Things Only ORIGINAL MINECRAFTERS Remember! #2
Mumbo Jumbo
Today we go back in time.. to the early days or minecraft.. where foods didn’t stack, and ladders could be placed efficiently!
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  • Amber Bulley
    Amber Bulley

    anyone remember when u put to slabs together it would make the whole block again and then you’d have to remake the slab

    • Gameboy2007

      I remember when you couldn't place slabs on the top half of the grid

    • My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
      My Singing Monsters Fan 1023

      like now if i have slabs and not the block, i put 2 slabs together and forget that they changed it

    • My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
      My Singing Monsters Fan 1023


    • Random Name
      Random Name

      I kinda wish that still was a thing cause i always end up making too many slabs

    • Joshua DeLaughter
      Joshua DeLaughter

      To clear up the confusion here, it still did that on bedrock until very recently. But in Java Edition they changed that a long time ago.

  • Aviacer

    Remember when sheep's didn't drop mutton.

    • Gameboy2007


    • Snowleopard 0
      Snowleopard 0

      I remember showing it to my friends and we were all so excited

    • Paper clip
      Paper clip

      @Spoon you mean mooshrooms?

    • Zac's Stick Nodes
      Zac's Stick Nodes


    • hope

      @Aneasyone Soicanremember no I'm sure it's not 7 years, I think it's been 3

  • Rachel

    I remember before the nether was added to bedrock addition and you had to make a nether reactor. I never actually figured out how to make one, and instead just used the core block to make houses. Now that I think about it, they must have been really ugly.

    • Flame the reploid
      Flame the reploid

      Oooh that’s the good shit

    • Celestabelleabethabelle

      Oh my god the nether reactor….

    • Misslovedog

      @Intrepid Ferret I might've been switching the world from creative to survival and back. Believe me, 10 yo me did not have the skill to survive 10 minutes in survival haha

    • Intrepid Ferret
      Intrepid Ferret

      @Misslovedog you couldn't active nether reactor cores in creative. You have to be in survival to activate them

    • Mater Ben The Amazing
      Mater Ben The Amazing

      @TheGreatDargon ya

  • Cereal is a soup
    Cereal is a soup

    When bows were first introduced to minecraft ,it was more like a submachine gun rather than what we see today

    • Chris bromley-west
      Chris bromley-west

      the old egg throwing noise though, like bows i could at least get what they were trying to do. but BOOM! does that sound anything like tossing an egg? xD

  • Cooper Nimmo
    Cooper Nimmo

    Remember when the lamp posts in the villages had black wool where the stripped oak log would’ve been?

  • Birblis

    Do you remember when in villages, you could only find chests in blacksmiths shops?

    • Flame the reploid
      Flame the reploid

      Oh yea

    • Linas

      Literally pre 1.14 Ofc ppl remember

    • AustraKaiser

      @Envious8K Nah the shops weren't removed if I'm thinking correctly, but there are different types of Blacksmiths now.

    • normal idiot
      normal idiot

      I would always hate it when a village didnt have a blacksmith shop

    • Obama the llama productions
      Obama the llama productions

      yes i do remember. because u still can

  • Amazing Enderman
    Amazing Enderman

    The button breaking/pressing thing also used to apply to doors which was so annoying because you always had to remember to punch it right at its hinge other wise it'd just open. Also as you'd be mining it, it would just be repeatedly opening and closing.

    • Racko Wacko
      Racko Wacko

      I recall just digging/mining around the door would cause it to pop, which is why the floors were usually made with obsidian at the time so people didn't just break it really quick with no door opening sounds

  • muntaindw

    i remember redstone ore took as long as obsidian to mine, when there was only 1 biome/tree type, when notch rotated the entire sky so north wasn't north anymore. I remember when chests weren't animated and you couldn't even stack them vertically like that. The OLD (no, before that.) cobblestone texture... and who could ever forget the overpowered as f--- fire spreading speed?

    • Racko Wacko
      Racko Wacko

      Accidentally set a tree on fire and you're surrounded by fire before you could say "oh sh-"

  • Cooper Nimmo
    Cooper Nimmo

    Remember when village houses had a ladder to the roof which had fence posts around it?

