VFX Artists React to HARRY POTTER Bad & Great CGi
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Niko, Wren and Clint sit down to breakdown some of the best (and worst) VFX from the Magical world of Harry Potter!
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  • Youssef Salah
    Youssef Salah

    I just saw Kind Arthur : Legend of the Sword and it is minddd blowinggg

  • Shaq4real

    The Polyjuice Potion scenes from Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows Part 1.

  • Gage Phillips
    Gage Phillips

    The scene in Goblet of Fire when Harry is underwater with mermaid and gills! always wondered if they actually shot that underwater.

  • Sam Stencil
    Sam Stencil

    You guys forgot to talk about Bellatrix vanishing in the fight scene of Order of the Phoenix. I'd like to know your opinion also about the efx of Voldemort on the first movie :)

  • Amal R
    Amal R

    Can u react to DC animated movies

  • Romeo Reidl
    Romeo Reidl

    React next time to russian cg movies! There is a lot of them with great (and not so great) CGI! You should start a new VFX react series where you're reacting to VFX heavy films from aéways another selected country!

  • Sazzad Kamal
    Sazzad Kamal

    Why don't you do vfx artist reacts on music videos My suggestion: rsloft.info/loft/video/hZaIzabe26KYr5Q

  • Senyo the Blind
    Senyo the Blind

    Please talk about the lovecraftian horror that comes out of the horcrux in the 7th movie.

  • LittleFilip

    hahaha 8:07 i lost it

  • Benton Pellet
    Benton Pellet

    rsloft.info/loft/video/Z9N-1YfYtZS2sJQ you guys should review this fight, the choreography is whatever, but pay attention to the guns...

  • Kaeden Rodenbough
    Kaeden Rodenbough

    Do the van helsing movie with hugh jackman old movie but some of the best monster cgi ever done

  • Chris Yiesla
    Chris Yiesla

    What's going on with their camera I wonder...Did someone accidentally apply a keyer to the footage before they exported or something?

  • Braxton Jackson
    Braxton Jackson

    Please react to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), and other Narnia movies. They are PACKED with VFX.

  • Thor Film Studios
    Thor Film Studios

    Isn't it philosopher's stone?

  • ljwgarvey

    You guys should check out DEEP RISING there's some great explosions and one scene involving a crumpling hall way that is pretty cool!

  • Troy Wayne
    Troy Wayne

    Nuclear scene in superman and lois s01e01

  • Andre Ramos
    Andre Ramos

    to mask the mirror transition theres the bogart "shaking the cabinet" duh

  • Rick Radsma
    Rick Radsma

    Nobody: harry potter has bad CGI... Still there is a youtubere feeling the need to bash a serie from 10 years ago that was running ahead of its time... Specially for a all age movie

  • Nerd News
    Nerd News

    Please react to Love death robots

  • FERFY2000

    its philosophers stone not sorcerers stone

  • Stricter Pictures
    Stricter Pictures

    Not Harry Potter, but I'd love to see you guys react to this - rsloft.info/loft/video/p9yflJyypn6sqn4

  • Rob Orievolo
    Rob Orievolo

    Can you react to Ready Player one?

  • Jordan Pope
    Jordan Pope

    You should react to the terry crews old spice commercials

  • Nik Mukh
    Nik Mukh

    I want Bollywood 🤣

  • Cyneptic

    Can you guys look at the scene in PoA when Harry is fighting the dementors away at the lake? The spell casts a huge amount of light which reacts the the irl actors, would be cool to see a breakdown!

  • Jake

    Hey review the part where they use the magic..how they do that?

  • mesaboogie18

    You should check out the movie "Archive". It has very good practical and digital VFX for the robots.

  • donosvan :D
    donosvan :D

    when they walk into the magic tent

  • The Brilliant Brick
    The Brilliant Brick

    Can you do the leaky cauldron hallway scene

  • A.F. Whitepigeon
    A.F. Whitepigeon

    You guys already did both stunts and VFX for the MCU, and now you've done VFX for Harry Potter. I think it's time now for that other monumental franchise: React to James Bond stunts!

  • Full To Madness
    Full To Madness

    React to Abraham lincoln vampire hunter horse scene

  • Alexandre C
    Alexandre C

    When harry and ron drink the polyjuice potion in first movie

  • Lunatic

    You guys should react to the low budget practical effects used in the WW2 dogfight of the short film called "Turning Tide" that is available to watch on RSloft.

  • MonsterMash

    Really interesting choice of green screen in Sons of Anarch S7:Ep1 23:30. Involves a wheelchair.

  • TK -1108
    TK -1108

    “Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 61.

