Tier List of all Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update Changes
Mumbo Jumbo

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    HOW DID I NOT REALISE THEY HAD INCREASED THE WORLD HEIGHT VERTICALLY? That was the one thing I didn't double check as I remember thinking 'I wish they did that' when it was announced!

    • Jay71

      Do you mean upwards

    • JJ0520

      It was at this moment that the spoon made its daring return...

    • DJ Drack
      DJ Drack

      Easy: It was the mustache that blocked you from seeing it ;P

    • PurpleJaedd

      They did

    • Awwastor

      “Increase height vertically” yes, I assume they didn’t increase height horizontally

  • JustMe BeingMe
    JustMe BeingMe

    I like how Mumbo is being fair/wholesome and said "someone" is going to put a Shrieker in my base, like there is a chance it could be anyone besides Grian

    • IndoDINO Youtube
      IndoDINO Youtube

      Grian is the only reason I wanted the Copper Golem... they both like pushing buttons, both figuratively and literally.

    • GabiNat

      See ?

    • Mite

      @sannio komi Do you not know what commenting is?

  • jesterram

    a self spreading forest would be dope honestly just more ecology would be cool like more animals and changing populations and villiugars/pillagers doin there own stuff

    • 〘izperehoda〙

      Ambient sounds would be enough to make the game feel alive

    • jesterram

      @Eustace Hendrix I'm not saying that they should realy do more, sorry if I didnt say what I meant well. I'm not looking for mob behavior I'm looking for a reactive environment. Kill a bunch of pigs and there will be more cows that spawn and less pigs, kill foxes and chicken population rises. Cut down trees and more grow, leaving the trees alone and some die. I want the world to change in ways that dont involve direct interactions. This doesnt take AI, it takes tally systems that update a percentage chart every few minuets and cause minor events every in game week.

    • Eustace Hendrix
      Eustace Hendrix

      @jesterram Still, any update needs to go to the processor and the GPU if it affects visuals. What you want is similar to grass spreading on dirt but on a bigger scale with animals and villagers doing more than just walking. Like what the others said you can do it with mods. It's better as a mod so people who can't run it won't have to deal with it. Any update that will introduce additional lag can also potentially kill a world that people have been working on for years. It's the reason there's a mob cap, also why chicken eggs needs to be thrown by the player or dispenser to hatch it.

    • jesterram

      @Eustace Hendrix most of the stuff I'm thinking of isnt AI, its variable systems tracked by biome, they only change when updated and those changes are low intensity

    • Eustace Hendrix
      Eustace Hendrix

      More AI means more lag. Majority of Minecraft players have mid range devices and releasing a laggy update will significantly reduce the player base.

  • Stirling Clark
    Stirling Clark

    "I'm slightly biased because I like the mangrove tree" Mumbo, that's... that's how tier lists work

    • Zerøne

      @Ganheso Leso I thought it was just common sense tbh while they tend to be subjective, the point of a tier list is to rank things, S rank A rank B rank etc, basically a scale that generally shows what the best and worst things are using a quantifiable method, most powerful, tinest, most viable, most important and so on, so saying it's meant to be subjective kinda defeats the purpose

    • DarkAlphaMA_Live

      Lol you give your biased or non-biased opinion whilst ranking things.

    • Beastly FAILS
      Beastly FAILS

      He was probably very tired since he said mud is a dark brown block (which it should be) but it isn't , also the 64 block increase.

    • Punk

      @SCHNEK Yeah, I agree. Tier lists will always be biased but they're meant to be objectively elaborated, more or less. Huge difference between being "inherently" biased and "purposely" being biased as you just said. I was just so confused by the earlier comments. :(

    • SCHNEK

      @Adam X Zeröne is completely right. You’re just confused.

  • YouTube

    "tier lists - this is how we communicate now" 😆

    • Mean Francisco
      Mean Francisco

      Omg ▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️

    • PhantomSans


    • Simply_unnamed

      @Shreyas S why?

