Stupid Things I did when I FIRST Got MINECRAFT...
Mumbo Jumbo
I was not very good at Minecraft... This is embarrassing...
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  • VypR Games
    VypR Games

    The two things I remember most about starting in minecraft: 1) I replaced my torches every day because I thought they would burn out 2) I never swam if I saw a squid because I thought they were hostile

    • Mathilde Laurensou
      Mathilde Laurensou

      I didn't do the torch thing but I didn't sxim near squids either

    • Icefire331

      Funny story: me and my friend played when maps didn't exist. So, to find each other, we would build TNT pillars in the sky and blow them up. (Yes we actually did that)

    • meow.

      squids look scary

    • LeoTheCat


    • Icefire331

      when I was little I used to think that: 1. If my difficulty was on hard, then I would be able to drown. I had played in creative when I first got the game and so I must have thought I wouldn't drown 2. I thought Iron Golems were hostile and were protecting the farms in the village. this was back when you didn't get carrots and other things, and I thought that if I took the wheat the golem would get mad

  • amogus amogus
    amogus amogus

    I thought I received notch godmode when I accidentally started flying in creative mode, then I never touched the ground again to keep being able to use godmode

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das

      @Tania Berrios same 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂 Even I was confused how I can fly and not get down 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Tania Berrios
      Tania Berrios

      creative mode IS god mode

  • Cozyscape

    This comment probably won’t even be seen, but I still remember that I didn’t know how that sprinting is a thing, and it took me until me joining my first multiplayer server to figure out I was tons slower than others, and someone finally taught me that sprinting was a thing, and how to do it

    • Ke D
      Ke D

      495 people

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das

      And don't worry, This comment will forever be remembered!

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das

      Same! I learnt it from a multiplayer server too!

    • Doge

      @Cozyscape i also didn't know what sprinting was

    • Abdul Mannan
      Abdul Mannan

      I saw

  • DoctorHero

    When I first saw a spawner, I thought that if I broke it, it would spawn hundreds of mobs at once.

    • 0mega3511

      @RandomGamer5936 Mojang must hire this man.

    • RandomGamer5936

      that actually sounds more sensical than just breaking it with just XP. Now come to think of it, it should be a real feature in Minecraft.

    • sangeetha rana
      sangeetha rana

      *Makes sense*

    • tik tok world
      tik tok world

      how do you think that

    • Gaming Gracie & Finn The Floofy Fox
      Gaming Gracie & Finn The Floofy Fox

      Didn’t we all?

  • Ethan Chung
    Ethan Chung

    It took me so many months to realise that pickaxes were supposed to be used to only mine stone, not wood or dirt.

    • Torzay

      terraria player lol

    • Some dude
      Some dude

      Its minecraft not terraria

    • Amazing_Retriever

      @Bibek Das I don't watch PewDiePie

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das

      @Amazing_Retriever Remember PewDiePie using his diamond pickaxe to mine gravel?

    • Amazing_Retriever

      @bhull242 And gravel

  • Mulitate4

    Mumbo - "im no professional" Also Mumbo - *goes on to build the most complicated redstone machines*

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das

      LoL true

    • Gearoid Garvey
      Gearoid Garvey

      @belle delphine I'm a long term fan of him, I know what cool things he can build, but sci craft players are gods in mortal form compared to mumbo

    • belle delphine
      belle delphine

      Gearoid Garvey Well, Mumbo is really good at red stone. The only thing is he’s amateur compared to other people because of the fact that he cannot build. At least not on a pro level. And, when building stuff, redstone contractions play a big role but without building, it’s not as good as other’s work.

    • Duskleh

      Mumbo: "im no professional" Also mumbo: *Goes on to build the most complicated redstone machines* Me: Am i a joke to you?

  • Addison Grote
    Addison Grote

    When I started to play Minecraft, I played on creative mode. One of the first things I built was a square blocky house made entirely out of acacia wood. I have improved since then thankfully.

    • Mathilde Laurensou
      Mathilde Laurensou

      Why acacia of all things ?

