testing $85 one blade razor for shaving my bikini line *gone wrong*
another episode in the series to find the BEST method for shaving without razor bumps! Today's item: an $85 one blade razor & ingrown concentrate oil!
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  • Linda And Isaiah Short
    Linda And Isaiah Short

    Hey when you shave you should never use dirty water to clean the blade while you’re shaving a barber told me that

  • nittoburn4

    HALEY, there's this new venus razor that's specifically for down there, and it comes with like a moisturizer and exfoliater and stuff like that. I saw it at the store one day. You should try itt

    • nittoburn4

      @Queen A venus for (don't want to say the word) p

    • Queen A
      Queen A

      What is it call

  • Brianna Malave
    Brianna Malave

    Could you try veet? I’ve been super curious and it’s supposed to be better than nair :)

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind

    You do small strokes and it has to be at the correct angle to be closer shave so try different angles and be very soft and no pressure small strokes and it works good

  • Ricky Bush
    Ricky Bush

    This is an injector blade style razor much shaper and more aggressive then a double-edge/single-edge safety razor! You should try out the Katana by Yaqi it uses safety razor blades you snap them in half or buy them already snapped! I've used my Katana downstairs no problems. Or if you want something more expensive you can try the Twig by Leaf that also uses half DE blades and comes in a nice rose gold 🤭💚

  • Layla Cieply
    Layla Cieply

    I skipped a few episodes and haley's blonde now

  • Joanne Hoong
    Joanne Hoong

    Hey Hayley if look at some sustainability stores package free shop that have a few of the razors the girl has in the tiktok

  • Maddey Wolfe
    Maddey Wolfe

    u need a safety razor

  • Bella Peshek
    Bella Peshek



    I've seen most of this series and ik you've kind of already done this but something that helps me a lot is to shave downwards as much a possible and then maybe against the hair growth but only do that once u have shaved most of it when going with the grain. Ik this might not be too helpful but it really reduced the itchiness for me so I hope if u do try it again it works for you ❤️❤️

  • Sherly Van
    Sherly Van

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  • Keda Reed
    Keda Reed

    i feel like it has to be you lmfao like i use a normal razor with conditioner and shave downwards and like im fine and no razor bumps are anything, i feel like ur never ganna find something with a "super close shave" like u think it should be u might just have to get lazer

  • Michelle Quintero
    Michelle Quintero

    Next video for this series: waxing myself using sugar wax. I’ve been doing it for a year by myself.I don’t get bumps or ingrown hairs either and I only bled the first time. The parts i thought that we’re going to hurt didn’t. What hurt most was the bikini area like the tip of the triangle that goes to turn into your lips. The actual lips and butt doesn’t hurt at all. Ps my first time I got tipsy just to do it since tipsy me can’t feel pain🤣 1/4cup lemon 1/4cup water 1/2cup sugar and place on stove until it’s a honey color. There’s RSloft videos on how to make it!!

  • florence marshall
    florence marshall

    everyone! Ik this sounds weird but rub where uve shaved after helps heaps! also change ur rAZOr head frequenntly

  • s u n n y
    s u n n y

    When you forget Haley can sing: 3:04 3:25

  • Idk Whynot
    Idk Whynot

    Try the TikTok sugar wax

  • ronjagr

    try epilator !!!!

  • Iggy2biggy

    wait she had these nails two weeks posting the nail video

  • Sara Fernandez
    Sara Fernandez

    Can you try “Softsheen-Carson Magic Razorless Shaving for Men, Magic Shaving Powder” it’s supposed to cause no razor bumps

  • NB

    put baby oil as ur pre-conditioner and then shave w a normal razor. put baby oil after u get out of the shower too. ur welcome

  • Vlogs by Beppe
    Vlogs by Beppe

    Okay you should try an epilator because that’s what I use as a competitive dancer and it’s the only thing that’s worked for me

  • Fattah Swangin
    Fattah Swangin

    If u made a 30 minute video I would watch it just saying👀😂

  • Torryn Watkins
    Torryn Watkins

    ur hair looks so good

  • DeAnna Moore
    DeAnna Moore

    Pls try a Harry’s razor. Life changing

  • Laura Maniscalco
    Laura Maniscalco

    There is a solution. Use the one thing that you shave your eyebrows with and go with the grain of the skin.

  • D.I.Y. Carley
    D.I.Y. Carley

    I would be testing this on my leg first before going straight to my sensitive bits omfg 😧🤭

  • j4z

    i haven’t watched u in a while and u pop up on my recommended and omgg, u look so good

  • Becca Hummitsch
    Becca Hummitsch

    can you try making your own sugar wax???

  • Jaru crab Cancer
    Jaru crab Cancer

    Eeyyyyy No shawing ➡️ No razor burns Easy peasy 🍋👏🏻🍋👏🏻🍋 squeezy 🤪😜✌🏻

  • Alannah Eastern
    Alannah Eastern

    Thank you for the tw 🥺

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz

    Can guys try this? It’s basically the same problem

  • Lexy Davis
    Lexy Davis

    I’ve had TERRIBLE razor bumps before and the only thing that’s helped is the “Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini Trimmer”. I put the whole name so you could easily find this on Amazon. It’s like $12 dollars and it COMPLETELY changes the game. All you need is conditioner and this razor and I’m telling you it will change your life!!

