Trying to enter the world of #shorts
Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts

  • Yu MelAng
    Yu MelAng


  • Lachimondala •
    Lachimondala •

    Ok but, what is that xd

  • Mcheez _y
    Mcheez _y


  • Xxsariyah_coconut Xx
    Xxsariyah_coconut Xx

    My mom‘s bones at the gym be like:

  • Pink Girl
    Pink Girl

    Have you ever just shipped two people you don't know 😂

  • T Marcus
    T Marcus

    What kind of candy is this?

  • Biolit_Word Corli
    Biolit_Word Corli


  • Umair Saad
    Umair Saad

    What is this? Red

  • Si3ber

    He was way faster and he was also cutting more candies than her.

  • Lee

    Bullshit she lost

  • Nevaeh_Archangel

    When your parent tells you to let your little sibling win against you

  • Charles Luikart
    Charles Luikart

    Shotgun shells?

  • Wael Elattar
    Wael Elattar

    Are those 12 guage shot gun bullets.

  • Yaboijeffr3y

    What is that stuff?

  • Prince Enoria
    Prince Enoria

    What is that?

  • че там по настроениям
    че там по настроениям

    Аа че это Такое??

  • ppaul 946
    ppaul 946

    I like how he lost on purpose

  • Zer0 Hyp3
    Zer0 Hyp3

    what is this

  • u know the rules AND SO DO I
    u know the rules AND SO DO I

    Damn that's an interesting hand movement I wonder why she won🤔

  • No Bueno
    No Bueno

    Why is this so fun to watch? The cut them to a sick beat! Haha! Also looks yummy 😋

  • GERO 60
    GERO 60


  • Freedomofspeech24

    That’s great and all but wtf is it?

  • Victor


  • Naterade

    What are they cutting

  • just act casual
    just act casual

    Those look so good where is this

  • PadorUmin

    those type of candies are delicious

  • Christopher Navarro
    Christopher Navarro

    Aquí los que buscan el comentario en español 😂

  • All animes
    All animes

    Tiktok : cancerrr

  • Aronn Almeida
    Aronn Almeida

    Your trying to enter the world of shorts?

  • Jaymin B
    Jaymin B

    I’m glad he’s not the type of guy who’s like “ActUaLLy I LeT yOU wIn” in the end

  • Promptify 300CAPO
    Promptify 300CAPO

    Why is she so annoying

  • Dre Fnu
    Dre Fnu

    Wtf is this Im so confused

  • THE Fourth Willie
    THE Fourth Willie

    I thought that was candy at first...

  • REVO

    Dudes not even trying...

  • AQproductions

    He let her win so she could feel good about herself

  • Morris Hodges
    Morris Hodges

    He wins! Work smarter not harder

  • The Shut-in
    The Shut-in

    Did he have 4 because he was a senior employee?

    • The Shut-in
      The Shut-in

      Yeah i can see it in that, his hands so fast i couldnt even see them move, just candies falling.

  • Thomas spatucci
    Thomas spatucci

    Are you making shotgun shells wtf?

  • Kristy herd
    Kristy herd

    I love eating them do you know where you can find them

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G

    I can hear Abba music in the background

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey

    he didn't want to embarass her I would've got full rpms tho

  • Tsk_lilyeeterx And the boys
    Tsk_lilyeeterx And the boys

    Why does he have more

  • chrichu

    I’ve seen a asian man do it 30z faster

  • Tess Tickle
    Tess Tickle

    “It’s all in the wrist action” she said. “I know.” He responded.

  • Hella Widiani
    Hella Widiani

    both are good at it

  • Doctor Meep
    Doctor Meep

    Loser fruit?

  • Shanice Shirley
    Shanice Shirley

    Wow she's fast

  • Honu B
    Honu B

    He is cute

  • Frank Westphal
    Frank Westphal


  • Kombin dünyası !!!
    Kombin dünyası !!!

    ne ki bu

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez

    My man was going easy

  • gewoondion1234

    What Is that!

  • Miudas a
    Miudas a

    I want sugar rn

  • Christopher Briscoe
    Christopher Briscoe

    Feminists: And can you believe she's getting paid 30 cents less an hour for doing the same amount of work?

