Tesla Model X review door Jeremy Clarkson | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL
Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het RSloft kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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  • Amazon Prime Video Nederland
    Amazon Prime Video Nederland

    I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car

    • Darcy N
      Darcy N

      If the door handles don't work, do you trust the auto pilot? Elon wants all the glory. I like the idea of an electric car but I like when people point out all its failures. And so should Tesla so they can address them.

    • James Metcalfe
      James Metcalfe

      @Aryan Far Richard Hammond has one. Ihe came into where I work with it


      Hammond would crash it. That is obvious.

    • rcpmac

      @Tharush Somashekar Edit out your comment - no one didn't get it!

    • Lachlan Tompsett
      Lachlan Tompsett

      The corners. Definitely the corners are the reason he didn’t get to drive it.


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  • Patrick Hill
    Patrick Hill

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  • Patrick Hill
    Patrick Hill

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  • FE_EVO_X

    Man, I miss his reviews!

  • Evan Ouk
    Evan Ouk

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  • Jean Q Nguyen
    Jean Q Nguyen

    Pff I owns a couple of these.... in my dream

  • D Delaney
    D Delaney

    I'm impressed with Jeremy in fairness. If he drove it off a cliff, that would have been one electric car plus a car full of lawyers and unfortunately one extremely adept motor journalist less in the world. Well done Jeremy, well done on not ridding the world of you.

  • Steviewonder c
    Steviewonder c

    Put the stig behind the wheel and take the lawyers on a rollercoaster ride

  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave

    A yes yes...the tesla...tha iphone of cars...

  • billdsafdsad

    1:03 "I can draw pretty patterns and so on" *Draws a dick*

  • king dong
    king dong

    It looks disgusting if you ask me

  • XGlite015

    Something American that Clarkson actually liked.

  • Matīss Nazgra
    Matīss Nazgra

    And now they got 10 years or more old... Do you trust all that electronic?

  • Joshua Charly
    Joshua Charly

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  • Sky Nation
    Sky Nation

    but a real car guy obviously would pick the r8

  • Logan Main
    Logan Main

    JC 🤡

  • Turbo Mikel
    Turbo Mikel

    I would choose the r8 no question

  • Nicolas Cacace
    Nicolas Cacace

    When your ‘Soccer-Mum’ is Batman....

  • Nicolas Cacace
    Nicolas Cacace

    When you go for the door does it suddenly pull away to screw with you...?

  • flexairz

    Basically, the car needs gimmicks to hide the fact its environmentally a disaster, has unsafe batteries and can burst into flames any moment of the day, can't drive 600 miles or refuel in 5 minutes without destroying its 'tank'.

  • CautiousPanda

    9:42 That old man must be thinking "What in the cup of tea and crumpets is an electric car"

  • Jeffrey

    Clarkson is so bitter lmfao

  • FoX

    Am I the only one who saw him draw a pic of a dick at the start?

  • drones r us
    drones r us

    Why was his pretty patterned the shape of a pienis 🤣 dam britt's

  • Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm
    Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm

    Haha this was great!

    • Bonnie Morgan
      Bonnie Morgan

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    • Bonnie Morgan
      Bonnie Morgan

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    LOL. I love how CLARKSOOOON! mocked James by writing it.

  • Fabian Hellier
    Fabian Hellier

    Jeremy is worried about the explosive nature of batteries, as if normal cars aren’t driving round with a tank full of one of the most flammable liquids known to man...

    • Bonnie Morgan
      Bonnie Morgan

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  • Jim Bic
    Jim Bic

    Journalists are the least automotive experts out there! They are driving a brand new car that they can kick the crap out of, and give it right back to the manufacturer with no repercussions!

    • Bonnie Morgan
      Bonnie Morgan

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  • DF BR
    DF BR

    It's not only expensive to buy but too expensive to repair as well so it's not for me sorry.

  • Sylvia Gonzalez
    Sylvia Gonzalez

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  • Peli Kettu
    Peli Kettu

    Oh no! Seagull doors!

  • Nguo Yake1
    Nguo Yake1

    Such a nice tesla

  • Roko’s Basilisk
    Roko’s Basilisk

    Funny cus Elon definitely watched this

  • kickboxer 81
    kickboxer 81

    i personally im not interested in what this guy says. so im out

  • renzo ordoñez
    renzo ordoñez

    Did he just draw a dick?

  • More Tea Is Required
    More Tea Is Required

    Looks like a fridge in that white💀

  • Adam Wright
    Adam Wright

    If what Elon Musk said about the staging of the first Tesla failing when the car had no fault is true, then a good review is the least he could do

    • Peter Close
      Peter Close

      Also probably one of the reasons why all the lawyers lol

  • Jonathan Dsouza
    Jonathan Dsouza

    F***ing LEGEND!!