    • maskedkid4201

      Joined 52yrs🤨

    • Generic vr guy
      Generic vr guy

      Please bring back dislike

  • Sspectre

    Mumbo: “They increased the world height downwards but it would have been great it they had done it upwards too” Boy do I have good news for you Edit: I have never gotten this many likes on a comment, neat

    • Die2infinity

      @_RealUnderscore_ well in truth god cares for all of us.... BUT hay that's just a theory...A religion theory and today's forecast is rain in most areas around the EU

    • _RealUnderscore_

      @F4ce13ss Good to know that you think what you care about matters to anyone...

    • F4ce13ss

      @_RealUnderscore_ thats funny considering I dont care.

    • _RealUnderscore_

      @Sspectre That's funny, since I explicitly stated it was made 3 hours before this one.

    • Sspectre

      @_RealUnderscore_ I'm aware of the pinned comment, it just didn't exist when I made mine

  • Chippy

    instead of the Copper Golem they should've added Grian, he does the same thing

    • Ani alan Alan Ani
      Ani alan Alan Ani

      @Elliot Savenko Graebner and should cause some wars and shenanigans

    • petar petkovski
      petar petkovski


    • Pre-D

      @Elliot Savenko Graebner This comment is golden

    • Elliot Savenko Graebner
      Elliot Savenko Graebner

      but then the woulve had to make it so the copper golem gets random valubles from chests while there is lag

    • Ani alan Alan Ani
      Ani alan Alan Ani

      No it's true

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    everyone else: yay the allay won! its so cute! mumbo: yay the allay won! cant wait to stick it in a box for an advanced living storage system!

    • Mr. Incognito
      Mr. Incognito

      Ah slavery

    • Grand Master Yoda
      Grand Master Yoda

      @IndoDINO RSloft they wouldnt make diamonds renewable

    • Grand Master Yoda
      Grand Master Yoda

      i dont think anyone voted for the allay because of cuteness only

    • IndoDINO Youtube
      IndoDINO Youtube

      @Domehammer Hopefully diamonds bc I can never find those!

    • Domehammer

      I wonder if it will drop anything if killed.

  • bear11bear77

    Mumbo won’t figure most of these features out for about 3 years so it’s alright

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      10:20 the fallen trees ARE "ground breaking" mumbo, they are

  • Huw Day
    Huw Day

    "I don't need an angry bush to tell me it's dark" Yep, because that niche is already filled by creepers. If they spawn and blow up your base, it was dark.

    • GredyStar

      @Duệ Bùi Minh during the live they did say that could have been one of its potential features. But they didn't say that in the initial announcement so a lot of people automatically put it in the useless bin. Still, with the lighting change, even if it could, its still fair useless. more so on JAVA edition.

    • Peekaku Chu
      Peekaku Chu

      If it were called a gru...I'm sure it would E won maybe

    • Peekaku Chu
      Peekaku Chu

      Cackled lol

    • Duệ Bùi Minh
      Duệ Bùi Minh

      would've been better if it lit dark areas for you

    • bianca last
      bianca last


  • Determined Games
    Determined Games

    What Mojang has basically done for the deep dark is this: "A delayed game will be eventually good, but a rushed game will be bad forever". And I respect that, they're going for quality over quantity.

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar

      @RedLuigi235 Triggered.

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar

      @drsch Triggered.

    • The Crazy Nobody
      The Crazy Nobody

      Cyberpunk 2077: No, not necessarily.

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon

      @James Fox alot of companies do not get this memo that a GOOD game is purchased more often and thus generate as much if not more money in long term then short term boosts and packs

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon

      There is already quite the quantity to be fair. Time for sone quality

  • Shadowmaster

    Gotta give even more props to Mojang, even after having to muster the courage to tell the gaming community something has been delayed, they also made sure to have *something* ready for us. They could've pushed back the whole update from Caves and Cliffs Part 1 all the way to mid 2022 to have all of these ready.

  • 2tini ⚜️
    2tini ⚜️

    To be fair to the Glare, the article online stated it might scare mobs away, which if it worked like cats, but for all hostile mobs, would have been a nice alternative to flowing water for mob farms. But it's still pants.

