse mich, durch hingebungsvolles und konsequentes Handeln dazu, Erkenntnisse zu erhalten, die Wirklichkeit in mir zu entdecken. Nur darum geht es. Es gibt keine individuellen Lebenswege, nur in der Illusion. In Wirklichkeit gibt es nur den einzigen Weg, der zur Heilung/Ganzwerdung führt, um dadurch die Wirklichkeit in sich erreichen zu können.

  • Tom Herlihy
    Tom Herlihy

    Engineers landed a nuclear powered robot car on Mars with a rocket propelled sky crane. Nice to see what science and engineering can do with a clear path

  • Donny

    *Trending for Gaming*

  • Gerty McFinnish
    Gerty McFinnish

    Such a great accomplishment! 😊😀

  • zedek iaha
    zedek iaha

    Boad of Lollocks

  • Mihai Nechifor
    Mihai Nechifor

    rahat cu ochi la NASA!!! kaca

  • wit

    17 trending on gaming??????

  • vibonacci

    HD video? Thats gonna be amazing

  • m

    Mars is flat

  • WuTang118

    Everyone dapping eachother up haha

  • Maliha Akthar
    Maliha Akthar

    This is beautiful

  • Jacob Dench
    Jacob Dench

    Give us petscop 2

  • Stephen Yarde
    Stephen Yarde

    Where can we watch the video of the descent from the on-board video cameras? I was told this mission would be recording the whole descent from after the heat shield was ejected.


    I wanted it to crash but it landed 😭.

  • Strange

    Lets goooo 4th on trending.

  • Greg Oikonomakou
    Greg Oikonomakou


  • tim tynan
    tim tynan


  • The world is good and bad
    The world is good and bad

    Stanly kubrick

  • Demarias Bailey
    Demarias Bailey

    So many cameras! I'm so glad this went so smoothly! thanks for the coverage

  • British Chap
    British Chap

    I'm kinda sad it didn't crash

  • Elasto Mkuyamba
    Elasto Mkuyamba

    Perceviarance is finally home but where's erguity

  • Ben Harrison
    Ben Harrison

    The country is In debt, people with no jobs, people struggling to eat but they can afford to spend the tax payers Money on visiting another planet. Go figure....

    • Ben Harrison
      Ben Harrison

      @B Hitchcock neither, the people come first.

    • Truth is Censored
      Truth is Censored

      NASA means deception go figure the same small hats. that prints our money, runs hellywood , RSloft. Federal reserve and faceburg

    • B Hitchcock
      B Hitchcock

      I always think of NASA's *massive* budget of $23 billion vs the Department of Defence's budget of $705 billion. But yeah sure, clearly we should be gutting money put towards the advancement of human knowledge & exploration rather than the US military right?

  • NewWorld Abnormal
    NewWorld Abnormal

    Take a deep breath and look at the "footage" again. PlayStation Two was more realistic! ✌️

  • Martin Schemmel
    Martin Schemmel

    you got it right XD Tiananmen SQUARE

  • mean darroni
    mean darroni

    The masses lapping up this blatant CGI, as usual. 🤭

  • Jayden Garcia
    Jayden Garcia

    39:24 DMCA monkaW

  • Billy

    Load of rubbish


    XXI century and people believing the ridiculous tales of nasa. 50 years without confessing the false trip to the moon, and on, and on ...

  • pro zone
    pro zone

    Here to see the CGI

  • Travelling With Gazz
    Travelling With Gazz

    Twenty minutes later...

  • betelgeuse145

    Leonardo Da Vinci would be pleased to see that !

  • Raffaele Piccini
    Raffaele Piccini

    So ingenuity is the first powered flight on another planet, not the first controlled flight

  • Evander Stieler
    Evander Stieler

    And thus begins an era.

  • Liebe IST • Physische Unsterblichkeit
    Liebe IST • Physische Unsterblichkeit

    Die Menschen suchen irrtümlich im Außen nach dem Gefühl, am Leben zu sein. Doch sie geben sich mit Emotionen zufrieden. Wirklich am Leben zu sein bedeutet, ganz zu sein. ↬ wir-kl-ich-keit de

  • Paul Burrell
    Paul Burrell

    Good work sir .. paul in Ohio

  • zorpio

    Who was filming the spacecraft?

  • Jodokus Tigerschelle
    Jodokus Tigerschelle

    Wasn't there already one Rover landing on Mars somewhen? Am I mixing up something? Please don't read without answering. Thanks!

    • Jodokus Tigerschelle
      Jodokus Tigerschelle

      @Stuart Morrow Thank you for answering. What's this time different? Did the other ones came back?

    • Stuart Morrow
      Stuart Morrow

      There's been a number of rovers on Mars, since 1997 or 8.

  • Glenn Marks
    Glenn Marks

    I am a huge fan of your "documentaries", they never seem very long which means they have me riveted for every second and the time flies. You do such a great job of explaining things in terms that ordinary people can understand.

  • Sean T
    Sean T

    So when is the actual video of the whole landing supposed to be released?

  • Mean Max
    Mean Max

    China next👍

  • james hackwood
    james hackwood

    if only it was big enough to of carried all the hairdressers joggers and accountants.

  • artman40

    So population of Mars is currently 100% robots.

  • David Ramsay IV
    David Ramsay IV

    Things I love about this stream, random reading of chat, as if you are just a conduit of the audience, when you tell us something I don't know, with facts that converge on a number, best part is when you messed the math up, giving us a bad number and correct your self when chat starts screaming at you. I can't over express how this makes you endearing and feel real. This is everything mainstream is not. As a Juggler I get the feeling you are bouncing your attention around to 3 to 5 things. Thank you for all your imperfections. I like your telescope too.

  • Meys187 Meys187
    Meys187 Meys187

    Can i get an answer? Why in 2021 we get white and black pictures from mars?

  • Kedis Cangaj
    Kedis Cangaj


  • DaN rOgErS
    DaN rOgErS


32 хиљ.