testing tik tok life hacks for shaving my bikini line
helloooo welcome to the sequel. This time, testing tik tok life hacks for shaving! ok bye.
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  • trysten charley
    trysten charley

    winter time is when I go through it because I’m a swimmer 😫😫😫

  • ChickenBrat

    This was a mistake, bye.

  • Amina Rana
    Amina Rana

    You need to soak it in hot water first to open the pores and then with cold water when you’re done to close the pores

  • Pipis The Theatre Geek
    Pipis The Theatre Geek

    Yeah, I'll stick with wearing shorts with my bikinis lmao. Once it starts growing backs it's so uncomfortable and itchy and razor bumps and burns suck.

  • dimitra drm
    dimitra drm

    I don't think your dad would be interested in shaving his bikini line...

  • emoegg18

    maybe you just have more sensitive skin? I've never gotten razor burn or bled when shaving down there even going against the grain

    • emoegg18

      but i DO get razor burn on my legs sooo

  • Dopamine Junkie
    Dopamine Junkie

    Sugaring is the best way! Sugar, lemon juice and some water. Life changing

  • Lyric Guynn
    Lyric Guynn

    im a gymnast and i wear a leotard and i feel like everyone can see it. not hair but my razor burn and its so annoying and embarrasing!!!! that was lowkey tmi so were gonna hope no one from my school sees this lol

  • RetroKick

    Haley: "If you're a creepy boy please leave" Creepy Boys: "excessive sweating"

  • Chloe Trinidad
    Chloe Trinidad

    I always watch videos to get a better shave and like good product, but im just scared to ask my mom because ik she’s gonna be awkward about it so i only use a 3 blade razor and shaving cream.

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming

    I’m a boy I will leave rn have a nice day

  • Cemre T
    Cemre T

    You should try laser at home

  • your mom
    your mom

    Her dad watching this like👁💧👄💧👁

  • SimpleSymmetry

    Girls, use a safety razor! That thing literally cuts every hair, leaves no razer burns and it's environmentally friendly as well. The blades last way longer than the ones on these throw-away razors.

  • Cooper Rosen
    Cooper Rosen

    Well boys have to shave there ball sack line

  • John S
    John S

    what... everyone knows to shave with the grain

  • Hannah Shinn
    Hannah Shinn

    I’ve never gotten razor burn on my legs so I’m so confused 😂

  • Mel Sand
    Mel Sand


  • Sophia Knighton
    Sophia Knighton

    What about using magic shaving powder? I saw it on tiktok

  • Mr. Teal
    Mr. Teal

    nah im a guy but i want to watch

  • Alyssa Mayfield
    Alyssa Mayfield

    For easy hair removal, I tried the magic razorless cream for men's beards literally today and it WORKS. I've never had the guts to place a razor down there on my own or get waxed. Pain down there just doesn't sound appealing for me. So, I tried that! Literally doesn't take long either. Though, I do recommend testing a patch the day before just going for it.

  • Ishimwe Ishimwe
    Ishimwe Ishimwe

    Do you shave it all off off or is t like actually just so that when you wear the bikini cos will it be weird to take all of it off?!🥺🤧💔

  • Ariel Guillen
    Ariel Guillen

    Try maybe stretching your skin when you shave. If that makes sense . I know I didn’t know at first 🤷‍♀️ so I’m sure other people don’t

  • Karla K
    Karla K

    Her freaking out the entire video is the most hilarious thing ever

  • Wendy Abold
    Wendy Abold

    Magic Shave Powder.

  • Filia Lernotina
    Filia Lernotina

    Hey girl, Veet (or other brand) sells wax pot that you can put in microwave and then use it for the bikini zone!! Try it and your life will change!!

  • CordobaGirlC5

    I find using the Schick Intuition razor gets a CLOSE shave and because it’s all around lotion on the razor itself I never get razor bumps/burn from it.

  • Ally jayleigh
    Ally jayleigh

    People who shave then it goes spiky and when u walk it scrapes your legs original from my friend 😂

  • Kristine Guevara
    Kristine Guevara

    I use nair hair removal bikini line cream!

