The Onision documentary is so trash that I gave up after Ep 1
but what did i expect?
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  • D'Angelo Wallace
    D'Angelo Wallace

    the only way i got through this was because I was simultaneously forcing everyone on stream to watch it with me! i volunteer all of you for sacrifice during tomorrow's stream:

    • Joe Rodriguez
      Joe Rodriguez

      Angelo is an example of the Short Attention Span in Youth

    • Christina

      That honestly looks like trash. I’m surprised that Discovery would allow something like that to air on their platform. It’s not done in a professional manner.

    • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
      ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神




    • Shahar 19
      Shahar 19

      The documentary editing reminds me of Shane dawson

  • Lana S
    Lana S

    This gives me real 'my son should be excused from messing with that girl because he plays in the baseball team'

  • SophieDrachen

    Yikes, after all he's done... why is he not arrested? Also, why the hell is he doing the raised arm/N*zi salute at 7:17... urgh, is he trying to be offensive because it sure as hell rubs me up the wrong way. (Why on earth has Discovery Plus and Chris Hansen made such of a pig's ear of executing the documentary... I mean, it's Chris Hansen... should I be surprised?)

  • Angelica Illingworth
    Angelica Illingworth

    Omg why are we even giving him attention at this point

  • Rick Love
    Rick Love

    Dude's a creep. Thank you for the heads up, D'Angelo.

  • Turtle

    I wasnt retarded at 17 tbh

  • Atheris Hispida
    Atheris Hispida

    What are the chances of you doing a video on E C and the damage she's doing to her young impressionable viewers? Or the peeds she has for Twitch mods? Or the ana fet supporters that she panders to? She needs to be de-platformed and forced to get help before she drops dead on stream. :( There's a petition floating around that goes into greater detail.

  • 守lower

    Yes Mr Wallace you can do so much better ! Consider making us an epic in depth biography of Onision

  • Meggsie

    The divorce excuse is really weird because when Chris Hansen was stirring the pot on youtube, it seemed like anyone who knew about his home life suspected that Onision was molested and/or abused by at least one of his parents. So maybe they're weighing in on the divorce to make themselves seem more innocent?

  • Rosa April
    Rosa April

    You should do a longer video like the Shane Dawson video

  • Kris Anderson
    Kris Anderson

    I give the movie....a D+ a heh

  • Demonetized Speech
    Demonetized Speech

    i just realized your the irl version of kaz kaan.

  • v z
    v z

    I really don't like how they focus on the "positives" of who he was, instead of what he's done.

  • panic! at the everywhere
    panic! at the everywhere

    my dad watches documentaries like the one d+ made and the ad for it kept showing up on TV and he asked me if we should watch it. i said absolutely not lol theres better ones made on youtube

  • Jamafly

    Seriously, something needs to be done about all these child groomers running around now because they think "if I get caught, at least I'll have other fans to carry me though." no they need to be taken off before they can hurt more ppl.

  • Annabelle

    “Also I was homeschooled “ 🤣🤣🤣

  • whaler_

    I kinda feel real op as a kid that I didn't like him ever

  • kiyo-chan

    I thought Greg's father was a sexual predator, how did they got him to be in this doc

  • Pinkito Burrito
    Pinkito Burrito

    I was looking for the singer and now im here, awesome, ill enjoy my stay

  • tiramisu

    im sorry but "d+" sounds cursed and I can't explain why

  • Rebecca M
    Rebecca M

    that trashy jumping around with the editing reminds me of shanes shitty conspiracy vids

  • Miss_MarissaS

    Onision is creepy AF. And whether the documentary sucks or not, it IS a big message that needs to be put out there in the world to help girls avoid ending up being a victim to any of these online groomers.

