tomboy to girly girl transformation in 24 hours
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  • Max 24
    Max 24

    1:35 bless u x2 sneezing

  • Montse Jiménez
    Montse Jiménez

    So... the tomboy is you...

  • Julie

    I want someone to help me to change to a girly girl. I've always need and want to see myself to be a girly girl. I'm more of a Tom boy like

  • •.U r Gay.•
    •.U r Gay.•

    She's great at Singing 😍 (I wanna see if she actually delete's her channel)

  • Umarul Syafiq
    Umarul Syafiq

    1:35 - Bless you x2 for sneezing, Haley. Love your loud sneeze. Its cute. ☺

  • MrBaggy76

    1:35 Будь здорова!!

  • Pamela Futon
    Pamela Futon


  • Eva Fuentes
    Eva Fuentes

    You. Are. a. Good. Singer.

  • megan mc
    megan mc

    "jumpin boogie woogie"

  • Giant Boy
    Giant Boy

    1:35 bless u

  • Iyanna Woods
    Iyanna Woods

    FREAKING WEIRDO 😐.......🤓

  • Alejandro Morales
    Alejandro Morales

    No one has commented on this in a week... other than me

  • rusyidatul karimah
    rusyidatul karimah

    Make up = absolutely not tomboy

  • ItsNotTaylor

    I'm a tomboy Eeek💓💓💓

  • Ella

    14:00 its just like me when i wearing heels 😂😂

  • Ava Dworak
    Ava Dworak

    I love your eye shadow

  • Moon Girl
    Moon Girl

    Guess it was green eyeshadow day

  • Leen Khadder
    Leen Khadder


  • Peacheyy

    I’m a tomboy and wear ok clothes but I kinda wanna change that and not become a girly girl but atleast a little more girlish but I’m scared of being judged

  • Rose Cabezas
    Rose Cabezas

    YOOOO IM WEARING THE EXACT SAME YELLOW HOODIE IN THAT LITTLE CLIP OF YOU RN😂 Edit:lol it’s not it’s the exact same but without the words on it😂

  • Angelia Furgerson
    Angelia Furgerson

    I still don’t have the video

  • Yona Granger
    Yona Granger

    I didnt know that tomboys wear makeup

  • Akiro Tenjou
    Akiro Tenjou

    I here for her pink shot...

  • Bloom Carrera
    Bloom Carrera

    Btw, Haley I literally envy ur boobs SOOOO much(that’s weird actually I’m sorry)

  • Bloom Carrera
    Bloom Carrera

    Anyone notice how her “style” is literally the exact same as Billie Eilishes????

  • FelineRock68088

    Ur a great singer

  • Jessica samir wadiee
    Jessica samir wadiee

    oh babe you will be the most beautiful girl in the whole world in your wedding dress 😍😍😍😍

  • Trina Mendez
    Trina Mendez

    tomboys don't Wear Makeup

  • Keumyo

    Me toi

  • Julia Wright
    Julia Wright

    Oh my god why are you so cute

  • Harper L
    Harper L

    FYI i am not hating on your Chanel I love ur channel

  • Harper L
    Harper L

    U weren’t a Tom boy u were a vscscscsco and I oop

  • Kate T
    Kate T

    What kind of tanner does she use?

  • marina mulji
    marina mulji

    Haley you are sooooooooooooo amazing I love you

  • Lilly Bean
    Lilly Bean

    anyone else notice the voiceover at 0:49 lol no hate love ya haley

  • Avix Tutorials
    Avix Tutorials

    You are a really good singer, like AMAZING singer

  • Jenny Askew
    Jenny Askew

    Dudeee your figure is stunning!!

  • The GoPro Kid
    The GoPro Kid

    I am a tomboy to

  • mari3330 mari3330
    mari3330 mari3330

    U a really good singer

  • Abbey Nightcores
    Abbey Nightcores


  • Wilma Kylvag
    Wilma Kylvag

    You look so good in that red dress with the outfit tf


    haley in this vid: are you guys even girly girls? i'M nOt haley 2 videos after this: omg avery im sooo girly hehe style swap im so uncomfortable dressing grunge in this brandy melville shirt even though i shop at brandy melville but pretend not to like it bc it's not diverse

  • Fergal O Neill
    Fergal O Neill

    i looooove the red dress!!!!!!!!

  • Nowelia Blake
    Nowelia Blake

    Hey everybody please read: 👑JESUS👑 loves you and you are amazing Never give up and never give up on 👑GOD👑 because 👑HE👑 loves you and 👑HE👑 has a plan for you 💛

  • Foofoo2424

    i like your editing girly pop love ya haley!!!