    • The Dane
      The Dane

      Omg I remember this, I would stand on top and fire arrows down on mobs and villagers

    • I'm everywhere
      I'm everywhere

      The memories

    • Liam Elkins
      Liam Elkins

      Yes, i remember i would break the ladder and hide up there when i didnt have a bed

    • Moon Wing
      Moon Wing

      Yesss omg that was so weird.

  • undeadpistachi0

    2:56 : Rotten flesh is actually incredibly useful. You can use it to feed your dogs and it doesn't affect them the way it affects the player

    • Ragnarokki

      No meal is better than rotten flesh and bucket of milk

    • Ehorses 272
      Ehorses 272

      Incredibly useful may be an exaggeration if this is their only use but that’s pretty cool, I didn’t know that!

  • Esteban Mayorga
    Esteban Mayorga

    I remember when using a boat was torture because they broke with almost anything and just dropped sticks

    • I'm everywhere
      I'm everywhere

      Oh the pain was real

    • Graham Pinzino
      Graham Pinzino

      Same! when I revisited Minecraft for 1.13, (I forgot about it for awhile) I was actually scared of crashing my boats again.

    • Moon Wing
      Moon Wing

      I'm having flashbacks

    • Learn With Liss
      Learn With Liss

      They even broke with lily pads, so putting it in a swamp was useless

    • Mater Ben The Amazing
      Mater Ben The Amazing

      I was not as good then and always ran into everything

  • BrokenStar017

    I miss the pocket edition reactor cores. I still have a world on my iPad that has one of those spires. At the very least I wish you could go to previous versions to get that.

  • Noriel Sylvire
    Noriel Sylvire

    I remember the "summoning herobrine" tutorials and all the Creepypastas about him being Notch's dead brother Edit: typos

    • Noriel Sylvire
      Noriel Sylvire

      @CoolerCoolCool New I feel you my friend

    • CoolerCoolCool New
      CoolerCoolCool New

      And me and my best friend theorizing about him and I was scared of my world becuase “signs of herobrine” and that was the time full of Minecraft parady songs like herobrines life this comment is nostalgic

    • Noriel Sylvire
      Noriel Sylvire

      @Just a random human lol aww that's cute

    • Just a random human lol
      Just a random human lol

      I remember trying to do the Herobrine summoner back in 2016. I even did it on a whole new world just bc I was scared he’d destroy my main world lmao I was a dumb 7-year-old… ahh the good ‘ol days :,)

    • The one the only, yourself
      The one the only, yourself

      Remember when monster school used to be good and stampy made animations

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw

    This brought back memories of my old storage system: a wall of alternating trapped and regular double chests.

  • Krebbee

    Remember when poppies were called roses? the good ol’ days :)

    • Rylander Coleman
      Rylander Coleman

      They aren't called roses anymore??? I need to pay more attention

    • Gameboy2007


    • Mike conrad
      Mike conrad

      I like poppies

    • Cagezinho

      I Still search for roses in my inventory and find the tall roses instead

    • Tiber Septim
      Tiber Septim

      I still call them roses

  • Ni Fry
    Ni Fry

    Miss blocking with swords the most, that was like a peace sign in hunger games.

    • SlyCraft

      @NotSoBarryBee nice

    • Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa
      Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa

      I still play Nintendo Switch Edition, which is permanently on a version where we can! We can't cross platform with other consoles though, it isn't bedrock edition. If you have a console and a way to get it even though they pulled it from eshop (like transferring it from somebody who does) then you definitely should, there are actually a good amount of people still on it, at least the switch one. We also have the colored Villagers which is nice, one time I had an idea to set my switch to greyscale display and make a gradient of them, procrastinated on that and decided to just make a checkers out of diamond and gold blocks since they're recolors

    • Rico Lorenz
      Rico Lorenz

      Yeah, the combat mechanics were updated to appeal to the people who played on servers, but none of us liked it at all. It's been six years, and I still don't like it. I don't even craft shields

    • SixSilverStones

      I want that feature back

    • Nahrikkon

      Like sword / shield shaking in dark souls

  • Tuxedobird

    At first I didn’t recognize the painterly pack, then I saw those logs at the village. I don’t know why but that instantly reminded me.