  • Le4che

    They broke up shilo’s story with justification on why he’s trash so when she jumped into “I was 17” it wouldn’t shock everyone as much. Disgusting

  • Katy Russo
    Katy Russo

    I loove The Right Opinion, everything I know about onision is from that video

  • Levar Hicks
    Levar Hicks

    Discovery ➕ was hyping the s**t out of this damn documentary. 😆

  • Senior In a golf cart
    Senior In a golf cart

    I will never understand how like leafyishere got banned for harassment and bullying and Onision didn’t get banned for that for the videos he made about Eugenia which are soo bad. Like I don’t support Leafy but what the fuck? You can’t even say abusive without getting demonetized on RSloft but onision can post gross shit about how black peoples hair is dirty and get paid.

  • Senior In a golf cart
    Senior In a golf cart

    Damnnn savage that his own parents went on the documentary.

  • Emma Lucile
    Emma Lucile

    "Poor Greg was such good boy, such sweet boy but parents make him BAD 😩🥺" Uhhhh sorry but with all the mental and psychological abuse and manipulation I suffered through growing up SOMEHOW I managed not to become a child abuser! Wow crazy am I right guys?

  • Just some Crappy youtube account
    Just some Crappy youtube account

    so bad it physically pains me

  • Michelle Sunny Latham
    Michelle Sunny Latham

    The Onision Doc Ads are running on your videos 🤣

  • Taryn Smith
    Taryn Smith

    D'angelo. you are the best person on this platform.

  • emma rose
    emma rose

    not only did they condense the whole decline of onision into one sentence, but they also put the blame of his downfall on to the victims by saying that them coming forward was the reason people hate him.

  • Deana's art corner
    Deana's art corner

    I find it funny that they're making "true crime" documentary about Onision while it even looks like Onision didn't got deplatformed or any other punishment thanks to this kind of behaviour. I am here so confused lmao. :D

  • Ellie is Done
    Ellie is Done

    Nah man, I started to despise onision when he mocked the death of Christina grimmer in 2016. She was my favorite singer.

  • jekyll

    I never liked him, I dont get why he was so popular

  • Devon Kennedy
    Devon Kennedy

    Literally they made it just for profit

  • seraphina

    tbh i’m surprised that brands aren’t afraid of asking for a sponsorship with d’angelo

  • Jasmine Copeland
    Jasmine Copeland

    This might sound weird but you're really pretty

  • Emma Berley
    Emma Berley

    I'm just glad the world knows what a SCUMBAG he is!

  • Dom Sow
    Dom Sow

    I think there is some importance in trying to figure out why people do what they do. Partly because people often think the blame falls on the parents, that their actions can be excused because it's not their fault. Now the explanation should not shadow or try to excuse their actions. But I do agree with the idea that ultimately it doesn't matter why they did whatever, holding them accountable takes top importance.

  • Rii Nii
    Rii Nii

    The narrator sounds so much like Onion boy. It's so weird.

  • Stephen Carlson
    Stephen Carlson

    Bro needs a pop filter

  • izzy chan Nyan Cat
    izzy chan Nyan Cat

    I had watched the trailor, well was forced to via ads, and forgot who he was until this video when they mentioned I'm a banana ;-;

  • Matt Michel
    Matt Michel

    blaming underage teen predatory behaviour in an adult because of DIVORCE!? forget mental gymnastics, this is reaching for the stars

  • Myah Joslin
    Myah Joslin

    I just got a add onison the documentary wow 🙄

  • sky aiko
    sky aiko

    its so sweet that the chat told us that there is trigger warnings🥺🥺

  • tumato tahmato
    tumato tahmato

    I got a ridiculous amount of onision ads

  • yodaKiller2020

    Whens amber heards?

  • Y A
    Y A

    What is he out there making a documentary? He should be in prison already

  • MagicEve

    Onision is just Dennis from It's Always Sunny but in real life

  • L V
    L V

    "his parents got divorced so that's why he grooms kids it's so sad 😢" all of my closest friends, both of my parent's parents, and multiple other people I know have divorced parents yet you don't see them sniffing children. People mature so using childhood as a crutch does not always work

  • Carrie K
    Carrie K

    Wow. Did they think they were gonna turn him into some Elphaba/Maleficent/Cruella villain origin story shit? Real people were hurt. Actual humans that told Discovery+ they did not want their stories included, and they did it anyway. Ugh. So gross.