  • The Brilliant Brick
    The Brilliant Brick

    Wtf is a sorcerer’s stone???

  • Irene Pozrikidou
    Irene Pozrikidou

    The 5th movie.. why is the giant so horrible??

  • Dylan Leffler
    Dylan Leffler

    Do a breakdown on the Chronicles of Narnia!!!

  • Vicario

    What's up with the super gamma effect in all the crew shots? Some kind of exporting artifact?

  • Oxy Qin
    Oxy Qin

    The part when harry gets scared of chocolate frog

  • NickNackPadyWak

    A good scene to break down is the first flying lesson! Please do that!

  • Andrew Willard
    Andrew Willard

    Wait did they ever do pistolshrimps video of Tommy Wiseau in Star Wars

  • Wil Cowan-Daly
    Wil Cowan-Daly

    Shocked that you guys didn’t check out the Basilisk from the second movie, the effects are great and I have trouble determining the CGI and practical effects

  • Andrew Willard
    Andrew Willard

    You guys gotta do for jokes that Harry Potter with guns video it’s to funny

  • Zach LePrieur
    Zach LePrieur

    I like the smoke and ash for the Phoenix rebirth

  • Nico Br1
    Nico Br1

    React to the Skeletons fight scene in Harry Potter 6

  • ElectronAsh

    "Patio room" lol I'm guessing conseratories aren't too common in the US?

  • Adam Vestergaard
    Adam Vestergaard

    Ooh the scene where the first meet Hagrid in the hut-on-the-rock, there's a panning scene over the room with an horrible Hagrid in the background looking very miss matched for the other excellent effects of the first movie.

  • SpicyNitrate

    When Mcgonagall morphs into a human from a cat in the second movie

  • Momijisu

    What's going on with the floor guys? You guys real, or just an AI simulation? Never noticed it in the other videos.

  • El Rey Labunog
    El Rey Labunog

    WHERE IS LOVE DEATH ROBOTS!!!!!! (sorry i just really want you to react to it so if i annoying you sorry)

  • SunteamFilms

    I know it's not "Harry Potter", but did you guys ever take apart the POV sequence from Doom (2005)? While the overall effects are okay, this sequence looks just amazing for a 15+ year old movie. i think it even looks good today.

  • Duff Harris
    Duff Harris

    Do the opening scene from Touch of Evil.

  • HP Ray
    HP Ray

    Can you do vfx react on Monster Hunter

  • Dudeman9339

    11:46 so much noise on their jeans. Looks like Niko and Clint are comped in.

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    Could you do the knight bus scene please

  • Dudeman9339

    holy moly Clint actually watched the material!

  • MotionBlur OfHappy
    MotionBlur OfHappy

    For Harry Potter I’d say: Voldemort vs Dumbledoor Harry vs Dragon in GoF IVE ALWAYS WANTED YOU TO TALKS ABOUT THE OCEAN SCENE WITH HARRY AND DUMBLEDORE ON THE ROCK WITH WAVES CRASHING Firework Scene during the OWL exams The basilisk from CoS The spiders from CoS The flying car from CoS The centaurs from any of them ALL THE QUIDDITCH The bridge explosion during the final battle The painting people beings affected by humans moving them The underwater scenes from GoF Lupin turning into a warewolf is amazing And the final battle in general for the mix of practical and cgi Buck beak Edit: I payed this on the mandalorian video so sorry if there are repeated from this video

  • LordSeth1000

    One for each movie milk that content

  • Duff Harris
    Duff Harris

    Not sure how you could even review it on RSloft but would love to see you guys react to some Lars Von Trier films. Antichrist’s mutilation scenes and Nymphomaniac’s body doubling.

  • Jeremy Tischer
    Jeremy Tischer

    After next HP, please do a stunt men react to the spiked baseball bat fight scene from Escape From New York. Kurt Russell said he had to threaten to hit the wrestler in the nuts to get him to back off. The glider scene in the beginning would be good for VFX artists react. It was models built to look like computer simulations.

  • TKvanKaam

    Okay okay hear me out and this cgi scarred me for life. The first Power Rangers movie zord scenes. And there are some newer episodes that have either good or really bad cgi.

  • Peter LaCara
    Peter LaCara

    I've posted this a couple times, but I think it'd be cool to see a comparison of the troll in the first movie, Grawp in the 5th movie, and the troll in the courtyard scene in the 8th movie to see the way that the techniques they used to make essentially the same character evolved over a decade.

  • Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez

    They just filmed the movies at the Universal Orlando sets, duh!

  • TheBrokenPrince

    Please take a look at the Werewolf Transformation scene

  • asdjklsadj

    Whenever he says “BOgart” instead of “BOGGart” it kills me a little

  • Anten

    Thom Yorke Anima t-shirt! Nice!

