surprising college student w/ apartment makeover!
Kiran (college student) and I have been friends since my freshman year of high school, so to see her graduating this May and moving into her very first apartment alone is so wild! I wanted to start the series off with the most deserving person in the world. i hope she loves her "ultimate apartment makeover" surprise!!!

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  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham


    • Nairuulagch

      Haley this was some coolest vlog project ever!

    • Bae

      Don't be it's so cute

    • Claire Adeline
      Claire Adeline

      Haley Pham it’s amazing good job keep doing this

    • Mishal C
      Mishal C

      You did so well!! I'm really impressed :)

    • reya

      Haley Pham please do my room😂🥺

  • Sofia Benrabet
    Sofia Benrabet

    WAAAAw, love it

  • KayleeDoesMusicStuff

    Simmers after seeing the coffee table 👁👄👁

  • Hajar Ajem - هاجر
    Hajar Ajem - هاجر

    her appartment is sooooooo beautiiiifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul

  • Olivia Hanson
    Olivia Hanson

    6:38 me noticing the don’t smile at me ep from Billie eilish like “is... is that billie eilish.... yeshhhhh”

  • Jen Thomas-Littell
    Jen Thomas-Littell

    On your blog about the avocados take them out of the refrigerator. They won't ripen in the refrigerator. I learned this the hard way myself.

  • Katherine Machado
    Katherine Machado

    I love your videos!

  • Eliza Quigley
    Eliza Quigley

    Ttttttttttt TARGET

  • Laura Cuthbert
    Laura Cuthbert

    This is so lovely!

  • Betsy Wood
    Betsy Wood

    Kiran just has the happiest energy 🥺🥺

  • Coffeelakey

    this is beautful haley omg god bless you Kiran , and your caring and kind Soul i love you so much 🥺💖

  • Inass Kami
    Inass Kami

    Im so happy that Haley support everyone and respect every religion

  • Reese Strawsburg
    Reese Strawsburg

    So cute! You can tell how much work went into every aspect of this video!

  • 나다

    This is soooo sweet

  • stop motion
    stop motion

    Who here is muslim and it is the last day of Ramadan

    • Sara


  • Parker Porter
    Parker Porter

    You did such a good job! This gives me so much inspiration :)

  • Alayna Elggren
    Alayna Elggren

    anyone else notice how the pieces are the exact same from her apartment & the mirror she said not to buy

  • Alexandria Gail
    Alexandria Gail

    Haley literally makes the best interior designer😂

  • Maha and Mia
    Maha and Mia

    I love youuuuuu🔥❤️

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    Ive never heard an american say 'kiran' before its so weird 😂😂

  • heyitsme


  • heyitsme

    She looks like Vanellope Von Schweetz in the speaking scenes :0

  • jasmine


  • Frankie xox
    Frankie xox

    i begggggg you do my room cause i don't like it but you would make it sooooooo niceeeeeee:))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •

    awww so sweet

  • It'sMeAbbey

    .....why do I feel like the floating shelf fell on someones head in the middle of the night..

  • Riya Mathur
    Riya Mathur

    this is so cute

  • Crystal Wynn
    Crystal Wynn

    okay but boho isn’t minimalistic at all. 😂

  • zoe bean!
    zoe bean!

    i feel like i'm watching hgtv omg

  • veolia1997

    This series is going to be amazing! The quality and amount of work you put into this absolutely shows :) great 😍

  • lakabaka lele
    lakabaka lele

    why is no one talkin about how yt ruined the comments section

  • Esmeralda .b
    Esmeralda .b

    Anyone else feel the shade from “ surprising BROKE college student “......

  • it's me
    it's me

    it was so sweet that she hanged those Quran verses for her

  • Dhdhdhjskaksn

    When listening to your podcast i couldnt wait this is soooooo goood

  • Alexandra

    That is so nice of you. So happy for your friend 🥺💛

  • Kat Al
    Kat Al

    Your interior design looks a MILLION times better than what I see on TV.

  • Simon Moreno
    Simon Moreno

    she looks anything but broke..

  • Aimee Russ
    Aimee Russ

    I love how you put other people first, you are an amazing person.

  • Sarah Vesterby
    Sarah Vesterby

    Ceo of “I love it!”

  • Bumbling Beez
    Bumbling Beez

    Putting together the TV STAND

  • That Girl Livy
    That Girl Livy

    Is Kiran older than you or did she graduate early? Bc it would’ve been your second year in school if you had decided to go

    • Potato_ nyin_
      Potato_ nyin_

      Shes probally older

  • Salimah

    This was nice but I think some might be a bit too much. Like the frame above TV might be a bit much since you got so much in the corner. It's just little things if they were removed, even some of the plants would give a less cluttered look x

  • Hibba Ch
    Hibba Ch

    Oh god you are my new favourite youtuber Haley , also just finished watching the two videos you made with your's amazing, cute and emotional ❤️

  • SavannaRose Davis
    SavannaRose Davis

    Has someone checked on her plants? 10:10

  • Zinia ROHILA
    Zinia ROHILA

    YOURE SOOOO GENEROUS!! you put so much work into that with soooo much effort!!! keep going with this ... i cant wait!!!!!! youre so amazing>100!!!!

  • lily goertzen
    lily goertzen

    dream apartment p e r i o d t .

  • Andrew Curtis
    Andrew Curtis

    can u pls start ur own tv show where u do this im OBSESSED

  • Julia Baumgartner
    Julia Baumgartner

    You can just tell she actually took time and effort into making this! Can’t wait for next episode!!