  • Carrie K
    Carrie K

    I am being shown ads for this... on this video. 🤦🏻‍♀️ WTF.

  • Sophie Brown
    Sophie Brown

    Nice to see people like Repzion get some recognition. He spent a lot of time and effort dismantling Onision's toxic platform.

  • Betwixxt

    ...I used to love onision... I hate that I was sucked in like that.

    • sungaudios

      same situation here.

  • Dimh Co.
    Dimh Co.

    Also I was home schooled 🤣🤣

  • Konatada

    Remember when Chris Hansen said that he wasn't doing this for money - he was doing it to bring light to the victims? We dun knew he was full of it.

  • octavia88

    This series was like 0 effort. If you would spend 60+h on old videos and shit that's available for all to see ON RSloft you could put together something more accurate.

  • Moraina Loretta Mo
    Moraina Loretta Mo

    No offense these videos cut out , edited to much stuff it didnt get to the point of Shiloh or Onision or anything about Onison or the real events.

  • Big Oreo Energy
    Big Oreo Energy

    This is the most pointless documentary I've ever seen. I've ppl on RSloft did a way better job making an Onision documentary than the actual studio.

  • DoeEyed AlienGirl
    DoeEyed AlienGirl

    first video ive ever seen of yours and i did not expect your voice to be this way

  • Trippiemikee _
    Trippiemikee _

    Lil Decca

  • XatxiFly

    I remember MrRepzion as an antifeminist Gamergate sympathizer, has he changed a lot?

  • LoopsAround

    How does leafy get de platformed but not onion boy

  • Collie Wise
    Collie Wise

    Wait at 4:05 they literally say that victims coming forward changed his popularity and like that victims tried to cancel him. WHAT?! This wasn’t about cancel culture no one liked him that was actually on RSloft!! It was random trolls and douches that watched his videos but he was awful and would like bully and rank people and kids who sent them selfies. He was mean! He might have had subs but it’s because people were intrigued by him to see what he did next, not because the masses liked him. I can’t believe they seriously tried saying that “it wasn’t until” these girls came forward... WTF

  • JessiMae Tapang
    JessiMae Tapang

    A message for everyone sicko in the universe: I don’t care HOW messed up your childhood was that does not give you an get out of jail free card! And to harm anyone

  • Lea Lester
    Lea Lester

    you should literally make a documentary on onision and sell it to d+ to replace the one they just made

  • ゴーストヒューマン

    Another example of people trying to soften another white mans disgusting actions I hate it here.

  • raenot found
    raenot found

    " 'D'angelo seems like that cool dude everyone is friends with in high school' Absolutely true also I was home schooled" PLSSSSS

  • Axley

    None of these documentaries ever seem to simply inform people of the situation & why what happened was bad & end it there. They always have some spin on it to make people feel bad for the person who is in the wrong. It's so frustrating and a complete slap in the face to all of the victims

  • Zoo Renard
    Zoo Renard

    Discovery+ : Let's send this to every RSloftr existing so they can tell everyone how great it it!!! RSloftrs : This is poop. Discovery+ : Maybe this was a bad idea 😐

  • Liv B
    Liv B

    been watching your videos for months and only just realized I wasn’t subscribed smh

  • Evy

    Why did they even give this dumb ass a documentary?

  • See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!
    See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!

    why Onision look like Shane Dawson in some of these photos tho 🤔

  • Lauren Ashby Photography
    Lauren Ashby Photography

    Yeah they looped weirdly in the Cecil Hotel docuseries too. The whole first episode was about Elisa Lam’s disappearance then they wrapped it up. Second episode started talking about The Nigh Stalker then looped BACK to repeating the same info about Elisa Lam........ their documentaries seem super disorganized and redundant.