    • JImmy Martinez
      JImmy Martinez

      At least it wasn’t diamonds

  • *Bus Noises*
    *Bus Noises*

    The first time I played I had some minimal knowledge. My mom set up the world for me and it was creative. I didn’t know the difference between survival and creative, so I just started building with cyan wool because I liked the color. Then I discovered glass and found it a million times better and began building a second story with a floor of glow stone. I had some rabbits, and when it started raining the glass made it look like it was raining inside as well despite the roof of more glow stone. So I huddled in the corner I kept the rabbits in, talking to them out loud about how it would be ok. Then I saw a creeper in the rain and absolutely lost it thinking it would blow up my rabbits. Quickly made a third story. And then another. And then another. And as I kept building I began to understand more and I got a bit better, making indoor farms and aquariums for squids and kitchens and more. Even after I learned that I was invincible in creative, I decided to never go outside unless I had to for building as a sort of tradition thing. I put a villager in the bottom story and named him Dr. Oakley. He became something in each of my creative worlds and was supposedly my digital brother. I kinda miss those old worlds, I wish I could go back and look over them.

    • G Goble
      G Goble

      That's a good story! Ah, yes, cyan wool and rabbits.....(They are actually some of my favorites too😊)

    • Frostified🇺🇦

      Minecraft is so exciting the first time

    • Random

      @Orange Foxy ;-;

    • Random

      Wish we could turn back timeeeeeee, to the good old old dayssssss

  • KayaWolfHorse

    When I first started playing I apparently didn’t realize that mining was part of the game, so for torches my sister and I would raid villages. This was a version in which the only chest was a blacksmith and villagers were useless, so the only thing that was taken from those villages was the wheat and torches. Also, I thought it was essential to get leather armor before any others as the starter armor, so I never really got anywhere in survival mode. Creative mode was my game, and I wasn’t great at building so it was pretty much just flying around finite worlds.

  • Dish OldUmbrella
    Dish OldUmbrella

    I remember putting milk into a dispenser at a village hoping the villagers would loot the dispenser and drink the milk

    • Lanky Bot
      Lanky Bot


    • Stan


    • н

      @tik tok world ok

    • tik tok world
      tik tok world

      @н this is my cringe sisters youtube channel, she uses my email although i made her one

    • н

      @tik tok world says the one who steals content

  • RedY4Archive

    That isn't nearly as bad as when I discovered that stone tools were made from cobblestone and not just stone

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das

      Lolllllllllllllllllllllllll 🤣🤣😂😂

    • Ahmad Saleem
      Ahmad Saleem


    • 笑あなたは日本語が苦手です

      Feel you

    • UncannyEevee

      Wow. I can feel your pain through your comment alone

    • Penguin Lord
      Penguin Lord

      I mined looking for iron blocks.

  • Little_ NightFury17
    Little_ NightFury17

    "My plans would be way too big for my abilities." Me whenever I play Minecraft.

    • Jasmin Disney
      Jasmin Disney

      Me too, I have to remind myself I'm just not on these guys level yet, I get all inspired watching hermitcraft and then just never return to the project because it's too hard....

    • MrBean

      Me its the contrary i play alot and neef more things to do

    • Impossible Towel
      Impossible Towel

      Me when I literally do anything.

  • Alex Autushka
    Alex Autushka

    When I started playing I didn't realize how hard hardcore was. I thought that every time I died in any mode I would always die and have to restart instead of respawning

  • Nathan Schmit
    Nathan Schmit

    When I first started I didn't know you needed a pickaxe to break stone and thought you needed a stonecutter (mobile) which required stone. When I found my first redstone ore I couldn't mine it and tried to use a wooden door to break it since I saw the description of the door say it was connected to redstone somehow. When trying to cook food I burned my house down and died repeatedly trying to save my stuff which was in a chest. YOU ARENT ALONE LOL!

  • kmcallah

    I think your redstone collection was impressive, knowing that back in the day it took nearly 5 seconds with an iron pickaxe to mine. It was annoying!

  • Bowk

    Mumbo: “I’m no professional at minecraft” Also Mumbo: *builds walking house in minecraft* Don’t sell yourself short Mumbo

    • G Goble
      G Goble

      I agree!! Mumbo, you are a GREAT minecrafter❕😃👍

    • Game Anna
      Game Anna

      also build futuristic-medival base

    • Kiaz

      @KekeGamerMaster2009 Minecraftmaster24 NOOooooooooooo....

