This Burning Machine Lillia Builds Work in Season 11...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1230
This Burning Machine Lillia Builds Work in Season 11...Daily moments from streamers ep 1230(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Tobias Fate, BoxBox, VoyBoy, LL Stylish, Faker, Scarra, Gripex...).
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  • Jay Dao
    Jay Dao

    Bruh its the ap ez who was doing the burning damage

  • Halcyon Lee
    Halcyon Lee

    6:50 how do you get that border stuff?

  • Ash Ray
    Ash Ray

    9:50 can we talk about the Yone asking for a hover bot? There's no threats coming bro they're all dead/top side

  • Immathunderbird

    Hey guys. I'm giving away Cyberpunk 2077 on my newest video tomorrow! There is a HIGH chance of winning!!!! I do a lot of dope League of Legends highlights as well

  • Ihavenoidea

    2 - 4 akali btw

  • Ekkehard B.
    Ekkehard B.

    lol "reduced healing in Season 11" 1:17 They should cap the healing amount from lifesteal and drain abilities to like 10*level a second

  • Miyazono Kaori
    Miyazono Kaori

    sanchovies is parashockX confirmed

  • Sykey Syk
    Sykey Syk

    The most idiotic game of all time. this game is not fun, it is destructive, I do not know why it is not forbidden, because it does nothing but destabilize the psyche of children, and is made only to produce money for those who own it, and destroy children.


    8:09 When you have flash on A

  • Marix

    Mickey mouse sanch

  • EtroneX

    episode 1 2 3 4 incoming

  • nanoacido

    Welcome to modern lol 0:08 u dont have a thousand gap closers, teleports, invisibility, lifelink and free shields? Too bad. Guess u should have chosen another champ

  • filip prokop
    filip prokop

    15:45 t1 wants to ff right when support does something good

  • domo

    4:54 song?

  • Dominik Komar
    Dominik Komar

    Fucking hell man, dont show everyone my otps power...

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice
    Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Ah yes, another example of "breaking sleep" to deal bonus damage

  • Tanque Soviético
    Tanque Soviético

    Disculpen la pregunta alguien sabe como se craftea un pastel en el minecraft?

  • Hala Ali
    Hala Ali

    why i dont see minischi singed

  • Miniflint242

    Is it just me or nobody like nb3

  • Eillax's Universe
    Eillax's Universe

    4:42 the gragas clip had me rolling 😂 we've all been there before

  • Rifai Rafly
    Rifai Rafly

    3:35 ah yes Deer's natural enemy *A SHOTGUN*

  • Miguel Jayoma
    Miguel Jayoma

    2:23 He looks like a smiling colossal titan. xD

  • Umbra Witch
    Umbra Witch

    3:58 no one: Literally no one: My dog when I'm trying to fool her that there's a food:

  • Daniel Dindin
    Daniel Dindin

    Best counter to a deer is a shotgun -Captain flower

  • HOÀNG Nguyễn Minh
    HOÀNG Nguyễn Minh

    tastical is stupid

  • Penguiking

    Ah, just like sleep, *it's a lingering effect...*

  • Empoliyis

    6:13 "Hugeeee" Me: that's what she said.

  • Azril Azami
    Azril Azami

    do you even sleep coconut?


    3:38 tbh no need for the roblox oof sound there

  • FEAR

    5:53 that look like scripted

  • MickAizen

    is it possible if when t1 is about to shout just cut it out? its weird and annoying AF.

  • Behbod Mohammadi
    Behbod Mohammadi

    dud this guy just need to auto, how hard is it 9:59

  • Артём Залавский
    Артём Залавский

    Wtf, i dont get 1st clip, is this Ezreal's burns, or fqing what?Or ez deal enough dmg to lillia proc harvest, that starts new burning cycle?

    • Ryan Espinoza
      Ryan Espinoza

      Ez ult did enough damage and the sleep damage amp reapplied her passive burn with the 2 items burning ramped up already

  • HavaR Tv
    HavaR Tv

    6:12 AliksiB What are u doing here ? !!! xD

  • V Loum
    V Loum

    unsubscribed 3 ads in a 10 minute video insane

  • 0 IQ Lee main
    0 IQ Lee main

    This comment WILL make it to the next video "attempt 4"

    • 0 IQ Lee main
      0 IQ Lee main

      @Galaxy Pepega PAIN..IS TEMPORARY Quitting lasts forever

  • Ein Marchen
    Ein Marchen

    who is the streamer for 6:10?

  • Suvana Music Covers
    Suvana Music Covers

    6:13 that alistar KEKW HAAHAHAHAHAH

  • j

    5:48 tyler1: 15 this XDD

  • cin zhao from china
    cin zhao from china

    please do not include harambe please thank you hi im coconut

  • Kamil Senadeera
    Kamil Senadeera

    2:34 my man playing league from heaven

  • tonnyilha


  • AG Baithoven
    AG Baithoven

    4:55 Song Name pls? :o

  • caquito lol
    caquito lol

    Riot: we made pantheon a solo laner only Pantheon players: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaa..... No

  • Sora Kashiwagi
    Sora Kashiwagi

    I knew it, no midbeast clip could end happily

  • Psycho Kern
    Psycho Kern

    3:03 That laugh, SO EVIL!!! Just like Veigar!