  • saanvi chandra
    saanvi chandra

    "editing hakey"

  • Yarilene Areche
    Yarilene Areche

    Merhaba çocuklar eğer wow harika okuyabilir ama evet benim uk istediğiniz gibi ne istiyorum soooooooooooo evet tamam bye gibi benim yorum gibi Like if u want lol that all in Turkish I use Google translate lol like if u want

  • Eman Ghannam
    Eman Ghannam

    haley: makeup tutorials are so boring a night ago: *watches tati* 😂

  • Lydia A
    Lydia A

    YoUr sUcH a GOoD sINgEr! ( but like actually she is)

  • Jenna Wilder
    Jenna Wilder

    oml i fricking love haley i don’t get how people couldn’t love her

  • Kaja ___
    Kaja ___

    Omg im seriously so jealous cuz like you were soo pretty before and after! Like omg you’re just sooo preattyy 😩❤️

  • Jessica Okorie
    Jessica Okorie

    I relate to Haley’s figure, it’s like I have boobs but like my figure is a piece of cardboard lmaoo

  • Magen Evers
    Magen Evers

    "i look like i just come out of the womb. *strikes pose* goo goo ga"

  • Brooklyn S
    Brooklyn S

    I can relate to this video so much

  • Jenna Saylor
    Jenna Saylor

    that armpit tho😂😂that shiii had me weak

  • KpopManiac4Life

    You're very try hard

  • Nancy Canovas
    Nancy Canovas

    Am I the only one who thought that she looked kinda like Andrew Foy in the thumb nail?😂

  • Laila’s and Mia’s reviews
    Laila’s and Mia’s reviews

    The first outfit you wore made you look 30 personally I didn’t lie the first outfit. But the second outfit was so pretty.

  • Evie King
    Evie King

    "I like to wear baggy clothes that don't show my figure at all" BILLIE EILISH WHO😂😂

  • t

    "I've never spent this time in a restroom except for that one time I was food poisoned"

  • Nicole Yan
    Nicole Yan

    You are killing it

  • Ryan Grogan
    Ryan Grogan

    Haley’s hair in the intro is everything😂

  • Claire Henderson
    Claire Henderson

    Girly girl transformation! *turns into barbie*

  • Ava

    Your an amazing singer

  • Chelsea Kathrina Paclibar
    Chelsea Kathrina Paclibar

    just found you through my recommendations and now i cant stopppp wwaaatttchinggg!!! ur sooo prettyy omg

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang

    lol did anyone notice imalexx on her computer 😂 11:27

  • itsAberry

    takes a shower: ''wow i should do this every week!!'' me:

  • Joseph Amrein
    Joseph Amrein

    Omg you’re such an amazing singer!!!!!

  • Pyper Scott
    Pyper Scott

    haley: “i also painted my toes but i’m not gonna show that because i don’t want creepers on this video” people with finger fetishes: *_ahahaha you’ve been fooled_*

  • sophie zhang
    sophie zhang


  • Natalie Rodriguez
    Natalie Rodriguez

    “ get this guys I’m gonna put on a DRESS “ I felt that 💕

  • ElineMaster Master
    ElineMaster Master

    I are a full tomboy like no make up no nothing girly and i whould fall with heels on and like when u have a dress when i drop somthing u dont know how to take it up like how can girly girl do thisbwake up so erly and do make up and Everything

  • Ellie McGinley
    Ellie McGinley

    you don't have to be just be "girly"... or just be "boyish". Someone can have a super girly personality but wear "boyish" cloths, or the other way around. Most girls are a mix of a "girlish" and "boyish". Some girls wear baggy cloths but have acrylics.

  • Ellie McGinley
    Ellie McGinley

    lets be honest... haley is girly, but her style just isn't.

  • khanh ho
    khanh ho

    i like to wear baggy clothes billie eilish has entered the chat 😉

  • Sydney Northrop
    Sydney Northrop

    what self tanner did you use? or did you go outside and tan??

  • lianke

    you’re literally the best😂♥️i love this video so much🥳👏🏻💓

  • charcoalcqndy

    Okay but that plsjw of hair in her intro seriously disturbs me

  • Maitree

    14:59 😂

  • Alexandra Surbaugh
    Alexandra Surbaugh

    I sick

  • Jamie H
    Jamie H

    Omg how does your hair curl in literally 2 seconds?? When I curl my hair by the time I get around the first part is already straight again....

  • ʟɪʟʟɪᴀɴ ᴠᴇʀᴀ
    ʟɪʟʟɪᴀɴ ᴠᴇʀᴀ

    Haley please watch this. I’m not trying to demand, your My Favorite RSloftr, but I think everyone should see this. PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS WATCH THIS PLEASE -

  • Charlotte C
    Charlotte C

    She is actually a really good singer Jk

  • Yitzchaq

    And I know you’re not trying to sing but you’re good

  • Yitzchaq

    Juss wondering what does your manager do

  • Rebecca Danielle
    Rebecca Danielle

    I cackled at 15:00-15:05

  • Alien Nene
    Alien Nene

    Go Go Ga 😂😂

  • Sidra Abbas
    Sidra Abbas

    what apps do u use for editing??

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson

    Your a good singer 😂😂😂please don’t delete ur Chanel ilysm Haley 😘 😘 😘

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose

    Editing HaKey

  • naomi

    captions: “hey girlie fuck”

  • Altvip !
    Altvip !

    Your a good singer🙃

  • J Melon
    J Melon

    "I love being a little boy" same girl same. Being girly girl is hard 😭😂

  • Naomy

    Your self esteem is like ... on the floor

  • Raegan Blalock
    Raegan Blalock

    I love how you corrected your grammar at 0:51 and did a voice over I died 😂😂😂

  • Angelina Balerina
    Angelina Balerina

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  • bec

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    Alex Ferguey

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    Lauren Cohen

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