  • Wayne Bateman
    Wayne Bateman

    Exploding Tesla's oh no !

  • Hamed Hilal
    Hamed Hilal

    7:17 Music name: (swarm deadly avenger) For who ever is looking for it🌷

  • Your wifes' boyfriend
    Your wifes' boyfriend

    The kids in Africa mining for the battery components will be happy and their careers will be taking off.

  • netevez


  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The tenuous sailor speculatively flash because pocket summarily hook unlike a brief tree. tearful, future futuristic weeder

  • Providence

    Never thought Jeremy could put his senility on pause for long enough to literally endorse an electric car.

    • More Tea Is Required
      More Tea Is Required

      he's advancing into the 21st century... Shhhh don't scare him...

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo

    3:45 K.I.T.T, come here... 😂😂😍

  • josh springsteen
    josh springsteen

    You know what engineers say, if it’s not broken it doesn’t have enough features yet

  • Auto Ego
    Auto Ego

    1:04 🍆

  • Nawabzada T C
    Nawabzada T C

    Tesla no, no. Fully electric Mercedes, now you r talking.

  • Dan Jeory
    Dan Jeory

    Does it cost £20,000 less if I ask to have it without all the childish crap? 😂

    • Adrien Cailleaux
      Adrien Cailleaux

      Not sure if you know but this is a 2018 reupload. It costs *65 thousands less* than what is said in the video for a better car, having received 3 years of improvements.

  • jim czerwinski
    jim czerwinski

    Don’t watch anything Clarkson is in. Just opened to put in the comment. He’s an Arshole

    • briefer -
      briefer -

      Well I am glad they put " I want my mommy " option for somebody.....

  • theKWOKA

    The summon mode is only a gimmick because of regulators. It COULD come get you from the other side of town But the government won't let it.

  • shan nassiry
    shan nassiry

    The old man setting at the back has no idea what these people are taking about

  • edy san
    edy san

    1:06 right, pretty patterns!

  • Zaia Sarkis
    Zaia Sarkis

    1:04 is no one gonna point out the fact that he drew a weewee?

    • Ziad Chaabane
      Ziad Chaabane

      I was looking for this comment 🤣🤣🤣

  • please dont bully me about my name
    please dont bully me about my name

    id love to know the song at 4:01

    • Osvaldo Perez
      Osvaldo Perez

      Com Re-Touch/Pocket for Jack

  • Kilyan Austin Wierema
    Kilyan Austin Wierema

    your opinion has become irrelevant jeremy, since you tried framing tesla, and lied to the people that watch your show.

  • Basement Tracks
    Basement Tracks

    One of the most viewed Tesla reviews from JC....by Amazon Prime Netherlands. Makes perfect sense.

  • Kevin Keelan
    Kevin Keelan

    They always use short races. Tesla’s are crap over 100mph.

  • Kevin Keelan
    Kevin Keelan

    Crap in cold weather. The amount of electricity they use just to sit still in cold weather is ridiculous. These are not economic at all.

    • Kevin Keelan
      Kevin Keelan

      @James Loveridge Photography you can’t believe what you read. There is a owner review of a model 3 on here. It shown 100 miles and failed to make a 48 mile round trip. When the owner plugged it into a standard wall outlet at a hotel, it was losing charge rather than charging. He had to stop attempting to charge and get it towed. Build quality and general electrical issues plague most tesla cars if owners are honest. But most wear tesla T-shirt’s.

    • James Loveridge Photography
      James Loveridge Photography

      Only about 25% of the range lost I read. The equivalent of 125 miles per gallon, plus electricity is a third of the price of petrol & diesel so pretty economical really

  • Ismail Ahmad
    Ismail Ahmad

    Right hand steering wheel, I guess it's England

  • cw205mi16

    The only Tesla that looks impressive (nice) on the road, the rest look so bland.

  • Nikos Kourounis
    Nikos Kourounis

    nice drawing hahahah

  • Bhuvanesh s.k
    Bhuvanesh s.k

    Man I need one.... 😭

  • Macedon NKW
    Macedon NKW

    Pretty patterns?

  • mohommad habibi
    mohommad habibi

    Rule 1 with a tesla: dont leave your phone screen on and put your phone in your pocket. Dont want a random summon mode in the work carpark.

  • Stella Sutton
    Stella Sutton

    The curvy swiss immediately cheer because camera comparably switch over a necessary table. unhealthy, idiotic cork

  • Nico Nesta
    Nico Nesta

    They accelerate quick and then always seem to drive too slow in front of you. Tesla drivers are the worst kind of people. All the features shown seem pretty useless to me and it is apparent that drivers are no longer driving, they let the car do all which is pretty annoying.