    • KekeGamerMaster2009 Minecraftmaster24
      KekeGamerMaster2009 Minecraftmaster24


    • Falcon Summit
      Falcon Summit

      I was the 600th like!

  • no u
    no u

    When I was thinking of getting minecraft, I did intense research. There was nothing I didn't know. Then when I got it I died immediately.

  • Aiden Jackson
    Aiden Jackson

    Didn't know you could craft. Didn't know you could build. All I knew was destruction. I broke gravel with my hand because I thought it would function the same as stone? I destroyed an entire village because I liked the wooden planks and didn't know how to get them. I dug through stone with my hand and got lost in the darkness. Died to pretty much every overworld mob on the first night. That's what my first experience was like.

  • Gamer X 2,000,000
    Gamer X 2,000,000

    My first time playing, I played in the alpha of pocket edition and had previously been playing a trashy rip off game on my ds; which was extremely difficult to survive due to unbalanced enemies with too much health and strength and poor combat design, combined with a lack of an ability to run (basically meaning that if you didn’t live underground, you would be killed come nightfall- being it would be too hard if not impossible to get a sleeping bag before then and tools can’t be obtained that early into a game). So due to that experience, I was super scared of the world of Minecraft, but also too excited to see what all the rage was about to just not play it (and I’m certainly glad today that I did play it!!!). So I created a world in creative mode and hid underground for the good first few weeks of playing. If you are wondering, enemies in the rip off game could also spawn in the day time due to the fact that trees blocked out enough light to allow for spawning. So if you didn’t dig down three blocks and cover your head the moment you spawned in, then you would probably die really soon. So my strategy was to just tunnel underground and whenever I needed wood then I would just punch a block above me and hope there was a tree there. If there wasn’t a tree, then I would quickly look for the nearest one and cover the hole as fast as I could then dig to the tree and punch as much of it as I could from underground. Eventually, after I played for long enough, I managed to get sand and replaced much of my ceiling in my tunnels with glass so it would be easier to find trees. And if I wanted to advance and find new resources, then I had to find a cave and mine along the inside of the walls of it, instead of exploring it since they were too dangerous with the horrible combat design. I will say though, the rip off game was nice- and it was only $8, so what do you expect? Being this predated the release of Minecraft on ds, it was an ok substitute and it was entertaining, especially in creative mode.

    • Diamond The Hedgehog
      Diamond The Hedgehog

      Do you remember the name of this Minecraft rip-off?

  • Jamie Kievit
    Jamie Kievit

    This makes me feel so good about my Minecraft world. Despite the fact that I watched people play all the time and new lots about it

  • AW Studios
    AW Studios

    On my first night in Minecraft I heard Zombies. I ran in horror into my crappy wooden house and cowered until the sun rise. Later I found out that you can’t die in creative. 👍

    • Random

      @Turtlebug bro I was sacred asf I even put armour on me and stuff but I still was freaked out even in creative

    • Peirceplayz7819

      @Lee Yong Keat me too

    • R palmer
      R palmer

      I actually started minecraft in 2021 and I'm already a pro.

    • tik tok world
      tik tok world

      not gonna lie they got us in the first half

    • Tania Berrios
      Tania Berrios


  • °•.ItzBlue!.•°

    When I first started playing Minecraft, I didn’t know you could craft anything at almost I didn’t even know that the inventory existed! But I knew how to mine so I just made a huge hug out of dirt, birch logs, and sand, and even no door, I just locked myself in 😂

  • Link DaHylian
    Link DaHylian

    Also one of my first experiences was my first night outside of peaceful Mode I spent the night in a cave that i lit up with torches. The entrance was blocked by a dirt Wall and a wooden door. I had never fought anything in this game before so i was a bit afraid of all the Zombies out there. I was minding my own Business when i suddenly heard a loud bang that scared the shit out of me. To my horror i saw Cracks appearing on the door, with two green arms reaching through the wood. I spent the next few nights behind a Tunnel of dirt with five wooden doors

  • Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]
    Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]

    When i first played Minecraft on my 2012 ipad mini 1 in 2015, i would make a “stone hut” with no way to get in it, filled the first layer with water, and spammed the sheep spawn egg. I would do that on every single world i made. I never named them. World list: My world My world My world My world I remember it all so clearly. And i always played Creative mode.

