Surprise! ✈️🇷🇸 Nikola Jokic receives his MVP award in Serbia with style! 🏆
Watch this special moment as members of the Denver Nuggets flew to Sombor, Serbia to deliver Nikola Jokic his BACK-TO-BACK MVP award!
(Courtesy: @Denver Nuggets )
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  • LivingRegal

    Being able to celebrate winning the MVP in his home country, doing his favorite hobby, and being around his family and friends is top tier.

    • AndSam

      I knew it but i was sad nuggets disqualify on playoffs, he should get mvp final too

    • Moldveien

      @Rimimimimimimimim ケ i am just going of his word. "Being a celebrity isnt really fun. I would rather have no one know me than everybody know me."

    • Rimimimimimimimim ケ
      Rimimimimimimimim ケ

      @Moldveien I mean I don’t think he is to a point where he wouldn’t be happy about it, but he clearly doesn’t try to push himself into more fame or put himself in the spotlight even if it leaves a bad reputation to try and gain fame. He doesn’t act like he is more important then others as a basketball superstar (thinking of KD, Kyrie) which I really like and like Giannis he is just a really cool guy so I think it’s better for him anyway to stay away from Twitter, a lot of NBA players like to post on Twitter and get media attention, cause a debate on something (could be NBA rules) or start beef

    • Moldveien

      @Rimimimimimimimim ケ he doesnt even have a twitter, or any social media, he quite openly says he has no interest in being famous

    • James Briffa
      James Briffa

      @Havana D'Aurcy for the monte 🤣🤣

  • jack frost
    jack frost

    Good vibes. Love to see a humble brother that doesnt forget where he comes from. Much respect

    • Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice
      Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice

      @Kobe Bean the s didn’t age well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Luka Cyrex
      Luka Cyrex

      @Kobe Bean better seed argument can't be made for any of top 3 because both Sixers and Bucks have same record and Denver only 3 wins less, You can't say Giannis can carry more than Jokic when he was able to get 48 wins despite not having 2 next best players after him on team, maybe you mean in playoffs Giannis can carry more but MVP is a regular season award, this years MVP voting had decided winner based off stats and narrative which go slightly to Jokic's favor.

    • Kobe Bean
      Kobe Bean

      @Luka Cyrex what I can’t have an opinion? I ain’t mad. Im not a Giannis fan but I just think he deserves it. His team has a better record and his numbers in terms of PPG are better than Jokic. And he can carry a team more than Jokic. I’m not a fan of or bucks. But I give credit where credit is due.

    • Luka Cyrex
      Luka Cyrex

      @Kobe Bean why are you so salty about MVP award

    • Kobe Bean
      Kobe Bean

      @Fantomas646 and jokic is at home watching Giannis play. Better regular season record than jokic. Average more points than jokic. And he also beat jokic in the regular season. They split 1-1. You going off of feelings I’m going off of stats. Bozo

  • poncho

    Заслуженная награда, надеемся не последняя. Но главное ждем перстень чемпиона!🙂

    • Wart, Sr.
      Wart, Sr.

      Прво мора да напусти Денвер, или бар да око себе добије боље фигуре.

    • beril Joseph
      beril Joseph

      Putting say no

    • Stefan Rakovic
      Stefan Rakovic

      Мы в Сербии ждем чемпионов Европы в сентябре.🏀🇷🇸

  • Victor Marin
    Victor Marin

    Ladies and gentlemen, the most humble and low maintenance MVP of all time. Denver struck gold “no pun intended”and although I am a die hard Miami Heat fan I sure hope they build something worthy around this man because he deserves it, cause he ain’t leaving you.

    • D Human
      D Human

      Amen. The Nick Wrights & Steven A’s of the media world, who dominate the noise that displaces what should be appreciation for this man and what he does, either don’t get that… or they do. Sure, it wasn’t presented before a game or practice (like when it was announced to Nikola last year by the way), but enough about them and that noise. This was absolutely beautiful. A fitting presentation. A wonderful interview by Ernie of TNT too. Great insight in Nikola, and what he actually thinks of his 2020 and on team. Who obviously thinks the world of him. For obvious reasons, in addition to those you just mentioned.