    • LordSkippy

      Veigar is not evil he is short and you know how short people get

  • Hannibal Lecter
    Hannibal Lecter

    Please start using new sound effects. Please

  • YoloSwag

    Fastest 10 mins

  • Anxo Leiro
    Anxo Leiro

    Me: oh wow, a midbeast highlight were he does not int... Wait

  • Jody From Da 6
    Jody From Da 6

    The 3:30ish clip with sanchovi had that odablock reference I like that

  • Sal G
    Sal G

    Professor Akali literally has plays that are far more insane than these and you never post him. Is he against it or something?

  • Bill Pap
    Bill Pap


  • CampioneDi17

    Imagine Teemo burn damage.

  • Alexcf17

    1:50 song, please

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo

    while lillia is a burning machine the fiora is a heal machine haha

  • Num vai Daaa
    Num vai Daaa

    Why is everyone playing lilia ? Wtf

  • Long So
    Long So

    Yeah, maybe when everything is broken. Nothing is broken.

  • Noah Moqvist
    Noah Moqvist

    Literally the first time a see an outplay clip by midbeast lmao, rest of the clips are just him inting

  • Original James
    Original James

    Anyone else quickly turn down the volume at 3:58

  • Ed

    5:00 "How to get quick and easy money online in a few moments"

    • Carlos Perdomo
      Carlos Perdomo

      Love how the background music its on point XDDD

  • nay dng
    nay dng

    My teacher: no phone in class! Me: shhhhh im watching coconut

    • VaLy

      Was that before or after you kill your brother?

  • Nick Austin
    Nick Austin

    I miss adaptive helm

  • Victor Gizatullin
    Victor Gizatullin

    9:17 that arrow was kinda cool. Ngl

    • AgustinBre


  • NLJeff EU
    NLJeff EU

    4:48 wait... is that? Is that Guga? 😂😂😂

  • Luis Brillantes
    Luis Brillantes

    0:14 it's like you're burned by California fire tornado...

  • lolshooter_

    "Is it possible to have highlights of Midbeast when he's not inting?" 00:46 no

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

  • Plain Idiot
    Plain Idiot

    put headphone warning 8:00 wtf

    • NurS Wasser
      NurS Wasser

      His Face is the warning

  • Samuel Fiusco
    Samuel Fiusco

    il richard inglese

  • Ιωάννης Γουικόπουλος
    Ιωάννης Γουικόπουλος

    1:18 can I ask what in the fuck is this healing?

  • Nate Finesse
    Nate Finesse

    @5:43 you can see t1 saying his fav line

  • Lucky Smile
    Lucky Smile

    Ah yes, 3 am why not just watch another vid, it ain't gonna hurt

  • Kou Yang
    Kou Yang

    My Hime, Morg and Zyra love these burn item damage

  • Łukasz Wysocki
    Łukasz Wysocki

    4:55 song please?

  • NorthWind

    Can you please learn how to say "This build works"? K thanks.

  • Missile1

    Midbeast survived Ezreal : no he did not

  • Quick Fire
    Quick Fire

    they should find normal job

  • napiyosan yap mk
    napiyosan yap mk

    lillia auto: gives %190 movement speed+ applies max%100 magic damage with %50 pen

  • Michel Wang
    Michel Wang

    3:58 When Tyler1 is also out of mana for voice

    • Michel Wang
      Michel Wang

      Blue buff ;-)

    • Penguiking

      8:03 he used clarity

    • LordSkippy

      i legit laughed at this

  • Unplugged Buttplug
    Unplugged Buttplug

    5:49 song? I've been looking for this song but I can't find it

  • owel

    my LOVE Lil

  • Gatti Owner
    Gatti Owner

    Bro I want sirchez to be a millionaire... he is so chill dude

  • Ajwadd Anwarr
    Ajwadd Anwarr

    It's not a coconut video with out at least one clip of midbeast inting.

  • souls

    Finally, a clip of Midbeast popping off. Oh wait nvm.

    • Vincent Stone
      Vincent Stone

      poor midbeast lol

  • David Ciuclea
    David Ciuclea

    New season is a joke


    1:19 wtf fiora

  • Gashfer Ohira
    Gashfer Ohira

    If people don't know why syndra died and Lilia passive and all procced this long Ez ult triggered lillia's ult which reapplied the burns

  • Ivan montesss
    Ivan montesss


  • Florean

    Full build AP Twitch who can deal 180 true damage per second for 6 seconds to a total of ~1100 true damage: "Weak"

    • Sapptac

      Jhin/ashe/caitlin/samira Can out auto twitch levels 1-5 but not only that but the twitch would have to out push or kill with a item advantage to keep his lead. Resulting by losing because nashors spike 1st item is so bad vs galeforce

  • דוד משקובסקי
    דוד משקובסקי

    Nice video

  • Blaziknight

    Ayyy, a clip of midbeast not getting sh!t o-... nevermind

  • Zisner


  • rodrigo corrales chaupi
    rodrigo corrales chaupi


  • Beds


720 хиљ.