  • Ville Lotjonen
    Ville Lotjonen

    Can we PLEASE stop talking about how cute and sweet fucking psychos were as kids? Ty

  • angie

    watching this live was definitely an experience

  • Bailey Wattron
    Bailey Wattron

    Onision's downfall satisfies me partly because I hate I'm a Banana and his irritating comedy, and back in 2009 I felt all alone in this.

  • Sweetfreeze

    I can't wait for D+'s next documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer! He was the cutest little boy! So sweet and innocent.

  • dw6empires

    Why do ppl dislike the documentary

  • Lana D
    Lana D

    if u want a personal opinion on the doc, watch strangeæon’s vid on it. they tried to get her to promote it as well. she’s been covering him forever and has been there pretty much from the start.

  • Blobbert Mcblob
    Blobbert Mcblob

    It may have been trash but it DID do what no one could. It got RSloft to notice because as we all know, Susan only takes notice of RSlofts problems once TV gets involved. Onision has officially left RSloft (unless he made another secret channel lmao) so, that's a win.

  • CKG

    D+ really got a D-

  • Kennedy

    my little sister literally watches the "im a banana" video all the time and it gets on my nerves

  • ImpossibleWolf

    Hello fellow homeschooler!

  • Evie Ryan
    Evie Ryan

    Oh look at that the first video in my recommendation is the j Aubrey video. I think I’ll watch it.

  • N. Mitzenmacher
    N. Mitzenmacher

    I mean, the service warns you in the title that it is a grade of D+ so...

  • Jenny Autumn
    Jenny Autumn

    Shiloh really thought she was going somewhere though Her music was whack

  • likira111

    I thought there was much worse shit with onision than a 17 22 relationship? like this is probably because I live somewhere people care more about age difference than just black white 18 (the danish age of consent is 15 but a politician got rightfully called sick for sleeping with a 15 yo when he was 35 because its not just "is this legal") but I highly disagree with 17/22 being problematic.

  • Olivia Xoxa
    Olivia Xoxa

    I love your outro speech so much IDK why

  • Jared Hacker
    Jared Hacker

    Didn’t know you were homeschooled. Thank you for making us homeschoolers look good.

  • Isaac Lipman
    Isaac Lipman

    Um was he just causally hailing hitler at 7:20?

  • Heysian Popnley
    Heysian Popnley

    hey i'm the product of an affair does that mean i get to be a pedo for free? sick

  • Emily Leindecker
    Emily Leindecker

    Joon the King did a really good expose on the basis of onion dumbass. I recommend.

  • TheStashBin

    Thank you

  • 8 Kinds of Awesome
    8 Kinds of Awesome

    good video, but comparing a TV show aimed at a middle-aged & up demographic, its going to have to be much simpler than a RSloft video where the audience is far more connected to the culture. Mainstream TV audiences don't understand 99% of the stuff you'd find in these videos because they weren't raised on RSloft and have grown with the platform. They are TV watches and need a Dateline style oversimplified breakdown. Not saying its great, but its a completely different audience that they're trying to get invested.

  • lucy

    i remember i’d watch the videos of him reviewing girls body’s to see if i was good enough...and they never made me feel any better.

  • ShadaneArts

    Yeah, you shouldn't trust Repzion either. He's a terrible person himself, no better than Onision.

    • ShadaneArts

      @John Davis Drama and Opinions has videos talking about things he did. I probably made a mistake in saying he's as bad being as he didn't target minors on the level Greg did, but he still harassed people, spread misinformation, and tarnished reputations which are things Greg has done as well.

    • John Davis
      John Davis

      I have only seen a couple of his videos about onision and his videos about other people semed like he was on too much of a high horse so I dipped from his channel but I did not get the vibe that he was as bad as onison. Do you have any reciepts or examples of this? Interested cause I havent been able to find anything by googling "why repzion is a terrible person" haha 😆

  • im tierd
    im tierd

    now that its been almost ten years and I've processed everything. I'm pretty sure one of the things my eating disorder stemmed from is me watching onion critiquing children my age that looked just like me and calling them fat at 12 years old

  • germ

    hi im in love with you probably

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