Lagging a Pay-To-Win Minecraft Server with 5000 Minecarts - Part 1
The Horizon
Hey ya'll! Today, we lag a Pay-to-win Minecraft server using 5000 Minecarts! This server sells crate keys, 200 dollar ranks, and has over 2000 players, making Pay-to-win on it especially damaging, as it ruins gameplay and makes the game totally unfair to play on!
This was recorded more than a year ago at this point, but due to data loss, I lost all the video and the motivation to upload anything. It's why I slowed down so much. But apparently, an old external drive that I gave to relatives was never even used by them and just sat in a closet, so I got it back, used data recovery software, and voila, we're back.
I chose to upload it now because it's basically just as P2W as when I first joined it, it only has removed unbans litterally nothing else that stands out. Their staff tell people that the video is from 2020 (December btw) and say that it's outdated, even though it's only the footage that is that old. The webstore is from when this video was edited, and the server is still 90% as P2W as when I originally filmed it.
[IMPORTANT] Here is a document defining what the general community thinks is P2W, and also explains how you can in 27 community translated languages:
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To use Minecraft music, I gotta credit C418, so credit to him lol
Animations by 2x2, very epic person:
The lag machine was by Blocks_n_more, but he didn't want any credit for socials so uh, credit to him I guess?
What, am I supposed to do the new "cool" thing that all the creators do here, which is keyword spam irrelevant trash at the bottom of the description? Heck no that's lame and stupid lol.

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  • Pixelcraftian

    _"ima afk and do my homework till this lag ends"_ _"I think I'll go read the phone book. Will be more stimulating than this."_ _"I'm leaving to watch paint dry. Bye."_ Didn't expect to see people actually going outside because of this LMAO, either way, I can't believe you guys have a part 2 ahead. Cool video!

    • Gaming Dualities
      Gaming Dualities

      veify tag abuser under chilren videos

    • squid bacon
      squid bacon

      We did it... We made them touch grass.

    • preda046

      man litteraly went discord mode whenever they have problems and said: time to go touch some grass

    • Everyone

      Imagine a organization trying to lag every game on earth just to make people more produtive

    • Tune19 Alts!
      Tune19 Alts!

      what the

  • Knight Blonic
    Knight Blonic

    28:07 “I think I’ll go read the phone books, it’ll be more stimulating than his.” I actually laughed from that. Good one, Seb103.

    • Walsheee

      and then "This is boring. Im leaving to go watch paint dry. Bye" from him at 29:26 was also hilarious

    • Katherine Howard
      Katherine Howard

      the “im boutta go play roblox” one and the “roblox is fire this one is garbage” KILLED ME

    • Deku Kitty
      Deku Kitty

      @noname goodguy Outside is so P2W, it sucks. I'd love some exploits to be found.

    • noname goodguy
      noname goodguy

      @The Horizon so you are going after phonebooks next? Nice after that lets see if we can lag out the p2w server called life

    • noname goodguy
      noname goodguy

      @The Horizon so you are going after phonebooks next? Nice after that lets see if we can lag out the p2w server called life

  • CoastJam

    Expectation: "Lagging a Pay-To-Win Minecraft Server with 5000 Minecarts" Reality: "Lagging a Pay-To-Win Minecraft Server with 7500 Minecarts"

  • HaniiPuppy

    A more insideous thing to do would be to just place hundreds of much less potent lag machines around the server, underground near player bases. Then it would add up without a single obvious cause.

    • HaniiPuppy

      @JazzyJ That relies on them finding it. Part of the point (on top of having it be hard to get rid of + having it ramp up and down independent of any of them being online) is that it would be a lot harder to discover if no-where in particular sticks out as being especially laggy.

    • JazzyJ

      As someone who ran a server back in the beta, they can literally check who placed a block (including air blocks) when and even undo all actions from a specific user for a specified period of time. Unless the tools they use for their server are junk or they don't know how to use them. Griefers are pretty easy to catch if you know what to look for.