  • SkeryX

    When I started , I was very happy that I finally got to play minecraft and dug down straight to stone level as a I spawned , as it was the first game I played on my PC I didn't knew the controls and how to close the game so I shut down my PC directly xD

    • The Gude Gamer
      The Gude Gamer

      If it makes you feel better, I once played a Roblox Horror game when I was like, 8 and it was my first time playing a first person only game in Roblox on the computer and when I got scared I just started mashing random buttons until the game was exited or something and then just shut the computer off.

  • The Weirdo!!!
    The Weirdo!!!

    I thought that the compass was for searching diamonds, so I followed it and lost my base

    • Melissa HPhone
      Melissa HPhone

      🤣🤣that’s sad

    • Raven Ashburn
      Raven Ashburn

      Same :( (ps: I love your art so much :)

    • iiAlyss Rxses
      iiAlyss Rxses

      KNOW H8NS3NB0Y It takes to to ur spawn

    • Funnydoc

      The compass takes you to your bed

    • Z _xrc
      Z _xrc

      I thought it took me to my bed.... I deleted my world sfter

  • Jan Kalisz
    Jan Kalisz

    One of my first memories of playing Minecraft 7 years ago when it was night and a skeleton was chasing me through a village, then I saw an iron golem and thought it was some sort of giant skeleton so I punched it and got immediately killed. So yea 🙃

  • amelie

    When i first started playing, I didn't know crafting existed. That made it quite hard fore to survive, because I was also stuck on an island with no trees. I also always played on peaceful because I was scared of the mobs.

  • Matt The Latios (BoredGar)
    Matt The Latios (BoredGar)

    I remember that back when I started playing in 1.0, I had watched a lot of alpha/beta gameplay videos before... but never ingrained in my mind how to craft a pickaxe until I got the game. Also I still haven't gotten far past the Nether in terms of progression, I've gotten to the point where all I needed to start the stronghold hunt was ender pearls (in like 1.12) but sadly I've since lost that world

  • Japuckle

    My first time making an area for crops, i needed alot of water, and i didnt know about infinite sources, so i was running back and fourth to a lake(which was pretty far away), with one bucket, constantly worried that the lake would run out of water, i finally realized that i could have infinite water. I felt like an absolute genious

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown

    C'mon, admit it. When you first encountered a desert pyramid, you stepped on the pressure plate.

    • The Minecraft Player
      The Minecraft Player

      No because I was scared and didn't go in XD

    • Ayaan Gaming
      Ayaan Gaming

      @Daiz Damien when did u start playing

    • Daiz Damien
      Daiz Damien

      I have never seen a desert temple :)

    • Ayaan Gaming
      Ayaan Gaming

      i watched a video about it before so when i found one, i still stepped on it nice job me

    • Cl00set Man
      Cl00set Man

      I thought it was a useless structure

  • Willow Summers
    Willow Summers

    The fact that Mumbo was a redstone hoarder right from the start it’s just funny.

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    When I first started playing Minecraft, I never played a survival game before... so I went around thinking a sapling was a weapon... and just failing at everything...

    • The Gude Gamer
      The Gude Gamer

      Could I please have some more examples of mistakes you made?

  • Jade Lincoln
    Jade Lincoln

    "I'm not a professional" On Hermitcraft Season 8 with the best of the best.

    • RRareGaming

      @Nick Weston And he literally plays minecraft for a living

    • Nick Weston
      Nick Weston

      And also has the most amount of subscribers on the whole server

  • Sierra Beane
    Sierra Beane

    The house recreation has inspired me to recreate one of my old bases before I had even bought the game. I played demo mode for a good year so I'll be using the famous 'North Carolina' seed.

  • Caio Damus
    Caio Damus

    In the first night, i was so proud of myself, mining ores and getting alot of cool itens in a cave then i heard my first cave sound.

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das

      Wow! I didn't even know ores and all other stuffs were a thing back than! All I thought was Minecraft is a building game with animals for decoration and to make the world less lonely 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • DriftAim

      @Theo Rodgers same

    • Theo Rodgers
      Theo Rodgers

      Im still so scared i turn them off .........

