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Hello everyone I hope you are well
Ready in minutes! ❗Practical and Delicious. ❗ this is the MOST DELICIOUS cauliflower RECIPES I've ever eaten. 😍SUPER Simple and HEALTHY.
Necessary materials
cauliflower (1.5 kilograms).
water ( 1.5 liters ).
1 teaspoon of salt (8 grams).
2 tablespoons of milk (16 ml).
3 eggs.
3 tablespoons of flour (60 grams).
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil (18 ml).
5 mushrooms (100 grams).
4 green peppers.
2 red peppers.
1 carrot.
1 onion.
2 tomatoes.
1 teaspoon of salt (8 grams).
1 tsp mint.
1 teaspoon of red pepper flakes.
1 teaspoon of black pepper.
4 tablespoons of olive oil ( 25 ml ).
cheddar cheese (150 grams).
Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.
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  • Hermine Excel
    Hermine Excel

    I made this last evening for dinner. My daughter and I just loved it. We decided to make this meal often for it's delightful taste, easy preparation, and attractive presentation.

    • Selma S.
      Selma S.

      @Wendy Maxwell Broccoli is also a great option.

    • Nara Klemberg Araujo
      Nara Klemberg Araujo

      Amei VOU fazer pró almoço dê Domingo.

    • Татьяна Ефименко
      Татьяна Ефименко

      Проще и вкуснее когда отвареную цв.капусту с целыми соцветиями и крупно порезаными овощами запечь сразу в форме +сыр. Глядя на ваш ролик, одна каша для беззубых ,в которой не осталось витаминов. Все пережарено а потом ещё и в духовке. И по вашему это быстро и вкусно ????

    • Renata Boruszewska
      Renata Boruszewska

      @Wendy Maxwell bh

    • Axamver_ PKx6
      Axamver_ PKx6

      Que pinta tiene tiene que estar buenísimo lo haré

  • Sonja Croft
    Sonja Croft

    Eu vou fazer, amo legumes e essa torta com certeza é uma delícia!!!!

  • Apolonia S
    Apolonia S

    Jest pani wspąniala. Dziękuję za przepisy są pyszne. Pozdrawiam

  • Melinda Sullivan
    Melinda Sullivan

    Looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it 😃

    • Marija Nikolic
      Marija Nikolic

      Recept je super,hvala

  • Frances Holmes
    Frances Holmes

    Your recipes are fantastic for us vegetarians thank you for your creativity with vegetables

  • Mia Moore
    Mia Moore

    Oh my God this looks so good! I use to love Shepard’s pie, but my stomachs can’t handle meat so this reminds me of a healthier version, ty!🌈👍🌈ps. To make some crunch bread crumbs on top would be awesome!

    • Estrella Cordova
      Estrella Cordova

      Cómo siempre, Espectacular......

  • Ampelia Ramírez
    Ampelia Ramírez

    Gracias muy rica su receta de coliflor, lo intentaré con brócoli, creo que quedará delicioso. Desde la ciudad de México.

  • Lidia Martinez
    Lidia Martinez

    Cuando vi la receta me pareció muy buena. Por lo tanto la hice. Es sencilla de hacer , increíblemente rica. Gracias por compartír las recetas 🇦🇷


    Looks delicious and easy to make. Thank you!

    • Таня Осипова
      Таня Осипова

      Так нужно.прям заснула

  • Nancy Spitzer
    Nancy Spitzer

    Looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it 👍

  • Marie Marsden
    Marie Marsden

    Can't wait to try this recipe! Looks absolutely delicious!

    • amar deep
      amar deep

      @Marina Rios Leite j bajaj to bb your BBC t jbl bb j

    • المناهل الروية٠
      المناهل الروية٠

      عاشت ايدك يا فنانة💝💝💝💝💝

    • Ángela Fernández
      Ángela Fernández

      Se ve delicioso 😋😋 gracias por compartir sus recetas 🙋

    • Marina Rios Leite
      Marina Rios Leite

      Lindo e delicoso.

  • Elba Valdebenito
    Elba Valdebenito

    Se ve delicioso,ya lo haré... felicitaciones desde Chile 💯💯

  • Ирина Терида
    Ирина Терида

    Благодарю Вас искренне за рецепт. Предпочитаю в духовке готовить некоторые блюда,ведь это полезнее. И Ваш замечательный рецепт как раз пришёлся кстати.

  • Евгения Михалевич
    Евгения Михалевич

    Благодарю Вас ! Обязательно попробую приготовить! Верю,что предлагаемое блюдо будет очень вкусное и полезное.

  • Elaine Torres
    Elaine Torres

    Deve ser delicioso!

  • Goddess Code
    Goddess Code

    Can’t wait to try this - thank you for inspiring ways to make vegetables the biggest portion of our meal. Superb!

    • Ivanilda Cordeiro
      Ivanilda Cordeiro

      Amei parabéns e muito obrigada por nós passar ...