  • Joe Mascolino
    Joe Mascolino

    Is that clove rock

  • Jhostin Coyachamin
    Jhostin Coyachamin

    El otro we con 4 de esas tiras y la tipa con 2 xD

  • Amezz

    Guy be like "aw... So cute..." Continues to show a glimpse of his superhuman level skills But then remembers what his great master thought him that "it is not always about winning that wins the war... Sometimes losing is what it takes to make the team stronger to win every battle"

  • Hoghs

    He either likes her or just likes her. Either way it was good cause he could have dusted her. He went fast briefly and you could tell. I say class act. Everyone won there

  • Ezio and me
    Ezio and me

    What are those?

  • Egg Bread
    Egg Bread

    I wonder what kind of willpower it takes to just not grab one

  • Talha Bin khalid
    Talha Bin khalid

    He likes her 😂

  • Lenin Clavijo Giler Clavijo
    Lenin Clavijo Giler Clavijo

    Para que sirve eso q cortan

  • Najji Khalyl Sofio
    Najji Khalyl Sofio

    But can employees eat some?

  • bahahotgamer

    He entered beast mode

  • D Hayar
    D Hayar

    That was sweet of him. He didn’t even try.

  • Suzanne StJohn
    Suzanne StJohn

    Nobody asking what they r using all that for. I mean i may just be dumb but still-

  • Bastos

    My Dumbass thought these were Shotgun Shells

  • Jack Loaf
    Jack Loaf

    This is the most oddly satisfying video I’ve ever seen

  • Diyah AlifahAF
    Diyah AlifahAF

    What is that? Anyone, please

  • Ashleigh Ohara
    Ashleigh Ohara

    she has elf ears not being rude there cute

  • Jay Wheels
    Jay Wheels

    You can already tell he wants to replace her 😂

  • Azlie Aziz CNL
    Azlie Aziz CNL

    Perempuan mna bleh kalah tu bro itu bagi jer dia menang, kalau bro itu menang nnti putus kawan, tu yg bagi jer tu

  • Humna Khan
    Humna Khan

    The guy was doing it soo smoothly and smiling and he literally let her win

  • Le' Goose
    Le' Goose

    He let her win

  • abram kent gonzaga
    abram kent gonzaga

    Is she an Elf?

  • Jean

    well we all know why the guy had such finesse with his wrist. he just chose not to flaunt it too much.

  • Leo Evdokimov
    Leo Evdokimov

    Это работа, где можно стучать по конфетам в ритм любимой песни.

  • neka s
    neka s

    His was much neater

  • Cher'ie Smith
    Cher'ie Smith

    What are yhey

  • Rick

    If I were to do this job. I'd prob die cause my stomach d burst from all the KitKat i ate

  • Elric D. Zoldyck • 9 anni fa
    Elric D. Zoldyck • 9 anni fa

    Dario Moccia che vede questo video: Oh guarda un' Agnesoide

  • 위사람


  • 30MAR KHAN
    30MAR KHAN

    Is He Saying Bhot hard ?Emiway influence 😂

  • Quân Baka
    Quân Baka

    He slowed down so she can keep up What a chad move

  • ShadowAce

    Most of the People : admiring the people who do this Me: I want those tools with which you do that.

  • Robert Santos
    Robert Santos

    That's so cool and the girl's dace little dace to and you two are super fast

  • Fresh Mobile
    Fresh Mobile

    Can someone tell me what is that?

  • Cristian Bodea
    Cristian Bodea


  • Haikiru

    loser fruit???

    • Haikiru

      nvm i saw her face...


    She looks like she could be Anna . . .

  • Gianna Giovana Have Huge Long Dream
    Gianna Giovana Have Huge Long Dream

    What are they cutting?

  • Muhammad Amin Ramli
    Muhammad Amin Ramli

    And they want equal paycheck too lmaooo

  • Le chien est en train de se parler et Hyghjkhg
    Le chien est en train de se parler et Hyghjkhg

    What he cut ??

  • grilo arts
    grilo arts

    Q isso?kjkkkkkk

  • Anonymity Ix
    Anonymity Ix

    No candy cutting girlfriend

  • Manuel Prado
    Manuel Prado

    Pero el está cortando más ._.

  • Tanav singh
    Tanav singh

    What is this?

  • pa4ka Frozen
    pa4ka Frozen

    У парня руки набиты)

  • James

    Where else her hands be

  • Darth Gamer
    Darth Gamer

    What sort of candy is this?

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