  • NeccoWecco

    Why exfoliate before you shave? shaving irritates and exfoliates your skin

    • Alien Milf
      Alien Milf

      it helps prevent ingrowns for some people

  • Mayssa Yaakoubi
    Mayssa Yaakoubi

    You are me :)

  • Sofia Verdier
    Sofia Verdier

    why dont u try sugar wax? its getting viral on tiktok and you can make it at home

  • LauraValentinaa1

    i used to get razor burns every time and i finally got the secret to get rid of them. i use the epilator machine thing but the razor attachment to it and i NEVER get razor bumps. it doesn't end up really smooth but i prefer that a million times rather than being uncomfortable.. hope you see this

  • Johny Appleseed
    Johny Appleseed

    you should try sugar waxing next!

  • Abbie Cherpeski
    Abbie Cherpeski

    why does my hair grow so far out on my bikini line. like on my thigh almost. i really hope people relate 😔

  • maddy gundy
    maddy gundy

    I always use Olay in shower body lotion to shave, just make sure to rinse out your razor after every stroke

  • MJ Giraldo
    MJ Giraldo

    Okay listen up!! Venus breeze will save your life and your punini, trust me

  • Catherine Diaz
    Catherine Diaz

    Can you please try homemade sugarwax?

  • anasha michelle
    anasha michelle

    ok hear me out ... do a sugar wax video 😌

  • Rutendo M
    Rutendo M

    the hair in this video is a ~VIBE~

  • Andrew Chakoumakos
    Andrew Chakoumakos

    You should try the flamingo razor

  • nittoburn4

    I could never put my girl through what you bravely put yours through haley lmao *SACRAFICEEEESS*

  • jaymee natalia
    jaymee natalia

    laser hair removal my girl, its a beautiful thing

  • jasminerox

    Can you PLEASE try the IPL lazer hair removal handset by RoseSkinCo if you haven’t already??

  • Karen Sumi
    Karen Sumi

    PLEASE GET A WAXING KIT ON AMAZON ITS LIKE 25$. I literally swear by it and I haven't shaved for like 2 years.

  • Lily Mia
    Lily Mia

    try a mens razor

  • Charlotte Perry
    Charlotte Perry

    You probably already knew this, but the common reason as to why you get bumps and ingrown hairs is often because you could be shaving the wrong way or you don’t let it breathe (do it at night and don’t wear underwear or wear baggy pants with no underwear)

  • Isabelle Seymour
    Isabelle Seymour

    Can you try cordless lady shavers?

  • Inbavalli senthilkumar
    Inbavalli senthilkumar

    who else noticed that she posted and filmed this vid after she got that 634$ Louis viviton manicure

  • LaNeiya Holmes
    LaNeiya Holmes

    There’s also a seller on etsy selling the safety razor, it comes in so many different colors and with 20 razor blade refills for $30. her etsy shop is LoveSustainLifestyle

  • LaNeiya Holmes
    LaNeiya Holmes

    Look up ‘The safety razor’ , the exact one the girl had in the video will pop up. They seem to be like $30 or so...if you could return that one i would cause it kinda seems like a rip off

  • VI Vi
    VI Vi

    I hate shaving

  • vyonna blind
    vyonna blind

    do you ever suffer with bad in grown hair either? or just the razor bumps??


    Why is no one talking about PFB VANISH?? It’s a roll on post shave, for all over. Try it.

  • A Palestinian Potato
    A Palestinian Potato

    You're untied hair is bothering me

  • Warrior Spiritt
    Warrior Spiritt

    gone wronggg ???? 2017 openned the door

  • Anke Braem
    Anke Braem

    maybe you should try shaving on a flat surface like your leg first :p than it won't be as scary

  • LULU

    get laser

  • Momo Thicc
    Momo Thicc

    Maybe I'm not sensitive but I used to get razor bumps and now I don't and it's not even itchy when it grows idk- is that supposed to happen

  • Kate Desingano
    Kate Desingano

    +you look prettier in this vid

  • Kate Desingano
    Kate Desingano

    Ok maybe you can't find the perfect method because it is the universe telling you to just stop removing pubic hair. I don't kno hahaha.

  • Fernanda Barranco
    Fernanda Barranco

    I watch these videos from ur channel and I don’t even shave

  • Janae Diehl
    Janae Diehl

    I bought this and returned it the same day

  • shehnila huq
    shehnila huq

    honestly i taught myself how to shave at like 14. I did shave once when I was 13 just to see how it'd feel, and it hurt so i stopped. What I do is I shower, let her exfoliate, and get kinda soft. Then I put conditioner to make the hair softer & to open up a little. Then I shave downwards to clear all the big hair, and to get the little pointy parts left behind, I lift up the skin and go upwards. I don't get bumps & it doesn't hurt for me.

  • Pamela Simoes
    Pamela Simoes

    Shaving with a safety razor is DIFFICULT. You need practice and technique before mastering it.