    • Timber Wolfy
      Timber Wolfy

      @Mr Gamer plus you would need a lot of people to properly set it up but its a neat idea

    • Mr Gamer
      Mr Gamer

      Oh that is evil, but I would imagine that would be very hard to build and very easy to discover

  • Harpse Chord
    Harpse Chord

    Man, I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that people actually said "Wow, someone is finally lagging this shithole?" AND KNEW INTRINSICALLY WHO IT WAS THAT WAS DOING IT AND CHEERING YOU ON, EVEN OFFERING TO HELP. THAT IS HOW YOU KNOW YOU'VE MADE IT MY BOY

  • SalC1

    I've never been happier than to find out that I've been reverse click-baited.

    • Arturo Hernandez martinez
      Arturo Hernandez martinez

      Lets found another seed in minecraft! :)

    • G Man
      G Man

      The ultimate comment, you just won the internet my friend.

    • Locus Pokus
      Locus Pokus

      There are several Pixelmator servers that are p2w

    • XD

      @Lilyoda 420 gay

    • marti nikov
      marti nikov


  • unright bastage
    unright bastage

    I love how they try to snatch every dollar they can, even a pay option to unban.

    • Isaiah Jankowski
      Isaiah Jankowski

      @Von Wolfe you could literaly buy Minecraft agian eith that kind of money

    • Cosmic Sniper
      Cosmic Sniper

      Servers banning accounts for ransom.?

    • Von Wolfe
      Von Wolfe

      N- *Banned* *Unbanned* Best 30 dollars spent.

  • sree jarkoi
    sree jarkoi

    I'm really glad that you are "attacking" minesuperior because younger i was playing a lot of it without understanding how much it was pay to win and i lost so many day farming on it because i could'nt pay anything and still was insulted in chat for my low rank

    • CrossBladeGaming

      @Aki and if you like things to be easier then theres definitely atleast 1 good modpack out there. Its good to try things besides vanilla. Give it a shot you might like it.

    • CrossBladeGaming

      @Aki if you like a hellish challenge then try rlcraft servers that are f2p but choose one with keep inventory. Else you want to lose everything 24/7

    • CrossBladeGaming

      @Aki who doesn't yell at creepers after they blow your house up right?

    • Aki

      @CrossBladeGaming shit I use my disposable income on gachas. the only servers I ever played on were non-pvp/f2p vanilla servers and while some folk could be condescending, most were quite lovely. like pal I ain't here to inflate an epeen I just wanna yell at creepers when they keep me from building my glass house.

  • GoodTiming

    Making a world-ending machine that can send the server into oblivion in the nether is rather oddly fitting.

    • Márcio, o Mal
      Márcio, o Mal

      @The Horizon That would be a good nickname to that machine.

    • GoodTiming

      @The Horizon of course I know the reference. Pucci moment

    • The Horizon
      The Horizon

      Instead of "made in heaven" you can call it "made in hell". You don't need to know this reference

  • Lou3797

    I will never understand people who willingly choose to play and especially pay on a server like this

  • Voilet Vulpix
    Voilet Vulpix

    I think when you can pay to be unbanned, it’s a pretty good indication of how much the host really cares…

    • Aidan Tessener
      Aidan Tessener

      @fordva use a better analogy, Fortnite isn't a P2W game.. it would be better to compare it to most Roblox Games with a pet system or something.

    • Whyareall

      @Voilet Vulpix i like your display picture fellow enby

    • Aki

      @Voilet Vulpix wait until you learn there are p2w hackers.

    • Gavin Gordon
      Gavin Gordon

      Tristan Smith, this guy and his team are doing the right thing by shutting the servers down. It's just some loser dev looking to make money. He deserves everything he gets.

  • Cal Alaera
    Cal Alaera

    Idea: Maybe if you'd somehow gone *up* from the lag machine and acted like you were trying to mine netherite ore, the lag machine might still be loaded, and staff might have a harder time finding it? Most of them seemed to just be teleporting from player to player to see what was happening.

