testing overpriced instagram brands (ft. ashley aka bestdressed)
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in this video ashley aka bestdressed and i went around LA trying/testing out famous instagram brands like glossier, golf wang, alfred's coffee, and in and out!

  • Kalliopi Memtsas
    Kalliopi Memtsas

    The bumpy road part was so funny for no reason, I was literally wheezing

  • Gabby Dunn
    Gabby Dunn

    why am i just now finding this video-

  • Nanna Sørensen
    Nanna Sørensen

    I love how EVERYTHING is a birth canal in Ashley's eyes! :D

  • Alexandra Medlin
    Alexandra Medlin

    They do that because everyone in LA is a thief.

  • harsh gothwal
    harsh gothwal

    OMG!! It's awesome,......... I love Ashley:)

  • Alishba

    protect ashley at all costs

  • Ohhhiya Rea
    Ohhhiya Rea

    I’m here for Ashley Collabs

  • georgia macrae
    georgia macrae

    can we just......... appreciate those laughs... theyre so cute

  • ElleryBrooke

    You ripping Ashley’s phone stand off of her car will never not be funny

  • cate e
    cate e

    my two favourtite ppl???

  • Nyt 31
    Nyt 31

    That stretch of bumpy road....you’d laugh through the whole drive if you were in my country

  • Bloby Blob
    Bloby Blob

    Your hair is... *Beautiful, now delete your channel*

  • Pixie Sanchez
    Pixie Sanchez

    I love your energy together ❤️

  • Pauline De Zwart
    Pauline De Zwart

    3:38 hakey 🤨

  • Lana Volkerts
    Lana Volkerts

    Holy year ago Haley

  • Deena Elsa George
    Deena Elsa George


  • no 404
    no 404

    Am I the only one that's been recommended this now

  • Karla Balleza
    Karla Balleza

    bro haley did Ashely dirty in the thumbnail, smh

  • moon dust
    moon dust

    *best video ever* I'm a depressed potato so making me laugh is a big win lol

  • Vanillaxpockyy

    My two fav people

  • pogfrog

    I love u guys 😺

  • Jac deSelm
    Jac deSelm

    i LOVE the energy between them! they both seem so comfortable and happy around each other!

  • --

    Your laughs are contagious HAHAHAH

  • gracie

    here’s a link for 10% off glossier! re.glossier.com/eb19a729 ✨✨✨

  • Leona Berner
    Leona Berner

    This is the best thing ever because u are my 2 favorite creators.

  • isobel mary
    isobel mary

    I guess now that she and David have broken up, she can wear the cherry lip balm 😂

  • Sydney


  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •


  • Lizzie Parker
    Lizzie Parker

    lmao so late to the party but you guys have SUCH good chemistry

  • violet marie
    violet marie

    I LOVE THIS DUO!!!!!

  • Sassy B'dassi
    Sassy B'dassi

    love this collab. need more of it

  • sophz k
    sophz k

    they seem so comfortable around each other i wish i could be like that with other people 💞 also idk I'm single but if my bf told me i wasn't allowed to wear a certain lip balm i would be kind annoyed...idk tho cuz im single

  • ciara reid
    ciara reid

    Omg ashley

  • westernizedgirl

    half this vid is Haley laughing

  • _ _whenlifegivesyiulemonz_ _
    _ _whenlifegivesyiulemonz_ _

    literally my two favourite youtubers

  • Giorgiana Curbat
    Giorgiana Curbat

    You think that road was bumpy? Try driving in Italy, you'll be _mesmerized_ by the quality of our roads

  • always eggyana
    always eggyana

    Haley getting possessed is hilarious

  • Louisnotonfire

    I felt that lip balm thing ... if I’m wearing a medicated lip balm and kiss my boyfriend he’ll fight me but if I have on a mint or vanilla lip balm he’s okay LMAO

  • Louisnotonfire

    U two are so cute together

  • mati


  • Cookie Stotz
    Cookie Stotz

    i went to a chinese school since 2012 and they gave us hi-chew everyday

  • Sierra G
    Sierra G

    why am i aughing just as much as they are ?? XD

  • Maddie McLachlan
    Maddie McLachlan

    she looks like demi lovato with that hair

  • Kelsee Clemente
    Kelsee Clemente

    Is nobody gonna talk about how Haley couldn’t get the lip balm out of the tube and eventually gave up💀

  • Rhiannon craver
    Rhiannon craver

    Lmao I just wanna know where Ashley got her yellow sweater

  • Alex Vano
    Alex Vano

    Lowkey sometimes I just forget to subscribe, so it does sometimes help but for the most part it’s annoying, though at the end it’s fine

  • Sarina Blair
    Sarina Blair

    The other golf store is better ...

  • Diana Dueñas
    Diana Dueñas

    “The more you spend the more you save” 😂🤣😂 so true. I always get pissed about this.