    • Slushel Husky
      Slushel Husky


    • DriftAim

      @Slushel Husky

  • Susie Campbell
    Susie Campbell

    My first experience in minecraft was that I thought creative mode would be a nice relaxed way to get used to the gameplay mechanics, then I immediately started near panicking about why I couldn't pick up any of the blocks I broke. Then I started flying and then realized I didn't know how to land. Then I spawned probably a few hundred cats and immediately regretted it because of all the noise. That was a fun day.

  • Jennifer Key
    Jennifer Key

    When I started playing, I refused to play normal worlds, I only played superflat. And even though I played the limeted size consle worlds, I still lost all my bases.

  • Jelly Toxic Shadows
    Jelly Toxic Shadows

    I remember the first time I played I went to a tree, mined the wood. And dug straight down through stone with my bare fist and I got so disappointed that the stone didn't drop so I started playing in creative. And then I asked my friends and they said that you have to mine it with a pickaxe. Oh how shocked I was.

  • Keith Kozart
    Keith Kozart

    When I first started playing I thought the game was about nothing but survival. I didn’t defeat any bosses. Barely went out to mine, I found a village and just walked around trying to stay alive lmao

  • HappyRyan2

    I used to think that hostile mobs turned into squids during the day. Then when I fell into a lake full of squids, I was so scared that I deleted the world.

    • RandomGamer5936


    • BL4Z3

      He probably has squid phobia or something

    • Tania Berrios
      Tania Berrios

      @HappyRyan2 yes they do...

    • Jax Figliola
      Jax Figliola


    • Wilko

      how do you even get that idea

  • Sophie Barnes
    Sophie Barnes

    When I first started playing Minecraft I had never watched any youtubers, and I didn’t know you could smelt cobblestone. Then I saw one of my friends using stone in their builds and accused them of cheating it in IN OUR NO CHEAT WORLD…

  • Deeker Jones
    Deeker Jones

    I still struggle with starting a new world, filled to the brim with ideas and optimism... and then I get bogged down in trying to be super efficient, and I get wicked distracted by minor details. What starts as a "quick little iron farm to get things going" turns into a 10 story AFK fish farm that I use exactly once, leave and then immediately forget where I built it.

  • Gabriel World
    Gabriel World

    I remember a few things from the first time I've played Minecraft:I played it on my neighbours pc ;) My first house was a cobblestone shack 5x5, I fit my bed, furnace, crafting table (if you don't have a furnace next to the crafting table you definitely joined after 2016) And my mine. I found a huge mineshaft. After 10 minutes of me playing and my friend watching, I got kinda bored and called my other friend (went to his house and told him to come) and he enabled cheats for me then. And before that I was trying so hard to go into creative I wrote /gamemode 1 /geimode 1 /gamemode creative /gaymode 1 /gamimodi 1 and I was trying so hard, then after my friend enabled cheats I always play MC on creative, I play like 5mins on survival then play on creative.

  • Super 026 Anthony Shorts
    Super 026 Anthony Shorts

    Mumbo: I never knew that mobs can go through a torch source block, until a creeper came in.Also Mumbo: **played on peaceful**

    • Tania Berrios
      Tania Berrios

      *played on peaceful AFTER the "creeper incident"*

  • Dolphin Dreamer
    Dolphin Dreamer

    When I first met a witch, I thought it was a villager and tried to trade with it LOL

    • Jasonlck889292

      Same lol XDDDDDDDDDDD hahaha

    • LeoBlox


    • Satoshi craft16
      Satoshi craft16

      Hmm how do you know you can trade 😅

    • Endernites bros
      Endernites bros

      I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY ME! I felt so stupid

    • Jaycob Janssen
      Jaycob Janssen


  • ░KenLinx░

    That last part about quitting out of lack of motivation and then returning to create an entirely new world is so relatable. I never want to revisit a world I left a long time ago because I can never remember if I quit out of boredom or if I quit after losing a bunch of valuable items.

  • Abdus Salam
    Abdus Salam

    When I first played Minecraft, I didn't know what to do, so I searched up and learned about making stone tools. I roamed around so much stone not knowing that I should mine it because the texture of cobblestone was different from stone. I then found lava and water intersecting in their paths and making cobblestone. I was so careless at trying to mine it that I died in the lava about 5 times. Each time walking about 500blocks from spawn to where I found lava. I was literally risking my life when stone was right beside me. When I found out that I could get cobblestone just from stone. I reacted as if I found diamonds. Lol

  • •JellySara•

    Here’s something that I will never forget : I was playing Minecraft with my older brother and we found a mob spawner but I was a new player so..I broke it- HE GOT SOOOOOO MAD TO THE POINT THAT IT WAS FUNNY

  • AntLife

    All I really remember is going into creative, getting a stack of enchanting tables, not knowing how to get rid of all but one, came into survival, then placed down 63 enchanting tables all around the area. I also remember being shocked at the fact that I could go into survival.