  • liamneeson

    That's just awesome. Great to see 3 international stars from humble beginnings all fighting for the MVP this year. All were worthy and Jokic won it. NBA is really a global game

    • iamdalibor

      @A N That's a great way of looking at it. But Rafa/Nole/Fed... could also be MJ/KB/LBJ as well. Both analogies work in my opinion.

    • A N
      A N

      Jokic / Embed / Yanis = Nole/Rafa/Fed

    • Zanzimir Zanzimirovic
      Zanzimir Zanzimirovic

      @Andrej Milovanovic pa sta treba da radi, da se ubije?

    • Andrej Milovanovic
      Andrej Milovanovic

      Having your own stables is not that humble...

    • Fernando

      They are 4 if you include Luka.

  • Elvis Zupan
    Elvis Zupan

    Jokic is most complete player in NBA. He carried Nuggets by himself to playoff, producing monster stats. I love how humble he is and appreciate his roots.

  • IvanNBG 62
    IvanNBG 62


    • MilanNedicSerbia

      @Pante Laja Interesantno

    • Pante Laja
      Pante Laja

      @MilanNedicSerbia Tako ti pesma ide u originalu,, od Zvonetovog dide vampira.😂😂😂

    • MilanNedicSerbia

      @Pante Laja Jel to još jedan od primera ''čuvene'' hrvatske duhovitosti?

    • Igor Cvetkovic
      Igor Cvetkovic

      @Pante Laja Nije ni internet za svakoga...

  • Wisely Chen
    Wisely Chen

    Nikola is a life teacher, play hard and no complain, enjoy the life, spent time with his family in postseason. Don't know how to hate him

    • T O
      T O

      True story!

    • Isiah R
      Isiah R


    • Gaurav Chawla
      Gaurav Chawla

      Exactly! Just give all you got and don't complain. The greatest life lesson there is.

  • T O
    T O

    That was emotional and beautiful. So deserving. We have never seen a player and a man like Jokic.

  • Trendline Tracker
    Trendline Tracker

    No greater soul, nor bigger heart, than that of a Serb.

    • Palm Trees
      Palm Trees


  • Jordan Bernal
    Jordan Bernal

    Awesome video. He earned it. Hopefully he gets the right pieces around him to win a chip or two eventually

    • tropickman

      Denver needs a strong perimeter defender in order to have a realistic chance; someone like Holiday, Crowder, Smart or even PJ Tucker. They would have to give up MPJ going forward to accomplish this. They need someone to not only anchor their defense but to revitalize their defensive mentality.

    • Milan Radojkovic
      Milan Radojkovic

      @NewKingBrandon Barton, Cancar and both Greens for Seth Curry❤❤❤

    • Stone Weaver
      Stone Weaver

      He’s going to pull off a Dirk-style chip

    • NewKingBrandon

      Would love to have a spot up shooter


    Now this right here is super dope, just imagine how he’s feeling right in that moment. Home relaxing with family and friends and I just received the MVP award, which btw was a really close call this year. He carried Denver, well deserved my man.

  • Ea Kenzo🦁
    Ea Kenzo🦁

    I don't know if it was harder for Jokic to carry the nuggets or the horse to Carry Jokic

    • Mardzi

      That horse is wireless charger bro :)

    • YaHeard!

      I wonder how the Horse feels being smaller than a Human 🤣

  • Zoran Nikolic
    Zoran Nikolic

    Also give that stallion some trophy, he carries the carrier itself!!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Nikola Jokic is the embodiment of moral qualities and inner beauty that a person can offer to the world. He is a man who is impossible not to like. For him, modesty is strength, and arrogance is a weakness. There are not many left like him in this world, but his presence gives us hope for the future of the human kind.

  • R Angus
    R Angus

    Good to see the NBA finally embracing foreign players

    • dbzfan4ever mj23
      dbzfan4ever mj23

      @Lavar Ball how’s lonzo knee we need him healthy for next season lmao 😂😂

    • Lavar Ball
      Lavar Ball


  • Fernando

    Well deserved. He was the best and most valuable player this year period...

  • D B
    D B

    Salute to Mike Malone his coach to be there wow Somewhere in Serbia is a Multiple time MVP

    • Fantomas646

      The owner’s son Josh Kroenke was there.

    • diesel0man

      Not only coach, Kroenke and Connelly too

    • Artmind

      @Miles Herrera so bro hahah autocorrect?