  • Astrogammashot

    I got banned from this server for saying "damn" once. goes to show how broken their moderation is. Apparently saying "$249.99 for a rank? That's as much as a damn xbox" is "targeted harassment"

  • JakeN

    Ahaha, as an acquaintance of some of the people in the video this is absolutely hilarious. And yes, the admins are 100% aware of the pay-to-win nature of the faction/survival game modes. (The mods that regular the creative server are very good at their job ;)


    Weird that such a server didn't have an ore scrambler (makes your client receive false info about what ores are inside walls) or mine-cooldown(to limit diamonds mined per minute) plugin Not that i'd expect much from a server like this

  • Ugly

    'Purchase an unban or appeal" Bro, these guys deserve anything that's coming to them

    • CinnamonToastCrunch

      @fergg asdasd you predicted it

    • Jason

      @ennyyyable or, you could hate the scammers 😗

    • Jason

      @Stephen Fasciani oh, so you're one of them, then... got it...

    • Jason

      @Reconbeatz cool, and scamming is free to avoid.

    • Jason

      @ビラザ ペドロ thats not how life works, dude....

  • Sean’s Basics
    Sean’s Basics

    I'd like to see the chat's reaction to it being a lag machine after they all said it wasn't, would have been quite funny

  • Dusk

    My god this is so entertaining! I was expecting a voice over at first and was caught off guard by it, but being able to pause and read what’s being said is so much nicer than trying to replay the same 10 seconds over and over to hear the person. Hell yeah I have my ringer on for this kinda content; terrorizing bad server owners. 10/10 would recommend :)

  • Anselminos

    you could sort of try to hide an lag machine under a lava pool so that it would be harder for server owners to spot them in spectator mode, as lava is so annoying to deal with

  • ReRenderr

    i used to play on this server with my sister when i was like 8, had some good memories in skyblock but even my single braincell realized it was highly pay to win, glad to see it get destroyed

    • Eyad

      For how long was this server up?

  • Keith Rutherford
    Keith Rutherford

    Horizon: “staff has no life” Also Horizon: *mines 25,000 iron to prove a point* This dude is metal.

    • Dog Dog
      Dog Dog

      Jesus loves you alot trust in His death 4 salvation and be saved from eternal hell

    • squid bacon
      squid bacon

      Horizon: *cowabunga it is*

    • Neosstuff

      @Preston Little lol

    • Preston Little
      Preston Little

      @Neosstuff OHHH I GET IT

    • Aquilenne

      It was a pay to win server. There's a good chance that it might have been the staff's full time job.

  • ArmedAirplane

    The editing, especially the visuals like the ones at 11:05, is absolutely nuts

  • Na Jager
    Na Jager

    What I usually do when mining a non-exp dropping ore with baritone is adding 1 other ore such as lapis or redstone. Although this will waste some time mining for the wrong ore, this works for keeping it running overnight, which is good enough for me.

  • Caramell Dansen
    Caramell Dansen

    17:19 What if you set the long track that connects the "Minecart Placing Room" and the "Lag Room" with a downward ramp all the way, so the carts would push themselves into the lag room with gravity?

  • starwwas

    the editing at around 11:00 was insane! this is stuff i like to see

  • Matthew Moua
    Matthew Moua

    “I cut a tree down 2 minutes ago and still haven’t gotten the wood.” I’m crying

    • SOTP • 51 years ago
      SOTP • 51 years ago

      @Dovahseod picking a block is based on ticks...