  • Addie Slate
    Addie Slate

    When I first started, I tried crafting a stone pickaxe with stone, and tried crafting a diamond one with diamond blocks. I also got frustrated when the ores I was mining in creative didn't drop anything.

  • Logan Shugg
    Logan Shugg

    When I first started I didn’t realise that you needed a bed I thought that was just for show in your house so I would respawn with no inventory and no idea how to get back to where I was. I also tried to mine gold and diamonds with wood I was soo confused. My 8 year old neighbour showed me how it’s done and now I love it lol

  • Scorpion Lani
    Scorpion Lani

    When I first played minecraft. The one thing I can remember me and my brother trying to do, repeatedly, was attempt to hatch an ender dragon. Or a dragon in generally. We used to watch all of these video’s and nothing seemed to work for us, our frustration at the game was hilarious, considering we were 8 and 10 years old. It never did help that the eggs we were trying to use would kinda just disappear on us 😂

  • gr_ace_ful

    when I first started minecraft I thought stone pickaxes were the fastest so I went around and tried to mine every ore that obviously doesn’t drop with a stone pickaxe an I probably wasted about 20 diamonds.

  • EuriLol

    I remember when i thought that GOLD Is the toughest material in the game....

  • Ultrasonic Rainboom
    Ultrasonic Rainboom

    I remember on my first night, when I heard all the sounds from the mobs, I ran into a village house, and stayed there the entire night. When morning came, I was surprised to find that all the villagers were gone, not realizing that the zombies killed them. I also remember that I would try to craft chocolate with coco beans and a milk bucket, but I was sad to see that it didn't work.

  • Dominic Fynn
    Dominic Fynn

    I remember also using a stone pickaxe the first time I came across gold (I wasn't totally sure what gold was as I'd never come across it before)

  • Meera Tenneti
    Meera Tenneti

    When we were young and just got the game, my brother tried to prank me by saying he found gold. He switched his mode to creative and put gold blocks on the side of a mountain. Also Mumbo,we didn't learn how to actually play the game for like five months


    Its literally embarrassing that when i first started playing minecarft for 3 whole months i didn't new how to make a crafting table. I just kill cows and make dirt houses with no doors and 1 block window

  • Lizzy Jones
    Lizzy Jones

    I remember seeing villagers for the first time and I freaked out thinking real people were somehow on my singleplayer world!

    • Xanthe

      Same lol

  • SkateMe

    One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come 💞💞...

  • Elly Bee
    Elly Bee

    When I first got Minecraft, I would set the game mode to peaceful and creative. It was hard to discover that blocks don’t drop when you break them in creative. I played on peaceful and creative for a very long time. I didn’t learn about the nether for years!

  • Hunur Bindra
    Hunur Bindra

    the first 2 things are the exact 2 things that happened to me even i also called my friend i didnt know what the difference between a creeper and zombie was when i found my first desert temple i stepped on pressure plate and ... i used the 1 2 3 keys to switch between slots in hot bar.

  • From the third Planet
    From the third Planet

    When I started playing I didn’t know how doors worked and thought mobs could open them so I used dirt to seal the entrance to my base. I also thought at first the Iron Golem was the boss of the village or something.

  • TompoD123. Official
    TompoD123. Official

    When I first started playing on PE in 1.9 I thought that the only would you could use was oak wood but then. I realised

  • UltraViolet Animations! 🍐🌺
    UltraViolet Animations! 🍐🌺

    When I first started, If I didn’t get a bed before the first night, I would leave the game and completely abandon that world, so I had a lot of old worlds just gathering dust at the bottom of my thousands of worlds. And I still haven’t deleted them

  • Catherine Kwon
    Catherine Kwon

    When I first got Minecraft I tried finding other people to play with In a private survival world

    • YourOldChum

      @Purple_is_cool I loaded one of my old worlds in creative and found myself in a well.

