Stephen Curry Makes Ridiculous Circus Shot Layup Against Spurs
Stephen Curry continues to add unforgettable highlight reels to his MVP-level season this year.
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  • Bleacher Report
    Bleacher Report

    Will Steph win the MVP this season?


      @Aditya Sharma but the nuggets are also same stats

    • Christian Talks About Basketball
      Christian Talks About Basketball


    • ZenG UNcle
      ZenG UNcle

      Hopefully LBJ this year

    • The real CornPop
      The real CornPop

      @a guy from nz The media fawns over him. If he sat out for the rest of the year, he would still win MVP.


      No Lebron will

  • adrianne ante
    adrianne ante


  • Poo Gao
    Poo Gao

    So did dray

  • Should i Call U Mista ? Gikash Motion
    Should i Call U Mista ? Gikash Motion

    Steph Missing a freethrow is the equivalent of Shaq making a Freethrow

  • Nick Calash
    Nick Calash


  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    Flight gon excuse the missed free-throw

  • michael abano
    michael abano

    Apat yong bantay walanju

  • Hoco cringe
    Hoco cringe

    he should have made the free throw

  • Kemuri no ō
    Kemuri no ō


  • Doobidoo Bidoo
    Doobidoo Bidoo


  • PandaSquad 35
    PandaSquad 35

    Great and one steph

  • Trash Storage
    Trash Storage

    Everyone: wow he missed the free throw Me, an intellectual: ball don’t lie

  • Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire

    The missed free throw though!! And our guy Seth wasn't playing with his head this time either.

  • Sel Bill
    Sel Bill

    Reporters r kinda dead i would go crazy💀

  • Mustafa Mohamud
    Mustafa Mohamud

    straight ridcioulus dude never looked at the hoop


    Shot of the season

  • kjbjupiter

    i have to watch GS highlights on mute because the commentators are so annoying

  • D C
    D C


  • Nathan Dauk
    Nathan Dauk

    Middle schoolers will be trying this for weeks...

  • Michael Pfister
    Michael Pfister


  • nba nba
    nba nba

    Best all around scorer!!!

  • Ivan Dean
    Ivan Dean

    Charlotte announcers wouldve went mental

  • Regal


  • Dan Day
    Dan Day

    his only highlights are from 3 when he hits 5 in a row. He does have body or athleticism for paint highlights

  • Dan Day
    Dan Day

    lucky shot by guy with a lotta luck (besides having nervous system trained to get ball in hoop)

    • M Mullz
      M Mullz

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Nice sarcasm

  • Eraser Traceur
    Eraser Traceur

    And 1 to add insult.....

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson

    then he miss the free throw

  • Top Kek
    Top Kek


  • Mr. heldinho
    Mr. heldinho

    *The best* 0:26

  • hot & mallow
    hot & mallow

    I love how hyped the commentators are when steph misses a freethrow

  • David

    MJ is that you?

  • Public Enemy
    Public Enemy

    That's not new, i see kobe, Mj doin that

  • Skybound


  • Freeking 42
    Freeking 42

    Pure art !

  • lepidoptery

    #8 patty mills scootched out of there, like let steph curry beat just a quadruple-team but he wants no part of it

  • Dj Valt
    Dj Valt

    That was a Michael Jordan move

  • Edwin Remo
    Edwin Remo

    Shout Out po idol.

  • Rosty Ramos
    Rosty Ramos

    Steph Curry is human after all.. missing that free throw..

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith


  • capten paul
    capten paul


  • Keone Carlsten Capan
    Keone Carlsten Capan

    mj is goat and curry is goat shooter

  • The Last Saint
    The Last Saint

    I heard that Moan in his voice when he said Curry. Lmao I swear I heard Flight talking

  • MrYoumitube

    I'm glad I was able to watch a prime Jordan, he made these type of baskets every week.

    • D. nada
      D. nada

      Yeah those early MJ years are amazing. I'm glad guys like Steph and KD are back this season, not the same without them.