  • Reign

    Remember old mcpe when there was no nether you would just use the nether reactor

    • Reign

      @GalaxyGlider ya

    • GalaxyGlider

      I found that so exciting and fun but the actual nether is just so much better haha

  • FFgamesftw

    I still to this day call sugar cane “reeds”. Some people will question what I am talking about

    • Tonster _
      Tonster _

      I still do this lmao

    • FireFaerie Gacha
      FireFaerie Gacha

      @Magical Place and gunpowder was called sulfur

    • Magical Place
      Magical Place

      Just like the crafting table used to be called "workbench"

    • Kairi Beard
      Kairi Beard

      I do to

  • Hexorth

    Remember the "too many items" mod?, that was the shit ill take that over creative menu all day.

    • Chris bromley-west
      Chris bromley-west

      @karolak kolo the 111 stacks were unlimited, but NEI originally gave you -1 personally i preferred the latter xD

    • karolak kolo
      karolak kolo

      @Chris bromley-west Remember when Too Many Items gave you 111 items in one stack instead of 64 in creative mode? I loved that feature because it made me feel like I was doing magic

    • Magical Place
      Magical Place


    • Chris bromley-west
      Chris bromley-west

      remember when TMI and NEI were like rival mods? and one day you woke up and they were like "yeah we're all just gonna work together on NEI, what's the point in trying to one-up each other?"

  • Alomie

    remember when doors didn’t stack and there was only oak doors?

    • benji45645

      Yes but do you remember the old door sound?

    • Yucky Ducky
      Yucky Ducky

      I remember loving the birch doors when they came. Just them. None other.

    • Hunter Of Endermen
      Hunter Of Endermen

      yes and you had to build tango's og iron farm and needed like 3 or 4 large chests filled with doors on site and you had to very meticulously place them in a certain order and (another old mc thing) if a zombie broke that door you had to start all over

    • ej padilla
      ej padilla

      i was playing on xbox 360 when it happened

    • ej padilla
      ej padilla

      yes actually

  • 2dogplc

    “They weren’t Called villagers, they were called Testificates” Villager News Intensifies

  • Gaming With Jas
    Gaming With Jas

    Who remembers the really old Steve walking animation where it looked like he was having a stroke and running at the same time

    • The Night Owl
      The Night Owl

      @Saylo it was very holarious

    • The Night Owl
      The Night Owl


    • The one the only, yourself
      The one the only, yourself

      They could reuse that for when you drown lol

    • hope

      @Saylo holarious indeed

    • Saylo


  • Graham Pinzino
    Graham Pinzino

    I remember when chests were decoration in creative. So were crafting tables. You had to go into survival to actually access them. I also remember the 'food restoring health and not hunger' thing. I also remember the first villager trades, and the all in one creative inventory

  • Nightmare Nemesis
    Nightmare Nemesis

    I absolutely LOVED using the Painterly pack back when it was customizable.... I also remember being able to rapid-fire bow and arrows.

  • Gr33n Bear
    Gr33n Bear

    To this day I still thought you could only get mossy cobblestone by finding them

    • MI Bricks
      MI Bricks


    • Rylander Coleman
      Rylander Coleman

      @Tyku031 did not know this until right now

    • Aidan Heckathorn
      Aidan Heckathorn


    • Fynne Bruce
      Fynne Bruce

      Wait wait wait..... You can CRAFT it!?

    • JorgeMtzb

      Yeah same thing I had no idea you could craft them

  • josh hogue
    josh hogue

    "Gold isn't exactly easy to come by" *Laughs in 1.16*

    • AustraKaiser

      @The Night Owl Huh, never knew there was gold in the nether

    • The Night Owl
      The Night Owl

      @AustraKaiser no they’re talking about the nether. 1.16 is titled the “nether update” too

    • AustraKaiser

      Piglins aren't in the overworld though... we're talking about Badlands right?

    • HanSanwich7

      @FireFaerie Gacha if they see you mine gold they become murderous

    • FireFaerie Gacha
      FireFaerie Gacha

      @HanSanwich7 you only need boots

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama

    I remember watching a tutorial on how to make a fireplace and the person told me that slabs don’t catch fire and the fastest item to break them was a pickaxe and I was so surprised but I thought it was so cool too

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett

    I'm so old I remember playing Minecraft through a website in middle school.