  • Kari Watts
    Kari Watts


  • Cynthia F
    Cynthia F

    shaving with a safety razor or a single blade takes a lot of practice. Trust I was so scared and I've never cut myself before until I switched to a one

  • Meredith Handy
    Meredith Handy

    i havent been on ur page in a while but omg ur hair looks so good

  • Grace Lambrecht
    Grace Lambrecht

    Could you try the at home laser removal? I always get razor bumps with shaving and my friend got laser hair removal and loved it but it’s so expensive. I started seeing the at home ones but I’m not sure

  • Gloria Berry
    Gloria Berry

    I’ve had this problem since I started shaving. I have super sensitive skin and I finally found something that helped!!! It’s the bikini zone after shave gel!!!

  • Saraim Gebretsadik
    Saraim Gebretsadik

    At the beginning I thought my iPad was broken for a split second 😂

  • Camilo

    I HAVE A SOLUTION!!!! So its like rlly simple step 1: exfoliate the area ( YOU HAVE TO ) step 2: only shave down step 3: exfoliate again step 4; exfoliate for a few days after and u wont get red bumps or anything and u dont cut urself the only thing w doing it this way is u dont get all the hair but i still recommend everyone tries this

  • Dayana

    try a laser hair removal tool!

  • Bre Hess
    Bre Hess

    thank you for taking these hits for us ❤️ love youuuu

  • Mathilde Wyrtz
    Mathilde Wyrtz

    I have an advice: don't know if I am just a lucky woman. But what I do myself, IN THE SHOWER, is that i use intimate soap to shave with, because it kills the bacteria, that normally goes into the pores and creates the bumps - and then I use a razor with one blade, so that I have more control. Remember to shave with the hairs. After the shower I use a body lotion with no perfume to keep the area soft, and ONLY outside of the coochie. *and I have absolutely no razor bumps at all.*

  • Rania Ijaz
    Rania Ijaz

    Try veet, it's a sort of cream. Apply it for 3-5 minutes and then wash it off and your hair will be gone.

  • Ashley

    Have you tried laser

  • nathan

    i feel itchy...and i feel betrayed *CRONCH*

  • Zoey

    try individual plucking with tweezer, i think youll find it workspretty well

  • SSilverLake -
    SSilverLake -

    If you were going to spend $85 you shouldve got the leaf razor ;-;

  • Blanca Gomez
    Blanca Gomez

    Eco roots is a good safety razor ! It’s only like 30$

  • Desiree Laird
    Desiree Laird

    eco roots has one:)))

  • Brie Cowan
    Brie Cowan

    i can’t believe i’ve been here ever since where she started it all and i’m so glad

  • Hemalaxmi Karlapudi
    Hemalaxmi Karlapudi

    completely off topic but I see those biceps coming through sissss

  • Miah Martinez
    Miah Martinez

    have you tried magic shaving powder works wonderss no bumps or ingrown hairs ... NO INGROWN HAIRS:,,)

  • Lana Linebarger
    Lana Linebarger

    GET LASER I just got it and it’s not that expensive and it’s amazingggg

  • Jasmine Orelli
    Jasmine Orelli

    You should try laser treatment!! I’m doing that and so far it’s been pretty good (it’s also pain free) 💗💗

  • Jasmine Orelli
    Jasmine Orelli

    The razor really came looking like an iPhone package

  • Shaliek

    Personally I like the joy razor with barbasol sensitive shaving cream. Just in general. Mostly cause the razor’s cute the shaving cream’s fluffy and both are affordable.

  • Niamh Evans
    Niamh Evans

    I always shave after I’ve finished doing everything else I need to do in the shower. I then use olive oil and a 5 blade razor to shave. Always shave downwards and after I get out the shower I put some oil on so that it can help clear up any irritation. This shit has saved me honestly!

  • Tia Pollnitz
    Tia Pollnitz


  • Cierra Turner
    Cierra Turner

    Laser hair removal!!! Best thing ever!!

  • Kailey Ghaemmaghami
    Kailey Ghaemmaghami

    Hey just wanted to let you know everytime I shave I bleed from the pore too it’s not a lot but I just want you to know it’s pretty common

  • Varsha Patibandla
    Varsha Patibandla

    Ladies the solution is laser

  • Samantha Flores
    Samantha Flores

    Have you tried Magic Shave Powder? The blue can works amazinggggg down there and no irritation. It does smell but not as awful as nair and such. I'm pregnant and it's been a life saver!!!!

  • Elena Oakes
    Elena Oakes

    honestly though after trying so many different ways I gave up and bought the 'Veet Sensitive Precision Electric Hair Trimmer & Shaper' it doesnt do a clean and close shave which is the only way I can avoid ingrown hairs but its the best option ive found for me. Also its really inexpensive. If youve got the cash to splash I also purchased a phillips lumea ipl laser hair remover, v expensive but worth it if you use it regularly (ipl is not permanent but lasts weeks) and it would probably pay for itself eventually if you are someone who regulalry gets professional waxes or spends a lot on hair removal. :)

  • Chalvis Roy
    Chalvis Roy

    My mom made me watch this because she wants me to learn more about girls :(

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