  • Fred Barendse
    Fred Barendse


  • Thegooob95


  • Ben Sona
    Ben Sona

    Jeremy is just an entertainer. Guys a jerk sometimes

  • Matthews

    if this is the car of the future, see u in a different world! horrendous!

    • Thegooob95

      Idk what you’re smoking but I really don’t want any

  • Anvilshock

    Changing lanes BY USING the indicator? As in, physically interacting with the implement that PUBLICLY ANNOUNCES the _intention_ of a lane change, so that the lane change itself happens, and can indeed only EVER happen, as a consequence of such announcement, and only _if_ and _when_ conditions like general driving safety, in other words not being a dick to others, are met? Boy, this has the potential to re-educate even Audi drivers!

  • Bill Rosmus
    Bill Rosmus

    I wish they would do more Grand Tour episodes like this. Shows like this are cool. The Grand Tour fake reality travel bullshit shows that they are doing now are Americanized shite. The best Top Gear or Grand Tour episode I have seen with any hosts is their last real episode of Grand Tour that was about the Ford Mondeo / Ford Fusion. That was a proper car show and well done.

  • Rara Nguyen
    Rara Nguyen

    My mom has that car

  • rukuno nienu
    rukuno nienu

    Omg the lawyers🤣🤣🤣

  • 2nd_place

    They could totally get out at the end. Those doors go straight into the air!

  • OsKBLaZe

    This also means you can drive about whilst taking cociane.

    • alan connelly
      alan connelly

      Far bigger issue with other brands.

  • _ mfc
    _ mfc

    Clarkson: it has two trunks, because it has no motor. also Clarkson: it has two motors...

    • _ mfc
      _ mfc

      @Matt Howarth It's no tragedy if you don't understand, just keep trying!

    • Matt Howarth
      Matt Howarth

      @_ mfc so your comment is completely irrelevant then yeah?

    • _ mfc
      _ mfc

      @Matt Howarth I didn't used these bad boys: " ". So, what ever...

    • Matt Howarth
      Matt Howarth

      He clearly says engine.

  • slaughtered777

    "Vauxhall says it's cars are exciting" 😂😂😂

  • Yazan H
    Yazan H

    It doesn't seem a good idea to draw before you prepare what you need to draw

  • Ajay P
    Ajay P

    He just drew a dick xD

  • fouzanium

    Other option beside “No, I want my mommy” should’ve been “Yes, daddy”

    • Max 2kids4planet
      Max 2kids4planet

      "Yes, slap me"

  • rased rasel
    rased rasel

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  • PhilOffHisTree

    you are not meant to indicate left to pull into the lane on the left of you as by law it is illegal to drive up on someones left hand side

  • J C
    J C

    That sketch was leading somewhere to the untrained eye 😂

  • Arnold van Schaik
    Arnold van Schaik

    "4:35" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $2097 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

  • Hamilton Phoenix
    Hamilton Phoenix

    The needy dragon spatially separate because crocus summarily wrap like a mere hood. overt, alluring holiday

  • Bermuda

    Idk but i dont like these cars

  • Adam Steele
    Adam Steele

    So much tech that will break that tesla won't give information to third party mechanics to fix. Huge financial risk with these cars, if you're not loaded.

  • BigKev

    I want one.

  • Cihan Y.
    Cihan Y.

    Never thought jezza would like an electric car

  • Davide Aezakmi
    Davide Aezakmi

    Am I the only one that was expecting Jeremy to put the car in dog mode when he left the lawyers inside?

    • Wesley Roekeloos
      Wesley Roekeloos

      Nope same here

  • Tiffa 01
    Tiffa 01

    All good and looks nice until you have a crash and got no engine to protect you

    • Tiffa 01
      Tiffa 01

      @Rhys1810 not when there's just those on the roads

    • Rhys1810

      @Tiffa 01 they have the best safety standards but keep crying

    • Tiffa 01
      Tiffa 01

      @Jack Whitlock we shall see . Bit like the beetle .many died with head on accidents

    • Jack Whitlock
      Jack Whitlock

      That’s why Tesla’s all have a five star safety rating

  • Grace Grace Sarah
    Grace Grace Sarah

    Very happy now...thank you for helping me recovered my stolen car ...God bless you and you are highly recommended @IG rob__cyber

  • asd

    ₤156k WTF. I'd actually save money with an R8!?!!!

  • jacob swartz
    jacob swartz

    Did he just draw a dick

  • Matt

    "Vauxhall says its cars are exciting" 😂😂

    • James Needham
      James Needham

      Indeed that's what the Tesla fanboys don't get you have to be skeptical of what a car manufacturer claims like VW for example!

  • Dimitris P.
    Dimitris P.

    Clarkson 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕From Greece 😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • Muscle Man
    Muscle Man

    Its practical but quite boring. Autopilot is for Grandma's and armless war veterans

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