transforming thrifted furniture into aesthetic room decor
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  • Emerald Holbert
    Emerald Holbert

    I really love your hair what did you get I would love to get the same!!

  • sierra gullo
    sierra gullo

    What kind of dog is spok?

  • Chooky Choo
    Chooky Choo

    the knobs should've been pink for the accuracy

  • Juliette Verdier
    Juliette Verdier

    omg this is so good ily

  • Anna Hass
    Anna Hass

    Check Facebook market place for the cheep furniture

  • Eeka Speeka
    Eeka Speeka

    ngl i feel like shes not herself anymore and in the videos i can tell ryan isn't himself either. it feels like they're both struggling with something and she's just better at hiding it.

  • Serenity Campbell
    Serenity Campbell

    Should have called it a Pham flip 😂

  • Carolina J
    Carolina J

    No hate; but does anyone else feel shes disconnected? Like not from what shes doing she seems focused but like it feels a lot like shes talking because she’s used to doing it but like shes also not addressing....her audience at all? With the sudden nonexplaining of things it feels like her mind is somewhere else and the viewer is not really there either

  • ashley hebert
    ashley hebert

    girl.... invest in an electric sander.

  • Zuza

    U can use it as a seat to the desk x !

  • Adele Fortier
    Adele Fortier

    Wow the rug chair thingy is actually so creative and cuteee

  • Becky G
    Becky G

    Facebook marketplace is the place to go. You need to check it regularly and you would be surprised what people give away for free!

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw

    Haley if you ever have to sand something down again just put in earbuds and blast music so you cant hear it, love you💕

  • Alexandra

    I love you and your decorating videos so much I love interior design and hope to get a career in it. These videos r perfect

  • Dina

    Wow I didn’t think the rug would look that good on the table 😱 literally a diy queen💙

  • yung nessi
    yung nessi

    I love you Haley I’ve been watching you since you lived in your parents house, I used to watch your bible journal and decorating videos. I will always support you, don’t listen to the haters and people who want to criticize you.

  • Ana guzman
    Ana guzman

    I’m lost

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith

    I love that I’m not the only one who get nauseous sanding! I thought I was the only person on earth lol. Love the Table! ❤️

  • faith criss
    faith criss

    Not trying to hate but I feel like you are definitely gonna regret the whole cow print thing down the road. Trends like that come and go so fast, so by painting that entire thing in cow print you’re really just making more hassle for yourself in the future. I thought it looked beautiful and elegant just plain white. You could always decorate the top of it with cow print decor that is easily removed when the trend goes out. Just my thoughts!

    • KAylA K
      KAylA K

      I think it’s really cute, all though I do agree it tends to go in and out of trending fast and it can be hard to match with stuff, but I’m still glad she did it, because it’s fun to see different designs😁

  • S A
    S A

    I’m confused as to what is happening to her...

  • grxn.

    10:53 pause

  • Hannah Welch
    Hannah Welch


  • Galilea Paez
    Galilea Paez

    Haley was my fav youtuber for a long time but she’s not the same anymore and i dont even know what going on in her life.. she changes a lot regarding style.. idk whats going on with her life but i really do wish the best for them

  • Kayla

    I mustve missed something cuz I came to this video to watch Haley being her diy self but the comments are full of people being concerned and saying the wedding already happened?? Can someone help me fill in the blanks please 👀

  • JC

    To everyone commenting why she and Ryan aren’t sharing that they are married already. This is what happens when you massively and unfairly criticize someone’s personal life and beat them down. They stop sharing with you. If I were her, I would never share anything personal publicly again. Anything she’s done gets massive criticism, I think she couldn’t take constructive criticism but I never see anything constructive in the comments, just hate.

    • Mariah B
      Mariah B

      I agree. People are way to entitled to other people’s lives, it’s very weird... being a public figure must be exhausting 🙄

    • Kayla

      Understandable and I agree with you but this was her choice. She cant involve her audience with every thing in her life and then suddenly just stop, that will only lead to more criticism.

  • melanie quai
    melanie quai

    Ok where do y’all find inspiration I literally can’t find anything on tik tok or RSloft or even Pinterest that isn’t like “I painted this white”

  • Samantha Armas
    Samantha Armas

    So more diyssss

  • Samantha Armas
    Samantha Armas

    Love these videos

  • Stella Goldstein
    Stella Goldstein

    Does anyone know the brand of or where I can buy the crescent moon stool/side table?

  • Lydia Elaine
    Lydia Elaine

    i just hope you’re ok !!