  • Beckie espinal
    Beckie espinal

    Looks delicious 😋

  • Josefina Guerrero
    Josefina Guerrero

    Me encanta la coliflor, se ve deliciosa, la voy a preparar, confío que me quede igual, gracias por esta rica receta

  • Rosa Carolina Zapata acevedo moroso
    Rosa Carolina Zapata acevedo moroso

    Se ve muy rica, ojalá me pueda quedar igual 👏👍 GRACIAS!!

  • izolda giraudo
    izolda giraudo

    Hummmmm!!! Que fome!!!! Parabéns!!!

  • Louise Platiel
    Louise Platiel

    I made this yesterday and loved it. I like that you can swap out the topping with whatever veggies you have on hand. I do think the tomato is important for the right balance of acidity. The cauliflower mix firms up beautifully. I put jalapeños on top of the cheese. A lovely addition to our meal rotation. Similar to a shepard's pie but much lighter.

    • Salih Tumer
      Salih Tumer

      @吳吳 0

    • María Narcisa Ruiz Salazar
      María Narcisa Ruiz Salazar

      Gragracias por la receta me encanta la buena sazón los platos exquisitos la receta es nueba para mi gracias.

    • BBgreen

      Mede this recipe like a typical guy, got to use tools. Used my potato masher for the cauliflower ( looks like a big garlic press ) and added the eggs. All the veggies were sliced though my salad shooter except for tomatoes. It took longer to was veggies than to chop them When the recipe calls for peppers, my mind automatically reaches for Serrano or jalapeño. Also changed the assembly, placed 1/2 of cauliflower, veggies, cheese, followed by 2cd layer. Just thought it would look better when cut into. It’s a great recipe! Muy delicioso!

    • Hate Selmai
      Hate Selmai

      @Aracelly Lopez 7th, O0

    • Hate Selmai
      Hate Selmai


  • Christy O'Hara
    Christy O'Hara

    Looks fantastic, can’t wait to try it❤️❤️❤️

  • Marly Carrozzino
    Marly Carrozzino

    Gosto muito de couve flor. Obrigada por ensinar receitas deliciosas. Sou do Brasil.

  • Татьяна Карпова
    Татьяна Карпова

    Спасибо за рецепт, обязательно приготовлю, цветную капусту очень люблю.

  • R. Oliv_27
    R. Oliv_27

    Will try it for sure, looks delicious😋

  • Hoshang Dastoor
    Hoshang Dastoor

    It looks like a very delicious main dish. I will definitely try it and surprise the family. 🥰


      Deve essere superbuono! È difficile ricordare tutti gli ingredienti....😋

  • marieyvonne guillemot
    marieyvonne guillemot

    Très simple et une recette appétissante. 👍

  • Karola Creations
    Karola Creations

    I'll try this today, looks fantastic!!

  • Shirley Baker
    Shirley Baker

    Can't wait to give this a try! Thank you!

  • Раиса Свиридова
    Раиса Свиридова

    Даже не пробуя, мне кажется очень вкусно,должна это сделать ,спасибо вам за такую вкуснятину !

    • Надежда Колобаева
      Надежда Колобаева

      Кажется -- крестить.

  • sweet biba
    sweet biba

    This looks so delicious, I'll tell my mom to try it someday 😍❤❤

    • Amalfi Gobzalez
      Amalfi Gobzalez

      I just made this recipe, is easy to make, very easy to follow the directions. Viola!!! Delicious 😃

    • Colleen DeHayes
      Colleen DeHayes

      @H.k Cooking 🍳 looks delicious -- plan on trying that and stuffed onions

    • Pierrette Bories
      Pierrette Bories

      Magnifique cette recette merci

    • Diana Dunn
      Diana Dunn

      Looks delicious

  • Irma Avallone
    Irma Avallone

    Debe estar muy bueno .Gracias por la receta !!!

  • Sharon Thibodeau
    Sharon Thibodeau

    This recipe looks amazing. I will absolutely be preparing it.

  • Es T
    Es T

    Just lovely ! I will definitely make this. A great way to incorporate vegetables in your meal😋👍 I too enjoy the video in how its made.- Thank you very much. Hello from Cleveland Ohio 🤗

    • Giovanna Dalu
      Giovanna Dalu

      Q no no Uccio FCI non è b no ci vi no no no no i hihihihihi no vi vi no no no un tuo ho

  • Kari Blackwood
    Kari Blackwood

    Absolutely will try this! It looks incredible! Thank you!

  • Leisa Hadley
    Leisa Hadley

    Looks healthier then some other casseroles and definitely gonna try this. I think I will use yellow peppers instead of red and green bit maybe I will use zucchini like the other guy said. Looks so good. Think I will do this for thanks giving as an added dish.

    • Mumtaz Semen
      Mumtaz Semen

      Mercimek eksik, corbası olurdu

    • Meriam Gharbi
      Meriam Gharbi

      . ةة..