  • Jayla Jegede
    Jayla Jegede

    Nobody: Haley: whips hair everywhere

  • Laiba Moeen
    Laiba Moeen

    Who else is scrolling through the comments looking for men.

  • Sarah Val
    Sarah Val

    *just adding something* this video isn't only for the ladies, cause some boys also have vaginas and some girls have dicks

  • Vendula Andělová
    Vendula Andělová

    depilaton with sugar paste👌 literally the best thing I've ever tried

  • Lillian Love
    Lillian Love

    Yes this ones much healthier yaaaaaassssss

  • malorie maxey
    malorie maxey

    fyi i found that coconut oil blocks my pores and creates engrown hairs and is way harder the grab the hair if there is oil there. using sensitive skin shaving cream works much better and using aloe vera is a lot better then that.

  • Iman Zubairi
    Iman Zubairi

    try laser for us :)

  • Dominic's Curiosity
    Dominic's Curiosity

    Well I think that Laser hair removal would be the best because then it’s eventually gone right.

  • Isabelle Lima
    Isabelle Lima

    Girl, laser all the way lol

  • Blue Whale
    Blue Whale

    Dude use Aloe Vera and eye brow or facial shavers there’s no bums no bleeding and it so easy

  • Jas Mine
    Jas Mine

    Can you speak slower pls

  • Linda

    Just use “magic shaving powder” it will leave u baby smootthhh just be careful to not got it in there Nd do a patch test before.

  • Fawn Jelen
    Fawn Jelen

    I promise im not a creepy boy, im male to non binary and tried to shave for the first time and fucking died

  • S B
    S B

    Honestly, real talk, the only way I ever get a good shave is to wait for the hair to almost fully grow in before shaving. So timing is everything. I use a moisturizing body wash that still lathers (if you're on top of things you'll get a ph balanced soap or if you're like me you just use whatever's there) and go *against* the grain. Yes, against, it's the only thing that gets all the hair, period. BUT it really only works if the hair is grown in completely, if you try to do it on the stubble you're gonna bleed and get ingrowns, end of story. Your razor needs something substantial to grab onto. Start from the outside in, and go against whatever direction the hair is. Just like your underarm, the hair will be growing in different directions so try several angles. Gently exfoliate before and after shaving and THEN apply coconut oil when you get out. It's perfect because it continues to gently exfoliate due to its natural acid. If you have any bloody spots pop on some neosporin. ALSO, do NOT put hot water on the areas that you are shaving, this makes your pores open and it will hinder the closeness of your shave. Use cool or cold water before and after. Okay that's all enjoy your shave and save up for a laser hair remover. EDIT: A few additional things. Pull the skin taut when shaving your bikini area or else you'll just be dragging skin and you will know pain. Care for your razor - when you get out of the shower, take it with you, dry the blades off, keep it somewhere safe preferably in a case or pouch. And finally, you don't have to use kitchen coconut oil, you can buy a bottle of fractionated coconut oil that will stay liquid and be much easier to apply.

  • Renee Doyle
    Renee Doyle

    put your hair upwards when shaving, it gets a closer shave when the skin is tighter

  • angela shaji
    angela shaji

    can you review the magic shaving powder/ cream?

  • Isabel McC
    Isabel McC

    Right idk whether I should let it grow or shave it of I’m 13 and idk Yano

  • Taz Young
    Taz Young

    Watching this one hour before my date 😳

  • Em is for Music
    Em is for Music


  • Em is for Music
    Em is for Music

    1:21 don’t forget about trans men... just saying...

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife

    Bro men shave too and there arnt good videos for men 😅

  • OoObubblezOo

    It’s so difficult to shave and be able to leave nothing behind, I’ve tried new razors, different kinds of shaving cream and a bunch of other stuff but still it doesn’t look clean. People say waxing is the best but I’m kinda scared to do that, but if I ever decide to I’d want to do it myself rather than getting it done, that’d be embarrassing.

