Surviving 5-Inch Acrylic Nails For 24 Hours
i really did (barely) survive a full 24 hours...probably 28 hours, with five inch acrylic nails. it was an extreme challenge to say the LEAST. comment what experiment/challenge I should take on next :)
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  • Dawson Carpenter
    Dawson Carpenter

    *when someone who has 5 inch nails can still do eyeliner better then you *

  • Joshua Tazie
    Joshua Tazie

    Soo..awesome girl.and funny lol..I can barely handle my neon gel nails..☺

  • Samantha Budge
    Samantha Budge

    She’s literally so happy here like guysssss

  • GHOSTBOY Aka Leroy
    GHOSTBOY Aka Leroy

    Those are claws

  • River Harris
    River Harris

    Girls named Ella's acrylics be like

  • Wh at?
    Wh at?

    Fun fact: *_never get a dog with big eyes if u have very long nails_*

  • NikkiRowCoxx

    Now you know the Grinch feels.

  • Sarah Moore
    Sarah Moore

    Lol! You're halarious!!!! I subscribed!!!

  • Nu Metal Marius
    Nu Metal Marius

    So you didn't poop for a day? Or you did but you didn't wipe? Or you did and accidentally stabbed your chocolate starfish?

  • Alyssa Tony
    Alyssa Tony

    dang watching this after she's changed back for the better is so interesting, but cool to see...even if you go through a really weird phase, you can always find yourself again

  • hope kathryn
    hope kathryn

    this is how many times she said “these are actually a tool” ⬇️

    • kooky croon
      kooky croon

      One time? X

  • Lucy Q
    Lucy Q

    I laughed so badly lol

  • Cecilia Gutierrez
    Cecilia Gutierrez

    I love Jeffrey star

  • Sophie Schaad
    Sophie Schaad

    When she put on her shirt it was like little grass sprouts popping out 😂😂

  • sophie siciliano
    sophie siciliano

    i think the more time haley spends with the nails the more insane she gets

  • Dana Ramos
    Dana Ramos

    “There gonna be 5 inches and thick” 2020 anyone

  • CoCoplayz.gacha11 L
    CoCoplayz.gacha11 L


  • Rachelle Doucet
    Rachelle Doucet

    Am I the only one that thought cardi b be like

  • Hot Pocket
    Hot Pocket

    Inches, inchers

  • Landry Smith
    Landry Smith

    I hate when people do these vids. Like I get them all the time they are not bad at all and you can do everything you normally do just don’t get 6inch nails or something. It’s so dumb.

    • cinnamonstar808

      yes all of a sudden 🤷 her finger tips dont work/ THIS IS WHY THE WORLD groan about cultural appropriation. she doent know the culture of "long nail wearers" yet she feel it her right to jump in. she got the nails to "mock" not to genuine have interest DAY-IN A LIFE of ..long nails. THIS TYPE of Videos: also lowkey EXPOSE them as nasty people...because people who dont wash regularly cant wear these nails. hand sanitizer dont live on this street. soap + water does.

  • Zoey Ownby
    Zoey Ownby

    I thought she was Avani at first

  • jayden_ m
    jayden_ m

    What kind of dog do you have?

  • Nae & Niya
    Nae & Niya

    anybody else think she looks like dannielle bregolli?

  • Liviya Yates
    Liviya Yates

    Just imagine trying to get hair out of your face then stabbing your eye 👀

  • Tony Bakkar
    Tony Bakkar

    4:33 HAD ME 😂

  • Yganjo Family
    Yganjo Family

    you should try asmr

  • Brenna Aycock
    Brenna Aycock

    Haha when she said “I’m gonna get you “ idk why but I thought of the movie “the visit “ 😂

  • rozhan ghalandari
    rozhan ghalandari

    Edward scissor hands has entered the chat

  • Coral Oedjwjie
    Coral Oedjwjie

    Omgggg I love it when she did the imitation of jeffree star with the hey how are ya bit😂😂

  • RblxWithAna

    I want her dog 🐕😭❤️

  • Alexis- the black wolfie
    Alexis- the black wolfie

    Finally someone who isn't as dramatic as the other peeps Oop-

  • jungkookie obba
    jungkookie obba

    Imagine if u were to do ur nails green and in that length n u edited them out then ur hand would be like a mile away from ur mouth but the food still gOt TheRE..!?!?!?

  • Claire Beason
    Claire Beason

    The slothhh killed me😂😂😂😂

  • Jerry Cieslik
    Jerry Cieslik

    she is becoming a hot cheeto girl help her

  • Corwynne Peterson
    Corwynne Peterson

    if wolverine was a woman

  • Just_ Sammy
    Just_ Sammy

    *When your nails are longer than your man's d-*

  • G r e e n B e r r y
    G r e e n B e r r y

    These nails remind me of Billie Eilish.

  • Taiah Gaskin
    Taiah Gaskin

    Reminds me of Edward scissorhands lmao

  • Evie Grace
    Evie Grace

    This is so funny!

  • Marta Peharda
    Marta Peharda

    u dont need ur hands actully😂😂

  • It’s Mickey
    It’s Mickey

    Watching her trying to do things, made me feel that i was watching the other mom making the Coraline doll

  • K H
    K H

    All I could think of when I saw your nails were the aliens from toy story😂 “tHe CLaWwwW”

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith

    can you guys support my friend?