    • Ivan Stanisavljevic
      Ivan Stanisavljevic

      @Miles Herrera hagah so brooo

    • Slobodan Vlaškalić
      Slobodan Vlaškalić

      @Miles Herrera Sombor, Serbia

  • Јован Павловић
    Јован Павловић


  • bojan kojic
    bojan kojic

    Svaka čast majstore, 2 puta za redom MVP 👍 Jednom u 300 godina

  • rimtutituki92

    So proud of Jokic and coach Malone!!! Coolest MVP ever. So down to earth, such a real guy

  • Iva V
    Iva V

    Don't forget that Serbs write history in many fields ... !! Serbia is the country of Nikola Tesla, Milutin Milanković, Nikola Jokić, Novak Đoković, Filip Filipović, Ivana Španović and lots more of them ... Nation with ingenious World Champions in water polo, volleyball, basketball, athletics ... A small country with about 7 million citizens, much less than a big city like LA or New York ... or London ... but people with the biggest heart and passion for everything they do, in the world !! A Serb is not just a nation ..., being a Serb is a philosophy of life ... Bravo Nikola .., bravo Serbia !!! Your country must be very proud of Y0u .., hats off great back to back MVP dude !!!

    • Kiki love
      Kiki love

      @Bruno I am also from Croatia but I am not croat, just like nikola Tesla… hard to say the word for you, but we are Serbs!

    • Veljko Lalic
      Veljko Lalic

      @Dragon Tea lol

    • Dragon Tea
      Dragon Tea

      @aleks like you said. He can't be serbian. He lived in austro-hungaria. Born there and left for America.

    • Iva V
      Iva V

      @Bruno Croatian from Lika?? Do you know history?? His origin is Serb and whole world know that!! Tesla's father was pure100% Ortodox Christian prist, do you know that, his mother was Serbian woman. Tesla even refused USA citizenship, do you know that ?! Simple, you know nothing kid !! The museum of Nikola Tesla is in Belgrade in Serbia. The urn with Tesla's ashes is located in Belgrade, Serbia ... and why, because he is a Croat ?? All Tesla memorials are in the same museum, go and see, hear some smart people say, look at some records !! Do you know that Tesla's closest relatives were slaughtered by Ustasha Croats ... do you know that !! ?? Why?? Because he was a Croat !! ?? It's not a shame not to know, it's a shame not to read and bang nonsense !! Books are a treasure, sit and read !!

  • yougotthismate

    Might be one of the coolest ways to receive an MVP award. Country drip is strong with Joker.

  • Eddie Lee
    Eddie Lee

    Well deserved x 2. Can't wait till MPJ and Murray get back on the court

    • Wisely Chen
      Wisely Chen

      Never forget the years, the waste ......

    • Jake Buchsbaum
      Jake Buchsbaum

      @Brian Badonde lowkey when MPJ and Murray are healthy Denver’s gonna be a top 3 team in the west

    • Lukas topham
      Lukas topham

      @Brian Badonde fr man i remember that lineup i thought to myself man if they stay heathly and build some chemistry they can be real danger with jokic leading that team

    • Brian Badonde
      Brian Badonde

      @Life With Chris they had the best starting lineup last season before Murray got injured, after that Gordon trade they looked super scary. Hopefully they can make some moves for the bench and stay healthy

    • Life With Chris
      Life With Chris

      Same. That’s a championship team if they keep all the players

  • Orjen Cuca
    Orjen Cuca

    My Serbian brother have emotions too! Great man great player, huge human being!!! What a video for a young folks, great guy from humble beginnings who didn’t forgot how to wash horses and clean their manure! Man and a half!!!

  • Yahweh’s Allstars
    Yahweh’s Allstars

    Such a humble and deserving person and player to win MVP! Love it!🙏💪❤️

  • Wisely Chen
    Wisely Chen

    Djokovic and Jokic dominate the sport world !!

    • jhon john
      jhon john

      @glubzyoutube so who is?

    • glubzyoutube

      @jhon john do you mean oblak? because he isnt at the moment

    • aleks

      @jhon john They are both nice, it's just that sometimes the media has different agendas and favorites and portrays certain athletes from certain parts of the world in a bad light undeservedly.