  • Glass Tracks
    Glass Tracks

    I’m a guy so ya I’ll leave but “get your hair lasered” (thank me later)

  • Alicia Perrouin
    Alicia Perrouin

    Just go for laser darling, it’s going to be cheaper at the end of the day, your ski. Will be more smooth than shaving and waxing and this is the best solution for ingrown hairs. I know you’ll love it 😊

  • G F
    G F

    Waxing is only that terrible the first wax and it gets better if you wax with no trimming or shaving in between and getting waxed every 28 days. I had really thicc course hair my whole life then after a year of consistent waxing my hair is so much thinner and manageable. I got so used to it that I can wax myself at home now and it only takes me 20 minutes! I use hard wax. I don’t recommend waxing yourself until you’ve noticed hair thinning in the area with a professional waxer doing the service.

  • 3vilfrickinfl0w3r :0
    3vilfrickinfl0w3r :0


  • Savannah Loiacono
    Savannah Loiacono

    this is kinda tmi: i'm really really self-conscious about wearing swimsuits because my pubic hair peeks out and i have NO idea how to tuck it in. swimsuit bottoms are so narrow down there and i need some help. any tips? please help me, ladies!

  • Karo Lina
    Karo Lina

    Have you ever tried suggar waxing? it's not hard to do the wax at home.

  • Stephanie Toews
    Stephanie Toews

    Thank you so much for making these videos to help out the unknowledgeable girls here. Love you!!!

  • Mollie Spencer
    Mollie Spencer

    "All males pls leave" 5 min later... "ladies and gentlemen" I-

  • Lena

    ♥️So here is what works for me and I have extreme problems with razor burns: (Before I start, english is not my native language, so please correct me if I'm making mistakes) 1. I always shower first with hot water to open up my pores 2. I use a scrub to prevent ingrown hair. Right now I'm using the one from rituals, but In feel like a scrub without perfume works better down there. I especially scrub the left and the right part of my bikini zone, because the razor burn gets the worse there. 3. Then I shave (against the normal growth direction, but really carefully and not more than one time). I personally use a womans razor, but don't really know the difference between woman & mens razor, so dunno. I don't use my razor more than three times down there, then normally just for legs. My razors also wet from the beginning and I always use shaving creme without perfume. Shaving creme just works best for me 4. Then I use A WHOLE LOT of baby Powder, directly after and after an hour or so sometimes again 5. Then I use either perfume free moisturizer or zinc ointment (googled it, I think it's called like that in english) depends on what I feel like works that day better 6. If I still get like 1/2/3 shaving pimples I use Bepanthen, it's like my all time favourite and it works every time I know that seemes like a lot, but if you have the same problem as I did, I hope it works for you as well♥️

  • Ella Rowan
    Ella Rowan

    Try Magic shaving powder

  • Carissa Blencowe
    Carissa Blencowe

    MAJIC SHAVING POWDER. Literally does wonders.

  • evelynn d
    evelynn d

    ouija is no good for christians 😬 even if it’s from urban outfitters

    • evelynn d
      evelynn d

      but congratulations on your engagement!!!!! lolz🙂

  • Djellza Rrahmani
    Djellza Rrahmani

    Hi. I don't know if you ever tried but try Dove sensitive body wash, it will help you to give a closer shave.

  • rotten egg petunia
    rotten egg petunia

    This is for the boys!!!! You really thought she's gonna show her kitty didn't you

  • Abby

    “i’ve still never lived that down” *does it again*

  • Caitlyn Ginn
    Caitlyn Ginn

    I find conditioner works the best for shaving

  • Hanna Holland
    Hanna Holland

    nair bikini cream. thank me later😌

  • Mandy Grace
    Mandy Grace

    Ok i have a question. I'm a horse rider and after a ride my upper legs get itchy, hurts and sometimes I have some pimples. Sooo any tips? I still haven't tried anything yet but I would love to get some advice.

  • Arianna Lamb
    Arianna Lamb

    I think she should do a series using different devices to shave/wax her legs. I'm always curious if something will make it easier. Like if you agree.

  • Katara


  • chanelis

    there's no 'right' way to shave, because your body is not made to be shaved

    • chanelis

      also, coconut oil blocks your pores - you can get infections so that's a no no

  • Madison Gorton
    Madison Gorton

    this is really wierd to say but by saving you v line down makes it so you dont have ruff eritated skin and i realise you did that but if you do it a lil harder and and a couple time in a row is the best way again i realise this is wierd and its been a while cense you posted this but o while pls dont hate comment me or be rude or annoying so ya thx

  • Hannah Trussell
    Hannah Trussell

    this is me 100% i have literally tried everything to the point i’ve given up i’m just gonna get razor burn.