    • Shaun Jones
      Shaun Jones

      My favorite is keralek at 23:31. “WHO IS RUNNING LEG MACHINE”

    • Dovahseod

      I mean, it has probably been a whole tick since then

    • 31thieves

      @Rogelio Cano “come on. Do something”

  • Someone you might know
    Someone you might know

    i know you just released part two but around 21:00 i thought of something that might help if you do the design again. so that you dont have to load it as often, put several lanes of minecarts and several V shaped rails at the ends and have one player on each lane so you get like 5x more minecarts placed per load

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson

    The E value at 3:11 is actually the number of entities in your FOV, not your chunk

  • Silvered Raven
    Silvered Raven

    Genuinely glad that there are still peeps trolling Pay-2-Win servers. Shame they aren't banned entirely but only so much you can do unfortunately.

  • Chaos Goblin
    Chaos Goblin

    Bro im absolutely FLOORED at the amount of dedication you have, you're a hero

  • Myotis Welwitschii
    Myotis Welwitschii

    It would have been cool to split the lag machine into 3 locations. That way the staff would think they won after removing one of the machines, and bam, two more enter, making the lag even worse.

    • SOTP • 51 years ago
      SOTP • 51 years ago

      @Kobe Kola actually 22.5k.

    • Joseph Mine
      Joseph Mine

      @SOTP • 51 years ago that would kill everything but the player and tagged entities. And there are a lot of useful things not worth killing; Farms, pets, item frames, end crystals, NPCs used for server purposes, etc.. Servers have a command to see total count of certain entities if said server is smart enough to add that plugin. That's how we can effectively locate active entities. But I guess since server admins are quite dumb as you guys said then there's no hope for them.

    • SOTP • 51 years ago
      SOTP • 51 years ago

      @Joseph Mine they dont know how to do that, but in general they could do /kill @e[type=!player]

    • Luey

      @Pshady calm down satan

    • cipher

      @Springtime pov you dont know what virtue signaling is

  • Lt corsa
    Lt corsa

    The animation that starts at 11:00 must have taken alot of time since it looks good af

  • NonApplicable

    Wow. The amount of effort put into this video is amazing. From visuals to in-game stuff, this video is a masterpiece.

  • Skeleton bones
    Skeleton bones

    First time i found your glad i seen this saga.. keep fighting the good fight brother.. man we need a group of people that can do this on all versions of minecraft lol it be funny.. anyway have a good one

  • jjhack3r

    Never stay at the scene of the crime. It’s easier to find a player than it is to find the source of the lag.

    • Cye Monkey
      Cye Monkey

      Not sure if you missed it but someone has to be present for the lag machine to work. Minecarts aren't rendered without someone present so it doesn't work.

  • Redstacks

    The chat went from "Hey its lagging" to "This is the most agonizing pain I have felt, my every nerve is aflame"

    • Paf

      @Michael Buckley I what?

    • Ceo Flippers
      Ceo Flippers

      @John Mehlman I didn't think of that, yeh if they spent money on that server of course they can't exactly just move on lol, shame people fall for that trap tho

    • John Mehlman
      John Mehlman

      @Ceo Flippersi find it more as "shit, the servers lagging to hell and back but i spent money on this server, i cant leave now" its fuckin sad how people cant just oh i dont know, NOT pay for an obvious scam

    • Shagaru Bleed
      Shagaru Bleed

      ​@RZX Dad's Credit Card

  • I-phone6onthetoiletGaming

    i feel at ease now that i know there are good hackers like this guy out there in this world

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King

    Horizon on top! Thanks for targeting money-holes like this. I just wish you'd gotten credit in front of all those players and the admins!

  • FireKraft

    This is the best minecraft content I've watched in years. Keep this good stuff up!

  • Tan

    Amazing editing, really good video. I can’t imagine all the footage you had to sort through

  • Terrain

    shoutout to the people in chat who: - waited 2 minutes to break a tree - waited 5 minutes to pick up items (that didn't despawn because that's based on ticks) - waited 40 minutes to open a chest

    • Asymmetrization

      @kargaroc386 you could beat minecraft TWICE

    • Leo the cat
      Leo the cat

      Don't forget the guy who died 3 seconds after falling off a cliff

    • kargaroc386

      I like how you could literally beat minecraft multiple times in the time that it took that chest to open.