    • jhon john
      jhon john

      Yea and the best gaolkeeper is slovenian. Wish I was a balkan athlete today

    • Vladimir Dencic
      Vladimir Dencic

      @jhon john teodosic is also mvp of europe

  • Critical Fade
    Critical Fade

    Really humble guy. Love to see it

  • No Thanks Bro
    No Thanks Bro

    dude's getting free food and services forever in Serbia and in Denver.

    • KDA

      @Brian Badonde yeah it’s ironic makes no sense

    • Brian Badonde
      Brian Badonde

      @KDA rich people get the most free stuff out of anybody

    • KDA

      You know he’s rich right

  • PLH

    That was a wonderful moment

    • PLH

      .... and he pulled up soooooo smooth. Don't forget that part

  • Bojan Blagojevic
    Bojan Blagojevic

    Serbia also have Novak Djoković, world no. 1 player who is down-to-earth type of guy, well known for charity work and so on... it must be something in the role model that our parents are trying to put in us. You recive it in the early age, as a kid...

  • BorziePrime

    TAKO JE BRE 🇷🇸 🃏

  • Jolo Sarmiento
    Jolo Sarmiento

    looks like a scene out of The Godfather haha. Congrats big guy

    • Gabe yo
      Gabe yo

      was looking for this comment

    • Timur Ridjanovic
      Timur Ridjanovic

      Haha as someone from the balkans I definitely think we have some similarities with Italians.. Id even say south european slavs have more in common with neighboring countries like italy and greece than other slavic countries like russia.

  • Jelenko Stojicevic
    Jelenko Stojicevic

    Gledam ovo vec 30 puta i naviru mi suze placem koliko mi drago za naseg nikolu alal vera BRAVO

  • Rowdy Roddy Sniper
    Rowdy Roddy Sniper

    I'm a big fan of Nikola Jokic and I love the way he plays the game. Imo he's the complete package. Well deserved and congrats to the 2x reigning league MVP!!!

  • MrJDuro

    Congrats man, his people showing him love. 🎉🎉💐

  • Vidak Todorović Arksurvajvel
    Vidak Todorović Arksurvajvel

    Velikan, sve si ovo zaslužio svaka ti čast lepo je biti Srbin a još lepše sa tvojim pobedama....uživaj u ovom trenutku kapa dole za tebe.

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    People were getting hype over Wiggins and Jabari in the 2014 draft when they should have been getting hype over this athletic Serbian beast instead.

    • The Goat
      The Goat

      @Django Is Back Yes, peak shape.

    • angah Bg
      angah Bg

      @David Rivelino he was bad that year i think. He went to play in Europe for a year in 2014 after the draft where he won the Adriatic League MVP. Had he declared in 2015 after his MVP season there. I dont think he would fall to 41. I dont think if Jokic

    • Django Is Back
      Django Is Back


    • David Rivelino
      David Rivelino

      @UnspeakablyAwesomeBros how did he not even make the first round pick

    • David Rivelino
      David Rivelino

      @The Goat blew my mind

  • Mohammad Alanazi
    Mohammad Alanazi

    Well deserved Jokic! Happy for you

  • Ahsoka& Haney
    Ahsoka& Haney

    One of the kind 🏆

    • asif sarkar
      asif sarkar

      Are you living in serbia???

  • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
    Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Jokic first player with 2,000pts 1,000rebs and 500asts in a season 💪🏾

  • Stefan Todorovic
    Stefan Todorovic

    the best player in the world! and so humble!

  • KUSH

    Congrats back to back MVP,Great player and great dude,the Joker

  • SportBilly1975

    Receiving his MVP award in front of his BARN, with live folk music. What's better than that! The Joker deserved it 10000%

  • Zanzimir Zanzimirovic
    Zanzimir Zanzimirovic

    F-n unbelievable. Bravo Malone. Something like this haven't been seen.

  • Idir Kadric
    Idir Kadric

    The balkans have the best basketball talent in the world. You can’t convince me otherwise

    • Tuti Fruti
      Tuti Fruti

      True (among the world's white population). But then there's African Americans. Those guys are next level when it comes to basketball.

  • Jmasters 418
    Jmasters 418

    Man makes multi millions and still pulls up on a horse now that’s humble

    • zino davidoff
      zino davidoff

      No hate, but that horse costs more than a Lambo :)

    • James Briffa
      James Briffa

      Him and charles oliveira,

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones

    That’s beautiful man.. congrats Jokic!