  • Elizabeth Wilson
    Elizabeth Wilson

    Use Dollar Shave club! The “Executive Razor” with the shave butter does amazing! I have extremely sensitive skin too.

  • Aubrielle Kretzschmar
    Aubrielle Kretzschmar

    why do i not understand why she means by “the grain”

    • Livey_ Draws
      Livey_ Draws

      Its the way your hair grows

  • Carly Holden
    Carly Holden

    Just an fyi, baby oil gel can break down condoms soooo...idk

  • Eri

    Its amazing how she goed out of her way to help us girls :) Even tho im not rlly new to it, but some people might be! And it could be extremely helpfull!


    Have you tried Veet. If not try it. I saw someone say that’s what they use.

  • David Shepelyov
    David Shepelyov

    I have left

  • RKdominoes

    Oh my goshhh I used to have a horrible time every single time I shaved - bleeding, razor bumps, itchy, etc. But, I think after years I FINALLY figured it out. First, I exfoliate or use sugar scrub. That seemed to be part of the key for me. Then I use a lot of coochy shave cream (on Amazon) and very sharp razor blade going with the grain and side to side. Then aloe vera or coconut oil after and boom, pain free and soooo smooth!

  • Maddie Conlon
    Maddie Conlon

    I finally found what works for me which is using coconut oil and sugar to create a scrub for exfoliating first and then using foaming shaving cream (I use the flamingo brand) and then shaving with the hairs or downwards and I used to get SOO many ingrown hairs and bumps and doing this routine has saved me because before I used to just shave with no shaving cream and shaved against the hair, or up.

  • Howard Family
    Howard Family

    try the veet sensitive skin hair removal cream. leave it on for 10 minutes EXACTLY and then wipe it off. It works so well. It smells really bad but just have a shower afterwards!

  • Suana Ljeskovica
    Suana Ljeskovica

    Im a boy... why did I watch this?.. Sikeee 😌

  • What the hell we gon do now?
    What the hell we gon do now?


  • Jenn y
    Jenn y

    I use conditioner to shave and for me it’s working really well

  • Ashley Andrade
    Ashley Andrade

    Thank you for being brave enough to do this type of video, not once but twice. I know how uncomfortable making and posting this video must have been but it truly helps all of the girls in the world who *want* to shave and not get razor burn.

  • T Sdz
    T Sdz

    her tshirt is giving me bad vibes

  • schylar lavender
    schylar lavender


  • Shadow of the darkness
    Shadow of the darkness

    Casualy looking for a male coment 👁👄👁

  • Sister Snapped
    Sister Snapped

    try veet

  • Shellene Wardwell
    Shellene Wardwell

    use a non scented body wash or shampoo, and shave side to side on the top and up and down every where else

  • Hope Spicey
    Hope Spicey

    omg howwww does anyone just shave against the grain straight away OWW

  • Ana Reinhardt
    Ana Reinhardt

    I let my skin soften for about 10-15 mins then I use shaving cream. I use the razor joy by Gillette. I shave with the grain then side to side like you said. Then I use this product called Tend Skin for ingrown hairs and razor burn.

  • haste

    as a guy I watched this anyway since I shave down there every other day pretty much anyway so it was still informative for me, hope thats okay

  • Audrey porad-brand
    Audrey porad-brand

    i use like shaving cream or body would lol


    Use olive oillll

  • Ruby

    Ladies i have the answer. Safety razor. Trussssst me. Ik they seem so intimidating but once you make the switch there’s just no going back. You can get them on amazon for like £15 and they last years. Saving the planet whilst saving your from bumps. Your welcome. Ps i put diluted tea tree oil on the area the olive oil, i never have any issues down there

  • Nyah Gaines
    Nyah Gaines

    Never shave against the grain please

  • Mason Barger
    Mason Barger

    Me being a boy curious wtf a bikini line is👁👄👁

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