  • Lydia Elaine
    Lydia Elaine

    hi haley ! we love you && wanna know how you’re seriously doing !! i know we’re all just people thru a screen but some of us seriously care & wanna support you in all the ways

  • Sarah Latham
    Sarah Latham

    Liquid sandpaper takes off finishes without sanding 🖤 and an electric sander doesn’t sound like sandpaper, more of an electric buzz

  • Dana Matic
    Dana Matic

    Is your house uneven?? It’s so irritating, like when you sit normally at your dining table (around 6:34), everything seems to be unleveled >.

    • KAylA K
      KAylA K

      Ooo, that’s an interesting point!!🙃 I could be wrong, but I think just the camera is uneven 😁❤️

  • hannah dorminey
    hannah dorminey

    if anyone sees this comment, please watch my video on TikTok, we need a Christmas Miracle 🎄❤️ @hannalysee

  • Carson Hauch
    Carson Hauch

    What happened to Ryan 😞

  • Emma Kibbons
    Emma Kibbons

    Ok kinda random, but I feel like I almost have "Haily phases". Like I fall in and out of watching her. And everytime I go back to watching, I wonder why I ever stop. Long story short, I love this queen 💕

  • Hanna Kay
    Hanna Kay

    Who else is browsing through the comments looking for info

    • Kayla

      Same. Im hearing that Haley got married early Nov ???

  • Sacred Hal
    Sacred Hal

    When u sad get a cork block or something and wrap the snadpaper around it :-)

    • Sacred Hal
      Sacred Hal


  • glimps c
    glimps c

    I think she got tired of all the hate from everyone and would rather be private now after the mass amount of bullying and drama channel videos made about her and ryan.

  • Ļůńķý

    I'm not a girl so plz ozl plz don't call me out in bad but I'm interested. I wonder what life is like with Ryan. I'm chill. Also I'm bi but don't tell

  • taescanvas

    THIS INSPIRED ME SO MUCH WOW I definitely wanna make a diy where I paint cow print on some of my furniture ):

  • Chris Poisl
    Chris Poisl

    you could've paint de handles bright pink, to look like cow titties

  • lozin Carleton
    lozin Carleton

    Stay in school kids, that's not a half moon. 🌓🤭🧚‍♀️

  • MADS

    i love haley and ryan i just feel like we are being shut out from there life after they open up to us so much. haley has such a great personality and i feel like it gets lost in these diy videos i wanna see more of haley... i still love the diys. i would like a little update in there life plz:)

    • King K
      King K

      Well for one they sold their engagement for thousands and thousands of dollars and then they got married in secret on nov 8 and didn’t tell anybody

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M

    Y’all saying she has an identity disorder and stuff but did it ever occur to you that it’s none of ur business?

    • chlow

      People need to take into recognition that when you look on her channel, she diy/flipping with pham videos up to 11 months ago! It’s just that she’s getting more into it and getting more comfortable with doing what she enjoys

    • Ashley Price
      Ashley Price

      I dont think she has a disorder, but it is weird to me that she will say I wanna get into this and then two videos later shes like okay now this and then again and again. I think her videos are well put together. I may be wrong but it seems like her upload schedule is inconsistent, and she doesnt communicate much with her following on RSloft anymore. Sometimes when youtubers need a break they simply say something like "hey I wont be posting as much I'm also going to be experimenting with my channel a little." You know just to give the audience a heads up. If anything she might need a break. Maybe take a month off if she can, and come back with a consistent schedule and theme. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Jaii gogetit
    Jaii gogetit

    Why are you doing this indoors instead of outside or in the garage?

  • Hailey Abecassis
    Hailey Abecassis

    I feel like haley is becoming really disingenuous. I will always support haley, and have enjoyed a lot of her videos, but I wish I could see more of her personality like what I saw when she was just filming in her bedroom when she was 16. She's obviously allowed to change and grow, and I understand she's not going to stay the same, but I just feel like I dont even know who she is anymore, and it just makes me sad.

    • Julia Soszyńska
      Julia Soszyńska

      She doesn’t feel like a real person in her videos, more like a tv host doing a show.

    • i like wormcake
      i like wormcake

      this comment is so accurate!

    • King K
      King K

      Me too, unfortunately I had to unsubscribe

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •

    Ten toes down right now

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •

    The rug cutting was nice.

  • Kaylee Marinell
    Kaylee Marinell

    anyone else confused where they are and like we lost are sister🥺

  • Kate S.
    Kate S.

    I'm so confused?? first she quits the podcast, then they don't post on traphamily for like 2 months, and now we're getting random diy vids? no hate haley but honestly us as viewers are pretty confused at the moment, especially since you kept hyping up so many big projects of yours (airbnb, office space, THE WEDDING, etc.) and then you stopped updating us. idk i kinda feel like this needs to be addressed....