    • benji45645

      Oh boy the minecraft demo is a trip down memory lane...

    • Gordon Ramsay's a donut
      Gordon Ramsay's a donut

      Ahhh me too


      Yup me too

    • SpaceEmos

      Same omg we used to play it in the library 😭

    • Michael Bennett
      Michael Bennett

      Yeah but this was back in like 2011 or 2012.

  • Rudorftw

    Oh my god, I had completely forgotten about the spaced-between ladder thing, and that was one of the big things when I was still playing that everyone did for efficiency!

  • Wireless Bluestone
    Wireless Bluestone

    Anyone remember when the sponge block looked like cheese and did entirely nothing

    • hope


    • Ashley Adam
      Ashley Adam

      What about when we thought we could build a rocket ship to the moon and dig down and find cheese (sponge)? Stampy was my life back then

    • Chris bromley-west
      Chris bromley-west

      hey it worked... ish... kinda.... not really... then they were just like frigg it remove all functionality till we can make it work properly

    • vick bouru
      vick bouru

      I have a world on my Xbox 360 called banana and it's practically filled with sponges since I was confused cuz I watched a yt vid using sponges and they worked.

    • D A R U ?
      D A R U ?

      I remeber soaking up water with C H E S E

  • Manmade Chalk
    Manmade Chalk

    “I don’t do modded Minecraft.” Today: “I can’t stop playing the Create mod.”

  • joshthenesnerd11

    7:35 back in the day you could actually place a fence on a fence, you just had to place the top one first on top of a block and then remove the block and place the lower fence. building tall fence walls was a pain.

  • Calbum

    You can actually use rotten flesh to heal tamed wolves, even though you wouldn't really think that'd work (may have been removed I haven't tested it since several years ago Also zombies used to drop feathers because they needed a placeholder while they figured out what it should drop

  • Nerdnumberone

    I remember the time before powered rails. People made their own boosts by exploiting a bug where minecarts on adjacent tracks would accelerate on their own.

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez

    Remember when the roads in the villages were out of gravel

    • bunbunz

      Or mountain

    • bunbunz

      Yeah they removed it so getting flint and still is only in cave

    • Nick6175_Yt


    • EatsFruit4Breakfast

      Ah the good old days

    • Greggorto

      5. Years.

  • Isaac Swain
    Isaac Swain

    I started playing right in the final days of 1.7. I remember building a nice little sand shack and then the next day 1.8 came out and I immediately found a seed with a mesa and started building in those biomes. I’d say that was the last version that felt like “original Minecraft” to me, 1.9 was so starkly different to me I actually stopped playing (unmodded) until 1.14. And even though I’d argue the villager overhaul was a more drastic change than those brought in 1.9, it’s definitely what reeled me in to keep playing again

  • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge

    Making it so you could stack food was one of *THE* greatest additions.

  • bibasik7

    I remember almost every one of these! I started out with MCPE, so a few of these things weren’t in the game, but everything else was the same. I started playing Java edition in 1.7, so quite a few of these things were changed by then.

  • AyOhKay

    Do you remember when endermen had GREEN eyes? I really miss the green eyed endermen

    • AyOhKay

      @Rylander Coleman lmao that's awesome

    • Rylander Coleman
      Rylander Coleman

      Me and my friend destroyed almost all of y-11 in mc pe because the worlds were so small. Obviously we didnt have coordinates in pe back then so we would just try to count up from bedrocks

    • Rylander Coleman
      Rylander Coleman

      @HanSanwich7 throwback to when after you activated it, you had about 5 seconds to try to collect the gold blocks before it turned them to obsidian i believe? Most likely a bug, but i remember me and my friend acting like mad men trying to grab all of the gold

    • HanSanwich7

      @AJ Cooper The Nether Reactor Core was only in Pocket Edition and served as a substitute for the Nether since Pocket Edition didn’t have the real Nether yet. It spawned a massive spire of netherrack and filled it with a bunch of random items like watermelon seeds, glowstone and quartz, along with some zombie pigmen that would attack you. This was the only way you could obtain certain items in Pocket Edition at the time.

