Tips for Starting A New Minecraft World PERFECTLY!
Creating a new world in Minecraft is great but it can also be overwhelming. With so many possibilities it can be hard to decide where to start at. In this video I go over five things that will help you get off to the perfect start in your Minecraft survival world.
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  • wattles

    Whats the biggest tip you have for someone starting fresh??

  • Life Before Death
    Life Before Death

    Tip for starting a new world:

  • Qirq Qirqly
    Qirq Qirqly

    I like to rename slips of paper with projects on them, put them into a dispenser and then have it randomly generate a project for me. As i get ideas, i make new slips of paper and put them in.

  • LL Davy
    LL Davy

    Pro tip: press F3 and get the coordinates of your base, mine shaft, villages, landmarks, anything of interest. And make that a habit. It is very easy to get lost and wander for a long time wishing you were home.

  • 5Puff

    "You've just created an amazing name for your world"

  • PJ Degnan
    PJ Degnan

    I never build a house within the first three days I always make a camp and collect materials so I can make everything look good from the start

  • gabrial

    I spawned by an abandoned ship ON LAND. That is my home now. Hehehe

  • Black Sheep Nomad
    Black Sheep Nomad

    The pain of not finding sheep and hiding in a hole possibly with no torches

  • KAZ M.
    KAZ M.

    Wattles: It'd be wise not to choose a spawn that is an island in the middle of the ocean.

  • Akos Pall
    Akos Pall

    My protip: early game , when youre still traveling to find the spot for your base,if you gathered some food , cook it using a campfire , this way you can spare some coal which is hard to find when you start out

  • ScroungerGaming

    The most tension filled moments I have in Minecrafts is when I die with my bed in my inventory. It happens sometimes. And it is really scary trying to get back to the spot where I died in good enough time to recover my stuff. It always seems to be nighttime when I respawn. I have taken to making a chest at spawn, that has food and a bed in it. This way I can sleep the night off and/or restore some health, for if I have been attacked after respawn. I could also suggest throwing a cheap iron set of equipment into that chest, that way, just in case, you can fight to get your stuff back, if your stuff is being guarded by the mods that killed you in the first place.

  • Doppler

    Personally, my favorite start is with 3+ types of trees nearby, a bed, crafting table, and lots of bamboo. No house, just a camp where I spend hours sleeping and farming bamboo before doing any significant progress.

  • Little Pebble
    Little Pebble

    Wattles is the greatest at replacing

  • Nikkö Alexander
    Nikkö Alexander

    I spent my first days exploring and eventually found four villages within viewing distance of one another (I play on Bedrock and they spawn very frequently) and once I found a village I liked, I spent a few days building a dirt wall as a placeholder until I get enough materials to make an actual one. My home right now is a little hut outside the confines of my village, built in the same style as the village I found.

  • Dylan Kurtz
    Dylan Kurtz

    This video came out at the perfect time for me I was just starting a new one

  • Perttu Tunkkari
    Perttu Tunkkari


  • BeNachos

    I go for full iron first, usually live in my mine and rush to the end, then start building

  • insignificant duck
    insignificant duck

    Tips for starting a minecraft world: There are none. Play how you want to play. It's your game.

  • Cyclonus Primus
    Cyclonus Primus

    Me: Should I get food first?

  • Bill McNeal
    Bill McNeal

    A mesa with a village near by: