The Moment Scar Got Pranked Infinity Death Loop (3 Different Perspective) - Hermitcraft Season 7
Poor scar he didn't deserve to die such horrible death,so does bdubs ;)
I will make more minecraft content, stay tuned for more funny moments!

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  • guramee

    Hope you guys enjoyed this video xD Last Season was a blast!

  • Groovy Oranges
    Groovy Oranges

    No there’s no way he’ll die that fast.

  • Last Son of Tennessee
    Last Son of Tennessee

    The sheer amount of blood lust coming from Bdubs is a little disturbing...

  • Nettie Klok
    Nettie Klok

    This is the best moment in hermitcraft troll history

  • Seth Arvila
    Seth Arvila

    I’ve gotten so used to the prox mod and the Last Life series that I wanted Grian and Bdubs to stop talking when Scar was right there

  • Philip

    Why wasnt mumbo recruited for this? He could have automated the process for a truly infinite loop

  • Oracle372


  • Kinsey Croissant
    Kinsey Croissant

    Scar, sounding like he's about to cry: I don't even know what these creatures are... why do they have mohawks

  • False Delta
    False Delta

    I feel like Scar not know they’re called Hoglins is the only reason he didn’t say “Groundhoglin Day”

  • Craig Spaulding
    Craig Spaulding

    This is one of those times that would have been so much more fun with proximity chat

  • LordRavensong

    His reaction!

  • BoswcheydoesArt

    The anger of scar saying "im the one who needs a hug" is the best thing

  • Nerdish

    Scar’s ending-

  • CrystalSkyDrops175

    Scar is honestly a good sport so many people woulda just been like f this and logged off PG server or not.

  • Casual Cactus
    Casual Cactus

    Pretty sure theres a line between pranking and torture, and they definitely crossed it multiple times



  • Hildcit

    I would love to see tangos reaction to chat and just what he thought when he saw all that

  • Chino Gabriel Gillego
    Chino Gabriel Gillego

    Grian be like: You will never reach the truth.

  • Lance

    the way he said "Bdubs is in a different place now" is the saddest and funniest thing ive heard 😂😂😂

  • Omar C
    Omar C

    I wonder how the other hermits reacted. Like tango pulled out there cam account to see what they were doing.