    • ghuchen ghoti
      ghuchen ghoti

      Don't forget that guy who is gonna watch paint dry

  • chandler

    26:46 "the hamster is tired" that one made me laugh

  • Some One
    Some One

    Honestly, all those chests to store the iron could’ve caused enough lag to the server XD

  • eviljbrian

    I wonder if placing the minecarts could've been automated using a series of hoppers and a dispenser with a switch or something

  • Quacker Oats
    Quacker Oats

    Bruh, the effort that went into the making of this video is insane! This is amazing!

  • Liam D
    Liam D

    The animation explaining your 'big mistake' was super novel and very well done. Keep that animator around

    • Feather Weighted
      Feather Weighted


    • Knightwolf

      the biggest mistake would be not releasing it before a save, so the machine will get activated right on the load if they try to undo it by loading last save the machine would be running

    • Jozef Hudec
      Jozef Hudec

      @The Horizon Wait what-

    • Rubixninja314

      @The Horizon then lock him up in your locked basement's basement

    • The Horizon
      The Horizon

      @Jozef Hudec that implies I havent already

  • redgunnit

    Watching those carts fall down in the demonstration feels like watching a nuke fall from the sky and being unable to peel your eyes away before it goes off.

  • Anon Imus
    Anon Imus

    Imagine some of the players from the server watching this video after they've been told that it wasn't a server issues/lag machine.

  • Blues

    This must’ve taken a good few hours to make, props

  • Vandent Kong
    Vandent Kong

    The level of editing is crazy, the level of dedication of this man also crazy what de hell

  • King Dub Dub
    King Dub Dub

    Massive optimization: set the loading track on a slope so that even when it freezes outside of the loaded chunks it'll gain speed automatically once it's loaded. Have them fall onto a larger loop of _unpowered_ powered rails so they freeze in a downward position. The TPS won't drop nearly as bad when priming the loop and then all you have to do is flick a lever to power the loop up and wreck the CPU with collision calculations. As for the iron, an iron golem farm would've helped and a redstone supersmelter with hoppers would work fine, they aren't that hard to make. Great video, keep up the good fight!

    • Drak Moneyfesto
      Drak Moneyfesto

      @FreeCore Dude, since when did I say that? And when the fuck did we jump from minecraft servers to jobs? All I said that if he wanted to play a good minecraft server with what he wants, he could create his own to do whatever the shit he wanted with it. Or just play another one.

    • Sapioit

      @King Dub Dub That's actually a great idea! Maybe make a maze of tunnels, or some building (i.e. tower) nearby, to claim you were going towards that, hoping for free loot, or something.

    • Jean Bonneau
      Jean Bonneau

      wplayed man

    • King Dub Dub
      King Dub Dub

      @Sapioit If you made tunnels to it from far away then it would look like someone just set it up somewhere random and you just "happened to be loading it in."

    • Sapioit

      ​@King Dub Dub The cover is actually a great idea! Especially if you make a cover base with a bit of a farm and pretend you didn't know about the lag machine's existence. Even better if you make more lag machines and use 4-6 alts to have it running, so when one alt is banned, you simply disconnect all other alts and then remake the now-deleted lag machine elsewhere, so it cannot be stopped anymore. Maybe even combine a few different lag machines to have a failsafe if one of them does get patched, or to bypass a patch and still get it running. For example, you could setup a lag machine to make horrible lag spikes for a few seconds every few minutes, and outside those spikes the server would work well, and it might even be more annoying for the players. Bonus points if you use an observer looking at a sapling or other plant to randomly cause the lag spike lasting a minute.

  • kyle motcheck
    kyle motcheck

    Probably one of the best videos I’ve seen. I’m definitely going to watch more of your videos.

  • Nguyễn Minh Quang
    Nguyễn Minh Quang

    Question: couldn't you just build mutiple lag machine so you don't have to keep activating it and caused early lag?