  • Christine Nguyen
    Christine Nguyen

    PLEASEEE tell me where you got the brass stand holding the record player @6:38. I've been looking everywhere for it!!!

  • Izzy Bella
    Izzy Bella

    mr. kate could NEVERRRR (well....oh whateva)

  • jude

    i'm so proud of this series !! is there more to come ?

  • Miiyio

    I’m glad that you don’t judge people’s race and this is my first time watching you

  • _army black
    _army black

    I envy your friendship🥰

  • Isabela Amaral
    Isabela Amaral

    I literally love this so much

  • Ella


  • cameron

    ummmm can i get the link to the pinterest page?

  • cameron

    this is so amazing💕 everything you’ve accomplished is so inspiring and you really deserve great things! stay prayed babe!

  • billiemywife period
    billiemywife period

    You did such amazing job, I'm so proud of you 6:36 Are we just gonna know the fact that she's a listens to billie eilish and sza? 😍😍♥

  • SunflowerGaming

    HGTV y'all let out one of y'all workers 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Paige Bolos
    Paige Bolos

    This looks like an actual TV show, it is so good!

  • Max Johnson D’amelio
    Max Johnson D’amelio

    You literally sound like Kin k

  • Mariana A Bolena
    Mariana A Bolena

    honestly you should become an interior designer!!! you are literally amazing !

  • L A U R I E
    L A U R I E

    Omg your such a good friend. I wish I had a good friend that cared about me this much🥺

  • Julianna Nichols
    Julianna Nichols

    damn what was her major? haha

  • Zia Elise
    Zia Elise

    Love ittt

  • The claims guys
    The claims guys

    5:35. “Tv. STAND!!”

  • Dani Chudler
    Dani Chudler

    do mine

  • Louis Schmidt
    Louis Schmidt

    tv STAND

  • Random Account
    Random Account

    I have the same blue flower pictures you placed in her living room☺️

  • Nour Mostafa Adnan
    Nour Mostafa Adnan

    This video is so cool ,you’re so sweet Haley but the title is just kinda mean « Brooke college student » as if she’s a someone poor ,she ‘s your friend and she even bought the house herself so I felt it was kinda mean tbh not like you wanted it to be as « helping my friend doing her apartment makeover » would be better

  • james franco
    james franco

    haley looks so pretty throughout this whole video

  • Kaitlyn Ann
    Kaitlyn Ann

    Okay can you decorate my place now?

  • Gurman Nagra
    Gurman Nagra

    This is sort of irrelevant but do all apartment closets look the same because her closet empty looks exactly like the one in Mais apartment that she just moved out of.

    • Gurman Nagra
      Gurman Nagra

      and the trash bag thing, maybe Mai got that idea from watching this video. We love friends who support each other

  • LD

    she’s like lane from gilmore girls

  • Rhea Shetty
    Rhea Shetty

    bro the title having 'broke' in it is just not cool

  • Arwen Storm
    Arwen Storm

    I love thiss!

  • Amina Ahmadi
    Amina Ahmadi


  • Tina Max
    Tina Max

    to me this looks like the before and not the after 🙈 it just shows how difficult good interior design is and that one really has to learn some basics. but she is happy and that counts 😊

  • ItssDaisha

    that’s nice you did that for her , but it’s not right to say “ surprising broke college student “ that’s hella rude Haley.... broke ?? you could just say surprising a college student apartment makeover you didn’t have to call her broke like that.

  • Sophia

    I loveeeee that Polaroid wall it’s such a sweet idea.

  • Rei F
    Rei F

    a tip: you could pay more attention to the colours of woods you use in the room to make it look more cohesive :)

  • Exploding Paint
    Exploding Paint

    Haley takes interior design

  • Emily De La Fuente
    Emily De La Fuente

    reminds me of mr.kate

  • anthonymrtns s
    anthonymrtns s

    This caption omd 😭😭

  • Lena Krzemińska
    Lena Krzemińska


  • Vivian Ju
    Vivian Ju


  • Ninda O
    Ninda O

    Omg Haley I think you should give interior designing a go !! 😻

  • Nad Sakla
    Nad Sakla

    Your friend has taste, I noticed AF by Paramore

  • Ruby Bagg
    Ruby Bagg

    Honeslty she’s the sweetest girl , love her so much

  • Arwa Arwa
    Arwa Arwa

    Sooooooo cuttttttte😍💕💕

  • Ella Risinger
    Ella Risinger

    come do my room lol, your the queen at decorating

  • Jovante Hercules
    Jovante Hercules

    literally amazing result

  • Niamh Curran
    Niamh Curran

    she should pull the couch away from the wall and have the front part of the couch on the rug, this makes the room feel bigger and gets rid of the wall hugging problem :)

  • Andromeda *
    Andromeda *

    Oh my god, i know i'm a little late but I was very entertained and LOVED the decor!

  • rice

    Your intro tho....

  • Shannon J
    Shannon J

    My good sis has the prettiest Hijab colors 😍totally spring! mashallah

  • Annie Cassutt
    Annie Cassutt

    You have a passion and you are going for it and I love it so much, Haley! I am so proud of your videos and I see your passion and hard work and your courage and positively and I am so glad you use your platform for good

  • 65rtyu YT
    65rtyu YT

    You're not even good at decorating I thought you were gonna do better actually

  • Jana Amr
    Jana Amr

    I love that you have a muslim friend 😘😍😍😍

  • cheedar cheese
    cheedar cheese

    Im soo jealouss. Looks so good!!