UFC 263 | Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards | Fan Cam

Fan cam angle from ringside of the UFC 263 featured bout between Nate Diaz and Leon Edwards.

  • fonomanu101

    Best seats in the house

  • Simo Harjane
    Simo Harjane

    Love these camera angles

  • Simo Harjane
    Simo Harjane

    Thanks 🙏 for that angle ! Amazing ! Love these videos

  • فــارس

    Lol no one even talk about how leon eat nate for 24 minute what a fan

    • Feeby Peels
      Feeby Peels

      Is it more a testament to the popularity of Nate Diaz or the unpopularity of Leon Edwards? Or just the fact that the last round was the most exciting because comebacks are exciting no matter who it is?

  • Nate Wong
    Nate Wong

    Nate didn’t know he was rocked until he stumbled the second time, he jumped on him that time


    Yes 30 seconds more , leon was done for, Nate needs a 7 round fight and he would never lose.

    • Michael Kamm
      Michael Kamm

      Yes, that is so true

  • Ronald Wilkins
    Ronald Wilkins

    That sht was a WRAP.

  • James Handley
    James Handley

    That’s crazy he Stockton’d slapped him then rocked him bad Nate is a god

  • Joyce Neville
    Joyce Neville

    Great fight last night so glad I got to see it. Nate needed 30 more seconds.

    • Eli Dyson
      Eli Dyson

      5 more second you mean

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