Surprising My Grandparents Transforming Their Old House to New!!
ENJOY this hour long house renovation extravaganza surprise !!!
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  • Deb Grimes
    Deb Grimes

    O M G!!!! That precious gift you gave to your grandparents is so amazing. You and your family accomplished a gift of a lifetime. You are one in a million. Much love and respect from BC Canada

  • Liv Bliss
    Liv Bliss

    This is so sweet

  • Judith Forgony
    Judith Forgony

    Awesome, beautiful ❤️ and wonderful from your heart , they love it, don't worry in their hearts they appreciated, Good and we'll done job, God bless you, you're a blessing to them👍🏼

  • Kendall Hoff
    Kendall Hoff

    1 hour vid

  • Katelyn Fhaye Sacal
    Katelyn Fhaye Sacal

    Love your video Im ur new subscriber from Philippines🤗

  • Margaret Goode
    Margaret Goode

    Awesome, awesome,awesome!!!

  • Aja Jones
    Aja Jones

    The mundane pound preferably cross because chord paradoxically rush forenenst a seemly knickers. holistic, unsightly thunder

  • Donna Parsons
    Donna Parsons

    Such a lovely girl in everyway

  • At Home with Eiffey
    At Home with Eiffey

    That was so moving🥺 ❤️ Love it! Very inspiring. Love how you honored your grandparents.

  • Lucy Marquez
    Lucy Marquez

    Your grandma looks likes your mom alot

  • Snigdha RS
    Snigdha RS

    WOW! Mia is soo sweet & thoughtful! She deserves to be recognized. I am inspired and want to do the same for my grandmother. She recently lost her husband (my grandfather) and I think she deserves a new beginning! Mia is an amazing human being!!!!!

  • 1maddyb

    I think you did that amazing thing for your grandparents this is something that they will remember forever. You are very humble and very appreciative and that comes across each and every time you open your mouth. You have the most amazing support system with your mom and dad. Dad is very very talented and your mom is absolutely gorgeous I love her attitude. This is your passion and I know that you will go very far. May God bless you and continue to give you amazing ideas.

  • Naomi Jones
    Naomi Jones

    Well my grandma lives on another continent 😭😭😭

  • Tori Cannon
    Tori Cannon

    Mia you r amazing. I wishy grandma and grandpa were still here. I would have loved to do this for them now that im an adult. I cried so much. You designed the house so well!!! And ur family r amazing for helping. Amazing job!! They love it

  • Rachel Woods
    Rachel Woods

    RIP little kitty

  • Rachel Woods
    Rachel Woods

    poor cat

  • Rachel Woods
    Rachel Woods


  • Walovi Lestari Nurrafa _TI_074
    Walovi Lestari Nurrafa _TI_074

    i dont know how many times i watched this but their reaction never gets old

  • Fatima YEET
    Fatima YEET

    Mia is just so hard working ❤️ She made my quarantine much much better ❤️✨

  • Leeryam Lepcha
    Leeryam Lepcha

    Mia this video touched me so so much and you’re truly a real influencer honestly this video has a massive inspiration and a great message. May God’s bless you. This video so far is one of my favourites among all the videos that I’ve been watching in your channel for the past years. Love your content ❤️

  • Pragya Paudel
    Pragya Paudel

    You are such a gem 💎😍

  • daniellaaa G
    daniellaaa G

    Wow, you’re grandparents are literally so precious! May God continue blessing them with good health. ❤️❤️

  • Ydalish Fuentes De Jesus
    Ydalish Fuentes De Jesus

    Can we PLEASE talk about the Camp Rock blanket 😫 that was hilarious 🤣

  • ellen dicks
    ellen dicks

    What a marvelous, marvelous thing you did for your grandparents. Such love. Bless you forever

  • CreuzArt

    Bless you Mia for loving your grandparents!

  • cai PB
    cai PB

    I literally cried looking at this

  • cai PB
    cai PB


  • Bellari 123
    Bellari 123

    I love how Mama Maples is representing the Sisters Merch 43:35

  • Ribqa Mahmood
    Ribqa Mahmood

    now thats a long video but fun ur amazing mia

  • Bellari 123
    Bellari 123

    Great job. Mia I also want to be a Renovater also (I don’t think that renovater is a word but...) It turned out great.

  • sun city
    sun city

    What a lovely family. You guys make me feel all warm. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ricky Lamb
    Ricky Lamb

    Amazing job and real love family love so beautiful ❤️

  • Maureen Lawler
    Maureen Lawler

    If I was the grandma I’d like to be there for the decluttering I would be so mad if anyone done that to me without me being in on it 🙈😠🤣🤣

  • Ann Lui
    Ann Lui

    Watching this for the 4th time 🥺

  • Stephanie Rivera
    Stephanie Rivera

    So beautiful

  • Regena Rajcoomar
    Regena Rajcoomar

    i go to sleep listening to this video almost every night

  • Sue Harki
    Sue Harki

    I would be really mad and hurt that you took everything that we had and got rid of our stuff. You changed everything to your style and not ours. Then showing everyone on this channel. How dare you make decisions about their home without them having any say in it.