      No he didn't lmao

  • Kan Miller
    Kan Miller

    I did that back when there was no cameras

  • William Coolwell
    William Coolwell

    Vote for steph homie

  • Top 10 Jackpot
    Top 10 Jackpot

    If Warriors get a +6 seed, Curry should win MVP!

  • RustyShackleford

    Clearly shouldnt be a shooting foul

  • Stephen Perez
    Stephen Perez

    Flight's pleasurement at night

  • By Any Means
    By Any Means

    The announcers gave this highlight no justice.

  • Life Is My Opportunity - Channel
    Life Is My Opportunity - Channel

    I lost my job during the PANDEMIC 🦠 I created this channel in FAITH 🙏🏾 that things will get BETTER for myself and the WORLD🌍🏆🔥🏀

    • Blackboi 1000
      Blackboi 1000


  • Jessica Ann
    Jessica Ann

    amazing, so fun to watch

  • Holden Caulfield
    Holden Caulfield

    My type of layup I done that back in high school

    • GG WP
      GG WP

      Fucking legend

    • Carnage - KFP Spy Hunter
      Carnage - KFP Spy Hunter

      I could hear flight lmao😂

    • Dad

      Just didn’t have the cameras on

  • Hilichurl


  • Sij


  • T- Bone
    T- Bone

    not impressed hes a guard

  • jim cassidy
    jim cassidy

    Fantom Token!!! 🚀🚀🚀

  • RealSplash

    dude Curry missed a free throw😮

  • Syeikha El Fatih
    Syeikha El Fatih

    It's Curry, what you expect

  • Stevextate

    here before flight reacts

  • GreekSneakCollector

    Steph gonna Steph!

  • rfty rghju
    rfty rghju

    0:14 lonnie walker was even shocked 💀💀 "wth"

    • Trash Storage
      Trash Storage

      @HGC 4E probably both. That layup is too much not to be shocked by.

    • HGC 4E
      HGC 4E

      He's was shocked at the call

  • Harvey Bolanos
    Harvey Bolanos


  • Sir Beagle
    Sir Beagle

    How is he not in the mvp conversation? He carries this team

    • Deadpool ‘
      Deadpool ‘

      @lepidoptery oh shi my fault mayne 😅

    • lepidoptery

      @Deadpool ‘ it means it's a joke

    • Deadpool ‘
      Deadpool ‘

      @Olympia Monet tf that mean lebron AIRBALLED a free throw

    • Olympia Monet
      Olympia Monet

      Coz he missed the free throw

  • Certi

    these announcers show no love 💀

    • Manu Bass
      Manu Bass

      Lolll it's okay because they are spurs announcers

    • Mustafa Mohamud
      Mustafa Mohamud

      yo certi they wont let go when zaza injured kwhai ever since den they been bias

    • lepidoptery

      they should be spurs announcers, and were distracted talking about whatever other player they were discussing. i think they were pretty stunned/impressed, but there's not going to be the same love as if a spurs player did it.

  • Sad Westbrook
    Sad Westbrook

    I for some reason read this as Klay Thompson instead of Steph Curry

    • Sad Westbrook
      Sad Westbrook

      Just another reason why I need to wear my glasses

  • Aamir Razak
    Aamir Razak

    made it look so easy, that's amazing. Wild he missed the free throw tho

    • Trash Storage
      Trash Storage

      I mean ball don’t lie. Steph didn’t get fouled lol.

  • Apollo 2021
    Apollo 2021

    thats just ridiculous

  • Blunt Sessions
    Blunt Sessions

    Air 🍛 Curry🔥

  • TreThePhenom

    This why spurs commentary trash lmao let that have been Tony Parker they where more excited for the missed FT

    • Kaloop Spring
      Kaloop Spring

      They would’ve busted 13 seconds earlier

  • xxxxxNathxxxxx

    Regulation for Steph

  • Charlie Maher
    Charlie Maher

    Look at curry man... So inspirational.

  • Vicente Zurita
    Vicente Zurita

    OMG!!!! The Goat!!

  • Hailey Puello
    Hailey Puello

    I tell you something....this guy is playing possessed for the past 6 or 7 games..... simply another level.....first year mvp level..... curry university level, video game unanimous mvp level....smh

  • spacestar28

    Jordanesque? maybe?