  • Lara_Bazzara

    Literally every time I think she can’t get any more beautiful she does-like she’s a Q U E E N ❤️

  • Faith Klingensmith
    Faith Klingensmith

    Girlllll please wear a respirator when spray painting things!!!!! That’s practically asking for lung cancer

  • Iza & Tren
    Iza & Tren

    Hey guys! We’re Iza & Tren, a small couple’s channel and newly engaged!! We upload videos every week like daily vlogs, challenges, our love story, etc. We would love anyone’s support and we would love to support some of you guys too! Comment your channels below and we’d love to subscribe❤️

  • Annemarie Hutten
    Annemarie Hutten

    Please what song is at 11:03?

  • Icy Cowdude
    Icy Cowdude

    The amazing part is as i comment this my friend dylan is talking about being friends with you o-o xd

  • dude no
    dude no

    ahh love

  • Martha

    i love your energy

  • Tina V
    Tina V

    This is off topic but does anyone know the outro song's name cuz it's kinda a bop and i wanna listen

  • Nika Hatt
    Nika Hatt

    Cushy toilet seat vibes

  • Melia Dianne
    Melia Dianne

    I think one of my favorite things about haley is the fact that she just does what she does, like i remember when it was all fashion videos and then like a lot of vlogs and now diy stuff and idk i just love how she just does what shes doing like idk full support girly

  • happyhair

    Next time that you do a furniture diy look at using rub-n-buff for the hardware. It’ll change up the metal so much :)

  • Sophie Jolien
    Sophie Jolien


    • shana

      yes slay

  • kit

    the chair looks like a toilet seat

  • dlauren

    i came here to make sure you didn’t thrift a bath mat

  • LydiaYo

    love you Haley

  • Carola König
    Carola König

    Maybe use some Velcro strips instead of glue so you’ll be able to wash the rug if you spill something on it 😅

  • Meghan O'Donovan
    Meghan O'Donovan


  • Natalie VanDine
    Natalie VanDine

    Hmm that moon chair looks filmilliar lol love u so much!space girlll

  • hey it’s val
    hey it’s val

    hey i really pray u see this uhm i just wanted to say that last night, hawaii lost a most beautiful boy. my friend kai committed suicide and i'm trying to raise prayers for his family and friends over there. lots of love from georgia✨ i love you kai -ur forever friend "katie"

    • Tessa Visser
      Tessa Visser

      Aww i’m so sorry. Definently praying for you and his family❤️❤️

  • bibs l
    bibs l

    okay but like what happened to the wedding? and where is ryan on youtube?🤔

  • Laura Poe
    Laura Poe

    How do you make your thumbnails Hayley!!!!! They are sooooo cute and good and I am trying to improve my thumbnails for my yt!

  • Natalie

    are all of these diys for her office? because they don’t really go together...

  • Jy F
    Jy F

    wait.... they’re married?!

  • Kaidyn

    What your end screen song? I really like it!

  • Cailyn Freeman
    Cailyn Freeman

    Hailey is so cool and modest she has great taste and her Pinterest always gives me great inspiration!! Love you Hailey you go girl!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Mightywwf ELL
    Mightywwf ELL

    Thank you for these videos I will save up for this camera

  • kate margaret
    kate margaret

    haley we want updates on the wedding!!!

  • zaynab siddiqui
    zaynab siddiqui

    it kinda freaks me out how quickly and suddenly she changes personalities.. like this isn’t the first time either lmao. if i switched up my style this much and so often i’d have some serious imposter syndrome

    • • ARIANA
      • ARIANA

      I think she’s just growing up and trying new things to see what she likes 🤷🏽‍♀️ she’s accomplished many things for her age but if she continues this for a while then I can definitely see where your coming from 🤔

    • Leticia Moraes
      Leticia Moraes

      Tbh she just kinda goes with what’s trending every 2 months and changed herself dramatically

    • sara

      It reminds me of Kalel

    • shana

      ngl I dont see any change? she's just diy-ing

    • Ashley Price
      Ashley Price

      This has always been my issue with her channel. It's not consistent. Like I know shes young, shes probably just simply trying to find who she is, but the changes are so frequent.

  • Cupcake Twins
    Cupcake Twins

    The tounge slurp thing at the end is seriously discussing and grosses me out so bad!!!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😬😬😬😬

    • Cailyn Freeman
      Cailyn Freeman

      OPINION, you don't have to share negative opinions because that's how people get anxious and have lower self-respect, and it's downright embarrassing!

  • Cupcake Twins
    Cupcake Twins

    Ur vids r going downhill

    • Cailyn Freeman
      Cailyn Freeman

      If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all be respectful of them! :(

  • Laura D
    Laura D

    not hating i could be wrong, but i feel like they aren’t sharing their marriage because it wasn’t covid safe :/

  • Quincy O’Hara
    Quincy O’Hara

    Does anyone know what the song in the outro is called?