  • Donna Wag
    Donna Wag

    Priceless! What a gift to them and great ideas to us.

  • Sydney Wachtler
    Sydney Wachtler

    This was better than Extreme Makeover Home Edition

  • Catherine Tanner
    Catherine Tanner

    I'm so sry for little kitty ♡

  • Erica Smith
    Erica Smith

    Mia yall did such a wonderful thing..there's nothing like grandparents love and yall did the darn thing..wonderful family..I luv luv luv what you've done for them..

  • Katie Watie
    Katie Watie

    Mia: This time lapse was four hours long -laughs- Me: BuT ThE ViDeO Is OnE HoUr LoNg! -I'm not saying or doing any hate-

  • Celina Fall
    Celina Fall

    My grandparents would be so mad cause every single thing in their house has sentimental value

    • Sharon Stanton
      Sharon Stanton

      This is a beautiful transformation. That being said, I would die if I thought you threw away anything. I am your grandmother's age, and I know where everything is at. Did you ever think maybe they wanted some of that furniture ? And put a recliner somewhere for your Grandpa.

    • Messing Silence
      Messing Silence

      Thats what i thought i would never declutter my grandparents house without them. I hope they didnt throw anything away completely.

  • czerwonaszklanka

    This is the cutest video I have seen 😍 you're so sweet and worked so hard to surprise your grandparents

  • ngoc ula
    ngoc ula

    I feel like she did an even better job than some professional designers because she truely understands and cherishes her grandparents!

  • LouAnn Wilmoth
    LouAnn Wilmoth

    Beautifully done. Wish we had someone to help us, especially decluttering our. I love their reactions it must have been encouraging

    • LouAnn Wilmoth
      LouAnn Wilmoth

      and such an accomplishment! Great job and it shows how much you love them!

  • Marilyn Godfrey
    Marilyn Godfrey

    Are your grandparents still enjoying their new home? What an awesome idea! God bless you.

  • A.J. Mogwai
    A.J. Mogwai

    Amazing work. :) Teamwork and all is possible.

  • Christine John
    Christine John

    Yes I would love to see more of this you did very good

  • Christine John
    Christine John

    This is so nice

  • Yourfavmuse

    Mia you are literally one of the best human beings / you tubers I’m in love with ur renovation / interior decorating over the years truly incredible

  • Albina Bajraktari
    Albina Bajraktari

    Its the grandpa for me🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Ines Abdelkefi
    Ines Abdelkefi

    good luck for 3 million

  • Tosh

    wow, the little kitty part just hit me T_T

  • Alba Medina
    Alba Medina

    Wuuau thats niçe God bless you

  • Rory Bracken
    Rory Bracken

    I think that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Wendy

    Awe. I miss my grandma! I liked what was made into her jewelry area.

  • Diaconu Adriana
    Diaconu Adriana

    I found this 2 years later and I am so excited to watch it all

  • Kristi Dagz
    Kristi Dagz

    Your grandparents - and your entire family - so precious! What a beautiful thing you all did for them!

  • JVander

    this is one of my comfort videos ive watched it so many times idk why

    • Cook :D
      Cook :D

      same this is my 2nd time

  • Light for all Nations
    Light for all Nations


  • nicole montoya
    nicole montoya

    Wow I’ve never been so shocked this is beautiful!!!!

  • emoegg18

    1:00:20 was the part that almost made me cry the grandma saying shes not worth it like she doesn't deserve it. such a sweet family

  • alessandro bartolomei
    alessandro bartolomei

    your grandma seems so awsome

  • Isabella Perissi
    Isabella Perissi

    “Under the wine glass” and “good thinking mom” SENT ME LMAO

  • Seleta Bodine
    Seleta Bodine

    What a wonderful thing you did for your grandparents. That was aweful. Sweet . Great job 👍👍

  • Maya Sandoval
    Maya Sandoval

    Like every other RSloft brags about there money and spends it only on them! Other RSloftrs give away stuff but only for more money and think people would think their nice! But Mia’s over here loving people helping people and not brags! She may gets money and wants more and appreciates it, but she at least thanks us even more than anyone that gets more money!!

  • Jungle Flower Wildcraft
    Jungle Flower Wildcraft

    Starts at 4:34 Your welcome

  • Kimberley Brown
    Kimberley Brown

    I love your taste, and the renovation was gorgeous!! I know your grandparents must have liked your choices. At the same time, I am sure it was over stepping to go through their whole house. It is your commentary about them. Kind of like saying that what they had done for themselves was lacking. There is a problem there, but you are too young to see it or feel it from their perspective. You should have gotten their permission and involved them in the choices and processes.