    • XxKiNgWhItExX

      And it would find shadows for bedrock players who don’t have the coords light level menu that Java has and also has many bugs where there will be shadows in well lit places so it could find the actual shadows the player to light up

  • Ollipop

    Copper Golem Voters: But the allay is just a hopper. Mumbo: Exactly (Glare voters don't exist)

    • Dero

      @Offbrand Dream how?

    • Phantom Gato
      Phantom Gato

      @XxKiNgWhItExX very good point. As a Java player who doesn't use F3 often, I agree.

    • Phantom Gato
      Phantom Gato

      Ollipop why am I disappearing I was a glare voter

    • Nunya Bizness
      Nunya Bizness

      Me, a glare voter: 😐

  • Schmoff

    “I wish they coupled this with a 64 block increase up as well” The 64 block cease up that’s being added so we have room for mountains:

  • Ness does a pk fire
    Ness does a pk fire

    I've just realised, we ARE getting the Swamp Update that some people had wanted in the Biome Vote! (Swamp, Badlands, Mountains)

    • Lava Boat Cube supports Ukraine 🇺🇦
      Lava Boat Cube supports Ukraine 🇺🇦

      I wonder if they can update two biomes at once they are updating (adding) both the deep dark and the mangrove swamps so maybe they’ll add a Desert biome variant and a badlands variant with the new features that were originally advertised in the vote. Maybe that’s how the updates will work now? After the biomes are done then they will update the end or something.

    • Phantom

      @Properso :D I thought cope was some slang word like based or cringe, since people have been using it for everything but what it's supposed to mean originally. You say 'keep coping' but cope with what? You can't just cope in general, you know.

    • IceMetalPunk

      @Phantom Unlikely. There will always be new things for them to work on.

    • Phantom

      @Properso :D Please explain what coping means dude, I never said they would be added. To be honest I have low hopes they will, but whatever you say.

  • SimpleFailure

    feel like you're forgetting alot. Mud is dark Gray. Clay is much easier to get in Lush Caves, like, REALLY easy to get. and obviously the world height thing

    • Najwa Fitri
      Najwa Fitri

      But the mud texture might change later

  • Chill Pill
    Chill Pill

    The xp thing is cool, but villagers (clerics) sell bottles of enchanting. MASSIVE XP (from trading and the bottles) plus storage and renewability. I’m surprised this isn’t used more, its my go to.

    • Хаяна Сандзё
      Хаяна Сандзё

      Yea, but farms don't require to click buttons on your keyboard for thousand times. Why click four times then you can click with sword once and get xp faster and easier?

    • Niff T.
      Niff T.

      True, I use this too. But for people who make automatic mob farms (like Mumbo & the other Hermits), being able to store excess XP sounds incredible!

  • HifzaP

    Alt title: Mumbo Jumbo hard core simping over sculk blocks and redstone blocks while all the other stuff cry in the corner :D

    • HifzaP

      @Ey. Bo. Hopefully lol

    • KaboomGaming 42
      KaboomGaming 42

      @Ey. Bo. I hope so

    • Ey. Bo.
      Ey. Bo.

      Does anyone think they will add the ability to put fire flies in a jar

  • Kat The Cat
    Kat The Cat

    Mumbo, you took the words out of my mouth about the Glare, “I don’t need a grumpy bush to tell me if the dark cave is dark, I can find that out myself.”

    • Peggy Tomlinson
      Peggy Tomlinson

      @Rain Regn true.

    • Rain Regn
      Rain Regn

      I mean yes bedrock doesn't have F3, but with how the 1.18 update change the spawn light levels, it's gonna be a lot easier to see the dark part of the cave and all

    • Peggy Tomlinson
      Peggy Tomlinson

      @Aspen Carter bedrock player here, controllers for consoles don't have an F3 button.

    • Aspen Carter
      Aspen Carter

      I mean you can literally just hit F3 and it'll tell you your light level where you're standing sooo...