  • Past, Present & Pointless
    Past, Present & Pointless

    Go check out Past, Present & Pointless now for movie reviews, life hacks and fun facts! 😀

  • John Dickinson
    John Dickinson

    Anyone else notice the CCTV camera next to the train at rsloft.info/loft/video/i5ygsIjYzZqtg3I

  • Zsombor Baranyai
    Zsombor Baranyai

    music ID from 11:40 ?

  • LucarioQuaza

    React to the Monster Hunter movie, if you can.

  • Viktor Hierta Gustafsson
    Viktor Hierta Gustafsson

    You have to do the WORST scene in the HP series, the underwater section in the Triwizard tournament from the Goblet of Fire!

  • Cof290693

    Please, can you react to the Justice League: Snyder´s Cut

  • Ricky Hernandez
    Ricky Hernandez

    React to the Jurassic park movies! Like it’s Dino development over time

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    Volemort reminds me of a screw-ball Palpatine (even more so than Palpatine himself).

  • Azele Marquise
    Azele Marquise


  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    I thought some of the train station shots were done at Paddington station in London.

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    The Steam Train's real - I've been on it, in Scotland the one that used for the films.

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    Kind of a Incredible Hulk "you wouldn't like me when I"m angry" moment (and talking about Lou Ferrigno here, not the later ones).

  • Xavier Zahn
    Xavier Zahn

    I really would like to know how they got the womping willow to interacting with the actors

  • Daniel R Nixon
    Daniel R Nixon

    You HAVE to do the scene where Victor Krum morphs from a shark! :")

  • Mackenzie Batey-Gray
    Mackenzie Batey-Gray

    7 part 2 room of requirement scene / battle of hogwarts

  • Nesox Glass
    Nesox Glass

    Hey, you guys should take a look at Zathura. I grew up watching it, and after watching it recently I feel you guys could really give it the love it deserves. It still holds up to modern day standards in my opinion.

  • Snake Eater MCOC
    Snake Eater MCOC

    Do George Lopez tv show, when they do flashbacks and put George’s huge head on a kid 😂

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    The library scene with the floating books returning to their shelves.

  • Lord Starfish
    Lord Starfish

    Even though I never much liked how Voldemort was portrayed in the movies, I cannot deny... the effects work on his face was impeccable. Even though on some level you *know* they CG'd over his nose, at no point did I ever find the effect unconvincing. I practically forgot over time that, oh yeah, Ralph Fiennes's face does not actually look like that.

  • Иван Рявкин
    Иван Рявкин

    Would you consider posting full 2 hours of each react on your site? I really would like to hear all the ranting and tangents

    • toijg avnnr
      toijg avnnr

      The scene where that clown wizard crawls out of a fri... wait that's the wrong film.

  • Daniel Oveysey
    Daniel Oveysey

    Please do the cursed necklace scene in Half-Blood Prince - during it, you can see the window frames through McGonagall and Snape. In other words, they’re both slightly transparent.

  • Srijan N
    Srijan N

    I waited all this time for this video ❤️

  • 7marken

    How did WB make harry into a basketball?

  • sega boom rs
    sega boom rs

    You guys should react to antman and the wasp

  • Megan Burdett
    Megan Burdett

    Lupin or sirus shifting into animal forms

  • Carmen Lessa
    Carmen Lessa

    When Slughorn transforms from an armchair to a person in Half Blood Prince

  • Darth Hiro
    Darth Hiro

    The best part about practical effects, if preserved properly, is that they can be really great exhibition pieces or something in a theme park

  • ron oliver
    ron oliver

    how about the scene fro half blood prince when Harry and Dumbeldore go to get the horcrux necklace and Harry wakes up these creatures in the lake that surrounded the island they were on? and then the bit where Dumbeldore does the super big fire spell after? it's one of my favourite scenes!!

  • ron oliver
    ron oliver

    can we please!! get the obscurus from the fantastic beats? I think it's an amazingly done effect and I'd love to see your guys reaction... or maybe a sperate episode for fantastic beats in general!

  • Yash Nandwani
    Yash Nandwani

    When Harry is fighting the basilisk and the sorting hat turns into the sword of gryffindor

  • Markus Avina
    Markus Avina

    Can you react to the man or muppet scene the muppet scene. Specifically the Jason Siegel muppet in the reflection. Gets me every time 😂😂

  • Rithrius

    How did they not mention the atrocious CGI of the gateway to Diagon Alley opening up in Philosopher's Stone?

  • Sarpreet

    VFX in battleship