  • Antonia Rodrigues aguilar Toninha
    Antonia Rodrigues aguilar Toninha

    Deve ter ficado uma delícia essa couve flor, com certeza vou fazer, bjs

    • Ridjw Eiww
      Ridjw Eiww


    • Ridjw Eiww
      Ridjw Eiww

      Porfa por pppppp pa

  • Isabel Maurelos Jimenez
    Isabel Maurelos Jimenez

    Un menú exquisito, nunca había comido coliflor tan rica. Gracias por compartir. Isabel desde Madrid ( España )

  • Mirtes De Campos Pereira Pires
    Mirtes De Campos Pereira Pires

    Só de ver já deu água na boca,vou fazer,hummmm!!!!

    • Veena Samuel
      Veena Samuel

      This looks so yummy 😋

  • Anna Auleta
    Anna Auleta

    Eu fiz o prato, ficou maravilhoso, recomendo, é uma delícia...obrigada.

    • Tiona Wrenn
      Tiona Wrenn

      Bbu is good c

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia

    So I watched this video last night and thought it looked so delicious that I ended up making it AT MIDNIGHT. (W a little change: I didn’t have carrots so I did a med potato, and I actually did jalapeño peppers so it turned out w a little bit of spicy kick but none the less, WOW) 🤤 🤤 🤤 Everyone got up this morning and devoured it!!!! It’s AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS seriously THANK YOU!!!!! I wanna go stock up on cauliflower and have it all week. It seems like an exaggeration but OMG it was so GOOD!!!! 🤤

    • Satheesh Kumar
      Satheesh Kumar

      I was wondering how the base made of cauliflower would taste . Well your comment makes me want to try it .

    • Gary Reams
      Gary Reams

      Improvising at the last minute is the sign of a good cook. Congrats.

  • Marina Camacho Velázquez
    Marina Camacho Velázquez

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  • Arlette Bastos
    Arlette Bastos

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  • Angelica Mancilla
    Angelica Mancilla

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  • Catherine Miller
    Catherine Miller

    Looks delicious I must try this recipe 😋


    Huuuum! 😋😋😋 Muito saudável, mas, um bacon nos legumes, ia ficar tudo de bom! Hahaha Vou fazer! Amei a receita! ❤️ Brasil!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • Beth

      Eu fiz e ficou delícia . Sem as pimentas que não gosto , só pimentão e em cima usei mazzarela com parmesao que tinha na geladeira.. duas pessoas e não sobrou nada..

    • Hamada Goumiri
      Hamada Goumiri


  • Vera Lucia
    Vera Lucia

    Receita delícia 😋👍❤️

  • Judith Cassimatis
    Judith Cassimatis

    Looks delicious. I’ll tell my family carers about this recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jaina Romero
    Jaina Romero

    Hola En lo personal, no me gusta la coliflor, pero viendo como la preparaste, se me antojo mucho, creo podria darle una oportunidad!! Saludos desde Mexico!!😋

    • Virginia Martinez
      Virginia Martinez

      Desde España me encanta la coliflor no la había comido nunca pero ahora lo voy a hacer porque me supongo que está riquísima muchas gracias

  • Ирина Пронина
    Ирина Пронина

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      Merhaba çok teşekkür ederim💖💖💖

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    Liliana Aguilera

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    Rose MacAlpine

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    Sue McCarthy

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    Louise Loggy

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  • Sheila Rogers
    Sheila Rogers

    This is a great way to use cauliflower, and with the vegetable topping creates a wonderful vegetarian dish.Healthy and satisfying, and very delicious.

    • Carmen Iunes
      Carmen Iunes

      👋 gracias

    • Guadalupe Hernandez
      Guadalupe Hernandez

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    • keimo2007

      i would've added some salami on top to make it perfect!

  • Francis Ri Sa
    Francis Ri Sa

    Lo hago esta semana, seguro. Qué plato más completo. Como en la familia no deben tomar pimientos ni pimienta, pondré más champiñones... No creo que cambie mucho el resultado... Ya iré diciendo lo que han dicho en la prueba. Gracias infinitas.

    • Miri Sachs
      Miri Sachs

      My famili and mi liked it

  • Татьяна Спирина
    Татьяна Спирина

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    Rosita Mendes

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    Salete Nunes

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    Harminder Gharial

    Delicious recipe. Amazing creation. Turned out so good. My husband and sons loved this dish. Very well presented. Was so easy to follow the steps. Thanks.

    • Celia Freire
      Celia Freire

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    • Мила Мохорт
      Мила Мохорт

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  • Priscilla Joseph
    Priscilla Joseph

    Fantastic way to enjoy cauliflower, never thought of that! And I love my vegetables. Thank you so much for sharing. ☆

  • Jamie Nibler
    Jamie Nibler

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    Maria Verduzco

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    Maria De Lourdes

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      Ingrid Schleiernick

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    Jacky Collins

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      Rosemary Silva

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    Theresa Valentino

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    Urszula Wasik

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      Впервые вижу этот рецепт - очень красиво! Богатый набор витаминов. Спасибо! Успехов в работе! .

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      Halina Matveeva

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