  • Pamela Kay
    Pamela Kay

    Just saw and since it's been a year sgo I hope you will do more. Suggestion when video taping do one room at a time from beggining to end. It makes editing easier. The response was priceless.You did awesome job and hope you will continue your passion. Happy Designing !!!

  • Tesa G
    Tesa G

    HI, the whole process was heartwarming. Your family is such a treasure.....Im an ID, the transformation was good for your initial personal project.....the intention was the most essential and well, truly worth all the hard work....keep it up.

  • RayDon Wallace
    RayDon Wallace

    Your grandparents are so cute 🥺🥺

  • CoolToys


  • Andrea Maggiani
    Andrea Maggiani


  • milena

    A lot of repetition. I did not need to hear three times how far your grandparents live and it is only the beginning of the video. Too much rambling.The drawings again...Two three times was mention the tick mosquitos. the sod...too much explanation of what will happen... too little pictures of the before next to the now pictures. You need to put more for comparisson. I should have started with the good instead with the bad because it is so much more. You guys have an awesome taste. I loved the fast pace and I think you should put more of it. I love the deck and I cried at the end. it is so emotional and so good. I love it. I love the whole video with its shortages and all. I love your face and your heart is on the right spot. You are awesome.

  • Ariane Gabriella
    Ariane Gabriella

    Wow!! The renovation was so lovely and beautiful!! I like that it all changed completely with removing walls or whatever!! So much work, but u did something that worth it!! God bless you to do sth for ur grandparents and God bless ur parents on how they supported you and I bet they worked so hard!!😊😊

  • Mrs. VO
    Mrs. VO

    You made me cry, so lovely ❤️, God Bless You!!!

  • Michelle Hall
    Michelle Hall

    And your Gparents are soon cuteee

  • Michelle Hall
    Michelle Hall

    So beautiful everything! The house was beautiful

  • cassandra dublin
    cassandra dublin


  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace

    This was top notch WHOLESOMENESS

  • Roberta Stoneguist
    Roberta Stoneguist

    But for real why are they any thumbs down?! I wish I could have done this for my grandparents when they were around 🥲

  • Sloan Zachary
    Sloan Zachary

    We know who the favorite grandchild is!! 😂❤️❤️

  • Reni Benkert
    Reni Benkert

    What a wonderful gift you gave your grandparents! My granddaughter told me when she was about 5, that one day she was going to send us ( grandparents) to a “Sandels Resort”. There is nothing better than that moment when you know your grandchild is being thoughtful and loving!! You just took it over the top! Great job! Do you do consults? Your grandparents are so lucky, just like me😁!!

  • Heru and Dad
    Heru and Dad

    I just found this channel. You did an awesome job for your grandparents and I actually gave u a virtual hug. May the Lord continue to bless you and so happy that family members are also involved. Continue on with your passion

  • Rida Akram
    Rida Akram

    ماشاءاللہ ♥️۔۔۔ incredible 💯👌

  • Pamela Lamping
    Pamela Lamping

    This was very touching, made me cry. You and your family did an amazing job

  • Sahra Roble
    Sahra Roble

    I am the only person who cried watching this 🥺😊

  • Sharon Thompson
    Sharon Thompson

    What a Beautiful loving gift !! You are amazing and such a hard working young lady. I was so excited for your grandparents.!!!! I had happy tears watching their expressions.❤️❤️❤️

  • Lina Yusof
    Lina Yusof

    Everything is sooo nice. full of love. and love the backyard area so much. actually love all of it ❤❤❤ luv from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  • deepa ssajeevan
    deepa ssajeevan

    That was so sweet of you to do for them. Absolutely loved what you did

  • Miki Knopf
    Miki Knopf

    Hey there !!!! I am looking for haul with someone who has pixie hair cut. I recently had a pixie haircut 😁 and wanted to see the recommendation 🤞❤. (before I start regretting it lol 😂) If anybody has any idea, put it down plxzzzzzz !!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Charbel Haddad
    Charbel Haddad

    I cried a little bit when you were giving them the house tour

  • JJ Breanna
    JJ Breanna

    Awww... Mia is the selfless person I know (RSloftr). She does the best she can to make everyone/her family members happy.

  • Jobanpreet Kaur
    Jobanpreet Kaur

    This video should not have ended bro

  • Naomi M
    Naomi M

    Beautiful moment!

  • Alex

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    Lola Yancey

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  • Clova Quillet
    Clova Quillet

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    Dawn Dykman

    What a lovely gift . Where to start ? Your mom is knock dead gorgeous and sweet your blessed . Glad I watched this video makes me smile to see so much love.