  • TheAmazingWolfie

    “it’s a hosting issue not a server issue” congrats! those are the same thing. i guess they mean the hosting provider is having issues, which doesn’t make sense because they don’t act as an intermediary, they just manage the server

    • paladin

      No, they are not the same thing. The hosting provider (which holds the server and hardware physically) can have problems, such as high network traffic, physical upgrades, or other physical problems creating lag. This is different from a server issue, which could be described as something like this video, where the hosting provider is not the source of the lag, but instead comes from the server specifically, creating the trip ups.


    hey horizon, love your content. i may not condone cheating but this is definitely an exception.

  • Riverbed_Dreaming1232

    I love how the whole mod team collectively went with the ‘it’s not a lag machine guys it’s technical issues’ until they finally did something about it

    • 404 UNF
      404 UNF

      @M sounds about right.

    • M

      @404 UNF What they did is called gaslighting.

    • Zorro9129

      Narratives in a nutshell.

  • Diabolo

    i love how they make up random stuff about the lag to look cooler

  • KevinCS

    In the future, couldn't you try something like telling baritone to mine both Iron Ore as well as another ore that gives XP, such as redstone/diamond/etc. so this way you could leave baritone running with a mending pick? You wouldn't have to even pick up the XP ore, just mine it so you can collect the experience for your pickaxe

  • Dante Rodriguez
    Dante Rodriguez

    If you ever try to make this again, you could make two loops to avoid overflowing, also, in servers there are always people willing to trade their iron, that could make the process easier

  • Kochie

    What was great, was that the lag didn’t even do much of the negatives to the server, it was the mods reaction to it. People were getting upset because no mods were on the server when it was lagging, and people were being banned for spamming in the chat. So you essentially turned the people against the server, due to the servers inability to control the situation.

  • A Cat
    A Cat

    It’s hilarious that a mod in /vanish bans someone for their first chat offense but can’t figure out who put down 5000 mine carts to create a lag machine in under an hour. Can’t wait for part 2.

    • SOTP • 51 years ago
      SOTP • 51 years ago

      @Mistao Wickkuh its as easy as one command: /kill @e[type:!player]

    • Froggy

      @Cameron Lamb no outside is where all the bad people are. I'ma stay indoors thank you.

    • Cameron Lamb
      Cameron Lamb

      @Froggy touch grass kid

    • Adriser


    • A Cat
      A Cat

      @Froggy I thought you were being serious and calling me a clown lol. Guess this is a whoosh moment I kinda forgot they called it memory leak lmao.

  • The Gordon Experiment
    The Gordon Experiment

    You could hook up all the chests to hoppers connected to a dispenser with a redstone clock that dispenses the mine carts onto a slope that falls onto the machine.

  • Matix 777
    Matix 777

    I love how everyone blames fps for lagging for whatever reason

  • Twisted Myth
    Twisted Myth

    I love that you generated so much lag that the TPS wasn't even updating. Like a good way to unintentionally hide your tracks. Also, you gave them too many braincells.

  • Mischievous Cow
    Mischievous Cow

    “I then used a highly advanced AI known as Baritone to mine diamonds for me” Baritone: I wish :(

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "It's not about money, it's about sending a message." -The Horizon, probably

    • Smiley

      *Makarov vibes*

    • Dag

      hi again

    • Zeduck

      except it's all about the money, depending on how you look at it. because horizon is targeting the server because pay to win

    • Wojtek Molenda
      Wojtek Molenda

      @Hasani This is not a reference to a song, that's a reference to Mythrodak's speach when escaping Gaia's vault

    • Hasani

      this is familiar... from a song oh i know what it is

  • TheGamingMacaw

    Great video! However, I was wondering why you couldn’t just build an iron farm, I mean, it’s afk and you can run it while mining with baritone, so why not build one?

  • Ryker Kingsbury
    Ryker Kingsbury

    This was extremely well made good job!