  • Katie Kelly
    Katie Kelly

    Not gonna lie, I don't like either... The dresser was nicer before, looks like something you would see in a teens bedroom and the original handles were nicer... Oof. Also what on earth would you put on that fuzzy table? Would have been nice to see either completely finished, set up and in use.. Glad those things aren't mine :/

  • Dana Cohen
    Dana Cohen

    THE EDITS>>>>>

  • Nathan Fuentes
    Nathan Fuentes

    I luv these videos ah

  • Supernova Cruisin
    Supernova Cruisin

    Next time I’d love to see you fill the holes, sand them, and then drill a hole for the knob! I am no diy expert but I recently learned to do that as well while renovating my campervan and it makes a world of difference!

  • Laney Swaim
    Laney Swaim

    Yayy! She finally was actually talking to the camera and wasn’t Voicing!!! Not that I didn’t like her other vids any less!!

  • Audrey Hilll
    Audrey Hilll

    i love you, but these look horrible. i’m sorryyy

    • Audrey Hilll
      Audrey Hilll

      @Cailyn Freeman just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Cailyn Freeman
      Cailyn Freeman

      @Audrey Hilll i get it but sometimes if you don't have anything nice to say just keep it to yourself

    • Audrey Hilll
      Audrey Hilll

      @Cailyn Freeman i’m not trying to lower her self esteem, it’s just not my style and i thought it was kind of tacky. don’t say that i am “the worst” because i am sharing my opinion.

    • Cailyn Freeman
      Cailyn Freeman

      DuDe your the worst shut up and keep negative opinions to yourself you have no right to lower others self-esteem!!

  • Kayla Segelman
    Kayla Segelman

    I love your blonde hair its gorgeous!!!

  • sarah ssizzle
    sarah ssizzle

    i love how they just probably have spray paint spots all over their yard from their diys😭

  • pau pau
    pau pau

    Okay but what about the wedding?

  • Kalia Flores
    Kalia Flores

    I love the creativity but it looks like a toilet seat✋🏼😭😭

    • JC

      I just got flashbacks from those tacky toilet seat covers ppl use to have 😂. I love the table though and I doubt most ppl born after 2000 knows that those are

    • wheeface

      @Cailyn Freeman How about you respect other people's opinions. Not all of them are bad.

    • Cailyn Freeman
      Cailyn Freeman

      keep NeGaTiVe opinions to yourself pls

  • Karyn Furness
    Karyn Furness

    when is your wedding

  • Nunya Bizz
    Nunya Bizz

    I’m so confused on why yall are shutting us out, don’t get me wrong I do love these videos, it just feels like there’s something missing or kinda ingenious and random. Finding out u got married on nov 8 is so disheartening because you let us in the wedding process but didn’t even update us on the rest, It’s..odd

    • Asmaa_

      well it's done now lol move on i guess she didn't want to share it following the lab video thing about her relationship

    • Nana Jensen
      Nana Jensen

      It is however their personal lifes. What they share on the internet is their own decision and there might be going something on behind the camera atm, but whether there is or not is it not important for her followers to know. Always remember that public figures has a personal life as well

    • JC

      @Nunya Bizz Sorry if that sounded pointed, I didn't mean you specifically hate on her, but her viewers overall seem to turn on her when they hear any criticism and jump on the bandwagon. Yes, I totally understand influencers will get criticized, but for Haley specifically she seems to get over criticized for things, and I'm always left confused why. Nitpicking criticism will always be a thing influencers receive but when its the overall viewers doing it, I don't blame her not wanting to share her personal life anymore.

    • Nunya Bizz
      Nunya Bizz

      @JC unfortunately thats what happens when you're an influencer but i'm not hating whatsoever i love haley and ryan thats why i'm so sad that they didn't show us or even give us a lil update about their life. she shared sm but then stopped abruptly without any explanation :\

    • JC

      Why do you think we are being shut out? Everything they do received mad criticism. I rarely see constructive criticism in the comments. If I were her I’d stop sharing too.

  • Maya Joseph
    Maya Joseph

    what house has she been staying at ?

    • Maya Joseph
      Maya Joseph

      @Hannah Croft Thank you !

    • Hannah Croft
      Hannah Croft

      These DIYs are filmed at the property her and Ryan use as an office space :) the portion with the canon sponsor is at their home

  • Alyssa

    Ok but like what song is played at the end?! I’ve been meaning to ask🙃

  • Teresa Felipo
    Teresa Felipo

    Hey, love your videos!! I have just started my own youtube channel and it would mean the world for me if any of you guys reading this could check it out! Thankssss and love you all

  • Lauryn Fullylove
    Lauryn Fullylove

    hear me out: carpet cutting asmr 👀

  • Alyssa Joy
    Alyssa Joy

    haley’s video quality has been sooo good recently

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334 хиљ.