    • YesNo

      Underrated comment

  • Jacobe

    They, did, increase the upward world height mumbo, by 64 as well

    • Dipan Panda
      Dipan Panda

      @Doofy hi bot... youtube bota do really sucl

    • Cell

      @Doofy 𖨆 ok

    • Levee

      @Fish it bot

    • Aepokk Vulpex
      Aepokk Vulpex

      @hefty lad I think it's an indication of faltering sentence pacing, pretty common online nowadays

  • Lady Ivy Vine XIII
    Lady Ivy Vine XIII

    Sculk Veins = Vertical Redstone??? I mean, I'm all for it. Especially if you can waterlog them. EDIT: OMFG I didn't realize that the chest boat was getting added. FINALLY. This helps with my need to horde many starting resources and move many things.

  • GreenBurning

    They actually did talk about archeology in Minecraft Live 2021, they were just talking about how it’s going to be in 1.20

    • thunderstorm96 x
      thunderstorm96 x

      @Disciple Peter ahem 1.13

    • Disciple Peter
      Disciple Peter

      They're talking about 1.20... I'm still processing 1.16.

  • EX0stasis

    As someone who only plays modded minecraft, I'd put renewable clay into S tier.

    • Lawrence Calablaster
      Lawrence Calablaster

      I love it as a fan of terra-cotta :)

  • LaurWolfXD_

    1:53 They DID increase the world building height limit by 64 as well. From 256 to 320

  • Reclusive Eagle
    Reclusive Eagle

    Mumbo: "I just wish they increased sky height" The update: "64 blocks from the bedrock to the grasslands or the surface. And an *additional 192 blocks till the sky limit* "

    • Lady Ivy Vine XIII
      Lady Ivy Vine XIII

      Yep. I thought they did world height as a 64 up and 64 down. Guess Mumbo didn't catch that part.

    • Your comment got a 💔 from Candice
      Your comment got a 💔 from Candice

      The mega bases will be even more mega

    • Gum Skyloard
      Gum Skyloard

      @Jesus 200 Mother of god..

    • Milkue Tea
      Milkue Tea

      @Joas Gisler yeah, 64 upwards + 64 downwards + 256 (original height) = 384

  • FlammaBrawl

    I feel like with copper, instead of adding just the golem, they could have also added copper components to redstone, being mildly historically accurate with certain contraptions... I don't know of any NOTABLE things, but maybe they could add a motor or something, that simplifies a redstone clock or something similar to that

  • TheAdvertisement

    I absolutely love the Deep Dark, I'm so glad Mojang is embracing the horror aspect of Minecraft.

  • MJ

    I am definitely not one to complain about pushbacks. I spend money on games, I'd like to have a finished product. I've heard so many stories. Sometimes, games are basically released unfinished because of a deadline. Now there's DLCs, so they could at least finish what they *wanted* the game to be and let people get that FOR FREE (after they paid for a technically unfinished game). Back when I was a kid, stuff like that wasn't possible. For example, I heard there's lots of stuff inside the code of Super Mario 64 that was made for the game, but was never included in it because they ran out of time. But yeah, now everything's a money grab and they'll have you BUY the content that was supposed to be in the game after releasing it. Nice... I'm still waiting for Metroid Prime 4. When it was first announced, I flipped so hard. Then I heard it wasn't made by Retro Studios, that was a huge bummer. Then I heard the game was crap, and Nintendo was gonna let Retro Studios start over, from scratch. I'd rather wait even longer to have a good version of that game. It's Retro Studios, no way they're gonna release a crappy game after Nintendo basically shut down another company for making a crappy game. Give me a finished product and I'll spend the money.

    • La Fun Bug
      La Fun Bug

      @MJ ok ill watch the video again

    • MJ

      @La Fun Bug maybe you didn't watch the entire video, or listen closely enough.

    • La Fun Bug
      La Fun Bug


  • The voice Anish Goel
    The voice Anish Goel

    10:20 the fallen trees ARE "ground breaking" mumbo, they are

  • Flame

    I don’t think anyone has said this, but one of the coolest things about the darkness effect is that they considered a way to get the darkness effect for how did we get here. They made it so that you can get the effect on the surface by silk touching the shrieker, showing how much effort and thought they put into each update

    • bubblespawn

      @Ali Ahmer Isn't it awesome when people are civil on the internet? Great Comment!