  • PyroRemoN

    I used to play the prison on this server over 7 years ago when it was reactiveMC and it was probably the best prison I ever played. Shame that it has gone downhill it seems

  • Cythronixx :3
    Cythronixx :3

    this was a very fun video to watch, keep up the good work!

  • Kàeda the Catbot
    Kàeda the Catbot

    When you start lagging a server and the players on it say "Finally", you know it's a terrible server

    • M

      @Iisho There's a term for that: sunk cost fallacy.

    • Iisho

      @Grey Hunter I have one explanation. This isnt limited to minecraft. Sometimes when you play a game for so long, even if the quality is dropping, you dont want to leave because you've put so much time and work into the game. Not to mention if you've connected with others through that game. Or spent money. You have reasons to stay, usually sentimental ones. That is the tldr ⬆️ Giving a real explanation below that's optional to read Recently I've been playing Final Fantasy 14. As any topic I'm interested in, I want to watch youtube videos related to FF14. As it turns out, I joined just after a big influx of "refugee" players from World of Warcraft. I watched a lot of videos related to the topic and people who used to play WoW and have now moved to FF14. WoW didnt become bad recently, it has been an ongoing problem for quite a while (I was never a WoW player so I do not know exact details). Why didn't WoW players leave even though they knew it was getting bad? Sentiment. Theybe put in time, and effort, made connections, possibly even spent money (which can be a big motivator to stay). This is optional of course, but a video loosely related to this that I find incredibly entertaining is "I Enslaved my Final Fantasy 14 guild..." by Pint. Just an extremely funny video.

    • Grey Hunter
      Grey Hunter

      I'll never understand why people stay if it's a bad server.

    • WaterSharky

      I’m the guy who made your comment go from 459 to 460 yw :)

    • SnickSnack

      @mvich Some people just like to watch things burn. P2W servers are fun to join if you're there to troll without buying anything. Ik I'm guilty of it.

  • Adam Albu
    Adam Albu

    Tip: wurst can dupe items in 1.16.5 so that might help though you need a book and quill.

  • Bossyboi962

    I’ve never been happier to see someone completely shatter a PTW server 🤣

  • furry enjoyer
    furry enjoyer

    I love the part where he said this was 'enough minecarts but we had so much iron'

  • Damon

    12:40 "People would be flying everywhere to find it" would it be feasible to hide a lag machine in the 1000 block void between the spawn island and the outer islands?

  • Explox

    Wow I can’t believe staff didn’t care about the lag machine for 2 hours. 10/10 staff team

    • Pink  Delicious
      Pink Delicious

      Tbf who wants to go traversing the entire map to find the lag machine? I wouldn't lol

    • Goose Man
      Goose Man

      @GamerPRO 258 oh my i think i picked up what you meant

  • swordsmancs

    (Keep in mind I’m only 16 minutes in while writing this) Just a thought, but, even tho it would require more iron and chests, couldn’t you have used a hopper chain with a dispenser to automatically start adding the minecarts as you made them? Could have an on/off switch so that you could start deploying the carts when you were ready Also, keeping an alt in the base was mad risky for the time save, as an admin could just easily tp to the player to see what was going on if they noticed the strange amounts of tpa requests or lag, and you woulda been busted then and there Probably would have been safer to set up some kind of dummy nether base with an afk farm (like nether wart or something) a small distance from the lag machine, then just fly to it from the alt But hey, if it worked it worked ig

  • El Tipo Bigotudo
    El Tipo Bigotudo

    18:16 "Staff had no life." *spends hours grinding for iron* Just a joke, love the content!

  • Bryan Lariviere
    Bryan Lariviere

    I just spent half an hour of my life laughing my ass off. Seriously this was hilarious. how did they figure out it was you?

  • Nerfdominator

    You know you could’ve saved a couple hours if you used a dispenser to place the mine carts for you. Hook up with that storage system to a large conveyor belt heading to the dispenser that has an auto clicker and there you go