  • Camryn

    Tips for long nails, it’s all abt the knuckles, use the knuckles

  • Holla Games
    Holla Games

    And she still does her eyeliner perfect

  • Zara Indrele
    Zara Indrele

    They kinda look like Billie eilish nails

  • kylie armstrong
    kylie armstrong


  • Elysa & Elijah GAMING
    Elysa & Elijah GAMING

    I think your dog is my dogs twin

  • gracie

    those would feel really good if someone scratched ur back with them

  • 3113victoria

    Everyone’s complaining??? But I *love* this video????

  • JAG KeseharianKu
    JAG KeseharianKu

    Keren 👍👍 #StrongLongNails

  • Kendyl Heyer
    Kendyl Heyer

    I love your videos so so much!

  • Finley Coleman
    Finley Coleman

    When she was holding her croissant I just thought of that vine “sttooopp I coulda dropped my croissant!!” 3:28 😂

  • Beatriz Macedo
    Beatriz Macedo

    Can we just talk about how she was touching everything and then eating with her nails?? :/

  • Madeline Gross
    Madeline Gross

    It literally feels like you’re infiltrating my soul😂

  • This Time Next Year
    This Time Next Year

    I love your dog ❤️

  • dejancevu

    This was so hilarious

  • Lindsey Brocato
    Lindsey Brocato

    this is who i aspire to be

  • Andalu Living Home
    Andalu Living Home

  • Armani Ayars
    Armani Ayars

    Those are super freaking long😷 coronavirus

  • Martyna Aleksandra
    Martyna Aleksandra

    Edward scissorhands

  • Sudhiksha Pinisetti
    Sudhiksha Pinisetti

    if people don't change over time, it's low-key concerning

  • sam

    no one: absolutely no one: Haley: "wHo WaNtS a HeAd ScRiTcH?

  • White Ranger Tiger Power
    White Ranger Tiger Power

    540 Haley thanx for confidence lol

  • Stella R.
    Stella R.

    She looks like Edward scissorhands

  • Caitlyn Shaffer
    Caitlyn Shaffer

    After watching this video I’m literally copying her extended movements...,but without the nails

  • Tazmikgb

    I love her editing and personality 😂❤️❤️

  • Myah Saundersss
    Myah Saundersss

    4:32 Absolutely had me laughing. Even the dog was dancing 😂😂

  • Maze Blaze
    Maze Blaze

    Y’all just mad because she is happy and finally chasing her dreams....taking someone’s happiness and spreading your unneeded negative thoughts won’t benefit anyone so why do you do it?!!?!!?!!?🥺🙄

  • Kahnners Tun
    Kahnners Tun

    Her touching everything in yhe store me in quarintine i wish i could do that

  • lili a
    lili a

    bruh why is everybody hating?? I was literally dying of laughter the whole video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mitsin Not ;3
    Mitsin Not ;3

    The amount she sniffeld | V

  • Emma Hill
    Emma Hill

    Who else is watching this after they got engaged?

  • Kawaii kiwi
    Kawaii kiwi

    Billie Eilish Rosalia and Cardio B have left the chat

  • Crxstal _
    Crxstal _

    If chopsticks were on your hands:

  • Alexis Bingochea
    Alexis Bingochea

    idk about y’all but i like long hair hayley

    • Alexis Bingochea
      Alexis Bingochea


  • Grace Choi
    Grace Choi

    Edward scissor hands

  • Savannah Sedonja
    Savannah Sedonja

    7:42 - 7:45 aha

  • Heather Greenbaum
    Heather Greenbaum

    This is the best video on the internet. Periodt

  • ContiiiLife Yaoi !!!
    ContiiiLife Yaoi !!!

    She's giving me Coralines evil mother vibes (When she has Big long sharp nails.)

  • momo k
    momo k

    the dogs face when she scratched him LMAO😂

  • Singing Secret
    Singing Secret

    if they were grey- edward scissorhands when she was getting her food

  • Itsbestforyou

    Gurl even cardi is shook My longest nails is 4,5 inches but guuuurl this is loooong

  • Chris Barregarye
    Chris Barregarye

    Why does this remind me of Edward Scissorhands

  • Niamh Harket
    Niamh Harket

    reminds me of a sloth

  • Tiki Tillman
    Tiki Tillman


  • Kiya Dee
    Kiya Dee

    I wonder how much those nails cost tho ?!?!

  • Karly McArthur
    Karly McArthur

    Is anyone else going to acknowledge that she picked Ryan’s nose, and then later at a chicken nugget using the nails.......

  • Mia Lawson
    Mia Lawson

    “Take me to McDonald’s “ That how I feel in quarantine right now 😭

  • Mr Pickle
    Mr Pickle

    no one: not even spock: hailey: tHeSe ArE lITeRaLly A tOoL

  • hampter

    Ryan trahans girlfriend

  • Minerlis Abreu
    Minerlis Abreu

    This was actually so funny! The nails just look so funny and you do absolutely anything!

  • oliviaaa

    HI HALEY ILYSM ik i’m late but a coronavirus video idea is letting different colored masks choose you’re outfit for a week it’d be awesome if you use my idea please ilysm btw you’re an awesome person 💓

  • sunflower girl
    sunflower girl

    I laughed harder then I have at months at the dancing part

  • Notebook Man
    Notebook Man

    I really want a spok what breed is he

  • Wren Wall
    Wren Wall


  • cassandra lubianio
    cassandra lubianio

    Those are my go to nails ngl that's what I would normally get and I never have an issue 😂love your vids 💞

  • Celia Bou Diab
    Celia Bou Diab

    How do you wipe?!

  • Roo

    its 2020 and i love your long hair

  • Jose Collazo
    Jose Collazo

    just getting some emails done hrfgefnrjfhr

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