    • Trevor Beatz
      Trevor Beatz


    • Esajps Asipes
      Esajps Asipes

      @Digital Snowman they said the shrieker will give it to the player.

    • Ali Ahmer
      Ali Ahmer

      @Night Wolf @Christian I'm not gonna lie the communitys I'm used to would be screaming with each other you guys had a peaceful argument

    • Digital Snowman
      Digital Snowman

      Isnt darkness sm effect the Warden gives off when he is near by, the shrieked was designed to bring the wa adden close, but still unseen, andnwhen he gets fed up he emerges from the depths. Since he only lives in the deep dark, I just think it wouldn't make much sense when it's activated on the surface

  • Eric Phillips
    Eric Phillips

    This is so epic, particularly the Deep Dark cities. They remind me so much of an area in Don't Starve Together called the Ruins, which once housed an ancient civilization that was destroyed by the overuse of Nightmare Fuel, the main power source they used.

  • Toyloli

    "Brightly coloured planks". If they ever do another "World of colour" update you should be able to dye planks, to create "stained wood". Like stained glass or clay you would not be able to make stained wood into stairs, slabs etc. But Saying that I STILL think Terracotta, Glazed Terracotta, and Concrete should have "Paver" or "Tile" versions, one-pixel high slabs like carpets that can completely spawn proof an area without lighting it up. I also think they and carpets should be 'placable' under chests, etc.

    • TheOne Bman
      TheOne Bman

      @ThunderZ IIRC Dinnerbone was on the verge of adding them for 1.6 in 2013, until he realized he'd have to code 16 different colour variations of each block, slab, stair and fencepost

    • Eric Phillips
      Eric Phillips

      You can place the wool blocks under the chests and get almost the same effect.

    • Annalise k
      Annalise k

      Ya that’s something that they’ve said won’t be added

    • ThunderZ

      I'm pretty sure Mojang has once said that they are not adding Dyed planks as it "lowers the use of creativity"

    • TheOne Bman
      TheOne Bman

      This has been my second biggest dream in Minecraft since 2013

  • AvocadoInPocket

    Once 1.19 comes out, imagine a redstone build using one of every block in the entire creative inventory.

  • TZakem

    7:16 Same Mumbo, I was really upset when they pushed it back 🤣, and then they dropped the cities and yeah, I'm glad they decided to, and I hope they don't disappoint.

  • Samuel Salita
    Samuel Salita

    "I don't need a grumpy bush telling me my dark cave is dark" - Mumbo Jumbo, 2021

    • JS

      @thegreatbeavers Who is the character Grain?? I always saw somebody mentioning that guy

    • striker 77
      striker 77

      @Matthew Oliver 1.18 hostile mobs will only spawn in light lvl 0

    • Karrikua

      @Ithenna That is probably true! I would still like it even though it isn’t necessary. But ofc the other two mobs have way more, and more important uses.

    • Karrikua

      @Hyper XZ Haha 😂 No I don’t usually like a bush.

    • Ithenna

      @Karrikua Yes, but with the new lighting changes coming in 1.18, we actually no longer need to have the F3 screen - it's easy enough to see visually without all the technical info. If the light level 7 mob spawning was still going to be used, I'd agree that the glare would be far more useful, especially for Bedrock. But unfortunately the glare just came out too late to be all that useful in an update after mob spawning changes is decreased to zero.

  • Egg the Omelette
    Egg the Omelette

    "I don't need a grumpy bush to tell me that my dark cave is dark" -Mumbo 2021

  • Tensen Tensen
    Tensen Tensen

    In my opinion, Cooper buttons could have send out longer Redstone pulses the more oxidized they get.