  • Saffron T
    Saffron T


  • carmen rae
    carmen rae


  • Rachel Cabezola
    Rachel Cabezola

    They said they knew each other for a couple hours and I could easily believe they were best friends

  • Jet Vermulst
    Jet Vermulst

    I love love looooove this duo

  • Caye Genis
    Caye Genis

    the laughs are so wholesome

  • Caye Genis
    Caye Genis

    two of my favorite youtubers T^T

  • manya kapur
    manya kapur

    this will always be one of my fav videos

  • Sarah Ho
    Sarah Ho

    LMAO the bumps in the road made me laugh sooo hard i cried

  • Julia

    i hated haley's reaction @ 12:58 idk it made me feel bad I thought she was like, ridiculing ashley also I love them both

  • Angel C
    Angel C

    I see Ashley I click


    I think I am the only person who doesn’t like the glossier lip gloss because when I got it it was sticky and thic.florence by mills is much better

  • Jess Dankova
    Jess Dankova

    ashley is SO CUTE

  • Lanuu

    My girl ash❤️

  • Georgia Duganzich
    Georgia Duganzich

    My hair

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S

    It does work because I forget to subscribe. Alike I was watching a channel before this and she mentioned it and I realized I wasn’t subscribed even tho I watch her all the time.

  • Dafni V.
    Dafni V.

    go to 2.27 and watch haleys reaction to what ashley is saying... hahahahaha thank me later

  • Claire Walker
    Claire Walker

    No frickin way like two of my favourite youtubers in one video😲

  • Jayennah Kent
    Jayennah Kent


  • Jayennah Kent
    Jayennah Kent

    This is my favorite Calab ever because you're both hilarious

  • Sandra Wiysonge
    Sandra Wiysonge

    "Editing hakey"??

  • Lexie Judd
    Lexie Judd

    we need this collab again ASAP

  • Olivia Keefe
    Olivia Keefe

    I actually do forget to subscribe sometimes but you can’t say it at the beginning or end you have to put it in the middle somehow like “you should go subscribe because we’re cool and do this a lot” or something. It genuinely works for me cuz I don’t think to subscribe and then they say it and I’m like “wait I should subscribe they have good videos”

  • Lea Kennedy
    Lea Kennedy


  • Mickyla Fry
    Mickyla Fry

    my blue clouds don’t taste good :(

  • Katsue Tanate
    Katsue Tanate

    Omg!!🌹💜💛🖤 my two fav youtubers💜Love u boths so much💛

  • Rachel Rumschlag
    Rachel Rumschlag

    when are you and jazzy anne collabing

  • Estefanía Sangama
    Estefanía Sangama

    I like your energy hah

  • Itsmajoalva

    OMG, YES, YES YES YES, Is so nice to see a youtuber i knew before you, and then i discovered your Chanel,and now you are together

  • WickenChing

    I am now craving in & out Edit: I got in & out

    • WickenChing

      Stephanie Goricanec lol

    • Stephanie G.
      Stephanie G.

      This is the most random comment ever but I kinda love it 😂

  • Gloria Djeufa
    Gloria Djeufa

    asley u so cute wish u were my gf

  • Sarah Christensen
    Sarah Christensen


  • m. schmid
    m. schmid

    Omg i love ashley 🥰

  • ilikecatboys

    if they were not drunk i am litterally possesed

  • katie howard
    katie howard

    golf isnt a fucking instagram brand

  • Rence Tomlinson
    Rence Tomlinson

    Managers! If they would like to, they sounded like a podcast, they could do good I swear

  • Andrea Rico2
    Andrea Rico2

    I subscribed because you told me to.

  • Kaitlyn Homan
    Kaitlyn Homan

    ok TBH sometimes when people say to subscribe it literally reminds me and im like "oh yeah lemme do that"

  • Gabby C Prado
    Gabby C Prado

    Are they still friends now?

  • My Idea
    My Idea

    Omg I was just watching both of ur guys videos and I wished you could know each other!

  • Marley Jackson
    Marley Jackson

    hey girly pops

  • thegoodboy

    “You taste like a middle schooler.” 😂

  • Maia Pennacchietti
    Maia Pennacchietti

    the collab i never knew i needed

  • Christine Marisse Pomar
    Christine Marisse Pomar

    Ashley is like me . Trying to socialize but it really looks socially ackward 😂

  • CraxkHead.x

    ashley is so pretty how-

  • KamoraxFauna

    "I found Hi-Chew before the white people did" Hahaha SAMEEEEEEEEE

  • Anna Stachowiak
    Anna Stachowiak

    best combo

  • Daya Santiago
    Daya Santiago

    I need to be reminded to subscribe. I’ll watch videos from a creator for weeks without realizing I’m not subscribed

  • tecitoygalletas

    I reflect so much on Ashley being the introverted awkard friend

  • Abby Ayala
    Abby Ayala

    she DID NOT just call Golf AN INSTAGRAM BRAND

  • Person Hello
    Person Hello

    does it say editing hakey ? yes yes it does

  • Melanie Rose
    Melanie Rose

    I’m just rewatching all of Haley’s videos because.... quarantine

  • jb d
    jb d

    omg the way she ripped off the phone holder really stressed tf out of me

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