    • AyOhKay

      @AJ Cooper it was for pocket edition

  • zeynep s.
    zeynep s.

    remember when ever u heard a cave noise u would think it was herobrinie

    • Just a random human lol
      Just a random human lol

      lol yesss

    • Lachlan O'Keefe
      Lachlan O'Keefe


    • Caleb


    • Pick5

      good times

    • HiddenPower167

      I still do from time to time 😳😅

  • Benjamin Hanna
    Benjamin Hanna

    Does anyone remember when you couldn't place slabs underneath each other? So if you wanted to extent a slab wall downwards, you had to destroy the whole wall and build it up again.

  • Kyle Stanfield
    Kyle Stanfield

    MASSIVE SHOUTOUT to Painterly! Oh the hours I spent making a ton of customized versions of it. Unbelievably excited to see that it was in this video, because none of my other friends ever used it! Sphax, Painterly, and Dokucraft are/were top tier. I still swap between them nowadays

  • Cotcan

    I remember when there used to only be one "biome." And at world gen there was a chance to get the second world type, a snow world. Then biomes were added in and that all changed. I also remember a time before the nether and how the nether was first added in the Halloween update. Notch wanted to add lanterns as an infinite light source and have all the torches eventually go out. So you'd have relight them with a flint and steel or swap them out for lanterns. Thankfully he ran out of time and wasn't able to implement that. It was theorized at the time that the glowstone would be involved in the recipe to create the lantern. This of course later on proved incorrect.

  • Yeudler!

    Right now, the most valuable resource is probably netherite.

    • Scott Owens
      Scott Owens

      @Kuzumai Supposing one goes to a mountain with a silk touch pickaxe.. And then mines a 16x16 chunk out of the mountain. Emerald ores genrate 5-8 times in the chunk, with a single ore each time, putting the average (in your arguments favor) at seven. Now, this player goes to the Nether. They hop over to the nearest soulsand valley and...Mine out another chunk from top to bottom. They have collected at least one ancient debris, but at most could have found up to five. The chances even out (again, in your favor) at two. Now this player gathers some ender pearls and blaze powder and falls through the portal. After killing the dragon, the player scoops up their hard-won prize. Let's compare results: Based on the (again, in your favor) averages, this theoretical player has seven (7) emerald ores, two (2) ancient debris, and one (1) dragon egg. Hmmm... Not important, but if you otherwise don't mind, here's why emerald ore is useless. Emeralds are easily acquired through villagers, where truly no limit can be reached. This makes the emerald itself worth nothing but time. The ores aren't accepted for trade though, because you must mine them first. If you're collecting ore, then you wouldn't want to break any. So the only use is for display or bragging rights. Now as you probably know, Netherite is not super useful, but what it does, it does well. And finally, for the egg itself: Lamp. Do not question the illuminated one.

    • Kuzumai

      @UC_xR6_LY0Rn-SLo5dDXtDeQ unlocked? The grand scheme of things, there are tons of emerald ore. But finding them is difficult. And If you don't have silk touch it not possible to get it. But something like netherite which is chest loot in the nether and the dragon egg which is in the same place every time, I still think the ore is more rare than anything else

    • Kuzumai

      @Spoon well here are the cords for the dragon egg 0 ~ 0. Thats where it's at every time

    • Spoon

      no thanks i'm not communist

    • Kuzumai

      @Spoon give me the coords then

  • Issy Claire
    Issy Claire

    remember when there was only oak and then the other trees turned to normal planks

    • Procrastination Prime
      Procrastination Prime

      Only oak

    • 3 G's
      3 G's

      Those were the days...

    • userpain

      Oh yeaaah. Also before the savannah came out

    • DuckMorganDuck


    • Alex Wharton
      Alex Wharton


  • SerPlunk

    i started playing recently, after update 1.13, and the earliest thing i remember that isnt in the game now (bedrock btw) was that there werent the different sign types, there was just "sign" which now is "oak sign"

  • Oblivions Ghost
    Oblivions Ghost

    I used to use this sonic texturepack my parents got me when I started playing pc, but when it came to console I loved the natural texture pack and the fantasy texture pack

  • Milan Ráliš
    Milan Ráliš

    Great way to make a 20 year-old feel.. old.. Thanks for the throwback!