    • Eric Phillips
      Eric Phillips


    • Zack

      Or the opposite

  • Glenn Calkins
    Glenn Calkins

    "The s tier probably shouldn't be the most populated category on a tier list" I disagree.... I think it should be it may not always be... but the more S tier stuff means the update is better

  • Mazen Dude
    Mazen Dude

    I think the new Mud blocks will be really good for me building, I’ve always used soil sand as mud for a basic pig farm, but when they release the official version for bedrock edition I will use it, I don’t have Java so I’m missing out dude.

  • ZapdosGames

    mumbo: literally in the pre show of minecraft live jumbo: i wish they’d increase the world height

    • Boon

      @Happy Okapiz They are Everywhere omgg

    • Fiend Fnm
      Fiend Fnm

      @Josiah TM he didnt stutter, did he?

    • käffi

      I love that you use mumbo and jumbo differently

    • TNTplays1oo

      Facts? 😂😂😂 How'd he not know?

    • The Kiwi Ninjas | Music
      The Kiwi Ninjas | Music

      @The Colorful Gecko lol when I read ur comment RSloft offered to translate it into English

  • Ol.Iv.

    This is my favourite update mc ever had so far,they'redoing great on improving the game and making it even cooler,and also I'm so happy that allay won, don't be sad,glare and copper golem fans,maybe they will add them in the future too like they promised,at least they're already adding a swamp biome that lost the voting years ago,I eanted it so bad all these years,and my dreams ce true,also the deep and dark(or should I say Warden:isolation) showcase was breathtaking,this is one of the best mc live translations i ever saw:) Also i just wanted to say that you did absolutely amazing on mc live;)

  • Creator Productions
    Creator Productions

    I never expected that fish caused lag lol I always thought it was the kelp But I think it makes sense, because of how much fish can spawn

  • Teag Brohman
    Teag Brohman

    imagine if they added a new mob for every biome (also imagine if there were Dwarves roaming around the Deep Dark Cities that aren't abandoned)

  • Angel Beatrix
    Angel Beatrix

    I thought mumbo would like the glare because it tells you specifically if it's dark enough for mods to spawn which means you don't have to over kill with lighting when making large bases.

  • JoeTheGamer

    Fallen trees: *exist* Bedrock players: "Hey, I've seen this one before!" Java players: "What do you mean, it's brand new!"

    • Legocraft TF2
      Legocraft TF2

      He forgot to list the updated birch biome

    • EROR_47

      For once it’s Java who has the new thing instead of bedrock

    • JoeTheGamer

      @Gamer4 Life bedrock is everything pretty much except for most computers but windows 10 has bedrock AND java

    • SunnyLikesCookies 🍪
      SunnyLikesCookies 🍪

      @Gamer4 Life both are bedrock editions of minecraft. Bedrock is xbox, ps4, Windows ten, mobile, etc.

    • Gamer4 Life
      Gamer4 Life

      @SunnyLikesCookies 🍪 pocket is not bedrock pocket is on mobile bedrock is on xbox i think

  • DaBigFreeze

    The darkness effect would be Amazing for maps.

  • Radio Marco Privat
    Radio Marco Privat

    11:57 I voted for the Allay, but when I saw what in 1.19 comes, I thought "dame, the Glare would match very well."

  • Chrissie

    3:21 They literally said that's how it's gonna work. On random ticks dropped propagules will plant themselves.

  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer

    Lightning rods should conduct redstone signals up and down instead of the pain it is now. Use repeaters as diodes to control signal direction.

  • Kieran Jones
    Kieran Jones

    "I don't need a grumpy bush to tell me my dark cave is dark." Best quote from Mumbo ever 😂

    • Jesus 200
      Jesus 200

      Mumbo Jumbo: Dark is DARK.

    • LoLickyPeePee23XDD

      @Kieran Jones yeah that change especially makes it even more useless, the golem has a few cool uses as a statue but for redstone its pointless too, the allay was for sure the best and most unique choice

    • Kieran Jones
      Kieran Jones

      @LoLickyPeePee23XDD the new mob spawning mechanics are light level 0. So if it looks dark, put a torch down. You literally don't need an angry bush to show you where light level 0 is. Even on other versions of Minecraft.