    • spacestar28

      @takerfan4ever yeah that'll

    • takerfan4ever


  • Ozuna

    His reaction at 0:11. Lmao.

  • Shade Jenifer
    Shade Jenifer

    Look at curry man

  • Dale Craft
    Dale Craft

    Nice 🙂

  • Thomas Yee
    Thomas Yee

    The only person with highlight play every single game.

    • truthspeaks01

      @Kismat Roka that's interesting, Curry had plenty of highlights today while casually putting up 40pts 8rbs and 5ast...

    • truthspeaks01

      @Juancho 0316 you see what curry did tonight?

    • Ferdie Vicmudo
      Ferdie Vicmudo

      You never saw michael jordan every bucket is a highlight reel

    • NozeeTV

      We were fitting a plug for our affiliate team. They talked about it more later. When I watched live I was like ‘ooooooh shit!!!’

    • hot & mallow
      hot & mallow

      Stephs game just in general awes you because it doesnt rly make sense... he isnt the quickest or the strongest, he has great handles but not the best, but the fact that hes still the best point guard above all the other "more athletice or faster" guards should tell you how skillful that guy rly is. Its like watching spud webb dunk in the dunkcontest, its just so out of the ordinary that it amazes you. And thats stephs skillset in a nutshell.

  • Karthik Hari
    Karthik Hari

    Wild... I'm more surprised he missed the free throw

    • Karthik Hari
      Karthik Hari

      @Ahmed Abdiim pretty sue you stole my comment

    • Ahmed Abdi
      Ahmed Abdi

      @Karthik Hari that's what I wrote word for word

    • Karthik Hari
      Karthik Hari

      @Ahmed Abdi what

    • Ahmed Abdi
      Ahmed Abdi


  • Bimo Adi Nugroho
    Bimo Adi Nugroho

    Flight would say : "Look at curry man! See the thing is I remember I did that type of move back in middle school. It was morning basketball, I just didn't have the camera's on."😂

  • Jay Kelz
    Jay Kelz

    Okay... now that’s crazy 🔥

  • allenomly k
    allenomly k

    lillard cant make these and yall compare him to lillard???? lmao??

  • Luis Baltazar
    Luis Baltazar

    No look basket.

  • DeAlpha 369
    DeAlpha 369

    Curry being a magician and wizard now just carry the team

  • Ahmed Abdi
    Ahmed Abdi

    Wild... I'm more surprised he missed the free throw

    • Mustafa Mohamud
      Mustafa Mohamud

      @Human Lettuce hes 93 percent on his carrer

    • Tengah Main
      Tengah Main

      @Yuh boi Eli you need to conquer the algorithm bro, make it into my recommended then I'll sub

    • lepidoptery

      @voongnz last season was just 5 games, though... but from somewhere in the 2019 finals till the 62-point game vs Portland he had a streak of maybe 75 straight made free throws (ignoring preseason, though).

    • lepidoptery

      @Dxme ‘ he somehow missed _2_ free throws today ☠️

    • Hiji's Friend
      Hiji's Friend

      @Human Lettuce 98%, close enough in a season 90% career

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
    JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    What will Flight say about this play?

  • king lou
    king lou


    • KX SGamerz
      KX SGamerz

      Rare W.

  • J Mack24
    J Mack24

    Play of the week and the announcers undermined it like a mug

  • Tingis Pingus
    Tingis Pingus

    As Flight would say that was inspirational

  • Lorenzo Vasquez-Solis
    Lorenzo Vasquez-Solis

    Flight about to suck of curry for making this shot.

    • PB B
      PB B


  • Matthew Barry
    Matthew Barry

    i cant wait to post this on my sports Instagram @highlight.island

  • Tom Le
    Tom Le

    He had a better chance of making that as a half court shot last game than draymonds half court 😂😂

    • Human Lettuce
      Human Lettuce

      @kirkland wassabi there was 6 seconds left when he shot it bruh

  • LCEBeast


  • Tyrone King
    Tyrone King

    First to comment

  • firebone