  • The3rdThe1st

    I started playing Minecraft right when wolves were added. At the time I didn't know you could tame them so I tried to hit it and keep it in a 2x2x2 dirt whole and it killed me. I think later that day I found out you could tame them with bones and it took me forever to find another. I placed so many torches in a forest and went out every night looking for one

  • Concept 3M
    Concept 3M

    Remember when breaking a boat would only give you back sticks and wooden planks? Edit: Checking in after over a year in 2021 now, and I can’t believe how many comments and likes I got on this, much love to all 🖤

    • Alexis Ventura
      Alexis Ventura

      Oh god This is the reason I never used boats. Unless I had to.

    • Alexander


    • JigglyBits

      They don't any more? Now I feel like a boomer. And I'm a zoomer so you know its serious

    • Stainsley

      Yes, I hated that

    • Herobrine

      Lily pads were just the WORST for boats

  • †ㅤZ25Oㅤ†

    Back when I was a kid I remember when stairs weren't able to go up so down nor connect properly. No stripped logs, and no dirt paths, the ladder trick, old hurt sounds, and able to spawn another Steve by pressing 1 of the f buttons. My first build was a cobblestone house with a wooden roof. At the time, it was godly. 16x16 square house with chests and multiple beds B)

    • †ㅤZ25Oㅤ†

      @D D im just saying what i remember was in the game and wasnt in the game.

    • D D
      D D

      Why did you mention stripped logs? They were added in 1.13.

  • Caleb MC
    Caleb MC

    5:45 Yeah! I remember one of my very first survival worlds (i think my second ever) was a special seeded world where the spawn was an above ground spawner and i wanted to build a house out of that materials! It was like a 5x12x3 house where it still was not all mossy stone!

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin

    I member, when there was no creative mode and how absolutely super stoked I was once it was released!

  • Lilith Schwartz
    Lilith Schwartz

    When ladders were changed, Hatsune Miku changed the recipe to create two ladders instead of one, as an apology to the community for breaking the existing ladder designs. Oh god, modding used to be so touchy before modloaders came about. Even then, it took the development of APIs like forge to allow mods to effect the same file without conflicting. And IDs. Those were the worst.

  • DaCringeyBoi Channel
    DaCringeyBoi Channel

    It may just be me, but remember when it wasn’t called “steak” but it was called “cooked beef”

    • bRoiLl no
      bRoiLl no

      on bedrock its still cooked beef,

    • bobateabeing

      **cries in bedrock**

    • Spoon

      @sycipsgd microsoft should treat bedrock edition better, they act like everyone can afford a pc that won't explode as soon as you open a game

    • owen van bronkhorst
      owen van bronkhorst

      I play bedrock so it’s still called cooked beef! Lol

    • Justin Williams
      Justin Williams

      I remeber but never noticed

  • Juszp

    "If I asked you guys what the best tool would be to break wooden slabs, I'm sure you would all say a diamond axe." Netherite Axe: ;_;

    • derpypaws1250

      This video was made before nertherite was even announced

  • Pigeon

    my friends laughed at me for using a full ladder back then lol

  • bananaman 3902
    bananaman 3902

    I remember once when my biggest flex in all my minecraft worlds, creative or survival, was a torch ontop of a furnace, everyone was always asking me for the answer.

  • CriticalGamer

    This remeinds me of the days where I had this game running at like 15 FPS on my dads computer and had a blast with it. That is when they ported it to 360 and I was addicted. The game had such weird caviats back then.

  • Bhavna M
    Bhavna M

    REMEMBER when there were tutorials online on how to make a herobrine spawner, and after every Minecraft update, it would say *removed herobrine*

    • neevee bros blog neevee
      neevee bros blog neevee

      A small problem in 1.16 did not say removed herobrine

    • Demon - Brawl Stars
      Demon - Brawl Stars

      @Hoseok Is daddy i wanted to sa the same

    • Hoseok Is daddy
      Hoseok Is daddy

      They didn't say it in 1.16

    • Jad Aoun
      Jad Aoun

      They removed it in the last update *on the 10th anniversary of herobrine*

    • Emma Frey
      Emma Frey

      22 times now

  • Pluviophile

    Do you remember when you couldn’t open chests in creative? And if you put a block in your inventory you had to clear you inventory so you could go in survival?