    • LoLickyPeePee23XDD

      @c.a.rowanwax a) java superiority and b) the glare doesnt even light things up it just yells when its dark lol

  • AzureNinja

    Warden be like: I am playing both sides, so that I always come out on top

  • Paul Feeder
    Paul Feeder

    on the glare being the worst option: i feel like it could have ben one of the most usefull mobs if they enabled it to go thrugh walls and have the glow effect permanently(to enable u to actually light up every cave in an area, giveing players a non cheaty alternative to making a perimiter to spawnproof an area)

  • Kayleigh DeGeorge
    Kayleigh DeGeorge

    Yo, this update looks super cool!! I wish I would be able to get it, it would have been fun to explore all the new caves and stuff

  • ChocoChip

    Now this makes the "Don't Dig Straight Rule" Will rise again

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Mumbo: "I don't need a grumpy bush to tell me a dark cave is dark" We have Bdubs to get rid of the darkness

    • EstherDoesEverything

      @Jack B 🇺🇦 agree. what happens underground?

    • Jack B 🇺🇦
      Jack B 🇺🇦

      But that’s on the surface not in caves

    • Donald Wiggins
      Donald Wiggins

      "No take candle!"

    • Octops64

      @KiwiGamer007 And he is a moss bush

    • KiwiGamer007

      @Octops64 yes bdubs does gets grumpy in the darkness

  • Deccy150

    The glare would be a good ambient mob for lush caves so that it doesn't feel so empty just being filled with moss

  • Tavish N.Competent
    Tavish N.Competent

    I feel a lot of Redstoners influenced the mob vote regarding the Allay. The Copper Golem was my favorite, because it would've given us a chance to bring more life into our builds, by having little golems running about. Since they randomly press buttons, you could've placed those buttons next to crafting stations, sorely for the pleasure of watching them walk up to them, pretending to be using them. I know that's not everybody's cup of tea, but there was a lot of potential creative use behind the Copper Golem.

  • Stephen Meek
    Stephen Meek

    I thought you'd put the darkness higher because it could potentially be coupled with redstone (light detectors etc.)

  • Luke Walker-Ray
    Luke Walker-Ray

    I'm glad that this is what they decided to update, I just really hope they update more than the birch and swamps above ground, especially for something specifically named "the wild update"

  • Night Creeper
    Night Creeper

    I'm guessing that the fireflies are going to be a sort of swarm entity, where it's just an entity with a custom model that is equivalent with its hp. So the frogs will damage them point by point and it will decrease the number of firefly particles that make up its model, this should be a way less intensive way of getting fireflies I think.

    • Nadiki

      @nnnik not really other than personal experience. I’m sure if the fireflies didn’t calculate collision it would make them pretty lag-free. Certainly less laggy of a swarm creature than fish.

    • Seangle

      @not a chance who said I'm frustrated?

    • nnnik

      @Nadiki also do you have a source for it being less laggy? Last time I checked I recall them being worse than slime

    • nnnik

      @Nadiki It scales poorly since exp orbs calculate collisions between themselves. As long as the fireflies calculate collisions they will be laggy.

    • Nadiki

      @nnnik it can be in really large quantities but it's still less laggy than a mob

  • (Parker) Slippy Leg Jones
    (Parker) Slippy Leg Jones

    I've seen a lot of fireflies in video games and 99% of the time I love them. Minecraft is the first game to manage to make them ugly lol.

  • Apostol Mateski
    Apostol Mateski

    Warden. Has 250 hearts of health, can almost 1 shot you with 1 attack, has a ranged attack that knocks you back and goes through blocks, and is not affected by lava damage

  • Mason Thompsen
    Mason Thompsen

    I wonder if there's any cool redstone that can be done with boats with chests on blue ice (thus faster than rails)?