    • Isaac Is the king🇺🇦
      Isaac Is the king🇺🇦

      Wells are dangerous

    • The Lord Of Nothing
      The Lord Of Nothing

      Many people don’t know minecraft is not a very social game. For instance, roblox players who are used to other people think “ok I gotta go find some people” before realizing minecraft is a private game. Bye the way, I hate roblox to bits.

    • Reed Robinson
      Reed Robinson

      @Benjamin Cooper no but I found a villager

    • ant boi
      ant boi

      @Tornado_20 I still fall In the well lol

  • GAming PIXel
    GAming PIXel

    The first time I played, it was with my brother. We only played creative for two months since we were so scared. After I had figured out how to fly, I built a floating square house out of glazed terracotta. I'm a lot better at building now.

  • Sofia Schiemer
    Sofia Schiemer

    When I first started playing Minecraft I didn’t know what throwing and picking up items was so (in creative) I would accidentally throw something and be annoyed that it was there so I would dig a deep hole and cover it up. I would also not know what creative mode was so I was SOOOO CONFUSED I thought my computer was broken.

  • Summer

    That “new world” thing, my friend Zak still does that and he calls himself a Minecraft god!😆

  • Fredbobmas

    Let’s be honest, who didn’t just go into a creative world and punch your way down into the void

  • Laurie Plumley
    Laurie Plumley

    I just remembered one: When I first started mining sand, and came across sandstone, I though I found an undiscovered temple at the time. Dug out half the desert looking for a temple that was never there. Wasn't for naught. I wanted the sand anyways.

    • Machinerygunnard Kellyclarkson
      Machinerygunnard Kellyclarkson


    • GameBoss

      not liking cuz we should keep the likes @ 400 :)

    • Dm Garcia
      Dm Garcia

      lol i started mining at the middle of the temple And just fell directly into the trap xD

    • FFPThinkHaddock 4
      FFPThinkHaddock 4

      Same XD

    • Shylo Ren
      Shylo Ren

      Laurie Plumley lol

  • AceFuzzLord

    I had a friend who tried to make an aether portal in the early days of the mod before he knew about mods. I also almost switched to arrow keys instead of WASD because the flash games I used to play, if they had keyboard controls, often required me to move my character via arrow keys over WASD

  • MaxconnerVR

    When I first played I right clicked and left clicked wrong to place and break yknow and I built a base from dirt and a skeleton spawned in my base. Good times

  • UnbridledStorm3

    I didn’t know how to break blocks for a couple weeks when I started playing Minecraft, and I could only place them. Then, when I was in creative mode, I absolutely obliterated the treehouse I made. Then I knew how to break blocks.

  • Mikaela Schmit
    Mikaela Schmit

    I didn’t understand redstone at first either so I saved up about 3 full stacks of blocks of redstone, so around 2,000 redstone. It was so helpful when I actually started building contraptions 😂

  • Cryscorde Ultimasunt
    Cryscorde Ultimasunt

    “I ignored diamonds.” “I mined diamonds above lava.” “I tried mining diamonds with a stone pickaxe.” Me: “You guys were finding diamonds?”

    • bhull242

      True story: I was playing in Creative Mode to scout out a particular seed, and I still couldn’t find any diamond ore!

    • Jay Neutron
      Jay Neutron


    • Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]
      Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]

      @AStickworldFan lol lies

    • Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]
      Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]

      @The__best.comebacks lmbooooooooooo

    • Matt Goldstein
      Matt Goldstein

      I tried to break bedrock with I low durability wooden pik

  • Lewis Wilson
    Lewis Wilson

    7:07 if you think that’s embarrassing, when I was 6 and heard my friends talk about the nether, I asked how to get there, and they said “2 in the middle, 3 upwards on both sides and another 2 in the middle. Instead of using obsidian, I moved my character, 2 times sideways, walked forward 3 blocks and did that… 😂

  • K. Rose
    K. Rose

    I'll never forget my first in-game night. After running around all day just looking at terrain, night fell and mobs spawned. I panic built a dirt hut, but had no torches, so a creeper spawned in my not-so-safe house and blew everything up. Very classic.

  • Jasmin Disney
    Jasmin Disney

    I really enjoyed hearing about the progression. Makes me feel a little better about where I'm at now, everyone started like me, lol