  • An 293
    An 293

    You can still get petrified wooden slab by putting a wooden slab on a biome where water can freeze and then using a silk touch pickaxe

  • Zarrg

    I remember when villager breeding was first added it was completely broken, my house which I had built near a village became completely full of villagers, but I felt guilty killing them.

  • Poison3d_Ivy

    I personally miss being able to make boats with just planks. Something else that don’t really miss is how EASILY boats used to break

  • Stian Hollund
    Stian Hollund

    remember when you would build tall "light houses" with torches to find your way home, or when you couldnt skip night time so you just waited in your house hiding.

    • NiladonGrey

      Ah yes I remember I started Minecraft when I was little and playing on mobile (one of the iPod Touch generations if I remember correctly I know makes me seem casual) but I , again, was little at the time so young stupid me thought that Minecraft was just a mobile game.... I am much smarter now

    • Bruh Sauce
      Bruh Sauce

      when you can’t find 3 sheep so you basically dig a hole that you can hide in

    • Java Rogers
      Java Rogers

      And building defenses around your spawn point! Maybe even with a small hut with supplies to spend the night in

    • Cooper Hollenbeck
      Cooper Hollenbeck


    • Alyssa Cafe
      Alyssa Cafe

      Ye XDD

  • Elias Kjærbo
    Elias Kjærbo

    I kinda miss being able to play with my friends for hours on end which we did for years! My friends played with me from about 2011 to 2015

  • Rufus H.
    Rufus H.

    I had a glitch where all the unloaded chunks on a flat world would turn to infinite and create like a wall around me it was pretty cool

  • Pigeon

    When i was little I assumed the zombies ate the chickens since they dropped feathers

  • Torias Ygramul
    Torias Ygramul

    There was a time when boats broke when you ran them against anything, including lilipads. And I mean broke as in falling apart into some woodblocks and sticks. Until the patched that, boats where basicly useless.

  • Juancho

    Only OG’s remember having to convince their parents upgrade from minecraft lite to the full version

    • G41 Producer
      G41 Producer

      Hahaha I had a friend whose parents for a long time refused to give him the normal pocket edition. He always thought it was so cool to play it on my iPad.😅

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment


    • howto?hit


    • Ethan Hsu
      Ethan Hsu

      4 rl tho

  • Corra Universe
    Corra Universe

    Before water buckets were a thing, I tried making a river by starting at the edge of an ocean and continuously digging into the ground to keep it flowing

  • Jacobulous

    I remember the tutorial world, the big creeper statue in console editions loading screen, the chance that when you load up a world you spawn in jebs house, all that stuff. back in the day though I didnt have a computer and I never played survival because it was too hard so most the stuff I don't know about. good times.

  • RossOriginals

    I miss the "oof", and the ladder gaps, and certain crafting recipes being cheaper (I remember crafting tons of glistening melon slices and gold apples in preparation for an update that made them more expensive... and then the server I was on decided to reset for that update anyway, urgh) but there are a lot of things that have been improved since those days too, at least.

  • Jocab

    when I first saw composters in 1.14, I got excited because I thought zombie flesh would finally have a use... but it doesn't work that way and I don't know why

  • heythomas

    When sheep’s didn’t drop mutton, just wool, and when all beds were red

    • Ezi2018. July16
      Ezi2018. July16

      when mcpe didnt have caves

    • Theodore


    • Namjesus

      ReaverShank ikrrr

    • James Ryan
      James Ryan

      i remember that Microed

    • KoRnfedPsycho

      @ReaverShank hold the fuck up, are you serious?

  • Rylander Coleman
    Rylander Coleman

    To be fair the og mossy cobblestone looked amazing imo, one of my favorite og blocks, the green was so vibrant on it

  • Andrew Crayton
    Andrew Crayton

    I remember back when the redstone ore underground didn't drop anything. I also remember back when horses and rabbits were first added.

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter

    they should re add chain armor and you just need to craft chains than lay it out in the armor recipe It wouldn't be as good as most armor prob but it could maybe give you a speed boost I like the idea of having armors give you status effects

  • Just a random human lol
    Just a random human lol

    5:37 A crafting recipe should be added for mossy cobblestone by using cobblestone and moss