  • Laker4Life

    I’m super GLAD for him!

  • Victor Berg
    Victor Berg

    He looks so happy

    • Tuti Fruti
      Tuti Fruti

      Not so much for having won, but for seeing them all make it to his hometown 😉

  • Nikola Slavujevic
    Nikola Slavujevic

    We need more people/players like him….it’s example of good, humble person.

  • Dragica Andrejevic
    Dragica Andrejevic

    There is no soul or emotion without Serbia

  • Andrew Townsend
    Andrew Townsend

    He is the best overall player in the game right now. To me there is not question.

  • Nikola Milovanovic
    Nikola Milovanovic

    Thank you for giving every boy hope to believe in his dreams and good will. Beat Nature be MVP🃏

  • Ko radi ne boji se gladi
    Ko radi ne boji se gladi

    Koji naboj emocija....1000 puta gledam i opet suze radosnice.....ziv nam bio Nikola to je Srbija hvala ti za sve Jokic MVP🔝🙏♥️😘😭👏

  • Pante Laja
    Pante Laja

    Najviše se raduje Miško jeboteee, ima supermasnim ugovorom da zaliže frizuru.😂😂😂

  • B Ilic
    B Ilic

    Great video ESPN and congrats to Jokic for the NBA MVP award again 🇷🇸.

  • Zoran Stepic
    Zoran Stepic

    back2back ladies and gentleman! this is the MVP! pushing the boundaries of the beautiful game of basketball to the next level(s)!!!

  • Tuti Fruti
    Tuti Fruti

    Congrats!! 😍 And kudos to coach Malone and co. for making the trip!!

  • Sandra Grgic
    Sandra Grgic

    Sve čestitke. Divno i emotivno. 🍸🎉😢🐎

  • S. L.
    S. L.

    Kroenke , Malone and Connelly 👏👏👏👏👏 Nuggets Nation

  • Jelzie O
    Jelzie O

    Love this!!! MVP what a champ!

  • Soham Jain
    Soham Jain

    This actually the coldest mvp acceptance ever

    • Dragon Tea
      Dragon Tea

      Lol the sensitive serbians flying in. Coldest would be like the coolest, effortlessly good.

    • 01ment

      @Soham Jain Got it now, new thing for me. Thanks...

    • Soham Jain
      Soham Jain

      It seems like y’all don’t know what coldest means in the states. Coldest is a good thing, it means it’s the coolest or the best

    • Vladimir Dencic
      Vladimir Dencic

      Coldest? He cry because hi is Happy

    • Soham Jain
      Soham Jain

      @Del Boy bro y’all know coldest means best right?

  • Asu

    GREAT WELL DESERVED ! MVP for a reason! Numbers don’t LIE ! Man it would be SO BIG to see one day Doncic maybe in Nuggets ONLY DONCIC and the titel is there !

  • SaleBor

    God rewards you when you are humble !

  • Raymond Yu
    Raymond Yu

    I want the Nuggets to sign that horse.

    • Raymond Yu
      Raymond Yu

      Reference to Game of Zones

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia

    Well deserved

  • James TheBond
    James TheBond

    The Joker is just so laid back. Incredible person and a role model for so many young men.


    He deserves it!

  • Afro Jack
    Afro Jack

    What a f*cking king 👑

  • Milos Pavlovic
    Milos Pavlovic


  • roytjm1

    That's cool that they went over now we need Championship trophy in Denver

  • Ena ena
    Ena ena

    Back to Back Legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • M Sturm
    M Sturm

    Michael malone like a real serb 😂 love it

  • Kathy P
    Kathy P

    Congratulations Nikola 👏👏

  • Shabalaidaa

    Denver general manager MUST start thinking of making a team around Jokic, which be able to win a ring. Jokic is a ring material...otherwise, Jokic needs to start thinking of a trade.

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones

    This guy is amazing,really

  • Tanja Luk
    Tanja Luk

    Bravo Nikola!!!!pozdrav iz kanade! Tako majstore!!!

  • Rogelio Rodriguez
    Rogelio Rodriguez

    2x MVP!!! Too bad the rest of the NBA is not giving the respect this man deserves.

    • aleks

      Speaks volumes about them.

  • Ra’s al ghul
    Ra’s al ghul

    Doesn’t care or talk about it - just deserves it ! Not even close .

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