  • Min(oob)cra(p)ft

    I literally have the exact same opinion on the copper golem except I think it's better because imagine a pushable, interactable mob turns into a solid hitbox. That's really cool. Also the hitbox itself could be really interesting

  • GeeklingNo1

    I love the little aesthetic touches like frogs and rabbits and fireflies. We rarely need them but they just add that extra bit of immersion and they make the game feel more alive. Fallen logs, vines, flowers. They all make it feel like more then just colored blocks

    • Gamed184 9
      Gamed184 9

      Maybe it's just me but I would really like it if these mobs could be more useful. Specifically pandas, polar bears, and rabbits. I wish that they had more purpose in the game because as of right now I don't even acknowledge them in game because they don't do anything. It's like their purpose is to look at them once and then think "that's cool" and then never think about them again I really love the fallen logs and stuff though, that is amazing

    • The British person
      The British person

      @KeitieKalopsia I never new it was only on bedrock lol they came out like 3 or 4 years ago

    • KeitieKalopsia

      The fallen logs is also a parity thing that exists in Bedrock and they’re bringing it to Java now!

  • TheOne Bman
    TheOne Bman

    When you've been watching Mumbo for... 6 years and like 3 months, and the tier list was the drop that made you realize that I feel old... I miss those times...

  • Crem2057

    Congrats on getting to host the pre-show for Minecraft Live!! It was such a fun treat to see your content!

  • Minecraft_nerd27

    Mumbo, you inspired me to become a redstone master. I’ve been watching you for 3 years and you are my favorite hermit. Thank you.

  • Vaughn Eudy
    Vaughn Eudy

    I was happy to see they finally came up with the chest boat, but I wonder if it's too little too late for it. With shulker boxes and bundles, and ender chests, it might not be entirely useful except maybe early game. And I wonder what happens when you break the boat. Does it do the same as breaking a normal chest with items? Once you hit land, you would still need space for all that stuff in the boat chest, essentially making them no different than just hauling all your stuff around in your inventory. I would actually like to see an area in your inventory to just dispose of stuff where you don't have to have an outside object like fire, lava, or cactus to act as a trash can, but one in your inventory that you drag stuff into and delete it rather than just throwing it out of your inventory

  • TechSavyGamer

    I love that most comments are letting Mumbo know that the world height is in fact taller going upwards aswell 😅

  • LaurWolfXD_

    How do Skulk blocks make XP renewable? You still need to kill mobs. The Skulk blocks are basically XP storage

  • Vinefrog

    I know it's not likely to happen, but being able to dye quartz and brick blocks would be pretty cool imo.

  • Veonosizzz_Yt

    “I don’t need an angry bush to tell me my dark cave is dark” -An angry genius

  • Brent Bowers
    Brent Bowers

    I can't believe you put frogs in the B tier. I actually screeched outload, shat my pants, then chugged all the pickle juice left in my desk jar in that order. It's so hard to see someone do an anuran that way. I can't even watch the rest of the video through my stream of tears!

  • Denva

    I wish the glare was a plant mob that just stuck to the ground and stared at you when it was dark, that would’ve been so cute and creepy at the same time, and would have made for some fun horror builds

  • Anonymous

    If the glare have the ability to glow when it's dark (like the glow berries) and chases the player it would be a better choice than the allay and copper golem as it can be used as a weapon against the deep dark

  • DaBigFreeze

    Imagine if the swamp biome won the biome vote. Caves and Swamps. 1.19 the Cliffs update!

  • TheAdvertisement

    0:50 Mumbo using a stone stair turned up like this ^ is amazing.

    • Lexi


  • Zeussy

    If fireflies can be caught and put into bottles, I would rank it A-tier. That would be so cool transporting fireflies especially in green houses to add more effect

    • Lexi Broadbent
      Lexi Broadbent


    • Yet Another
      Yet Another

      Oh man, a bottle of fireflies that you could place down like a lantern would be magical. If you're going to be encouraging players to check out (and/or build in) the new swamp biome, might as well include an aesthetically-suitable light source.

    • Blooper_KINGPIN

      Maybe it could act like optifine torches.

    • Cent Pai
      Cent Pai

      gemnitay would love that.. and all the builders

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon

      Having a jar of fireflies in your hand to light up caves without lighting up caves with torches